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Found 19 results

  1. Hi everyone I am still getting through gallons of milk trying to get a decent technique on my Alex mk2. I am a self confessed novice, so would like some opinions on these few attempts - specifically if they are microfoam (for flat white / latte) or if they should have no visible bubbles at all. If they are supposed to have no visible bubbles, how on earth is that achieved? I am managing to get a really good whirlpool effect in the jug, I introduce a little bit of air at the start and then swirl with the tip below the surface. I tend to tilt the jug back and towards me to aid th
  2. We are now on a health kick and full fat milk has disappeared from the fridge. I am finding it more difficult to steam skimmed milk and seem to get a harder foam, which is difficult to pour rather than something that was beginning to approach micofoam. Is this just my lack of ability of is there something about skimmed milk that makes it more difficult to steam? Paul
  3. On the odd occasion i need micro foam milk it's very hit&miss, using cravendale milk as supposed to be very steady, question is, milk from fridge cold as this takes a bit longer to steam say to 70c or do you steam milk at room temperature.
  4. Is there a minimum amount of milk you can get away with and still get a good microfoam? For a Cortado or Macchiato for example. I am failing to get any foamy milk, just floating froth and I wondered if you need enough milk for the foam to form without the milk overheating. I'm using a La Pavoni fitted with a single hole tip. I'm using semi milk (just tescos own brand).
  5. Most of the information I have read for frothing milk seems to involve two stages – stretching and then incorporating the stretched milk to make a micro-foam. I was intrigued to see a video ( about 1 minute in) on YouTube where the barista didn’t seem to do anything other than place the steam wand in the jug of milk (albeit he seemed to place it carefully), switch on and leave it alone to get on with it. This appeared to produce perfect results without any further intervention. My limited attempts to reproduce this have not been successful so far. Has anyone else had success with this me
  6. Hi I've had a Gaggia Tebe machine for about 6 years and whereas I get a very decent espresso, I've always been unable to get consistent results when it comes to foaming milk. As I figured it was something I was doing inconsistently, I've now rigorously standardised my technique, but I still can't seem to isolate what the issue is. For example, as an experiment, yesterday I foamed up four different jugs of milk, all from the same bottle, kept in the fridge at the same temperature; jug kept in the same fridge between frothings; allowed 15 minutes for the machine to settle between
  7. Hi, i need some advice! When I first got my machine in June, it only took a short while to begin achieving decent quality microfoam, due to lots of watching videos and reading tips beforehand. Before long i was getting done reasonable attempts at latte art to match. Good texture, sweet and delicious, see the picture: However, since about October, my microfoam has gradually gotten worse and worse. Its no longer a nice consistency. It doesn't integrate as well. The taste is still ok, but the texture is wrong. Also, whilst it may initially look like good microfoam from the top of
  8. For some time I've looked at those great cappuccinos you see at the competitions and wondered how they get such nice latte art on a cappuccino. They're not pouring off the side of the jug, I know that much! So tonight I'm reading the WBC rules and the definition of a cappuccino is: So if I undertand correctly, it's a single shot, i.e. approx 1 oz, in around a 6 oz cup, with 1cm of microfoam... which I'd estimate being about 1 oz. So in a 6oz cup thats a ratio of 1:4:1 Dangerously close to a latte, no? At the very least this definition helps me understand how the latte art is ach
  9. Hello folks, i have owned an ascasso espresso machine (the Arc model i think) for a couple of years and although it made decent coffee, there was something missing when compared to my favourite cafe's latte's, and also the milk would microfoam up quite nicely but i could never get the consistency to pour nice latte art patterns properly. Realising that i could never be able to spend £thousands on a proper barista machine, i came across these Fracino machines for around £660 which i enquired about at fracinoshop.com and the guy there told me that they produce barista quality coffee which soun
  10. Gaggia Classic in great condition for sale. 2006 model pre-philips i.e. larger solenoid / higher wattage Usual mods done (OPV adjusted, rancillio Silvia steam arm installed with a twist!) I found the Rancilio steam tip itself was still not good enough for microfoam so I fit an additional attachment mounted onto the steam wand which I have used on other machines with excellent results. You get a smaller diameter hole making it dead easy to make your microfoam with the added bonus of it now also being a no-burn easy to clean situation. It is also completely removable if you for some reason
  11. Does anyone know where I can purchase a milk to perfection milk pitcher? Or is there a similar type of jug that you would recommend?
  12. With my milk! About twice I've got milk perfect, but then I can never do it again, even if I do exactly the same thing. Ive got temp tags, a thermometer and a 20 oz jug and I've just also bought an espro toroid 20 oz jug to see if that helped but I still can't get it right. The main problem is I don't get any proper microfoam until the very last few ml of milk at the end of the jug, by which time the cup is full and there isn't enough milk foam to even attempt latte art, I just end up with a dribble of white foam on top. With the toroid, I tried just sticking the w
  13. Hi all, I'm considering buying a Alex Duetto II... The main features I'm after being: Dual boiler. Rotar pump. PID. Dual pressure gauges. Pre-infusion. Large (ish) water tank. I've done a load of comparison research against the La Spaz S1 and the Expobar Leva. I'm pretty happy that I've got the right machine in sight, but I've read a bunch of stuff online about issues people have had moving from something like the Silvia (1 hole in steam wand) which I have at present, to the AD II (4 holes in steam wand). Does anyone have any experience of this switch and
  14. I bought a Dualit Espressivo last month and am more than happy with the espresso it produces. I'm less happy with the steam wand however. First off: it's really short! I bought a smaller jug than the one I had, but it's still not ideal. Does anyone know if the wand is replaceable / upgradeable? I'm happy to open it up if I know what I'm looking for; I'm used to doing basic repairs on appliances and have a set of calipers incase anthing needs measuring. I've been practicing making microfoam with it for a few weeks, with limited success. Following advice from a post I
  15. Morning all, is there a way/has anyone attempted to modify their classic so the steam wand can be pulled out at an angle? (Business end further away from the machine) my machine has a Silvia wand which swivels out around the pipe as a pivot point but I'd like to be able to angle it to aid getting jugs in and out, and one of the instructional videos on microfoam suggested the wand needs to be at an angle of about 70 degrees.
  16. I've just finished using my first couple of pints of whole milk. What a revelation! Dead easy to get really silky microfoam and even latte art is much easier. The reason it's taken me so long to get around to trying whole milk is the many people here and elsewhere saying that semi-skimmed is fine. Don't believe a word of it! If I'd known how much easier and tastier it is I would have switched ages ago. So, if you're having problems steaming or with the latte art, give it a go.
  17. Does anyone have any useful tips to make milk steaming a bit more systematic and consistent? I know my machine and I know what I'm doing but every single time I get a slightly different result from my milk, some days it's too thick, some days too thin and some days perfect, with no really significant change in my approach. What I don't have is sufficient understanding of what looks exactly right - I take a guess as to whether to pour some off or start again but sometimes when I think it's perfectly silky and paint-like it just flows out as foam - it's getting right on my ****! Thanks for
  18. For sale ESPRO Toroid milk pitchers minus original box. I have one 12oz and one 20oz pitcher that have been barely used and are in excellent condition. These pitchers are beautifully designed and solidly constructed with a fantastic feel in your hand. Pictures attached, sorry if they appear sideways .. :/ I believe most of you will know about these pitchers and how ridiculously easy it is to produce good quality microfoam, but if not please check out the link: http://espro.ca/toroid/ Its main advantages being: READY - AIM - FIRE - Perfected milk flows are created by the unique shap
  19. For some reason when I drink an iced coffee bought outside my stomach seems to digest it comfortably. But when I make a hot pour over at home topped with micro foamed milk it seems to fill me up and make my stomach not so happy.? The coffee I make is always carefully made, beans weighed and ground by me, temperatures and brew times controlled and tastes excellent; not God shots but pretty good. I don't know the answer but my thinking is perhaps I should add some of the hot milk first to the mug and only micro foam the remainder, placing it on top with a spoon and effectively reducing
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