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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, I recently acquired a new Moccamaster thermos edition with a Baratza Virtuoso, I started off the grind at 20 on the Virtuoso and typically I will make 500g of coffee with 30g coffee to 500g water. With the grind at 20 it was super astringent and sharp. My best results so far have been with a grind of 12 but I have just tried 10 which took 3m25s to brew. From what I have read I’m looking for a 3m to 3m30s brew time with half capacity, however am I not quite fine at 10-12 on the Virtuoso. Will the 10-12 grind translate to a full batch should I brew one? Or would I most likely hAve to change grind size for a full basket?
  2. Hi, i am new to the forum. I recently decided to drink quality filter coffee. After studying a bit (using Coffee Forums a lot..), i concluded order of importance was : 1) coffee quality 2) grind rather than ground 3) grinder quality 4) filter coffee machine So i bought a coffee brand that seemed universally acclaimed : Rave, i took their Signature blend to have a consensual quality coffee I bought the Sage Smart Grinder pro and a Moccamaster i terms of process, i rinsed the filter, grinded the amount of coffee usually recommended (60g/liter), at the setting Sage indicates (46-54, i used 46), "bloomed" the coffee before making it and finally switch the moccaster on with the right amount of (filtered) water, Result : i find the coffee ultra watery. Water with (good) taste, but very very very weak. And if i add milk, the milk has probably more flavours than the coffee ! So my questions : - is it that i am doing something completely wrong ? - is it just that my taste buds are the worst in the world and i should just forget about filter coffee ?
  3. Hey folks, Looking for suggestions for an electric brewer? I know little. Is the non sca certified melitta look 4 no good? Is the moccamaster or the wilfa that much better than the melitta? Where can you buy a behmor these days? With 2 toddlers around me I think thermal carafe is now an appreciated feature. Thanks for your help all.
  4. After 4-5 years in the scene of third wave -or specialty- coffee, temperature is something I've never understood. I'm talking about brewed coffee in general, but my experience comes from Aeropress, V60, Kalita and automatic drippers. There are generally two different camps on this subject. 1: Those that always use water off boil. 2. Those that change temperature depending on roast, taste, or at least use a lower temperature than off boil. On various forums you will find many who claim they must use temperature lower than boil or else they'll get an overly bitter brew. Many also claim to have tried water off boil through a range of grind settings and not finding better results. One of my thoughts has been that those finding a positive difference between 100C and 95C might be overextracting at 100C and could have achieved the same by lowering extraction other ways, but I don't know if that's probable. Another typical finding is that many use lower temperatures for dark roasts than they do for light roasts. With the Aeropress, many recipes calls for temperatures down towards 80C. Then there's automatic drippers. A Moccamaster delivers temperatures between 91-96C. As I understand, that's the temperature that comes out of the showerhead. This of course means the temperature in the slurry is lower. A Wilfa Svart Precision claims to have a temperature of 94C. SCAA says: "Coffee Preparation Temperature: To achieve the Golden Cup Standard, water temperature, at the point of contact with coffee, is recommended to fall between 200°F ± 5° (93.0°C ± 3°)". I interpret "at the point of contact" as the temperature of the water just before it hits the grounds. Where does this conflict come from? Is it just personal preferences, where some enjoy the coffee brewed with a different temperature than others? Roast differences across the world? Water differences? Differences in beans? Brew methods? If the golden cup standard is 93C and all automatic drippers use temperature in that area, why do some get better, or at least as good cups with water off boil? Using water off boil is of course very practical since you don't need to measure anything and can use any old kettle, but I wouldn't expect those using water off boil to drink overly bitter coffee all the time for the sake of convenience. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  5. Has anyone got any user experience/comparisons of these two brewers? I'm looking at getting one for home use and at work, when I have more time and at weekends etc I'll be using the v60 and chemex but a brewer such as these would be really useful. I was at a local roastery last week and chatting to them, they have a Wilfa precision brewer and said it was excellent and their go to day to day but that they also use the Classic+ and it's really good. James Hoffmann has done a review of the precision and many of the features he picks out as good are the same on the Classic+. e.g. adjustable collar. I'd be interested to see what people say and also anyones opinion on glass carafes or thermos flasks?
  6. My Moccamaster almost overflows even with coarse grind and 1L. It will be quite high up even after 1/2L. Today I used a fairly coarse grind, its obviously worse with a finer grind, where I have had to turn it off before it did overflow. I stir after around 20 seconds. Should I send this one back to Amazon? It was a warehouse deal. I will time now how long it takes to pump the 1.25L, times from first drop leaving showerhead, taken as the meniscus crosses the etched mark at 8,6,4,2 and the last spurt. If the timings are within normal range I will keep, I predict it goes too fast, if not I need to change other things. cup level mark / (volume pumped) / Time since last mark (s) / Time since start (mm:ss) 8 (0.25L) 53.62 53.62 6 (0.50L) 57.88 1:51.50 4 (0.75L) 56.78 2:48.28 2 (1.00L) 56.79 3:45.07 Total Time (1.25L) 4:44.84
  7. Just in case it catches anyone's fancy on here: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/technivorm-moccamaster-cup-one-filter-coffee-machine/1327572119
  8. I've been looking for a batch brewer and I've got a chance to get a Moccamaster quite cheaply (about £40) and wanted to ask if this machine is still considered quite good? It's a quite basic model (H 741) with 1L capacity and doesn't have some of the features, like being able to turn off the hot plate separately or being able to adjust the flow of the filter holder. Is it still worth getting now that there are other similar or better machines out there? (Bonavita, Breville etc.). I'm also curious how it is at brewing 250ml - 500ml batches as well. Update: Intended to post this in the Grinders|Machines|Accessories forum.
  9. Brew perfect drip coffee at home with this machine. Bought brand new from Bella Barista in February of this year for £210. One of the only machines to be accredited by the speciality coffee association. No need to explain more to the forum members as they know the quality of this machine. Barely used and in great condition. Looking for £140 plus any postage. Collection from Glasgow area is preferable.
  10. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has seen the new special edition (retro 68 look for their 60th birthday anniversary)? Any thoughts on it? It's only available for euro markets currently (euro plugs) and costs €199. Saw it at the world of coffee event in Amsterdam - comes in 2 colours. Seems quite nice but not sure. Was thinking about buying one as would like to make more than a few cups easier than just using v60 ATM. Has anyone bought it or had any experience in using it or views? Posted link below. Cheers http://www.moccamaster.nl/webshop/koffiemachines/68_jubileum_model_-_limited_edition/
  11. Hi from a new member! My other half and I are filter coffee drinkers, normally making enough for a couple of mugs at a time. Because of this I've decided to replace our ageing budget coffee maker with a decent filter only machine. After much research it looks like a Technivorm Moccamaster fits the bill. We generally drink our coffee immediately after it's brewed, so a glass carafe will be fine, plus those models are a bit shorter which is good as it'll be under a wall unit. So, I've narrowed it down to two models: Moccamaster KB741 Manual filter basket open/half/closed control. Moccamaster KBG741 Automatic filter basket switch that closes when carafe removed. I've read articles that say filter makers are generally designed to produce the ideal brew when making a full pot, and the "half" control on the KB741 allows you to get a perfect half carafe brew. If that's the case, does that mean the KBG741 should be avoided for people like me who mostly brew half a carafe? If so, can anyone suggest where I can buy a KB741? The UK sellers I've found (not many of them) all seem to be just selling the newer, KBG741 model. Oh, and if you think I'm making a big mistake going for a Moccamaster, feel free to tell me what I should be looking at For info, I've ordered a Baratza Encore to go with it. Thanks in advance for any help! Richard
  12. Hello i live en Denmark in a small town called Faaborg. my experience in coffee brewing is just a moccamaster, wilfa grinder and nescafe dolce gusto capsule machine. We only used the nescafe to latte and macchiato. But the machine have broken down. so we started looking around on the net find a better solution, which we hope to get here. We love coffee so will propber look get some other brewing method than the moccamaster.
  13. Hi, can anyone give me some suggested settings for the Mahlkonig Vario for use with the Technovorm Moccamaster? Many thanks in advance.
  14. Been getting some very stewed almost boozy tasting coffee from the MM in the last week or so and I don’t know what is causing it. It’s unpleasant to say the least. Been doing usual 30:500g brews with volvic water. Brew time in the 4-5 minute range. I think I might be too fine and need to speed it up a bit but not sure. This has happened with to types of beans although both Ethiopians. Not sure if that is relevant. Any thoughts?
  15. Decided to sell the Classic and bought a Moccamaster instead. Much preferring filter/brewed to espresso based so hopefully this was a good move. Have the feldgrind and aeropress for single cups with a kalita 185 on the way and the Sage for large brew grinding. When the black Niche Zero arrives I think it will look smart next to the Moccamaster and I’ll sell the Sage at that point. Just needs that Brewista Artisan kettle next to it now....oh it’s my birthday soon... :-)
  16. mremanxx


    Hi I have an unused Moccamaster KBGT with the box. Only ran water through it to test. Works great. £120
  17. Saw this on ebay, only thing stopping me getting it is the Izzo Alex I just bought. Looks like an older model, maybe someone else here will know more about it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/coffee-machine-/282298970069?hash=item41ba546fd5:g:YR0AAOSwhdRYWqxs
  18. Hi all, Apologies if this question has been addressed on numerous occasions! I am an "advanced beginner" in the world of coffee brewing, but very much appreciate the taste of good coffee! I have a Gaggia Classic and Aeropress at home, but would like to invest in a very good filter/drip machine - I get a bored with the Aeropress faff! I have a Porlex grinder, so am not looking for a grind n' brew. A brief search has suggested the Technivorm Moccamaster is a good option, but I was hoping to get your thoughts? My wife doesn't drink coffee, so 90 percent of the time, it's just me - but I have lots of family who visit who also enjoy good coffee! Would appreciate your suggestions. I have up to about £180 to spend. Cheers, Nick
  19. My Technivorm one cup arrived this morning.....plugged it in, switched it on water at the ready and no power light came on.....I was gutted. My wife who's never showed any common sense....ever....said I should fill it with water....don't be daft, it's not working it's going back. All packaged back up I get an email from the seller saying they have been in touch with Technivorm and they said it doesn't work like the regular Moccamaster and that you have to fill it with water before you can power it up.My wife is enjoying her moment of smugness....I'm over the moon. I've run some water through it and will hopefully have a brew this afternoon...can't wait.
  20. Looking t sell my Technivorm Moccamaster 741.73B have put it on in for sale but no takers lots of lookers. I think its a fair price as it has had very little use. To many other toys!!!!! I tried it at £85 does that seem about right? Cheers Vince
  21. I've picked up a Brazen so I'm looking to sell my Technivorm Moccamaster 741 drip coffee brewer. I've owned since new and it's less than a year old. It's in superb condition and full working order. I've used it to brew coffee at work and it's done a bloody good job! It's one of the few SCAA approved brewers out there, this means that it brews over the correct time and temperature etc. It's equally suited to home or small office environments and can auto brew up to 1.25 L of coffee in a little over 5 minutes. The machine's about £190 new and this comes with everything in the picture (machine, thermally insulated carafe, stopper, no-stir stopper, instructions) including the second thermally insulated carafe which is an extra £40 on it's own! I have the boxes and user guide as well. It uses standard size 4 filters of which I've included a bunch to get you started! I'm looking for £90 collected from Birmingham (happy to meat up somewhere if easier), no shipping I'm afraid. Any questions then please let me know? Cheers Spence
  22. I'm about to start a new job in a place with no decent coffee at all. I'll be sharing an office with 2 others, one coffee drinker (but not a nerd) and one not. I'm looking for suggestions for how I can produce decent coffee in said office with minimal fuss. At the moment I have an Aeropress at work for when I can be bothered, but in the new place I'll be too far from the kitchen to be able to faff around with scales and boiling water (not to mention the conversation I have to have every time I get the Aeropress kit out...). So this cuts out other manual drip methods, though I did consider an Espro Press. So I'm basically looking for some sort of fairly discreet drip machine that won't take up too much room, make mess or attract too much attention. I did think of a Moccamaster, but they look a) pretty large and b) pretty ugly. So the best idea I have at the moment is something like this: http://m.johnlewis.com/mt/www.johnlewis.com/cuisinart-dgb900bcu-grind-and-brew/p230880816?un_jtt_v_pdp=yes&un_jtt_v_from_product=un_product_28#page_loaded which has the benefit of an integrated grinder (presumably good enough for drip, and I'm not planning on buying another grinder, so I'd otherwise be using a hand grinder). Is there anything I've missed? I really don't want to go down the Nespresso route but I can see why people do for this sort of application. (I'm not expecting to be able to make anything like the espresso I drink at home, but pretty much anything is better than what's on offer at the moment. The emphasis is on minimal fuss and compactness.)
  23. Hi All, Apologies in advance for this long post and if my questions have been asked already but I can't seem to get a definitive answer to my problems. I hope you will be able to give me some buying advice. I want to buy my friend a coffee machine for Christmas but I have very little knowledge of what is good or bad or more to the point what would suit her needs best. After asking some crafty questions (hopefully not arousing suspicion), she wants the following: She likes the idea of pod systems but has not used one. She likes strong coffee and the opportunity to discover new blends She likes to make coffee in her current machine which I think is a peculator (it has a glass jug) and take it to work, in a thermos I think, but whatever it is, it holds enough to have 3 or 4 cups. She likes black coffee, so a milk frother is not that important. After looking around the internet, reading reviews etc trying to understand whats what (I don't know anything at all about coffee), I came across the Favola Plus until she dropped the bomb that she takes coffee to work. My thoughts are that as the Favola Plus is a pod system machine, at best it will only make one large cup? Is that correct? If it is, it rules it out. I then discovered there are combi machines. This i reckon could be the perfect solution as she can have pods or packet coffee but I'm guessing again that it wont be able to make enough coffee for her to take to work???? This is where I come to you and your expert knowledge....what do you think I should do? I'm looking to spend about £150 - £200. I hope you can help or point me in the right direction. Any help will help me so much. Sorry again for the length of the post. Many thanks Paul
  24. Edward


    Hi folks, A friend has linked me to the below. What do you make of it?
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