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  1. S O L D Selling my trusty Mignon.This is a superb little grinder and ideal for anyone starting out ( and indeed beyond ) in their quest for a great home produced Espresso. Purchased circa 2010 in Italy ( with EU two pin plug ). I have taken to the upgrade path as such this now destined to be loved by a new owner. The doser spring was replaced April 17 by Jordan at BB. ( I requested a Burr change but cannot locate the evidence, images of burrs are attached however ) In perfect working order. More images available if required. **£130 including spare set of burrs
  2. Hi all, currently waiting on a feldgrind but also considering buying a new mignon at the moment. However given a budget of £300 and pairing it with a gaggia classic for espresso use only (probably use feldgrind for aeropress and pour over) would you get a new mignon with the 3 yr warranty and a decent resale value or go second hand and get something better on paper? Ive been looking at eBay like a hawk and on here but not seen anything yet that looked better than a mignon at this money. I'm not keen on a SJ just because they look too big and clunky and won't fit where I need it to g
  3. it seems once it gets past a certain fine setting it doesn't put any grinds out whatsoever. All the motions are made, and it sounds as though the burrs are rotating, however no coffee comes out. I feel like i need a finer grind, as am producing no crema whatsoever with the La Pav. Any advice?
  4. So it is my 31st birthday today...parents bought me a Mignon mk2 which is...a very nice surprise to say the least! Setting the grind seems difficult there is no marker as to where it is set at... I have it set about 3 points from max fine setting. It clumps quite a bit and sprays out a little far, other than that it is lovely. I just had a cup of gaslight that BB sent with it, which surprised me as blends normally are eugh to me but no, was a very nice cup of coffee especially considering I do the milk in a jug in the microwave for 1:10 because the steam wand on the Dehlonghi doesn
  5. Hi everyone, Looking to finally upgrade from my Iberital MC2. Ideally looking for Baratza Sette 270 or Eureka Mignon for around the £200 mark, although open to discussion depending on condition etc. Would also consider Sage Smart Grinder Pro for around the £100 mark. Please let me know if you have anything going. Thanks.
  6. I am in the UK and wish to start my journey with espresso making. I have been manually brewing coffee with a siphon and a cafetiere for a few years now with a hand grinder. I am looking at getting a Gaggia Classic - second hand it seems you can find them in decent condition for ~£200, though I am happy to be swayed to a different option if I can understand the merit (and justify additional cost!) For a grinder I have been looking at the Mignon Manuale as an option as it has a stepless adjustment and is also not bank breaking. However I understand the coffee starts with the grind so
  7. Black. Unmarked. Spare set of burrs (still sealed). Timer and Manual modes. UK plug. Purchased June 2016 from Bella Barista; warranty until 2nd June 2019. I’ve replaced this Mignon with a Niche – otherwise I would not have considered parting with this little 5kg beastie. Used for 2 shots daily, so about 30kg in total. Smoke free home. £180. Cash on collection or PayPal or Monzo. Postage will be extra based on location and insurance requirements. No original box, but I’ve plenty of packaging materials. Collection from Hither Green (SE13) or Cannon Street / L
  8. has anyone figured out how to mod their mk2 or older for the same effect? They look, from the outside, pretty similar / identical in the way the coffee is despensed so I am guessing there is some kind of voodery in the chute to stop clumping? The clumping on mine is annoying when I go too fine. Having dyspraxia means I end up spilling coffee everywhere trying to stir it with a cocktail stick...
  9. Quick video of it along side my MK2: Just running some waste beans though, will update once I’ve made a brew.
  10. Grinder bought from Bella Barista in August 2017. Has had about 5/6kg through it. Transferrable warranty good until 23.08.2020. Excellent condition - no scratches, marks or cracks in the hopper, even has the cellophane on the rear branding I noticed the other day. Original packaging, and will be double boxed if you require a courier. Located near Wrexham if you prefer to collect. SOLD at £200 + Courier cost (I’d estimate £10)
  11. I have used a Eureka Mignon loaner for about a week now, and I have to say it is not performing well. The reason for ordering this grinder was it´s stylishness, counter-top friendly size and what one would assume to be excellent product quality. But this machine must have something of a temperament..... It has a huge and thick power cord (aesthetic let-down), produces clumpy grinds, un-consistent weight output of grinds compared to same amount of beans input and a very messy output (there really is no need to for a diy funnel system or whatnots in 2018 on a properly designed machine).
  12. hey there, selling my grinder due to upgrading to the sette 270 had this for a year, cleaned regularly so still in great shape, no scratches or anything any questions feel free to ask, can collect in West Yorkshire or post for a extra charge .
  13. Hello All, I'm just about to pull the trigger on a used Mignon which I believe is a Mk1 (has the timer on the bottom). Other than the timer location, is there any other difference? The location doesn't really bother me and I always use the same beans so once it's dialled in I'll only need very minimal changes from roast to roast. One thing is, has the MK1 a on demand function or is it purely timer? Thanks in advance.
  14. For sale is my Fracino Cherub espresso machine + Eureka Mignon grinder, with a few extras, all for £600. Hoping to sell as all items together at this stage, but if there is no interest in the full package after a week or so I’ll consider splitting the cherub and the grinder. Collection or local delivery only at this stage - the machine is in Fife (near Dunfermline), and I work near Glasgow. The Cherub I bought the machine from michaelg (forum member) in December 2014, and I believe he bought the machine from shrink (also a forum member), who originally purchased
  15. Good afternoon, As a newbie I've been doing a bit of reading and am slightly confused on something and needed a bit of clarification. I've been looking at the Eureka Mignon, while being quite popular on this forum as a good entry level grinder it suffers from clumping every now and again. When preparing a shot does clumping really effect the quality and the channelling of the shot being made ?? Even if tamping correctly ??
  16. I'm looking for something to experiment with over the next few months, trying V60, aeropress, espresso etc. Originally I was looking at an MC2 and also thinking of the Mignon but the price would be a big stretch. The other option I'm considering is the Feldgrind, seems to be much better at swapping between the various brew methods than the stepless electric ones but how does it stack it up against those for expresso usage? Is the hand grind effort going to be a put-off for 4-6 espressos a day?
  17. Hi all, A change in equipment means I'm parting with my current set up. Gaggia Classic with a Rancillio stream wand fitted. Great condition and has had less than 10kg of coffee through it. It's only been run on volvic bottled water and has been back flushed and descaled. £115 posted.SOLD to Smorgo Eureka Mignon MK2 grinder in gloss black, very little use £160 posted. SOLD I will happily reduce the prices for collection from Manningtree Essex. I travel through east Anglia so I may be able to deliver by arrangement. Thanks for looking, Regards Dave
  18. hi guys, after a nice find on ebay im now a proud new daddy of a leva really enjoying the first new days with her and am managing with the lack of sleep,well got to keep sampling her delights,lol, the jump from the gaggia baby dose is immense but it served me well, anyway onwards and upwards with my coffee experience from now on, [ATTACH=CONFIG]1919[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2026[/ATTACH]
  19. Pics to follow. Mignon is soldEureka Mignon was bought from Bella Barista at the end 05/2014/ beginning 06/2014 and used until the beginning of September this year. It has had less than 20kg of beans through it in total. No chips, scratches dings etc £200 Folder for images: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3_FPdg-4pemYkIzWnF4Z2wwOHc&usp=sharing La Pavoni Professional is much loved and that is why I have been reluctant to sell it after getting my Brewtus in May. I changed the brew gaskets and pulled a couple of shots on it before emptying the boiler and putting it in
  20. Hi coffee people, I am new here and got some questions. I currently brew espresso using Rocket Premium Plus v3 (the PID one) and Eureka Mignon. I wanted to get a Mazzer when I bought the Rocket, but I had to get a Mignon for money reason. After few month with Rocket and Mignon, now I have extra cash to spend on Mazzer Mini. BUT I am quite happy with Mignon. It's well built, solid, very easy to make adjustment, nice looking and small. But obviously somehow Mazzer looks good. Probably because I see them in almost every corner of street. My question is, is it worth selling
  21. Hi, I was all ready to pull the trigger on a new Mignon, but BB are out of stock, so that gives me a bit of time to double check my findings... I am looking for a grinder to replace my Baratza Encore for espresso duties. My research repeatedly leads me to a new Mignon, but I wanted to double check I haven't missed any other alternatives. Budget is £300, although I could wait a couple of months and push that to £400. I'm happy to buy second-hand but from what I've seen on ebay I don't have enough knowledge to ask the right questions there, so I've ruled that out. I'd happily buy
  22. As title really. I like the look of the Vario, but the Mignon looks and feels a bit better put together. In terms of features and performance, is there much between them? EDIT: I should add, I'm coming from an MC2 so looking for a worthwhile upgrade. Currently paired with a Gaggia Classic but the plan is to upgrade this later in the year too... Thanks!
  23. Hi all, Just a quick post to let everyone know we now stock the Eureka Mignon in all the colours including the new Anthracite and Amaranth. http://www.machina-espresso.co.uk/collections/grinders-domestic-eureka *Just to add: We hold ALL items in stock. Cheers! Machina
  24. Hi all, I've got a Sage Smart Grinder at the moment but I'm having trouble getting the volume right: one setting gives me 19g for a double but is too full for the portafilter (leaves an imprint when dry). And the next setting (16g ish) means I have to go right to the finest grind to slow the stream down to the treacle trickle, and even then it's not fine enough. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Mignon. Is the volume / timer setting on the Mignon notched or continuous? And has anyone had a problem needing to go finer than the finest grind setting? Thanks for any help!
  25. Hi, After narrowly missing out on the one that popped up on the for sale sub forum I realised that it is a Mignon I really want. So I'm after a doserless Mignon, any colour, any condition, any hopper size and no preference over mk1 or mk2 so to speak. I know its a long shot and !most get snapped up quick in the for sale section. Thanks Adam
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