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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, Flojet seems to be the most popular water pump - have I got this right or can anyone recommend another brand of pump? Thanks for your time, much appreciated.
  2. Hello, So I've my home set-up sorted but I still have no grinder! I'll be running it off a battery! Space is a concern but unfortunately I've no dimensions with me. Anybody have an idea about this one? Brasillia about 150 euro? http://www.donedeal.ie/cateringfittings-for-sale/coffee-machine-and-cofey-grinder/6505068 *worst case scenario we get a grinder to practice with and then another when hitting the road! Many thanks, your advice is much appreciated, Philip
  3. A unique opportunity has arisen for the purchase of a VW T2 Bay window camper which has been converted to sell espresso coffee. The van itself is in excellent condition with a superb engine and very solid underneath. No expense has been spared in fitting this out and the conversion was done by a VW specialist who can vouch for the work and van. It comes with a years MOT and tax exempt. The installation has been done so as not to ruin the vans' looks or integrity, the rock and roll bed still folds flat! The coffee unit has been done so it can function on gas, electric or battery covering every situation. The unit consists of the following equipment: BFC manual retro espresso machine (runs on either gas or electric) Britta water filter Water pump Gas bottle Water container Coffee grinder Fridge Power inverter Electric hook up (located under rear bumper) Also included in the sale: Website, email, twitter and facebook pages All cups, lids sugar, stirrers etc. Coffee Table Gazebo (and weights) Lights I have done a few events and the van has always pulled a decent crowd and makes good money. Its a great talking point and has lots of potential - weddings, events, gigs, shows etc... Unfortunately other business ventures have taken priority hence the reluctant sale. The van alone is worth ££££'s Please email me with any questions.
  4. Hello all, so I have my Izzo Pompei dual fuel running on LPG with a 12v battery for my shurflo pump, grinder and the machines electronics, with the help of an inverter. The shurflo is pumping fresh water into the machine until the boiler reaches operating pressure. Then it shuts off, and doesn't kick back in when the boiler level drops (there's a button on the front of the machine to give the pump a whoosh and this also ceases to work when at operating pressure). This means that once I'm up to pressure, my boiler starts to empty as I pull coffees, steam milk or use my hot water and I cannot refill?!! Has anybody any suggestions/ideas/similar experiences? Mucho appreciado, Philip
  5. Big Name Beans is a mobile coffee company based in London, serving coffee from a host of sub-saharan countries. We work out of Piaggio Apes, each of which is characterised by the national identity of the country from which we source its beans. We’re looking for an experienced barista to man our van in SW6 on weekdays. The kind of Big Name we’re looking for should be: friendly, sociable and charismatic hardworking and committed to top notch coffee quality capable of working under pressure and pouring with panache passionate about success Crucially, we’re looking for a BNBarista with at least 2 years’ barista experience, who is capable of working unsupervised and has no problems opening up in the morning and locking up later in the day. If you fancy the opportunity to take a front-seat role with growing a business and think that you’re a big enough name for the task, send your CV to [email protected], along with a quick note telling us why you’re perfect for the role. Thanks, Sambo
  6. Hi all, Just registered in this forum this morning to hopefully get some help with setting up my mobile business. I have worked in Speciality Coffee for 3 years in some of the greats Yorkshire has to offer, including Spring Espresso in York, where I trained, Kiosk (Also in York) and managed a great shop - North Man Coffee - over on the East Coast. All come highly recommended by me. My only downfall in the industry is that I didn't get to understanding the insides and technical specs of machines so I need some advice. I take it'll be best to post in the main part of this forum not the new members section. I'm totally new to forums too so be nice Nice to meet you all! Cheers, Steve
  7. I desperately need a new phone, currently using a HTC M8 which I'm on the verge of throwing out the window (almost happened yesterday when I tried resetting the phone and it simply shutdown and wouldn't turn on). Wife is on my older HTC M7 which is also crap and keeps turning itself off (hint here, never buy a HTC). I'm eyeballing used Sammy S7s on ebay, you an get one for around £200, almost mint condition. For my wife I wanted to get an older version of a Sammy A5 (2016) as she's not really crazy about speed, but likes to take photos and the A5 has a much better camera than the HTC M7. Again probably a used one will do, around £100 off ebay. Anyone has any other suggestion before I pull the trigger on the above? perhaps you've had them and weren't that happy about them? one thing I'm worried about, especially with the older A5 is Android devices getting slower over time, so perhaps it's going to be as crap as the HTC M7 that my wife is already using... T.
  8. Hello all, may I complement you on being in such an informative and well trafficked forum. I'm fast becoming a coffee snob and have a few favorite haunts around Dublin (3FE and Bear Market Cafe) that make a whopper brew. I'm Philip and working towards selling coffee from a covered mobile trailer in the mornings to commuters. My trailer isn't huge but should fit: machine (2 group), grinder, cash register, mini-fridge, water tanks (2 x 30/50litres) and that's about it! I'm currently looking for a dual fuel machine so that I can practice making some espresso at home and give the measurements/weights to my fabricator so my trailer can be fully fitted out. I'm looking for advice on where to pick up a second hand/refurbished 2 group machine or whether I should go for a New Fracino Classic semi-auto 2-group dual fuel machine. I'm open to different machines though. I'm also in the market for a grinder and figure I'll pick up a second hand one after I get the machine. Look forward to interacting with many of you in the near future, hasta pronto, Philip
  9. Hi guys! Been a browser for a short while around here trying to gather as much information as I can. In the process of setting up a mobile coffee company but I’m falling at the first hurdle. My situation: I want to be fully mobile so I can move from one side of the city to the other and stick by the crowds. ive been looking at the 1-group Fracino FCL1. It’s a lever model and can run, I think, solely on gas power. I’ve been spending hours now just looking to find a complete set up and/or a guide on getting this fully set up and operational but I’m struggling. The guide on the Fracino site isn’t particularly helpful either! Also. manual grinders for a small business? Waste of time?
  10. Link to ebay advert https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183687439...84.m1555.l2649 After using this for a few months at the pitch i wanted - it sadly wasn't busy enough to be worth while. Hopefully someone else can make a go of it. Probably best to contact me via the number in the advert. Thanks
  11. Just wondered what experience anybody has had trying to prevent their coffee van from freezing up overnight? We aren't able to 'garage' our vehicle, so need to rely on some form of heating on the colder nights. We can get a mains supply into the vehicle overnight, so battery usage isn't a problem. initially we tried out a 'Greenhouse Heater' but it didn't throw out enough heat. So I think that leaves us with either oil-filled radiators or fan heaters? Am a bit worried about the safety aspect of fan heaters though can see they'd probably be better at circulating hot air. Any advice appreciated. thanks
  12. Olljones

    SOLD: Flojet pump

    I bought this brand new from coffee hit earlier this year, I was planning on setting up a mobile espresso bar, but with a recent job offer that has all been sold, just leaving me with the flojet. They retail on coffehit now for 120 (I believe that price may have come down slightly from what I paid) Looking for £90 ono. Based in manchester, can post at buyers expense. No original box, but have instruction manual. Never actually used, just setup once to make sure the machine I'd bought worked.
  13. Figure the best place to start before asking a few questions is to give you guys an idea of my setup and introduce myself. Simon is me, from dublin, Ireland. Been on the road a little over a year and a half but putting things together about 2/3. I work out of a custom '75 Vw bus, Fracino Retro and Cunhill grinder,pourer setup with custom made stand, deep cycle batteries and 3000watt inverter, separate fuseboard so I can run 240v or 16th. It's an ongoing work in progress:) The Retro has served me well over the last 2 years,only thing that let me down was one of the steam wands(threads gone). Most people complain abt the tall handles, I went bigger and carved an old broom handle,added abt an extra 12 inches to the overall height:) I've added a few pics,any questions fire away.
  14. Hi everyone I'm getting married in November and I quite fancy the idea of having some decent coffee available during the evening, in particular, a little espresso set up. Since I'm the only one in the relationship that likes coffee, I'm having a hard time convincing the wife-to-be to dedicate much budget towards the project so here's what I'm thinking... I have a Fracino Cherub and Baratza Sette 270W. I was hoping I could buy in around 3kg of beans, plenty of bottled water and a few big bottles of whole milk to meet demand and then find an enthusiast or local barista (East Midlands) to use my setup. There will be about 130 guests, but I can't imagine more than 80-100 coffees being made. So... Do you think the Cherub would cope with a few hours of constant use to meet the demand? Is anyone aware of a decent barista, someone local to the Derby region, who could come along and work the machine? If the Cherub isn't suitable, is anyone aware of someone who can bring a setup along? I'm not sure that the Sette could cope with the vibrations from the music and guest chatter so perhaps bringing a grinder would be useful anyway. There are a few local coffee shops with great baristas that I might ask, but I wanted to throw the concept out to the forum too. Most of the 'mobile barista' services I've found are really expensive, many are fixed in little vans, which won't work for the venue (inside), and I'd rather find someone with a reputation for making knock-out coffees! Thanks John
  15. Hi - im Karen looking for help and advice in starting a mobile trailer coffee/chocolate van ideally in festival sites or events rather than parked at the side of roads - total virgin to all this any help would be greatly appreciated - Many thanks
  16. Coffee Forums UK is now accessible from your mobile 2 simple steps to use: 1. Open a browser 2. Type in http://mippin.com/coffee and press enter The most recent posts are displayed, allowing you to browse the posts, view the full story, send to a friend by email, tweet (via Twitter) or just to keep up with Coffee News and Events on the go. Feedback welcomed about how we can continually improve our service to you.
  17. I am not big on having the latest and greatest phone not am I particularly fussed about having the slimmest, lightest or most capable. Just a preamble then to a short story..... I use an SIII enclosed in an otterbox case. The case does everything I had hoped for in a work environment except allow clear phone calls. To fix that I had to remove the waterproofing membranes by the speaker and mic. It has however survived multiple drops without a scratch. Last week it got dropped into a bucket of dirty "water". It took me a few seconds to register what had fallen in there..... Then I had that Oh Sheet moment Of course I dragged it out of its case and also pulled the battery even though it was only a little wet at the bottom. Plenty of drying and an hour or two in warm air stream and I fired it up again.... It was working fine..... or so it seemed.... Upon charging it took ages then discharged quickly in use over the next couple of days. I decided I would strip it and clean the usb port. Found a lot of muck in there and cleaned it out with thin card cut to about half the width of the charging port. Then thought it may in fact have dried on dirt from the incident. Got some Isopropyl alcohol and flushed it then, using the card again, scraped the connections clean while the alcohol was evaporating. Let it dry, put the battery back in and it all back together.... This time it charged faster than it has for a while now and has maintained that charge well throughout the day. So I am still using my brand new Samsung S III and I think there may be a second chance to be had there for any of you with charging problems.... Clean the charging port.
  18. Im downgrading my 2 group spaziale to a 1 group - after a very daft realisation that I wouldn't be able to move around the s5 compact on my own and my pop up barista stuff to be a one man show, all the gear I have needs to be movable by just one set of hands. Im in the lands of L1/Gs3 territory however have been offered an S1 for a great price, would be good to get hands on with one first before handing any cash over (the one I've been offered is down south) Obscure one but I figured there might be someone who has one or knows someone who wouldn't mind chatting about it. Thanks!
  19. Random request, I know... but my wife is on our daughter's school PTA and asked me to help. They're organising a school fete in June (24th - 6pm til 8pm), and would like a mobile coffee van/tent there to supply teas, coffees, cakes, etc. to all and sundry. If anyone either has a mobile coffee van and can serve Swindon, or knows of a good one, could you post here or PM me please. No idea what the commercial arrangement is (or could be) but eager to look at options (ideally profit share I'd think). Thanks!
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