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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, just for the fun of it - here‘s my office unit. Lately did a little service, it‘s such a neat and fun piece to work on. Very accessible despite its compact footprint. If anyone has questions about the 0835 (or other Quickmill-specific groups) just let me know...!
  2. Hello As the Pavoni makes smallish sized espresso, and I drink 1:1 milk style cortado. I got fed up with the angled steam wand, where you need to fill the milk jug quite high, as you have to hold it at an angle for the wand to sit somewhere in the centre of the jug. This was wasting a lot of milk, and I would prefer to hold the jug straight, instead of tilted. So I thought of bending the steam arm, which looked a bit tricky. But instead looked at the groove that holds the arm in place, by milling the groove about 30deg further allows the steam arm to sit vertically.
  3. Having had the RR45 in place for a few days and thinking 1- it takes a lot of worktop space with its doser sticking out 2- I'm bored lets make it doserless.f so stage 1 remove the doser and contemplate Terry the grinders bolts and how to attach a shute Stage 2 cut out some wood to fit and drill for a shute Stage 5 - drill and shape , add shute (stainless shower rail section) stage 6 - add portafilter holder (4mm aluminium) on wooden base
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question: I really like the Super Jolly, and obviously it's reputation is great, so I was thinking about buying one purely for home use with my classic. However I don't like the idea of having a dose, as surley old coffee grinds will just sit in there and go stale. So I was just wondering if it's possible to remove the dose and make it more 'on demand'? Thanks in advance!
  5. Currently it is relatively difficult to use the lido e for espresso and other brewing methods at the same time because it is hard to go back to exactly the same setting. Adding some form of system with two stops which you could set for each grind setting, essentially allowing you to bump the adjustment ring up against the stop for easy setting switching. Therefore to switch to a pre-configured size you just simply move from one stop to other, allowing you go back to the exact same grind setting! Easily switching between two... What are your thoughts? Any ideas how this could be
  6. Having just picked up an EC221.b (pretty much the same build as the 155 and 146), I've modded the portafilter, baskets and steam wand, all is going great, nice looking extractions etc. Just wondering if anyone has any experience at all with adjusting the thermostats on the boilers for these machines though, as I'm pretty sure my brew temp is too high and my espresso is getting a little bit burnt as a result. Cheers in advance, Toby
  7. Picked this up for £7.52 on ebay. £10 on a couple of baskets, £10 on rancilio steam wand and a bit of hacksawing and filing later this is the result. Looking to PID in the future. This is a bad example as it stays reasonably consistent but quite often find the extraction speeds up a LOT towards the end, anyone have any idea why this might be? pressure, channelling, basket size? Cheers, Toby
  8. I just figured I'd post this in case someone else has been thinking about doing the same and wanted a guinea pig! So about 6 months ago I picked up the forum standard starter kit, and MC2 and pre-2015 Gaggia Classic used on Gumtree for a very solid price. Both have worked flawlessly since I got them but the condition of the MC2 had always bothered me a bit. The side was stained permanently, and had a number of dings and scrapes that the previous owned had somehow inflicted. Yesterday I finally cracked, and with an afternoon going spare I got to work. I gathered up the few supp
  9. Has anyone had any experience of dissembling the doser on Macap grinder? Specifically I am trying to figure out how to remove the lower vanes so I can more easily install the sweeping mods. Any guidance would be appreciated as I am concerned that I am going to break something while I stumbling blindly trying to sort the doser out.
  10. Did anyone address the problem of the automatic power off feature? Is there any mod possible to delete this function? I come from a place with cheap electricity and I want the machine hot during a part of the day, besides having to reset the machine 3x or so to get to proper temperatures is rediculus All the best V1
  11. I've recently been given a Dualit CCG2 burr grinder which, unfortunately and typically, suffers from the same grinding problem as other Dualit models - it doesn't grind beans finely enough. Seeing as I only had a blade grinder before, I see any type of burr grinder as a step up the ladder to coffee greatness. So I've been grinding to the finest setting in the Dualit and then finishing it off with a few seconds in the blade grinder. Not ideal but any port in a storm. I've been reading about people modifying their Dualit grinders to produce a finer grind but the CCG2 is never mentioned. The
  12. Please bear in mind this is the result of doing some thinking during the idle time on a long drive, I've never backflushed, as I only got a Classic the other day. This means my reasoning could be complete cobblers, in which case please have a good laugh at me, laughter is good So you fit a blank basket in the portafilter, turn on the pump, let it get to pressure, turn off pump, releasing the three way valve, to backflush. how does that work? water can't be compressed, and the filter basket is made of metal, so although the water is under pressure, surely very very little actual
  13. I saw a few images around the Internet that show an acrylic tube as a bean hopper. It turns out that this is trivially easy to prepare. I thought I would share what I did, knowledge shared is good! Order from an eBay seller a 100mm sample length of clear acrylic tube, 56mm outer diameter, 3mmm wall thickness (50mm internal dia). Also order a tapered cork bung, of the kind used for a carboy/demijohn of a small enough final diameter. The 56mm outer diameter of the tube is just right to go almost all the way down to the base of the upper burr carrier, which tapers slightly so it is held
  14. Hi all, Just acquired a gaggia classic and was wondering what mods people have done to them, except changing the wand thanks in advance for sharing
  15. Has anyone ever thought of a smaller hopper for the Iberital. I chuck in some beans and grind for my morning brew then usually have to tip the grinder to get the remaining beans out of the hopper back into the bag. I don't want to leave the beans in the hopper all day. If i only put in the required amount by weight for my immediate needs, the beans bounce all over the hopper rather than sitting in the burrs. My thought process was a smaller hopper, almost like a tube, giving the beans no place to go but to sit in the burrs. Has anyone developed this idea???
  16. Hi, Are there any currently stocked cheap alternatives to the mazzer grinds spill tray that work well? My super jolly didn't come with one and I was surprised to see the metal ones are about £40 Inc. Postage. I'm loathe to spend £15 on the plastic ones as I'm sure there's something from wilkos or IKEA that will do the job for less and to be honest at that price I'd rather stretch to the metal one. This is for a super jolly with all the dirt cheap mods, paper doser nozzle, ebay special cocktail shaker lid, camera Lense protectors, wilko tub Lense cap... Thanks!
  17. I am thinking about upgrading this thermostat after reading a couple of blog posts. A question, does anyone know if this stresses the machine more and shortens the expected life span of other parts? I always refill the boiler with fresh water after steaming. TBH, I should probably do the PID mod first, does anyone know if that improves steam stamina (I have steam anxiety issues, and yes, I temperature surf). -Tim
  18. I’ve been looking for a way of modifying the Mignon for single dosing. Many of the techniques I’ve found require some work to adjust for the bump. I thought I’d share my method which requires no work. This cheap flexible 32 mm silicon connector fits perfectly and does not need to be cut to adjust for the bump.
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