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  1. I got my hands on a Guatemala and got a bit carried away modifying it. So far I have -cut the body down in size (sits around 10cm shorter now) -stripped down and polished the clear acrylic top section of the body -painted it matt black (of course!) -replaced the burrs with SSP Red Speed coated -added speed control with a VFD To finish it off I plan to add a more detailed dial face and make a hopper with integrated puffer (to clear beans from below auger) and lens hood style bopper. I do not recommend reverting painted clear acrylic to clear acrylic. What a ball ache! It sta
  2. Hi, First post here and first Gaggia machine. Loving the machine so far even though it did highlight that I need a new grinder, the Bodum Bistro just wasn't good enough even with the 0.8mm offset top burr holder - ROK manual grinder does the job though. Anyway, I notice a lot of folk are sticking card in to the power switch to hold it in keeping the machine from automatically turning off after 9 minutes or so. This isn't great, if the switch has backed off a bit there's a chance of a poor contact which could mean high resistance meaning lots of heat and or fire. My solution, whi
  3. Hi people, I own an old 9x Gaggia classic which has some spots of surface rust on usual places. What should I do in order to renovate it. Option 1 Powder paint coating Option 2 Finding a new ss body Option 3 I don't have such The tricky part is that it is gold coated so I don't know how situation is about painting. Thanks for your opinions.
  4. I have a Mazzer Mini, and I'm OK with the doser for convenience but there is retention to think of (the clean sweep mod is on the back burner). So in idle moments I research all the Mazzer mods to go doserless. I've looked at the octopus funnel but that needs work on cutting stainless steel, do-able but a pain even though stainless is potentially a slinky surface. https://www.tmart.com/Stainless-Steel-Funnel-Octopus-Balls-Tool-with-Rack-Silver_p369897.html So I've been looking at other funnels. Here's a couple of leads: Harmon Mute for trumpet, I presume aluminium: http://www.m
  5. Picked this up for £7.52 on ebay. £10 on a couple of baskets, £10 on rancilio steam wand and a bit of hacksawing and filing later this is the result. Looking to PID in the future. This is a bad example as it stays reasonably consistent but quite often find the extraction speeds up a LOT towards the end, anyone have any idea why this might be? pressure, channelling, basket size? Cheers, Toby
  6. Spent a happy hour or two, (or was it three or four?) yesterday putting just over 1kg of stales through my new Pharos hand grinder in order to season the burrs a little. I've just worked out that with an average dose of 18-20g per grind, I must have done about 60+ reps. That's actually a tad disappointing because towards the end of the session my mind was deliriously rehearsing how I would tell my grandchildren tales of how grandad singlehandedly tamed a wild Pharos by manning up to more than 600 consecutive grinds. Anyhow. Initially I was a little surprised as to just how much effor
  7. Hello, Does anyone have one of these (Anfim Hopper Protection Cone) they'd be willing to part with or know where I can snare one please? I've been after one for what seems an age now and I can only find them on coffee hit which is in limbo on restocking. Any help as usual would be greatly appreciated!
  8. My next mod / upgrade is to PID my beloved Silvia, but which PID? Research on the Internet shows there are several models with differing features, different suppliers including sellers on eBay and possibly importing them directly from the USA. Being retired (AKA fiscally challenged!) means I have to get it right and buy once only. Would you be prepared to help me through this minefield by teling me your experiences? Your model, features, approximate cost, and perhaps most importantly, would you buy the same model from the same supplier again? (I am technically competent and wil
  9. My current grinder is a Brasilia RR55OD which I'm really happy with now I've got the static issue resolved, but the one thing that isn't ideal with it is the fact that it isn't step-less, having 80 notched steps of grind adjustment. I've been googling around trying to see if there are any mods to make it truly step-less and found a few articles on peoples attempts ; http://coffeesnobs.com.au/grinders/25991-rossi-rr45-teflon-tape-mod.html http://www.home-barista.com/grinders/rr45-conversion-to-stepless-t24248-10.html http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/espresso/machines/215851 In t
  10. I love my mythos - there I said it. Partnered with an L1 (my shiny new toy) it produces the goods in the cup but it does have its negatives too. I find that there is too much retention in the exit chute (solved by wiggling a chopstick there) as well as coffee spray leading to irregular distribution. It was good - but I felt that it fell short of being great. Browsing around online I found this excellent article from eight ounce coffee on modding the mythos to solve the problems I was experiencing by replacing the clump breaker with the one from the NS Mythos One. This changes the clump b
  11. Hi, Appologies if this has been covered, I tried having a look and the majority came up with info for Mazzers grinders etc. I have a Eureka MDMCA 65mm burr grinder which I believe is the same as a Simonelli MDX. The opening that the existing hopper fits into is 52.5mm, which size lens hood would be best, I think my options are either 49mm or 52mm. To my mind 52mm seems closest, but having never seen a lens hood in the flesh, I'm assuming the size corresponds to the plastic threads and the rubber looks as if it might be a little wider? As the hood will need to fit within the existing
  12. Not sure if anybody here agrees but I reckon quite a bit of effort is required to keep a Pharos steady whilst grinding on the counter top. Given that I have an old shoulder injury that still plays me up, I've knocked up a couple of prototypes with a view to trying to minimise that effort. OE do supply milled aluminium 'Bench Dogs' (£16 each @ CoffeeHit) for this purpose but their use pretty much require that you screw them down to the worktop. Not everybody is going to be happy to drill the worktop especially if like me you have granite work surfaces. I believe OE have suggest
  13. Gotta admire the ingenuity in this https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/espresso-preciso-bluetooth-scale-adapter-for-doserless-grinders-t36671.html
  14. So I am 90% toward finishing my first project, so thought I would share. Mazzer doser Auberins Timer mod. Very little DIY needed. This completely houses all 3 switches, and the timer. It requires a new hole to be drilled in the metal wall of the doser which allows the wires to enter the lid. Other than this it is just wiring. It requires the upper veins and screw to be removed but works in conjunction with a printed cone to direct the coffee to the lower vein sweepers. Finished product will be coated in a food safe resin, but I obviously cannot certify food safety beyond this.
  15. Hello folks, for today I upgraded the ugly sticking out stock shower bolt and screen for RS. I think it is worthwhile. Cheers
  16. Hi there, just for the fun of it - here‘s my office unit. Lately did a little service, it‘s such a neat and fun piece to work on. Very accessible despite its compact footprint. If anyone has questions about the 0835 (or other Quickmill-specific groups) just let me know...!
  17. NEW PRICE: £100 if picked up by the end of this weekend! I am moving to the 120V USA, so I'm selling my beloved Gaggia Paros. The Gaggia Paros is effectively a Gaggia Classic internally with a built in grinder, in a compact unit. It was a perfect starter kit for me in terms of price and counterspace. The grinder has worked well for me, and Mark (gaggiamanualservice.com) said they are 'quite good'. The Paros is easily modifiable, just like the classic, although the internal layout is different. I installed the Rancilio steam wand and adjusted the over-pressure valve to 9 bar. I also
  18. Hi all, I'm thinking about possibly putting on a PID onto my classic at some point. I was just wondering If people think they are really worth it? Does brewing at exactly a specific temperature make a difference? Also could anyone tell me what temperature a classic (if left on for around 30 mins) would run at out of the box? Thanks!
  19. Thoughts please on my two potential “designs” for the acrylic tube hopper mod. I have decided on one of two routes, either: Option 1: Single 60mm external diameter acrylic tube, 5mm wall-thickness, 50mm internal diameter. Cut to 10cm length. Cost: £9.48 http://clearplastictube.co.uk/Clear-Acrylic-Tube/Clear-Acrylic-Tube-500mm-Length?product_id=298 Option 2: 60mm ED tube, 2mm wall-thickness, 56mm ID cut to 10cm, then smaller acrylic tube inside with 56mm ED, 3mm walls, 50mm ID cut to 12cm. Cost: £10.91. The two tubes will be sat inside each other, sort of like this:
  20. New week I shall hopefully order a Gene roaster and the general consensus is to mod it, that's not an issue as I'm a automation/control engineer by trade. But looking at the power monitor it seems that no-one sells them any more.....any alternatives? Also I read that the temperature isn't really too important, I guess why that's why you roast by power as it's the amount of heat being put into the system. So the second question is if it's worth controlling the temperature accurately by using an SSR and a PID controller rather than the mod?
  21. whic rancilio wand is best for gaggia classic there seems to be a few versions on eBay. My classic is I think a 2001. Thanks
  22. Having just picked up an EC221.b (pretty much the same build as the 155 and 146), I've modded the portafilter, baskets and steam wand, all is going great, nice looking extractions etc. Just wondering if anyone has any experience at all with adjusting the thermostats on the boilers for these machines though, as I'm pretty sure my brew temp is too high and my espresso is getting a little bit burnt as a result. Cheers in advance, Toby
  23. Hi guys I just picked up an E7 second hand as I wanted to up my grinder quality to go with my new machine. Curious if anyone has found any time and coffee efficient workarounds, or even mods to make it doserless, as I've noticed it's not the best when it comes to grind retention in the dosing chamber. At the moment I've resorted to using a compressed air duster to blow stale grinds into position to be dosed out but can see this getting quite frustrating (and expensive!!) after a while. Cheers Toby
  24. Hi all, Don't ask how but I have managed to break one of the boiler contacts, pic below. There is a stub left still - do you guys think I could solder the relevant wire back onto this.....or is it bin time? Cheers, Matt.
  25. Had a request from @TomBurtonArt to look into designing one of these, so I did! Thought I would post it up for anyone else to register interest, or make suggestions. Bolts on in place of the doser, and is a single printed piece that includes the motor cover. Preferably I would sell just as the printed part, and allow you to source and cut your own pipe to slot inside. At the moment the hole is 27mm dia, but I can tailor that to any size you need. I do however have some gunmetal grey stainless pipe left that I can include for extra, cut to the right shape to form a decent seal against
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