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Found 46 results

  1. Hi, I have my 1425W Chrome Gaggia Classic - 04/2000 for sale for now £150. It is in good condition for its age & has been looked after – It only has a couple of minor rust patches behind the water tank. Recently I have done the following:- Boiler stripped, cleaned & descaled New grouphead seal fitted New boiler seal fitted New Shower Plate Holder Diffuser Modifications:- OPV set to 10 bar Rancilio Silvia steam wand I will also incude:- Motta Competition 58.4mm Tamper (Less than 1 month old) Gaggia Portafilter with Double unpressurised basket (Less than 1 month old) I am based in Dorset if anybody is local for collection. I can post at buyers expense / risk. See full photo album here: https://imgur.com/a/5CqF9Rp Cheers,
  2. Hi All have been looking around here for a few weeks now. Lot of interesting snippets of information on here. Who would know making a cup of coffee was such a science, or is it an artform. Eitherway im hoping to find out soon! We started out with Tassimo and Dolce gustos many years ago, moving on to 2 different nespresso machines. Swiftly followed by a bean to cup delonghi for 2 years and another bean to cup Krups for another 2 years. That brings us to Christmas 2018 and i got to thinking wouldnt it be great to do it properly, it looks easy! So 5000 hours on youtube later and we went for a sage duo temp pro. Looked perfect. Yep it wasnt bad but we only drink americano and Latte and i now realise how impatient i am. So a week later and very luckily I was allowed to swap it rather than another ebay sale i went for the Dual Boiler and sage smart grinder pro. The duo temp instantly gave better coffee but as i always make 1 americano and 1 latte it was taking too long. Nothing at all wrong with the machine for the record. Wont go in to details here as i do have a Help thread started but the thing im struggling with is dosing. I had a motta 58mm tamp which is about identical to the stock sage tamper but in my opinion not a great fit and end up with loose coffee of top at the circumference. Another session on google and I see a Rave (!) review on the Torr Titanium tamper which was ordered with a vst 20g basket. The finish to the puck is very smooth and the tamper is almost a piston fit to the basket. Was a little frustrated with the sage grinder as it never really sounded right with a lot of variation in speed as it was grinding. Coffee to me was good though even though arguing with mysely about quantity, puck height extraction time and volume. Yep, im sure it will be fine.... Anyways i get an email from indiegogo about a niche zero grinder. Read the story and discard it. Dont want to be spending out another 500 quid for a grinder when mine is only a month old. Well the story grinds on me as they do and i get to thinking its another great indiegogo story and its helping out a startup and the grinder looks great with its oak and black finish. So 6 weeks later it was delivered. Wow, what can i say, yep its a grinder but how can 2 grinders be so different. This one sounds great, feels great and whats more the coffee looks the same every time. Having read a bit about segregation i give it a good shake with the niche cup on the portafilter and tamp. So the sage grinder will be on ebay as soon as i find the time. Had the niche about a month now and the word seems to be consistency. All i need to do now is work out what im doing wrong. If i grind fine enough to get anywhere near the height suggested by the razor i need around 22 to get 45 odd grams out in 30 second total. Not sure if im mixing science with art or trying to run before i can walk but i need to get in my head how the numbers interact. Ive not thrown a cup of coffee away yet so i cant be a mile off. Anyway wheres the best deal on an 18g vst Will persevere and keep reading on here for inspiration before i try to start getting my head around how anyone and do latte art! Its pure witchcraft at the moment. But it still tastes good! Ade
  3. For sale as a pair. Very good if not excellent condition. 35cl - Red 50cl - Stainless Steel Both come in original Motta boxes and are stamped motta on the base. £35 inc P&P *images to follow shortly if required.
  4. Looking to swap my 600ml Espro Toroid Jug for a Red Motta (Teflon lined) 350ml or 750ml. The toroid is the original one not the one with the levels marked inside. Since I got my Londinium R I find that I can make decent microfoam without the assistance that the toroid gives, so I thought I'd get a matching set of Red Motta's instead!
  5. I'm looking to change my set-up completely, so I'm selling a job lot of everything you need to make espresso with the exception of beans. The Gaggia Classic is four month's old and the other items are slightly newer. The Gaggia is cleaned and descaled ready to use, as is the Porlex grinder. All items are in excellent condition and have been well looked after. The Gaggia Classic was bought online from Harts of Stur in Dorset and still has 20 months left on the manufacturer's warranty. The Gaggia Classic cost £200 new and the other items in excess of £100. I'm looking for £270 OVNO. And preferably cash on collection. List of items: 1) Gaggia Classic 2) Porlex Mini ceramic burr grinder 3) Motta flat-bottomed tamper 4) Motta Europa milk jug 0.5ltr 5) Grindenstein Knock box 6) 2 x Gaggia cappucino cups and saucers 7) 2 x Saeco descaler (Saeco/Philips own Gaggia) 8) Non-pressurised double filter basket 9) All the original accessories, manual, receipt, boxes etc complete. Please see pictures below for everything that's included. Any questions or offers please reply to the thread, don't just throw wild offers into PMs – thanks, much appreciated. Kind regards, Andy.
  6. Hey everyone, On Aug 25 I leave for NY so all of my personal stuff is up for sale. All needs to be collected from Bristol by no later than Sunday 23 Aug 2015. I thought I'd list them here as I've bought a few things and sold a few things with everyone on the forums before I head to eBay. PHOTOS HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kqpnxqchmqjsoh9/AAAB7gPX5HZ02pXN2madhUaOa?dl=0 Here's what I've got Mahlkonig K30 ES (Stepped) I picked this up online a few years back for home use. Was in a commercial enviroment. few marks and case cracks but works great. Brand new hopper and grounds tray purchased last year. £400 Fracino 1Group Bambino. 2009 I've had it since 2010. Comes with original manual and paperwork. It's the plumbed version. Could do with a clean and slight service. NOW SOLD White Motta Jugs (x3 - x1 75cl, x1 50cl, x1 35cl) They are BRAND NEW! Just found them and totally forgot we had them. NOW SOLD Reg Barber Tamper Anodized Blue handle (small mark see photos) with a flat 58.35 base. Perfect for VST baskets! NOW SOLD Pullman Tamper in black. 58.35 base. Perfect for VST baskets! NOW SOLD Bairro Alto Tamper - Customer made (see http://www.bairroalto.co.uk/) out of solid concreate. 58.35 base. again perfect for VST Baskets. It's on black and comes in its original box with its serial number. NOW SOLD I won't ship the coffee machine or grinder. The grinder could be moved to Sheffield next Monday (Aug 17).
  7. My beautiful Fracino Heavenly with bottomless portafilter. This carries an 18g VST basket. I use a Graef on-demand grinder, but keep minimal coffee in the hopper. The white jar is from Starbucks but most of my coffee is kept in a Kilner jar. I get 1kg per month from Limini Coffee. The tamp is from Motta and that's on a Cafelet mat. The knock box is from Happy Donkey.
  8. Pete.v

    58mm Tamper

    Hi Im on a tight budget looking to find a 58mm tamper for my Gaggia Classic. One with a flat base. Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, Sorry I didn’t see the welcome section before I posted my first thread a couple days ago about bypassing the 9 min auto shut off on my Classic 2015 model RI9403/18 (Made in Italy) Glad to be part of this community and what a great place for so much knowledge and info to share. I use a ROK grinder, Motta 58.4 competition tamper with a 17g La Marzocco basket (18g VST), standard portafilter. Have been using excellent beans from the small coffee chain Harris&Hoole, small micro lots from Peru, extremely tasty, mellow beans. Thanks Ben
  10. Selling my Motta milk jug, only because I don't really use this one anymore. A few scratches but otherwise in good condition. I'm asking for £12 including postage. Thanks
  11. One of these (but red) - no longer needed as I recently bought a 58.4mm from here. http://www.creamsupplies.co.uk/motta-tamper-curved-base-58mm-wooden-handle-black-/prod_5371.html?category=3295 Bought about 6 months ago, and used with my Gaggia Classic. Good condition - the odd bump, but no chunks out of it and the metal face is in perfect condition. They are £15+postage new, looking for £10 delivered.
  12. I need to order a couple of spare parts and am thinking of ordering from LF, in respect of which the postage goes up by £10 if the order is under £50 so I'm thinking of ordering a Motta 3.5cl pitcher. Apart from checking whether they're any good, should I go for the ordinary stainless or the black version (which I think is Teflon lined)? The prices are the same. If I should consider something else instead please say. The stainless one is Europa 901 and the black one is the one above. http://www.metallurgicamotta.it/motta2006/ITA/produzioneeng.asp?collezione=25 I suppose if I don't buy one another option might be to find out whether anyone else in my local area (South Manchester) needs some spares to make the order up and a mutual saving.
  13. Hello, I've been a lurker a while and used a lot of the knowledge on here to make the decision to buy a Gaggia Classic, a few weeks ago. I am now looking to get a few different items and one of them is a tamper. I have some Amazon vouchers to use up and I was looking at one of these below. Can anyone advise whether any of them are worth getting, as I don't want to shell out too much at the moment. Thanks. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tamper-Nobile-Plum-58-mm/dp/B004G1N2E0/ref=sr_1_11?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1375791056&sr=1-11&keywords=coffee+tamper+58mm or http://www.amazon.co.uk/RSVP-Coffee-Barista-Espresso-Stainless/dp/B000BUDDRQ/ref=sr_1_5?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1375791655&sr=1-5&keywords=coffee+tamper+58mm or http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tamper-Stampa-Classico-58-mm/dp/B003JZT7OS/ref=sr_1_7?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1375791655&sr=1-7&keywords=coffee+tamper+58mm
  14. So the next question is which milk jug do you use and does it make a difference. I usually steam a couple of lattes at a time Thanks Gaz
  15. Edit to say: Just the WHITE jug available now - £22 delivered Pair of black and white lightly used Motta 50cl pitchers. I can't see any marks or scratches and would say they are 'as new' really. £40 for the pair delivered. Amending to add: £22 each, delivered. No offers unless they are still hanging about after a week!
  16. Hi all. I have upgraded my tamper to a 58.6 Heavy Tamper(bought from one of the members here) so this is for sale. Bought from Bella Barista in March. As you can see from photos there are some very light marks on the base, possibly from using it as a single dosing weight on my mignon (due to pop corning of beans) Good fit for VST and Gaggia baskets. Asking £18 posted. 2nd class signed. Thanks.
  17. Motta 58mm tamper £15 delivered
  18. Hey guys, as per title, anyone have Motta europa jugs in 250ml, 350ml or 500ml sizes they are considering selling on? Not fussed about colour or coating. Thank you, Christos
  19. Evening, I'm having a little clear out as I just have too much porcelain in my cupboards as well as items sitting around that don't get used. 3oz (4 off) NotNeutral Espresso Cup w/ Saucer £5 ea illy Cappuccino Cup (3 off) (no saucer) £3 ea Another 35cl Motta Europa £12 (Friend from Upshot's) Sold - Rmcgandara 6oz (4 off) & 8oz (1 off) NotNeutral w/ Saucer £6 ea Sold, Collected - Working Dog MadebyKnock 58.35 VST Tamper £15 Sold, Sent - Milanski 18g Ridgeless VST Basket £15 Sold, Sent - Davidbondy 25cl Motta Europa £10 Sold, Sent - Daren 35cl Motta Europa £12 Sold, Sent - Dave 50cl Motta Europa £13 Sold, Sent - Dave No postage included in the prices , so I'll price packages at the best price / methods I can find. I have photographs of everything individually but I'll just stick the group photo here, everything is in excellent condition accept the tamper which has a couple of marks on the handle.
  20. Thought I'd just whack this up while avoid revising for my last exam tomorrow - Photos all snapped on my Fuji X100 Same as last time just some better quality shots and some emotional mono's. Enjoy - I still need to photograph the niggley little bits that I posted up in the for sale section, but I'll get round to it after abit more work (I hope.....) Ill have to upload somewhere that the image isn't compressed if anyone wants to get pixel picky, and the cherub / pf shot could be a nice background! Callum
  21. Hey, I was just wondering what milk pitchers people like? Personally I use a set of Motta jugs, which are fantastic for latte art. However, one guy I work with hates them, and prefers bell bottom jugs. Another prefers the simple straight walled jug. Just curious about people's preferences. Cheers, Seamus.
  22. Soooo I’ve decided it’s times to invest in a milk pitcher. Should I go for the Motta Europa or the rhinowares stealth?
  23. I got this non-stick matte black Europa for Christmas '17, but I ended up selling my espresso machine in March '18, so it only had minor use and has sat boxed up in the cupboard since then. As such, it is in excellent condition and was always cleaned and looked after when I did use it. It's a pleasure to use and I felt like it took my latte art to the next level! I would like £18 posted.
  24. Barely used this motta europa. Comes boxed for £20 including postage.
  25. I can't do a pound sign on the old laptop I am using to post this - but I am looking for 11.50 (eleven pounds and fifty pence) for my 58mm flat tamper. My genuine reason for sale is that my new coffee machine (Sage Duo Temp Pro) has a 54mm basket, and I've now got an Espro 53mm tamper. This price INCLUDES postage. I doubt any of you live close enough to pick up but you are welcome (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire). Payment by Paypal only please. If it doesn't sell on here, I'll have to pop it up on eBay, but I thought I would offer it up here first.
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