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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, Hope all is well in the forums. Just went to grind my beans tonight, and "whirrrr" !! It has packed in on me ! Some questions for those in the know : Sounds like a struggling/failed motor. Is this likely? Is it an easy fix? Is the part(s) available? Is it ready for grinder heaven? I am in Middlesbrough, Teesside, if anyone local can offer any help?? Thank you all in advance.
  2. Text from their blog post - looks interesting! We have already announced it on Instagram and Facebook. There will be a new mill and the MG-1(s) will be discontinued. Here are a few more detailed pieces of information thereto. It was only last year that we announced some improvements to the MG-1. The mill was supposed to be named MG-1s and had been tested for a couple of months as well. The improvements were perfectly appropriate, but, if I were to be honest, we did not really like the MG-1s. It did not “click.” The process of getting the mill off the ground was overall rather sluggish and lengthy and every enhancement felt like a workaround and not like an actual improvement. Less would have been good for the grinder. We experienced the same issue with the motor station. We had already built a couple of prototypes and tested them as well for a longer period, but the sobering result arrived with setting up the motor station’s serial production. In the end, the station was twice as expensive as the actual Handgrinder, among other things, and that would have been incommensurate. We constantly had to accept compromises with both the Grinder and the motor station when we had actually planned to improve the mill and release a sensible add-on. But then a new idea suddenly floated around our heads one day. That was the beginning of MOLA. From the very beginning, everything felt right and good here, almost like a liberation, as we were able to directly incorporate our experiences, which we had gathered in the past, and to build a better grinder all but without compromises and completely without regard to the past. It is for this reason that we will discontinue the Mahlgut-1(s) and, for the time being, development of the motor station. We currently still have various materials for a few MG-1 handgrinder in stock. We will still build these with small improvements (longer crank handle and a needle bearing instead of a nylon ring) and put them up for sale. Furthermore, we would still like to continue to advise and actively support all MG-1 owners and to offer the small update (crank handle and bearing). No one needs to worry. The support continues to be there. First off, we would like to apologize to all MG-1 owners who have shown interest in the motor station and have waited for it for a long time. We simply underestimated the subject and will make a special offer for all existing clients when the time comes. In the course of the mill’s redevelopment, we have chosen a completely different path from the one before. Thanks to a 3D printer, it was possible to test many aspects beforehand without the necessity of milling or lathing parts in a laborious and costly fashion. Our partners were very thankful for this and, thus, the first functioning prototype could be constructed relatively quickly. Taking a model into your hands is quite different from looking at a 3D drawing on the screen. After the first prototype had been built and worked the way we envisioned it to do, we decided to deal with it transparently and to publish some initial pictures / films. We are happy about the copious feedbacks and notes. This is the only way that we can continue to improve ourselves and to offer Mahlgut clients exactly what they want. Finding a name proved to be slightly more challenging. An MG-2 was out of the question. We wanted to conclude and, thus, a new name was needed, especially since we planned for different variations of our grinder. Many name suggestions had to be discarded, as they were already in use elsewhere. Luckily, a good friend thought of Mola , which is derived from Latin and means mill or mill stone, respectively. It sounds good and works on an international level, too. That way, Mola-e (for electrical mill) saw the light of day. A Mola-h (for hand grinder) and a Mola-f (for flat grinding disc) are in planning as well. But those are still things of the future. Technical details about Mola-e Mola-e is 32 cm tall and the base plate, made from German oak, has a width of approx. 28 cm. The grinder weighs approx. 11 kg (without battery), which results from the fact that we manufacture the it predominantly from stainless steel. The grinder is a 68 mm conical grinder which we have used on the MG-1 already. There is an option to get the grinder with a special DLC coating. Why DLC and no TIN and what that is exactly and what it does will be explained by us more specifically in the near future. During Mola’s development, it was very important to us that it does not grind too quickly and that it corresponds to the speed of a hand mill. The ground material should not heat up unnecessarily. The built-in motor thus only rotates with 100 rotations per minute, but can withstand the strain of up to 20 Nm temporarily. Perfect for grinding even blond roastings without issue. The motor’s transmission to the shaft occurs via low-maintenance metal gearwheels, which not only optimally transfer the force, but also run very smoothly. The shaft is doubly mounted and specially protected by means of a guide. No beans and no coffee grounds come into contact with the shaft or the sealed-up ball bearings. Mola draws its power via a lithium polymer battery. That way, the mill may be set up flexibly without the need for a nearby outlet. We have tested the motor in connection with the Lipo-battery for more than one year and were able to grind as much as 5 or 6 kg of coffee even then with a single battery charge over the period of one month. We think it is a great idea to build an electrical mill that does not require an outlet. Most coffee corners do not offer enough space anyway, all the more as the power supply units are mostly very unsightly. Due to the first feedbacks that we received, we do, however, offer a power supply unit as well. That way, everyone is able to decide for themselves if they want to work with a battery or a power supply unit. In general, both options will be possible. We are currently testing two different power supply units worth considering. Naturally, we will report back on this matter once we have gotten further. The grind adjustment is kept very simple. You simply loosen the fixing screw and turn the cylinder in which the outer grinding ring is located. Once you have found the required grinding degree, you simply fasten it once more by means of the fixing screw. We are currently looking for the perfect scale to adjust the grinder as easily as possible and, above all, repeatably. A word in advance: the scale will be milled into the stainless steel, which is not only practical, but also a visual highlight. Due to Mola-e’s size, we were finally able to realize a filter holder which may be adjusted in height and which has a flexible grip cover. Most filter holders fit innately. Those who own a smaller filter holder can reduce the contact area by means of adapter rings. That way, each and every filter holder may be used without issue. Furthermore, the widely popular Blind Tumbler fits into the holder. Enough technical details; it is time to grind. As Mola-e is a so-called single-doser grinder, the desired amount should be weighed out beforehand. Pour in the beans, put in the filter holder, and press the grind button. As soon as the beans are ground, the filter holder may be removed. The result is fluffy ground material, completely free of clots. There are currently still some pending issues before we can go into production. As of now, we will report on each and every change or step here on this blog. Those who have questions about Mola-e or wish to test the prototype had best contact us directly. We are happy about every registered visit in Essen, Germany. We would love to come to an organized meeting in the German-speaking world as well. More pics and videos on their Instagram -
  3. Hi all, I used to frequent these parts but had to give up my machines in storage for a few years as where I was living wasn't suitable. I recently services my Brewtus ii and got the grinder out. Initially the motor didn't sound right on the Vario. It stalled but got through the dose. However, this morning it stalled and wouldn't grind any further. The motor kept going and I cut it after the smell of electrical burning. Of course, a small amount of smoke then followed. I've taken it apart and the circuitry casing was covered in old coffee grinds. Not sure how, but it's obviously built up over the years. Anyway, the belt and cogs seem ok, but other than that I'm doing the grinder equivalent of tyre kicking and do not possess skills to take it further. I've messaged mahlkonig support but thought I'd post here in case anyone has experience. Here is a link to a video where you can hear that the power doesn't seem to be uniform: The grinder is probably 7 years old and sat in storage for 3. Unfortunately I'm not in the market for new right now, so I want to repair it if the cause can be identified. Thanks for any help! Tom
  4. Hi Guys, Just bought a Mazzer Royal from one of the forum members ( Kostona ) and I appear to have an issue with the motor not turning. When I turn the switch I can here the contactor pull in, it hums but the motor does not kick into life. I have done a bit of reading on the other thread and I know there is a hooper interlock micro switch. I have removed the plate at the top the check the switch but its not connected. So this must have been linked out so it can be used without the hopper. Kostona used it a lens hood mod. I believe @coffeechap was the previous owner. The motor turns freely and Kostona checked it before shipping, so the motor should be good. I have unscrewed the 4 feet and pulled the bottom plate away and there is no obvious loose connections. The contactor does pull in but it is making a strange noise so it could be the contactor thats just given up? How could I test this? Kostona has been great and has offered me a full refund and will cover any postage costs or alternatively cover any repairs, unfortunately I can't find anyone in Chesterfield or near that can repair these so unless you guys can help I will have to return it back the Kostona. To quote from Star Wars - Coffee UK Forums you are my only hope! I'm hoping this thread will be useful to other with a similiar problem.
  5. Hi. Anyone know why commercial coffee grinder motors are so large? I guess for the commercial coffee shop they need to be robust and capable of high duty. Is there scope to make them smaller with modern motor design?
  6. I quite often fancy a coffee in the evening, as you do, but swmbo will have gone to bed, and the Rocky is extremely loud, so I can't have one. I could have ground some earlier, and airtight boxed it, but that would require planning and foresight so rather than spend £14m on a quiet grinder, I thought of a hand job, with motor attached. run it nice an slow and it should be as quiet as a mouse in house slippers walking on lambswool carpet. Suggestions of the best grinder to use for the project?
  7. I’m having an issue with my mahlkonig branded vario grinding slowly and often stalling completely leaving me to be toggling the stop start button repeatedly. So far i have been able to get my 33g of coffee out twice a day (just!) but it seems to be getting worse. It seems like the motor just doesn’t have the torque to grind properly all of a sudden. Ive cleaned it all out and checked the belt and gears and everything seems fine. Weirdly it runs perfectly after cleaning old grounds out of the inside of the case around the belt and motor for a day and then starts playing up again. Im thinking it’s a motor problem (maybe just brushes?) but I haven’t smelt any burning electronics so I wondered if it could be some other component that’s replaceable? thanks all.
  8. Hello, For a sale Fluid-o-Tech Rotary Vane Pump 100L/h + RPM Motor 120W (also not-return valve is included). The pump and motor are about 3 years old and they are in excellent condition. - The motor is RPM with 120W and 230V/240V version. - Pump is Fluid-o-Tech CA104 L60mm 100L/h with connection 3/8" GAS. Price: £100 + postage with insurance (about £20)
  9. I am a novice roaster and would welcome some advice. I am having difficulty recognising first and second cracks above the noise of the rotating drum and motor.
  10. So, one thing I don't enjoy is the noise my machine makes. Its a reservoir only vibe pump model dual boiler. Questions.... Can I upgrade the pump to a motor? If so, what're the recommendations motor wise? Other than the motor are any other parts needed? (I plan on continuing to use the reservoir) What noise difference will there be? Any other noticeable differences? Thanks for you input.
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