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Found 19 results

  1. has anyone figured out how to mod their mk2 or older for the same effect? They look, from the outside, pretty similar / identical in the way the coffee is despensed so I am guessing there is some kind of voodery in the chute to stop clumping? The clumping on mine is annoying when I go too fine. Having dyspraxia means I end up spilling coffee everywhere trying to stir it with a cocktail stick...
  2. Hey guys, After recently upgrading my grinder to a Fiorenzato F5 (From Iberital MC2) I'm looking at upgrading my Classic little by little. I cannot buy all mods in one go and am therefore looking to see which mods I should do first based on the impact I will feel after installing them. Below is the list of the mods that come to mind: IMS Precision Shower Screen Mr Shades PID Brass Shower Plate Rancilio Silvia Steam Wand (Done - v2) Bottomless PF (Done) Pressure OPV Mod Thank you and feel free to suggest any that I might have forgotten!
  3. Hi All, So there's just two more days until I pick up my Gaggia Classic! I'll be buying the Classic from a member on this forum who ironically also purchased it themselves from a well established member "GerryM" who appears to have done an amazing job on the Classic already installing Mr Shades PID, 10 Bar OPV adjustment, Silvia Wand and more. The original For Sale can be found here: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?38599-Gaggia-Classic-with-Mr-Shades-PID-OPV-and-Silvia-wand-Mod-%A3210-collection-Coventry After having a good read on the CoffeeForum and watching videos
  4. Is anybody interested in mods I've done to my single group commercial coffee machine? I'm willing to share my system mod. principles, for discussion, but I don't know which section to post in? I think what I've done could be applied to many machines of a similar type? Work on these coffee machines should only be done by a competent person as they can be hellishly dangerous to mess with. For safety reasons I will post the general principles, without detailed wiring changes and circuit schematic which required a custom board.
  5. Has anyone had, has or used one of these? If you have could you let me know your opinions on it? Thanks! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Portafilter-Holder-Direct-Dosing-Kit-For-Mahlkonig-EK43-EK43S-Coffee-Grinder/323847670391?hash=item4b66d34a77:m:mkaj4z5spHKiMBg6zlQ90Qw
  6. Hey everyone, I got myself a Dedica and a second-hand 90's Gaggia MDF i could afford - basic as it is, it's a major step up from the Nespresso capsules.- The MDF has about 12g of retention in the path, however, and some more in the dozer - and i didn't want to get yesterday's grind every time so i modded it heavily; the dozer has been removed, as well as the portafilter holder (because the Dedica's portafilter is too big to fit there) i made the 'stepless' conversion and calibrated the height i'm using the top of a PET bottle to get the coffee out on-demand (plus
  7. Hi, I have an MDX that is stripped down for a good clean and thought it might be an opportunity to make it doserless if possible, has anyone done this? Any easy mods to make a chute or leave the doser container on with a funnel or similar so the grinds go straight into the portafilter? Any other mods worth doing? Thanks!
  8. Hello, maybe a slightly unusual question, but what kind of mods do people normally carry out on their Cherub? From what I know its a really good machine so it would be interesting to know what people are missing features wise. On a slightly separate subject, what's the usual servicing kit and what needs checking, changing and at what intervals? Thanks!
  9. This looks pretty cool More info and stolen from here http://www.home-barista.com/espresso-machines/gaggia-classic-with-raspberry-pi-android-t37863.html#p428840
  10. Can anyone tell me what the landed UK cost of a VDD Pharos is, and also what specifically the VDD mods do. Ta.
  11. Ordered and received one of these new listings on Amazon (now down to £185). I can confirm it has the aluminium boiler, solenoid, metal spouted portafilter etc. Perfect crema baskets annoyingly, but that's not a huge issue. Edit: NB - this post is about a newly purchased *2014* model, ordered after a new (re)listing on amazon after ~1month of unavailability.
  12. Just been looking into two mods on the Classic 2015 model and from what I found it appears two may no longer be possible due to changes. Those mods being the Rancillo steam wand replacement which it appears may no longer fit. Then the second being the OPV mod due to it not being as adjustable enough as a part is not as long as before (or something) to allow it to be done. Don't hold me to it just stuff I had looked into before and then after chatting briefly to coffeechap today and him mentioning them as two worth doing. Sometimes takes a nod from someone in the know for a new to it l
  13. Hi there everyone. Signed up last week, but hadn't gotten around to posting an introduction. Having spent most of my formative years being exposed only to cheap instant coffee (thanks, dad!) and disliking it unless heavily laden with milk, I fell easily into the big milk drinks of chain cafe culture. I experimented at home with stove tops and milk frothers, and supermarket beans for a while before getting a Gaggia Classic a few years back. Somewhat by accident, I found David Schomer's book early last year, and haven't really looked back since. Well, OK, at times, when I remember how
  14. A friend has taken a sander to my Major and I am now trying to decide between stripping back to aluminium for a metal finish, or respraying (satin black would be my preferred choice). Has anyone any guidance or recommendations for this? I do not want to have to remove coils/motors etc. I would love the American Airlines bare metal look but what drawbacks does this have? And are there paint colours that are better suited to something that will sit in the kitchen all the time? Thanks in advance.
  15. Five of these arrived in the post today and I only need one. The scales arrived too but that's just a coincidence. I only need one. The other ones I'll give away - if you guess what it is.😺 edit: hint (not a good one) they're 40mm in diameter
  16. I have had my LMLM for a year now and ever since day one been annoyed by the fact that the steam and water knobs tends to stick when tightened up in the closed position. They are basically designed like a nut on a bolt. So if you want to do a quick steam-off by turning the knob clockwise it will eventually keep turning until the end of the thread - and tighten up against the "bolt head". So I wanted to get rid of this daily annoyance using an otherwise super cool and certainly well designed machine! I solved the problem by inserting a home made two turn helical coil in the knob threa
  17. FOR SALE MAZZER SUPER JOLLY TIMER GRINDER (badged as Astoria) In good condition with no rattles or squeaks. Brand new, authentic Mazzer burrs have just been installed. Probably only 2kg of coffee run through them. A couple of marks to the paintwork as you would expect from a machine like this. As well as the original 1.2kg hopper I will also include an unused 320g version (with lid) which considerably reduces the overall height whilst increasing wife approval rating! As well as this, I will also add a lens hood (for puffing) and a jam funnel
  18. £150 for the lot, collect from Stockwell, London. Thanks! A few additional modifications: - Rancilio Silvia wand. I will include the original wand in the purchase as well. - Brass dispersion plate - IMS Precision shower screen - Stainless steel tamper - Portofilter basket (can't remember the brand but it's the one that doesn't add all the artificial crema to the coffee) Some minor scratches on the side towards the bottom of the machine. Otherwise - great condition and was descaled regularly. Will include the original aluminum dispersion plate, original baskets, wand e
  19. Hi everyone, I thought I'm going to "outsource" the final touches to my kit, and let you guys to add your ideas, criticism, thoughts, in order to get an even better and more useful kit. I greatly appreciate every single comment, as it helps to match the taste of the wide range of end-users, no mention of the valuable expert comments, which I usually learn a lot from here. Please excuse me for the quality of photos, these are only for rough guidance. I'll upload some proper photos soon. What is the GAGGIA BoostBox? It is a purpose designed and built, 3D printed enclosure,
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