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Found 63 results

  1. I've not tried it myself, but has anyone poured hot milk over a Hario V60? I've only used water but curious if milk is something to be tried. Obviously nothing wrong with water, just curious.
  2. Hi all, I am looking into buying my first low-range espresso machine, but a big factor for me is the steam wand as I love a good milky coffee. Any recommendations?
  3. I tend to only drink espresso during the week, but treat myself to the occasional flat white at the weekends, particularly when friends are over. One milk brand that is very popular in many speciality coffee shops in London is the Estate Dairy. It has a really creamy, rich texture and really enhances the flavours of the coffee I find. However, it is hard to get for the average consumer. Given that there seems to be a consensus over what bottled water to buy for your coffee...I wondered if there was a similar consensus over the best milk? What fat / protein content should I be looking for? The Cornish Gold from M&S could be a good option potentially? https://www.marksandspencerfoodhall.co.uk/nutrition/4a3c8227-1313-477c-9897-663c69b15f19--1508433759
  4. OK - just a quick question about the V5 when milk foaming. I usually run two double shots into pre-heated double walled glass espresso cups and leave them on top of the machine whilst it heats up to steam temp. I have a milk temp gauge and smallish metal jug for the milk. When I'm steaming the ready light comes on before the milk has reached the required temp (not by a long way) and I pause till it goes out again and then complete the operation. Q. Would it harm the machine to carry to carry on steaming even though the light is on (indicating not up to temp). The milk based drinks I usually make area latte for my partner and a flat white for myself - I could do the milk in two operations but try and save time, the milk is straight from the fridge and quite cold.
  5. Holmes

    Milk for two

    I just wanted to ask a really simple question. I have the DTP and generally make lattes/flat whites for myself and the wife. Do most people make up the milk one at a time or can I get good results if I buy a bigger jug (have motto Europa 500ml atm) and froth enough for both in one go? I can make espresso twice easily enough but cleaning/cooling the milk jug and frothing again between serves takes time and usually means the wife had finished her coffee before I sit down with her to enjoy mine.
  6. using this for something like 2 months. best technique ever for micro-foam. working flawlessly on a Silvia, so give it a try. and this: [video=youtube_share;bvX49KmYsLA]
  7. Does anyone find the 'no burn' taste more watery? I have a new QM Verona/Vetrano2B and while the latte-art-capable microfoam is there, I can't seem to get super creamy tasting milk. It just seems a 'tiny' bit watery even with whole milk.
  8. I have recently been enjoying some of Monmouth's Espresso blend despite it being a little darker than my usual choices. It is particularly suitable for milk drinks, and has got the thumbs up from the missus in her flat white. My preference has been as a macchiato, which works well when I am making both drinks as I save a bit of milk from the flattie to use in mine. My question is this: if I am just making a macchiato, is there a good way of foaming the very small amount of milk required? The Sage DB doesn't have the most brutal steam power out there (a good thing in my opinion) but even that is enough to turn the milk into washing up liquid bubbles. Any tips from the experts?
  9. Hi, I wondered what considerations have to be made when changing the milk used in a drink? Current we use skimmed but wondered about almond milk I look forward to hearing from you, Thanks
  10. Ok, so I have just had a look at this page on the Bramah T&C museum http://www.teaandcoffeemuseum.co.uk/coffee/make_coffee.htm look at stage 6 of the making process. (a) is this true? eg does coffee bind itself differently to milk than it does to cream? (b) what does this mean for all those people out there drinking lattes and so on? © is there room in the marketplace for cream americanos? Thoughts welcome.
  11. Hi, I've been having problems with the steam wand. Up till now, the steam was coming through uninterrupted and would last for quite a while, providing sufficient levels of steam to froth up small pitchers of milk effectively. Now, the temperature light is on, i go to steam, and the pressure required for steaming last 5-10 seconds before i'm left with the pressure so low it only makes slight bubbles...not enough required to even heat the milk, let alone froth. I've taken apart the wand, and checked for milk build up, and cleaned it, but that hasn't done the trick. I'm sure someone will have experienced this problem, and i tried searching everywhere before asking my question. Many thanks!
  12. Hi all Any preferences re milk for use with frothing ? Skimmed Semi skimmed Full fat Filtered Cravendale Just thinking which one would give the most silky smooth texture I have only used semi skimmed Opinions please
  13. Given previous discussion about how the no-burn steam wands can sometimes be lacking in power, I wondered if anyone made Teflon-coated wands to approach the easy-cleaning of steam wands from another direction. It seems they do exist although for professional models only unless anyone knows any different? Anyone seen one in the flesh? Found a few photos on Flickr for anyone that wants a look... And to pre-empt the obvious points people will make - yes, good technique of cleaning the wand straight after use before milk can 'harden' on a regular wand will mean these aren't really necessary but since when have people on this forum only bought what was necessary
  14. Hello, This is my first post on this forum, so I hope I am doing everything correctly! I currently own a Nespresso Citiz and Milk machine and I love it very much and naturally as this is my first machine, I want to experiment and try lots of different recipes. It would be a fair comment to say that at the moment, whilst I do love a cup of coffee I am no taste professional. I am learning! What I am wondering though is. Does anyone here reading this add any sugar or sweeteners to a freshly brewed short or lungo espresso? In some ways I feel this is not normal, I do like to have sweeteners in my coffee but this tends to be only when mixed with frothed milk but not black. I tend to wonder by adding sweetness am I ruining the flavour as a whole of the shot? I understand that it would be down to the individuals taste on whether you do or do not add to it. But it would be great to get a better understanding of peoples perceptions and opinions on this. Thanks for reading my first ever post and I look forward to any replies and getting involved in lots of talk about coffee! Benjamin
  15. As per comment in LSOL. MrsD is experimenting with various types of milk and so far they are all sh*te in coffee (my fall back if my espresso is not pukka is flat white-ish). I only have darker beans at the moment... and they aren't setting my tastebuds alight as brewed... So what "other" milk actually works with coffee? a) Soy Milk - Curdles and looks foul b) Coconut - Isn't milk... it just isn't. It is like adding dirty water it turns the colour but not quite. c) Almond - Yuk Heeeeeyyyyuuuuuulllllpppp!
  16. Is there a minimum amount of milk you can get away with and still get a good microfoam? For a Cortado or Macchiato for example. I am failing to get any foamy milk, just floating froth and I wondered if you need enough milk for the foam to form without the milk overheating. I'm using a La Pavoni fitted with a single hole tip. I'm using semi milk (just tescos own brand).
  17. Hi, we’re looking to do an outdoor event and need to find a way to rinse jugs. Thinking of sourcing a portable pitcher rinser, a sure flow water pump with accumulator. As anybody done this and does it general enough power? Anytips or videos of how to do this? Welcome Peace
  18. Hi, hoping someone can help me. I've got a machine that produces little or no milk, the coffee side seems to be fine just no milk. It makes a few noises but that's all. I managed to get into a service menu that had an error log, this showed "boiler steam overheating", not sure if this is what is causing the problem but I expect it won't help. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Can I fix it myself or do I need to find a local repairer ? Thanks in advance.
  19. I was wondering how many people take milk with their brewed coffee and if so, how? I'm thinking that it probably flattens out a lot of the more subtle flavours in good coffee and for me personally the point of drinking good coffee is to taste these flavours. Should I therefore be thinking of ditching the white stuff? (I realise it's ultimately personal preference but this is more about how to optimise the flavour that I'm working hard to achieve) I'm currently using an aeropress and feldgrind/sage sgp but looking in to a kalita and chemex potentially
  20. Hello coffee heads, I'm in the very early stages of planning up a business venture and I was just wondering how much, typically, you can acquire milk alternatives for from wholesalers? I'm after the basic Soy, Almond and Coconut. Trying to cost a vegan menu but as I'm new to this world and wholesalers only let people already in the trade browse prices I'm not sure where to go from here.. I can have a fairly good guess on the prices but I want to be exact. I know it'll vary from supplier to supplier so I'm just looking for personal experiences
  21. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me the "official" volume of milk to make a flat white with? I've read anything from 3 to 5oz (100 - 150ml) of milk? Cheers.
  22. Hi, I recently purchased a new R58. I can not get decent milk, it's either boiling and burnt with slight foam or just warm flat milk. i had a gaggia classic and rancilio silvia with PID (both going in the for sale section in the next couple of days) and I was able to produce decent consistent milk. im using the standard milk wand tip with two holes, where am I going wrong?? Any advise gladly received
  23. Hi all I have and love the Gaggia classic but feel it's underpowered when it comes to frothing milk. This could of course be my own technique, but generally follow the principle noted here (or one of) to put on steam generator, and release water after 5s, then close steam wand and wait 10s, then froth. But if I am making 2 coffees (flat white) I don't get the right consistency of milk throughout the volume of milk for both coffees. I think this is because the machine runs out of power to continue frothing for the full duration? Or I am crap at frothing (likely). If I were to step up and not spend over £600 ish, what would you suggest? Note I don't have much more space than that required for my current machine. Thanks
  24. There's nothing worse than "all the gear and no idea"; but I'm sat here with my R58 and still can't get milk like Kane's pic! It was almost easier on the classic cos you had more time until it reached temp (until the steam ran out of course). Now I have no excuse. Off to have another 'practice' ☺☕
  25. After many a jug of stretching milk to try and perfect the process and get it right , I have noticed that each 4 pint bottle i buy has different characteristics , The four pint semi skimmed from the co op I was using yesterday was more difficult to work with than the tesco one i opened up today . After learning to stretch the milk from skimmed, semi skimmed and full fat . I have found that semi skimmed seems to be the easiest to work with . And I was totally suprised how much dense foam you can get from skimmed milk although I found this doesn't bring enough sweetness to a milk drink. so my conclusion is Semi skimmed is the best milk to use , but beware each bottle of milk is not the same .
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