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Found 48 results

  1. Hi I need your advice/prof perspective, please! Just read this post: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?32314&p=430908#post430908 and I am wondering if this is true that the grind speed/RPM destroy or affects taste? Trying to replicate the taste of a cafe and they use a Mythos One Grinder with 900rpm and some folks mentioned that the Ceado E37S is much better with 1400/1500 RPM is much better but I worry that the taste differs much? The grinder would be used for at home for 1-3 coffees/shots per day to replace a compak k3 Thanks in advance!
  2. After having to replace my car I'm looking to replenish the coffers, so my M1CP is for sale. Purchased brand spanking new 15th March 2018 (VA manufactured date Jan 2018). Has original box, invoice and packaging. £1,500 (also listed elsewhere). Collection from Sheffield, but I will enquire about shipping if required.
  3. Recently bought what appears to be a cracking Mythos with just over 20k on the clock. It was delivered by a chap called Dave and was in very clean condition. It came complete with tamper mech which is handy for potential resale in the future and a chopped hopper. Sadly not quite low profile enough for my kitchen units but a solution is being worked on as we speak so watch this space! Decided to take the tamper mech off and while I was there give anything that needed it a clean (which wasn’t much at all, purely cosmetic). Just started using it today and so far so good, very pleased with it. As it arrived Taken apart a bit Where it will hopefully fit, with the hopper! Back together minus tamper and working well
  4. Hi all, I've been lucky enough to get my hands on a new Londinium R in the last week to pair with my Mythos I bought second hand a few months ago. I did have an Elektra Semiautomatica and decided the time was right to upgrade. Due to the machine upgrade, my old 'Coffee Corner' was tight for space so I had to get myself a cart from IKEA and did a bit of an 'Ikea hack', a term I recently became aware of. I'm not known to be very creative, I usually steal other people's good ideas so link below to where I got the inspiration for the IKEA trolley. http://www.oliverandrust.com/2014/02/ikea-hacking-in-kitchen-for-more.html?m=1 Anyway, I've been slowly getting to grips with the Londinium, it's definitely very different to my old machine. But have been getting some good results so far. Anyway enough of my ramblings. Picture below.
  5. Mornin' all. I was just wondering if anyone has a set of mythos burrs (ti) that are no longer of use to them they'd part with. If Im honest its just a punt before I stump up for some SSP or Gorilla Gear ones, but you never know unless you ask Thanks!
  6. Which would you choose between the Mythos Basic and Ceado E37s and why? I can’t easily try either of them before I purchase one, so I need some help.
  7. Mythos plus went for £206 on Ebay tonight bargain for someone
  8. Hi, My sette 270w looks like it has given up the ghost. I am more inclined to get a refund rather than a repair and risk it breaking out of warranty. So I am in the market for a new / used grinder and would appreciate recommendations. Bit of background... I have a fracino cherub. I usually make 2-3 espressos a day. Exclusively light roasts. Previously had a super jolly, and would want this to be a step up from the sj / sette. Am open to the idea of a used grinder too. So far I have been looking at the atom / eureka 65e. Should I be considering a second hand mythos? Or anything else... Thanks in advance!
  9. Kent, will courier, £550 or offers. Calls it a coffee crusher https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/coffee-crusher/112677757380?hash=item1a3c1e21c4:g:y0oAAOSwYc5aKTBK
  10. wanted new/used preferably good condition and near yorkshire
  11. In view of the grinder discussions going on at the moment I thought I'd just ask if anyone has any experience of the Eureka e75 (slow or fast) against any Mythos (slow, fast or the one.) I.e. is there any advantage, in the cup, of the Mythos approach over the e75?
  12. I love my mythos - there I said it. Partnered with an L1 (my shiny new toy) it produces the goods in the cup but it does have its negatives too. I find that there is too much retention in the exit chute (solved by wiggling a chopstick there) as well as coffee spray leading to irregular distribution. It was good - but I felt that it fell short of being great. Browsing around online I found this excellent article from eight ounce coffee on modding the mythos to solve the problems I was experiencing by replacing the clump breaker with the one from the NS Mythos One. This changes the clump breaker plastic piece to a strange "wings" formation and moves this above the exit chute in close proximity to the burrs, reducing retention and controlling the exit speed of the ground coffee. My thought on reading this article was "I want some of that". The next step on my search was to find a company where I could get the NS parts needed (see parts list below). This proved to be problematic as NS coffee machines are easy to find but I could not find anyone with NS grinder parts (Claudette from Bella Barista was very helpful but even they only stocked the Eureka Mythos parts - not the parts for the NS mythos one). Eventually I found another article that appeared to indicate that UCC coffee has exclusivity on selling NS parts in the UK so I contacted them to discuss ordering the parts I needed. They usually only sell to the trade but eventually after some discussion agreed to set up a personal account for me so I could order the parts. It came to approximately £60 including VAT (I cannot remember how much they charged for delivery and there was a small surcharge for paying by card instead of cheque / direct bank transfer) and I waited (im)patiently for about a week till the parts arrived. First the hard part, taking out the old chute. Before you start I would strongly advise you beg / borrow / steal (not the third option) a precision (small) cross screwdriver - you will need it. I first removed the 2 small screwdrivers that hold the clump breaker in place and removed the small metal cover and clump breaker to give me full access to the chute. After giving this a good clean I attempted to remove the final small screw that holds the chute in place - once you have removed the clump breaker you will be able to see this although access is very tight unless you have the requisite precision screwdriver. I found this last screw to be extremely tight and almost ate away the head of the screw trying to loosen this up. In the end I got a friend to help hold the grinder steady so I could bring all my strength to bear and was finally able to take off the final screw. After another nice cleanup I sat the new clump breaker on top of the (new) exit chute (you will know when this is right as both clump breaker and chute have a screw hole which needs to align in order for this to work) and pushed them into place and applied one of the new screws. With this in place it only remained to refit the small metal plate where the old clump breaker used to sit (this further directs the coffee grounds straight into the centre of the basket) which was quite easy and then to give it a try. All I will say - good grinder to great grinder. Just remember that you may need to check / adjust your grind settings as the grinds are now light and fluffy with no clumping. Parts list: Part number Quantity 15030049 1 15030058 3 15030079 1 15030080 1
  13. You'll never see a bigger bargain. The mythos retails at what, £1500-2000? The 3 grouper is about 8-10k! Not sure I've got the room for a 3 grouper! Look it up, it's a beautiful piece of kit. Anyone claim to have bagged a bigger bargain? Alas seller says its no longer available. Did anyone on here get it? http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/victoria-ardwin-3-group-barista-coffee-machine/1022327868
  14. Wrote a wee review of the grinders we've used so far here, maybe more for shop folk than domestic though: https://allstartedhere.wordpress.com/2018/09/10/grinders/ Any feedback/comments appreciated!
  15. Looking to upgrade my mazzer mini to get the full potential out of my linea mini. What have you got?
  16. I bought the grinder new in November 2014 and it has had home use for an average of 2-3 espressos per day since then. The machine is in Edinburgh and you're welcome to come and have a look. I have the original box and am happy to drive up to 100 miles to meet/deliver to buyer. It has been regularly maintained and well looked after. Looking for £1100.00 thanks Al [ATTACH=CONFIG]30555[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]30554[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]30553[/ATTACH]
  17. pedg

    Ceado E37T

    Has anyone got any experience with the Ceado E37T. The specs look similar to the Mythos 1. Similar power motor, bigger burrs, also Ti Nitride coated. Looks like a bit of a beast. Overkill? Worth the extra few hundred ££ over the E37S? Cheers GP http://www.ceado.com/en/product/75.html
  18. Saw this one eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291963246287 Would love to own one of these but cannot afford it at present. Price seems reasonable and it looks clean. Others on here are probably better placed to tell whether it is a good deal or not (@dfk41 @coffeechap)
  19. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272486015618?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Same guy as selling the EK. Zero feeback but I guess you'd want to pick up something like this anyway.
  20. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Simonelli-Mythos-Grinder-/182300063825?&_trksid=p2056016.l4276
  21. As an upgrade to my existing Brasilia RR55OD I bought a Simonelli Mythos grinder from a fellow forum member a few months ago. It's quite high mileage and after stripping it down for a deep clean I found the current Ti burrs to feel quite blunt so decided to buy a new set of Ti burrs for it. The best price I could find for these was Bella Barista (£119inc Vat) but they had none in stock so I've been patiently waiting for the past month or two still using the RR55OD. Three sets of burrs arrived in stock last Friday so I quickly ordered a set and with the usual great service Bella Barista sent them out the same day and they arrived at work yesterday morning. The Royal Mail managed to wreck the packaging while delivering them and they actually arrived in ripped cardboard envelope inside a plastic with an apology printed on it. The burrs themselves are packaged in a vacuum sealed bag burr faces touching inside a small jiffy bag so I doubt the rough handling by Royal Mail could have caused any damage. I didn't have time to actually inspect until I got them home last night. Now that I've opened them and inspected them I'm feeling a little disappointed (after all these burrs have cost me more than my first grinder cost!). Maybe I'm being too much of a perfectionist but to my untrained eye, apart from the sharpness the burrs actually look in worse condition than the burrs I'm removing! There seems to be many numerous dents and chips in the cutting faces of these new burrs which I'm assuming will affect the quality of the grind? Just to make sure I'm being reasonable in my expectations and before I talk to BB about returning these I'd value the opinion of others on the forum.
  22. Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to home coffee in general. I've bought a 1 group machine from ebay and am looking to pair it with a good grinder, preferably a doserless, grind on demand model with minimal retention. My budget is around 5-600£. While I'd be very happy to own either of these machines I am open to suggestions. Thanks! Jon
  23. So, They put them in the Olympus and everybody was happy it seems...... Where would I buy Mythos burrs and how much should I expect to pay
  24. u2jewel


    I live in Hanoi. My 11th year here. For the last 5 years, we've been promised McDonald's here. But finally! These years have been a blessing in disguise though.. Less junk food in my diet. But with Domino's, KFC and BK popping up all over the place, it's a matter of time before the diminutive Vietnamese become not so diminutive. Oh well.. With fast food, bad air quality and packs of cigarettes costing 75p, I'm not sure how long I can live (here)... Back to the topic.. So after stuffing my face with a big mac, I spot a McCafe in the corner. There, to my surprise, I find a proper machine and grinder combo. Not a bean to cup.;NS 3 group and a Mythos. The hopper is interesting. What's that front compartment within the hopper holding the beans for? It's got one of those built in Tampers. I look at the menu. Espresso is 80p. Gotta try, right? She grinds. Shakes and flattens the grind. Tap tap against the fork, then tamp. So far so good. Presses the volumetric. 22 second pour. Looked a tad fast, but pretty much dialed in. Not quite mouse tail, but not a rat tail either. Looked in the paper cup. Nice crema. About 20g? Hmm, I wonder what the dose was. Bang per buck, this was by far the best espresso I've had. Then again, at 80p...It was Italian in taste, and better than most espressos I've had here, most of them costing 3 times more.
  25. Dane


    I have started a new thread over here as I'm ordering my Londinium R but am trying to get some guidance on my new grinder. I set my budget between £1000 - £1500 and have been researching a few. It would seem the mythos is within my grasp but I am unsure if it really suits the home user environment, I know this is all subjective, after all my wife thinks my mazzer is ugly as hell. So given the choice and trying to pair to my Londinium R what's the short list you would suggest based on what you actually have at home or have used? My experience is currently my expobar and mazzer jolly. The Londinium R was decided on after using a friends but the grinder question is much harder to decide as I'm unlikely going to get to road test any. Mythos. ? Which one Ek43
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