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Found 50 results

  1. I am in need of a moka pot but don't fancy an aluminium one. I'd be very grateful to hear about experiences with stainless steel ones.
  2. On my trip to Italy I got one of these as I just really liked the look and my wife was very keen on it too: http://www.giannini.it/languageeng/24.ASP?catalogueCatId=870 Is there any advice to get the best out of it? Previously I used some aluminium ones with pre-ground store bought coffee with acceptable results. My attempts with this one however have been a little on the bitter side? I filll up to the valve, fill the basket and then put it on highest setting on my electric stove and stop when the water starts to boil and coffee starts to sputter out of the tip.
  3. So after 15 years or so I’ve decided to give the Moka pot a go again. I’ve read quite a bit about it, and how one should brew (using boiling water instead of cold, kill the brew process once it starts puffing by putting under the tap for a few seconds etc, etc). That’s all good. I’m using a Bialetti Venus 4 cup. - How coarse should the coffee be? Some say filter/drip coarse, some say just coarser than espresso. Could anyone give me a hint? - How much is a “dose” (e.g: equivalent to double espresso 18g in, 36g out) in terms of cafeine? I ask that because the funnel/basket takes roughly 16g of ground coffee, but the overall beverage weight produced is around 70g, which I’m finding much “stronger” than a standard 1:2 ratio espresso of (18g in, 36g out). - Would a 2cup moka be better to brew for 1 person? Thanks in advance.
  4. I bought a stainless steel Tescoma Monte Carlo moka pot. I like the size of 2-cup, max. capacity of c. 135ml of water, yielding about 80-85ml of coffee. which combined with c. 9.5g of grounds that fit in the basket gives me the required level of coffee "concentration". However, during the extraction there is a continuous stream of steam coming out of the safety valve while coffee is pouring out into the top chamber at the same time. Moreover, the seal comes off very easily doing washing the pot. Are these construction defects? I contacted the manufacturer but they demand a video showing how I prepare coffee in the pot which is something I will not bother with as I know I am doing everything right. Perhaps I trusted good reviews too much when I decided to buy it.
  5. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a new stainless steel moka pot, it will mainly be just for me, but a few days a week I will need to make coffee for 2. Does a 6 cup pot work well with a reducer to make a 3 cup pot? Will the result be the same as using a 3 cup pot? I'm trying to avoid buying two pots! I've looked at all the moka pot threads, but I can't find anything written by anyone who uses a moka pot reducer.
  6. I'm new here - that applies to posting not viewing. I've gleaned lots of information from the site over time - thanks to everyone. I use a Moka pot. I also use a Hario syphon (excellent, except the washing up), an old Russell Hobbs electric percolator (very good), a Melitta filter machine (good-ish), and a Cafetiere/French Press (never made a good cup of coffee with it yet). And occasionally instant (is that a swear word?) because I do find the Carte Noir Whole Bean Instant which Morrisons stock is surprisingly acceptable when in a hurry - sorry! Those are my credentials for what they are worth. Anyway - to the Moka pot. Bialetti 6 cup size. A few years ago I stayed in what they call a "townhouse suite" in Rome (like a hotel but without the pointless bits). It was run by a couple, maybe early thirties, and he made the morning coffee and it was pure nectar. Served in a jug for a long drink. A couple of months ago I stayed in a B&B/Hotel in Tramonti in the mountains above Sorrento. Run by a couple, maybe thirties, but this time it was Grandma who made the coffee. Yes - pure nectar - and served in a jug for a long drink! But I had little Italian and she had less English so about the only thing I found out was that she used Moka pots. So I've been attempting to create my own nectar!!! I'm getting there. The grind is right I think (although I've recently been using a couple of ready ground Segafredo blends specifically designed for Moka coffee which I discovered on eBay - never heard of it before). My problem is the temperature/speed. My local coffee shop (a proper coffee beans and tea leaf emporium) say the entire brewing process should only last between three and four minutes. There's similar advice on the web. In truth there's every conceivable advice on the web. I have a gas cooker (LPG rather than natural gas so in theory "hotter"). Only the smallest burner can be used to prevent the flames curling up the side of the pot. Using that takes eight minutes to brew the coffee. Undefeated I have tried trivets on larger burners - both a sturdy cast iron one off a woodburner and a lesser one but still cast iron. Even if those are preheated for five or more minutes I still can't brew the coffee inside of four minutes. I can if I pre-heat the water of course - which is advised on the web alongside all the similar advice which says don't. But it does seem that Italians never, never, ever preheat the water so that's what I'm aiming for. I presume that when Mr Bialetti invented his Moka pot in the 1930's he expected most people would use it on a range. So any suggestions as to how to get a Moka pot to brew quickly enough on an LPG gas stove would be welcomed and appreciated. One other query - I put it in the title. I have a Krups "expert" burr grinder. Not too expensive and works fine. But it isn't earthed - the UK plug on it has a plastic earth pin. I'm PME earthed - that's common for all rural supplies with longer cable runs - the earth is bonded to the negative, but in theory that shouldn't be a factor. However the static generated when I grind is amazing - even taking out the plastic receptacle which catches the coffee makes the hairs on my hand stand up! Is this normal? Should I worry? Would my coffee taste even better if it still had 30,000 volts of static within it? Will that be the next great thing - electrified coffee?
  7. I have never noticed any talk of Moka Pots/stove top on coffee forums. I love mine and have a couple. Getting the grind right is a bit tricky as after making an adjustment it's not the quickest brew to rest so takes some paitience! The thought came to me because a chap came onto work and bough some espresso ground for his Moka Pot. I was explaining that it's "real" espresso groins not "supermarket espresso" grind so would be too fine. He said that he does find it bitter when he uses it so I explainedwhoa the grind would do this. I also asked his brewing technique and it was pretty clear that he didn't know how to get the best from his kit. I'd be interested to know how the Moka- pot people uses thiers. I have always found that switching the heat off just as the coffee starts to stream stops the bitterness as it stops the heat from cooking the coffee. Don't forget, it's the steam build up that pushes the water up through the coffee I to the top, you don't want to boil the crap out of it! Dicuss!
  8. Hi, A couple of weeks ago I got myself a vario, so I'm still trying to get my head around things to get the best grind. Up until today I've been using it with my aeropress and french press but as I'm off on holiday for a week I thought I'd treat myself to a Bialetti Moka pot too. I've read that for a moka pot you should grind just coarser than espresso, but was just wondering if anyone uses a vario and stove top and if so what they set their vario to? Thanks!
  9. Used once (2009) to buy a moka pot (good selection of Bialetti stuff, including spares). Item was dispatched within 4 days and was as described.
  10. Hi, I received a new Bialetti moka pot in the post today and I noticed there is a chip on the inside of the top section. It's not easy to get in a photo because of how shiny the rest of it is but I've attached the best one I could get - the chip is to the right of and in line with the top of the funnel. I've read about how careful you have to be with the aluminium, like not using soap or a dishwasher etc, so I was wondering if this is a problem? Haven't used it yet so I'm wondering if I should send it back and hope for a better one. Thanks!
  11. I've spent a good few hours playing around with a Moka Pot, and I have to say it makes far better coffee than I thought it would... It seems an overlooked, almost frowned upon method of making coffee based on the few mentions of it I've seen on here. I used some Rave Yirgacheffe, grinding quite a bit finer than I would for my Chemex though not espresso grind, and the results are pleasing to say the least. I think the balance is between getting the grind fine enough to make the coffee as "thick" as possible, without it affecting the brewing process [i reckon it would choke with too fine a grind, as water would struggle to pass through... Same reason I guess why you're not supposed to tamp(?) ] Anyone else use one at all? I thought it really brought out the acidity/fruitiness of my yirga. [EDIT: the one I've been using is a two-cup, so perfect for a double-shot; one weakness I suppose for the Moka Pot is that I'm guessing it's not very adjustable, in the sense that I can't imagine you could make two cups from a 4 cup? I wonder if simply filling half full with coffee and water would work...]
  12. Hi guys, Looking for a decent alternative for brewing coffee when I’m in our Caravan or just fancy a change. Never used a Moka pot so fancy giving it a go. We have an induction hob so aluminium is out. Cheers
  13. Is it worth trying this in peoples opinions? I'm thinking to try red brick / sweetshop in bialetti moka. If its naff, will these espresso blends fair well as brewed (v60 / aeropress)? Thanks for your thoughts!
  14. I've been experimenting with a Moka pot and have posted for advice. I've also followed some red herrings such as the brew time, although I do think care in filling the basket is needed as that's what determines the pressure. But I have now cracked it - I can make a brew which is identical to those I quaffed in southern Italy a couple of months ago. And with repeatability. So this is for anyone else who doesn't feel they have yet managed a fine brew with their Moka pot. The credit however is entirely here: http://www.illy.com/wps/wcm/connect/en/coffee/how-prepare-moka-coffee At 2:18 the lovely barista Valentina says "We'll have about 30% less coffee by doing this, but it's worth it." Almost a throw away line, you'll miss it if you blink, but that's the secret!!!! The pot comes off the heat when only about 50% is brewed which will go up to 70% before it loses pressure. Interestingly on my Bialetti 6-cup 70% is precisely where the 'V' of the spout begins inside - maybe Alfonso Bialetti designed it that way as a marker - if so grazie. The only downside is that I'll now have to buy a 9-cup to make the equivalent of 6 cups. (Might have to buy some thin walled cups too.) But the result really is a totally different drink. Try it. Bellissimo e meraviglioso.
  15. I want to treat myself and upgrade from my aluminum 6 cup moka pot to a stainless steel one, but I'm undecided between these two. Does anyone have one of these and would recommend them? I am looking for a pot made in italy (rather than China) that is stylish and will last me for years. I'm also undecided as to whether I should get a 6 cup one and use the reducer if I'm making just for me, or get a 3 cup one. Has anyone used a reducer before and does it work as well?
  16. Hello! Today I received my new Bialetti Venus 2-cup pot, together with Hario Mini Mill grinder and Lavazza coffee beans. I've been trying to achieve a nice result since morning in terms of coffee quantity, but either I am doing something wrong or the pot is faulty. The pot is supposed to produce 2 espresso cups of moka, but in reality it bearly gives me one cup. A considerable quantity of water (around 50ml measured) is left on the bottom of the pot, after the extraction process is finished (I'm sure the extraction is over because I can hear the characteristic hissing sound and I even tried to leave the pot longer on the stove without success). I am providing some pictures to show you exactly what I mean. Not to forget, I have thoroughly followed all the expert advice I've found on the web about the correct use of the pot. Could you please give me some insight into my problem? I feel very disappointed and ready to return the pot. Thank you!
  17. For sale, hardly used and not likely to start now a Bialetti Elegance Venus Induction 6 Cup Stainless Steel and a little Molmo 3 cup moka pot. I think the Bialetti one is good of it’s type and looks and feels much better than the Molmo (of course, it's also that much more expensive). I’ve probably used both of them less than 6 times each, so haven’t given them much of a run but just looking to clear a bit of room really
  18. OK After a huge amount of reading and some good advice from this forum, I've ordered the above, along with a naked portafilter, madebyknock simple tamper with box and mat, silvia wand and various other bits and pieces. Now I just need to wait. I currently buy a Kilo of Ouseburn Coffee Foundry No.2 beans for my Moka Pot daily cup and 1 or 2 small bags of on spec beans from Hasbean each month. What do people find best suited to the Classic Espresso blend wise? I like a good full bodied Chocolatey sort of bean. i'm not really into the radically different sort of flavours. By the way, thanks for the advice everyone, i think I'd still be dithering otherwise!
  19. I did post much of this in another thread but thought it would get lost in there. Hopefully someone who has bought a Moka Pot and struggled with it may find some of this useful. The Moka Pot is the only brewing method I'd yet to try so I decided to give it a go. I received my Bialetti 4 cup Moka Express a couple of days ago. Love it. Initially it was pretty frustrating getting anything drinkable out of it until I realised I was grinding too fine. This had two effects, firstly the finer grinds meant the basket accepted too much coffee (25g) and of course you always fill the basket in a moka pot, secondly the fine grind created far too much pressure. These two together created quite a disgusting drink! So I ground coarser (22 on my Rocky) and the basket was now full with 20g of coffee. Brew time came down to a total of just under 6 minutes (starting with cold water) and it tastes great black, strong but not too bitter. Great with milk too and I never have milk with coffee but I've become addicted to frothing up a little milk and plonking it on top of my Moka brews. The 4 cup doesn't seem to be very common. I think it's only available in Europe and Bialetti don't even list it on their web site. Not that it matters really, but I couldn't really find any owner reports of the 4 cup model for any guidance. I use our smallest hob on full and turn it to the lowest setting once coffee starts coming through, then I take it off the heat when the coffee has reached the point of the V on the spout. There's enough residual heat left to carry on the extraction a little longer. I never get any hissing or hot steam coming up afterwards using this method. It's all very gentle and relaxing! Some of the videos I've watched it's like a volcano erupting and I thought that can't be good. Most of the written brew guides thankfully shared my opinion so I must be doing something right for once! I pretty much followed this excellent Moka Pot guide by RoamingBarista. I tried boiling the water first a few times and it works well and obviously speeds up the whole process. I know a lot of people say that using cold water can cook the coffee as you're waiting for the pot to heat up. I imagine that's more of an issue in larger Moka Pots. I haven't had any burnt flavours when using cold water. The grind I found works is what many use, inbetween Espresso and French Press. That covers a wide range. It's pretty much what you'd use for drip or in my case Pour Over. I pushed the pot to see how fine I could grind before the pot popped it's pressure release valve (I always have to do things like that) and on my Rocky it's a setting of 12. Most people grind for Espresso on the Rocky at around 8 ish. It really is quite a different coffee drinking experience and I like that. All in all it's a very addictive way to make coffee. It doesn't quite have the drama of my syphon but it's close. The clean up is certainly easier than a syphon brew. It probably doesn't have the subtle flavours that a pour over with a V60 and Gino/Kalita Wave can produce but I don't think Moka coffee is about subtlety. It has a character all of its own. The only thing I'm not impressed with is the paint is already wearing off the Bialetti man and the writing. Rub a finger nail over the paint and it completely comes off! Oh well no big deal. The quality of parts seem excellent. Taken before I coarsened the grind. Too fine here.
  20. TheCoffeeTweet: RT - exceptional new Square Mile Moka Pot video - http://tinyurl.com/8gs38p More...
  21. I am thinking about getting a Giannina 3/1 cup moka pot that comes with a 3/1 reducer. Is it recommended to reduce the water amount in proportion to the reduction of coffee amount used? For instance, if I go with 16g of coffee (basket fully filled with reducer placed bottom down) I fill water up to the safety valve (c. 150ml). Hence, if I use only 6 g of coffee should I only use 6/16 * 150 = 56 ml of water? What if I use a reduced amount of coffee and keep the water amount the same? Normally, I dilute the original moka brew anyway to get americano but I guess the temperature and pressure parameters will be different depending on the water amount, therefore the taste will be different depending on whether I run only 56 ml of water through 6 g of coffee and THEN add 100ml of water, or I run the whole amount of water, 156ml, through the same 6g amount of coffee. What are your suggestions?
  22. How long should it take from the moment coffee starts pouring into the top chamber of the moka pot to stopping the extraction? I am looking for the right heating level - at one setting it takes 4 minutes, at the other - 1 minute. What is your opinion?
  23. Perceived wisdom - as I've been told and read - is: 1) The total brewing time for a Moka pot should be 3 to 4 minutes - that's from onto the heat until off the heat 2) The Italians never pre-heat the water 3) The smallest Moka pots make the best coffee I have a 6 cup pot. I take a lot of care in adding the coffee precisely so the pressure is right. There are no leaks from the washer or the valve. And I simply can't do 3-4 minutes whatever I try. Small or medium burner (conventional gas cooker fed by LPG), trivets or no trivets or pre-heated trivets. I can't manage anything under about five and a half minutes. So is it possible? Or does it only apply to the little 3-cup pots and that's why they are meant to make the best coffee? Or does it require an electric cooker or an Aga? Any advice?
  24. Hey guys, Pretty new to coffee in a serious sense, but have drank half decent coffee for a few years. my missus is completely fresh to coffee but beginning to enjoy a decent brew. Theres a reputable company near me that roast coffee and sell equipment but not sure about the above brewing apparatus. Any advice? Also if anyone can recommend a coffee that is strong, non-acidic, smokey/chocolatey? much appreciated xx
  25. I want to give a chum some of my own roasted beans. He has a moka pot but not a grinder. Is a blade grinder adequate?
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