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Found 25 results

  1. Now a couple of weeks in with my new machine and I think I'm making some progress. I plucked up the courage to try the naked portafilter this morning. On the plus side, the room doesn't resemble Spud's bed sheets. On the other hand, I don't really know what to conclude from what I'm seeing. The main thing it seems to me is it's all coming through from round the edge rather than in the middle of the basket, so I guess I'm not distributing evenly enough yet. I have also moved to a finer grind than before with a move to some new beans, so even though I'm on 2:1 in 30s, I wonder whether I've got t
  2. As above, bought second hand from Ronsil for £43 delivered These are few pennies shy of £70 new. Photos here https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?49294-Sage-Oracle-Naked-PF-£43-Delivered Looking for same price, no longer needed as new machine on the way. Note to buyer would prefer to dispatch start of next week if sale agreed.
  3. Still clearing out my Oracle equipment. I have a 58mm Sage original machined (not cheap cutout) naked PF . Complete with spring These currently cost £69.95 from Sage & £100+ from Amazon, £43 delivered
  4. Naked Portafilter has (I believe) a triple shot basket, good condition with normal scuffs around the lugs - £15 posted Double Spouted Portafilter with double gaggia basket and plastic screw off spout - £12 posted Thanks!
  5. Hi - I’m thinking of a Naked PF for my Pro600 - has anyone bought one and know’s that it fits the group head?
  6. The one that came with the L1 is fine up to a point but the design having the sides return towards the center underneath is a flaw in my mind. When I saw the L2 at the forum day at Rave last year I noticed it using a different design that allows the basket to protrude. currently if I try to use the 22g basket then coffee falls onto the return then runs back along the handle. I still have a few issues with distribution (drips from all over for the first 10 secs or more before a good cone forms) but the handle itself needs replacing in my view. Thoughts on an alternate anyone
  7. I've bought these when I still had the Caravel, but now that's gone and I'm left with two, brand new, naked PFs which I wouldn't mind passing on to someone who can actually use them. One is a slightly smaller 46.2mm and the other one is the larger 47.1mm version, they will take different baskets, so please bear that in mind and check your basket outside diameter before pulling the trigger. Price is £50 for one, which is roughly half of what they are currently sold for. https://www.werkstatt-kunst.de/epages/63130131.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63130131/Products/101006101H NOTE: WS use
  8. This is a Naked Portafilter for Gaggia from Happy Donkey. Bought last month, I no longer have the Gaggia machine so this is surplus to requirements! Comes with the 21g Triple Basket and also standard Double filter basket (all from Happy Donkey; unpressurised). The triple basket has never been used, the double only a couple of times. I also bought a chrome button for the end of the portafilter's handle, as it was supplied new with just a hole for a button/logo and I thought it looks much more the part with the chrome button! The p.f., chrome button and two baskets came to about £37 in tota
  9. Hi All, I'm selling this pre-loved bottomless portafilter for gaggia on behalf of my friend. It's £25 inclusive of delivery (ono). Condition is very good and itt comes with a used 18g/double basket. Many thanks
  10. Dropped by the engineering company my dad worked at before he retired, to see the owner (and family friend) to ask about drilling one of my spare portafilters that I got when I bought my classic. He said "..no probs, bring it in and we'll see what we can do.." So I took it in after work today and had a good natter with the foreman and another lad who drilled it out for me. As it was.. I took the slightly more scuffed one as it wouldn't matter if it got butchered (not that you could notice much difference between them). [video=youtube_share;5oiZL6pbw9c] At MDB Associates/Fe
  11. FOR SALE : Gaggia Baby (Colour: Ivory) with Rancilio Steam Wand Upgrade and Naked PF £90 + Postage The machine is in good condition and has benefitted from a new brew group seal not too long ago. I also have a spare brew group seal which I will include in the price. Naked portafilter is from Happy Donkey and is provided in addition to the original Gaggia PF. I want to sell items together (£90). Please do not make offers for individual parts as this will be declined. I will put pictures up in a while once I have a chance to take some. Andy
  12. with the help of 3 members here (more later) - i now have a naked PF for the Gaggia the successful initial 'trial' was with the last of the CC Sweet Bourbon - lovely with a touch of milk i think this extraction is as it should be, so well pleased..! but comments welcome sometime later loaded the hopper with RAVE Signature ---- disaster.... 1.....a huge amount of high-speed foam the Gaggia has been ON all day - it seems a large head of steam had built up i thought the 1st thermostat took care of that..? when switched OFF there was a massive back-surge into the dri
  13. Got my naked pf delivered so decided to have a go with the various Rave beans that I got last week. Shot 1 - My first ever naked pf shot. a) RAVE Signature - 16g (give or take .0n) b) Aiming to "fill" a shot glass - to drink as espresso "Normal" prep. Flick the switch (few seconds pause). 4 tails fairly evenly spaced - Very dark/no crema all 4 pale with crema (quickly) combining to single reasonably central tail Glass full before obvious blonding (to my limited eyes/experience) Pretty pleased with this "technically". Actual shot tasted good..... Shot 2
  14. Sorry folks but I am ridiculously excited by having acquired a naked PF and watching that pour develop. I can certainly see why it's so frequently recommended. I bought a walnut handled one off ebay, and it is a nicely balanced and solid. A picture of the PF in situ and when I have worked out how to post it, I'll stick on a short clip of my fifth attempt at a pour.
  15. Ok, I received a naked pf yesterday from Mr. Bondy. I clipped it on this morning. This is genuinely the first shot through it with no practice. The camera work is not fantastic but we can work on that. The shot had 5 seconds pre-infusion and took a total of 33 seconds. The grinder is an old RR45 which actually works pretty well.
  16. Would like to try a VST or similar basket as I think I would like to see if I can impove thinks abit. Has anyone got first hand experience with a classic ? And where is the best place to buy ?I have looked at few places and some people don't seem to have the stock of the double basket..
  17. Down Car has been written off due to run in with a lorry 2-3 mins from home last week. No one's fault, blind corner, country lane not wide enough for car and lorry........further downer only written off due to uneconomic repair cost compared to value of car. It's still drivable but once written off that's it no insurance and I'm stranded looking for a new one as of now and due to remote living location have to be up at before five to get bus to a then lift to get to work for 8am at a distance of roughly 23/4 miles. Up I'm still alive and a naked PF arrived today..... Down The f
  18. Hello everyone, Here I am selling my beloved Gaggia Classic, Iberital MC2 Doserless grinder and some extras. The coffee machine is the Gaggia Classic Limited Gold Edition and as you can see in the pictures it is absolutely gorgeous. It is an original Classic made by Gaggia before it was bought by Philips. It is in excelent working order. Have been taking very good care of it regularly descaling it and backflushing. Machine has the Silvia wand mod, OPV mod and comes with a naked portafilter too. The original portafilter although included is unusable. Also included are the origin
  19. Those of you that have both, stock and naked PF...do you recommend bottomless PF?...does it make a difference on which machine? Besides much better crema, does the shot taste better?...that is my main concern. I can buy a Rancilio naked PF, (not the cheap reproduction) on sale @40pounds, free delivery with a 20g filter. Is it worth it? How do you deal with single shots? On Silvia I never use single shot filter, so it would be minimum doubles... Thanks for your advice/thoughts
  20. So I treated myself to a new naked PF and so far it has been fantastic. I don't know if I am more conscious about dose and distribution, if the beans I have have hit a sweet spot in terms of age or it's a combo of these and other unknown factors or if it's because of the new PF but the shots have been the best I have produced. Happy bunny The question I have though is about the basket. The one that came with it was a Rancilio 21g jobbie but I swapped that to the std double that I am used to and that is what I have been getting these great shots from. How do you dose a 21g basket, how lon
  21. Hi All. Im sorry if this has been discussed but can anyone tell me the in's and outs of roasting your own coffee? Since you buy green beans they will last for over a year (15months) you need never run out of fresh coffee, roasting what you need for the week.( I know you should leave the beens for a number of days before using) I assume it must be cheaper having coffee this way. What machine should be bought? How much is it? Any good articles please? Ken
  22. Dunno why but i have ditched my naked PF and resorted to split pours and having 2 singles rather than a double. Im using ''2ipa7'' cups with illy logos which have very rounded bottoms, emthasises the mouthfeel and i'm 'chewing the shot'. In a double the first slurp isnt as satisfying as the 2nd, unless vigourously stirred Singles - they seem to taste better ! Random post I know, but feel free to discuss
  23. Having just purchased this from another Coffee Forums user, have regretfully to sell my much loved Classic to make kitchen space for it (although I know it will be worth it!) It comes with the usual upgrades - a Silvia wand, Auberins PID, properly adjusted OPV and Happy Donkey naked PF. All in good order, regularly descaled and back flushed. Rarely ever used to foam milk (I think I just changed the wand to be like everyone else). The PF handle is a bit scuffed (its on its second Classic); will include original spouted PF and baskets as well. Looking for £150 plus a bit for postage
  24. So yesterday was a washout with only the cafetiere for company. I wasn't feeling great so didn't have much to drink (or eat). Came down late this morning to discover two packages waiting for me - superb, coffee and bits...... On went the Classic and I opened the first pack of pre-ground (yes I know) and the second package which contained tamper, shot glasses, jug etc. I washed everything whilst waiting for the machine to heat up - I also visited the 'tube' and refreshed my memory on exactly what to do. I duly weighed out 18g of coffee, did the biz with the paperclip (WDT is too fa
  25. Well I've had a naked PF for around 6 months now and it's great. You can really improve your technique as it shows any tiny faults. Also it never needs cleaning. I haven't cleaned it since I've had it and it's still spotless and shiny! Gives you a much better idea when blonding occurs too.
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