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  1. So I've had my Mignon nearly two weeks now and put about 1kg of beans through it and think its probably time to give it a good clean and get to grips with it internally etc. Just looking for any advice on cleaning it generally and also any tips that people may have found while cleaning these or taking them apart! Any help would be much appreciated Steve
  2. So my Dehlonghi gets choked by the Eureka Mignon mk2 on a fine grind. If I grind coarser, the coffee tastes sour and disgusting. As a result I have only had one cup of coffee from this setup. It was a bit yuk, very acidic. My favorite beans too although they could be gone off by now I guess. I have (well, about to exchange cash for) just bought a Gaggia Classic with OPV mod and stuff. Will this keep up with the mignon mk2? Thanks
  3. Hi all, currently waiting on a feldgrind but also considering buying a new mignon at the moment. However given a budget of £300 and pairing it with a gaggia classic for espresso use only (probably use feldgrind for aeropress and pour over) would you get a new mignon with the 3 yr warranty and a decent resale value or go second hand and get something better on paper? Ive been looking at eBay like a hawk and on here but not seen anything yet that looked better than a mignon at this money. I'm not keen on a SJ just because they look too big and clunky and won't fit where I need it to g
  4. Folks, Just received my Eureka Mignon Mk2 last week and when grinding on a fine setting I'm noticing that the coffee sometimes comes out in clumps (like small oxo cubes) is this normal? I end up having to break these before transferring to the portafilter. Mike
  5. Hi After some research I have decided to buy a Sage DTP (£299 eCookshop.co.uk) and a Mignon V2 (179.99 MyEspresso.co.uk) as my first set up. It was a mixture of budget and covenience that provoked this after alternatives were considered (Sage Smart Grinder, Silvia, Classic, etc.) Anyway, I wondered what people's opinion of this combo was for a first timer? However, the crux of this thread is to ask for beginners tips on where to start using them: Do I need to do anything to the Mignon out of the box? Season the burrs etc? Should I use the pressurised baskets on the
  6. I'd read reviews saying that the Mignon was a bit clumpy. I was not prepared for what comes out of the chute. Asked Bella Barista, where I purchased it from, for advice and they weren't particularly helpful. They advised that I should grind courser, which would cause under extraction, or continue using a cocktail stick to break up the clumps. Anybody have any advice or experience of this? Thanks.
  7. Here’s my bright orange Eureka Mignon. I have now made the transition to the dark side of Nespresso (it really isn’t that bad…) to please Mrs F001. The classic went some time agoand this has been unused for ages. I got it from here, it’s in excellent condition, I’ve just cleaned it to within an inch of its life – it’s very shiny! Not a huge amount ofuse from me and the burrs look good. No original box - lost in move but packed insanely and guaranteed to arrive intact. I’ve also included an unused V60 coffee making kit (size 02, comes with 40 filters) All ready to go,
  8. Good morning everyone. A little background to why I am picking the items in the title before I start. I have only just very recently started my journey into the world of real coffee, having realised that instant coffee isn't actually coffee. Whenever I have tasted coffee using real coffee beans I always seem to enjoy the flavours but have never enjoyed instant. Now my wife is also a big fan of coffee but she doesn't mind the instant. I'll explain why this matters. About a couple of weeks ago I got a cafetiere, and pre-ground coffee (shame I know, but I didn't know anythin
  9. has anyone figured out how to mod their mk2 or older for the same effect? They look, from the outside, pretty similar / identical in the way the coffee is despensed so I am guessing there is some kind of voodery in the chute to stop clumping? The clumping on mine is annoying when I go too fine. Having dyspraxia means I end up spilling coffee everywhere trying to stir it with a cocktail stick...
  10. Okay, i'm starting to notice a theme here. I struggle to dial in La Cabra beans. Two different machines, two different grinders, same result. (Professional Gaggia 2 group & grinder, as well as the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II & Eureka Mignon) I'm coming across this strange phenomenon where I'm able to see a flow starting at say, the 8-9sec mark (following pre-infusion), followed by a fairly syrupy start (all good, I think) only to be followed by quite a watery body. I'm still getting a reasonable volume out (18g in, 34 - 40g out), but it just doesn't look or taste right. I total
  11. So, I picked up a new Mignon mk2 a few days ago and have been dialling it in ever since. On 2 different roasts i've had no issue, but whilst trying to dial in a bag of La Cabra i've come across a strange issue where the only way I can get an acceptable grind level is to have the dial at around 0.5. The only issue is at this point, I can hear the burrs touching. If I open it up half a stop they no longer sound as if they're touching.. but i'm getting a thin, watery, shot. It's no use. For reference, the beans are a few weeks old and the machine i'm using is a new NS Oscar II. Has anyo
  12. Sadly I've outgrown by trusty Gaggia Cubika after buying it 4 years ago for £99 refurbished from Gaggia when I was 17 and my older brothers got me hooked on making coffee. However, I can no longer handle the unpredictability of it especially as it hasn't aged well. All this has been further exacerbated since getting the Mignon...upgradeitus has truly hit! As I'm now 21 and about to graduate I am in no financial situation to upgrade so have switched to only brewed. I love brew methods but do find myself missing the process as much as the product of espresso! Anyway...here is my (tame) setup
  13. Quick question for any Oscar, or NS users, here. I've come from a commercial Gaggia machine/grinder I use at work to a NS Oscar II and a Eureka Mignon grinder for the house. I'm used to using double baskets (18g) but the NS one that comes with the machine seems to be much deeper than what i've used in the past. I normally dose at about the 17g mark, but I'm quite unsure of my starting point with the NS! 16 seems to make the basket a touch empty and makes distributing/tamping feel a bit odd, being so empty. Does the Oscar require more headroom, or something? Can't imagine why they'd make it so
  14. S O L D Selling my trusty Mignon.This is a superb little grinder and ideal for anyone starting out ( and indeed beyond ) in their quest for a great home produced Espresso. Purchased circa 2010 in Italy ( with EU two pin plug ). I have taken to the upgrade path as such this now destined to be loved by a new owner. The doser spring was replaced April 17 by Jordan at BB. ( I requested a Burr change but cannot locate the evidence, images of burrs are attached however ) In perfect working order. More images available if required. **£130 including spare set of burrs
  15. Went to grind my morning coffee today and there's no power going to my 3 tear old mignon. When I flick the switch the red led doesn't come on. I've checked the plug, fuse and socket. Anyone else experienced anything like this? Any tips on how to fix it?
  16. For sale having recently purchased as a set with the Appartamento. I've decided to stick with the Mazzer I also have. This originally came from Bella Barista and has warranty remaining till 26/03/19. A spare set of burrs are also included and you're even welcome to the beans in the hopper (they have a citrus note that I'm not that fond of) I don't have the original box unfortunately, but If posting be assured I'll bubble wrap to it within an inch of it's life! £180 + postage but collection is welcome, I live in Armitage, Staffordshire and I work in Coventry. @branes @Andycoffee
  17. I’ve lurked here for a while, but I’m stuck on a descision that you’ll all be able to help with. Im in the market for a good grinder. I’ve watched lots come and go, but hesitated and missed a few good ones. The two options I’ve come up with are the Mazzer Mini and Mignon. The Mazzer just fits in the space I have with the smallest hopper (height is a factor) and the Mignon fits with room to spare. Consensus says the Mazzer is worth it, but in the real world, is it actually going to be that much better than a Mignon?
  18. So it is my 31st birthday today...parents bought me a Mignon mk2 which is...a very nice surprise to say the least! Setting the grind seems difficult there is no marker as to where it is set at... I have it set about 3 points from max fine setting. It clumps quite a bit and sprays out a little far, other than that it is lovely. I just had a cup of gaslight that BB sent with it, which surprised me as blends normally are eugh to me but no, was a very nice cup of coffee especially considering I do the milk in a jug in the microwave for 1:10 because the steam wand on the Dehlonghi doesn
  19. Hi folks, looking for some advice here. My Mignon jammed up earlier tonight and it has never done this before. So, I took the hopper off, tipped out the remaining beans and removed the top burr carrier. Nothing foreign (eg. a stone) to be found so vacuumed up and put it back together. Tried again with the same results - I noticed the grinder seemed to be struggling and the grinds were coming out slower than normal before it jammed. I repeated the clean up operation a couple more times and have backed off the dial one full turn (that's a lot on a mignon) and it still jammed after
  20. As I have been slightly nomadic for the past 14 months and moving between rented accommodation whilst my new house is built my Gaggia has been sitting in a box apart from taking it out for a quick run through and descale to ensure it does not go weird. This means I have been exclusively drinking brewed and have not really missed it. I am therefore going to sell and would be interested in an approximate valuation before I put it on the For Sale thread. 2006 Gaggia Classic with Rancilo Wand and OPV Mod to 9bar completed Normal and naked Portafilter 18g VST Basket Torr 58.4mm tamper (t
  21. After some online research and having played, but not extensively, with a couple of mates' machines, then signing up to this forum yesterday and receiving some informative feedback and suggestions I found the opportunity to go to Bella Barista today. It was certainly an enlightening hour or so and I couldn't have been looked after better. I guess they're very used to dealing with idiots like me. It led me to think that the right answer for me is a Rocket Appartamento and a Eureka Mignon. I could start with a Rancilio Silvia but the compromise seems great. Taking the step up to
  22. it seems once it gets past a certain fine setting it doesn't put any grinds out whatsoever. All the motions are made, and it sounds as though the burrs are rotating, however no coffee comes out. I feel like i need a finer grind, as am producing no crema whatsoever with the La Pav. Any advice?
  23. LukeT


    I think I can feel an imminent breakthrough on my crawl up the beginner slopes of the espresso learning curve. Changed the burrs on my mignon and I think this was an underlying problem. My distribution I'm sure has a very long way to go but I had shots looking better than before even on a first test of a guessed grinder setting. So roll on a more caffeine-friendly time of day (there's only so much cricket I want to watch tonight). I'm seeing that thickness of liquid and lack of unpleasant sourness already, and I'm on the end of a bag of beans I just couldn't get on with before. To m
  24. Hello, Long time lurker first time poster. I'm looking to upgrade my automatic bean to cup, been thinking of a Rocket Appartanento with a Mignon grinder. Does anyone know if these are likely to go on sale for Black Friday, or are these types of machines / equipment normally only reduced when newer models come in to play?
  25. Hi all Today i was cleaning my mignon and had a deeper look on grind exit part and started to question that why did they do it that way. Whats the point of having that 'cross shaped' part instead of one big open exit. Last time i removed that black plastic bit thinking grind will come out easier with less clumping but it made no difference as little squares already getting blocked easily from fine grind. I still have warranty till 2019 so dont want to grind it off that X and try yet Wondering if you have any explanation about that shape.
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