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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, A couple of weeks ago I had a mishap with my Mecoffee Pid, which sadly resulted in the melting of what I believe to be the switching transistor (though I might be totally wrong, see pics attached). I've tried contacting Mecoffee, to no avail. My only remaining options are either to go for another PID with a better heatsink on the chips, or try a cheaper solution, which would simply mean replacing the melted chip and crossing my fingers that it would pop back to life.... However, since the chip is kinda FUBAR, I can't read the serial number, and there are hardly any high-res pics of the board online from which I could get the model of the wayward chip. Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone have any thoughts on this, or could someone perhaps post a high-res pic of the board or chip? Huge thanks, Nitay
  2. I've been a happy http://meCoffee.nl PID user since a year ago. As of a few weeks ago, it seems my meCoffee has died (more on that below) and despite several attempts to contact meCoffee through email and their contact form, I've had no reply. Does anyone know if they are still in business, or a better way to contact them? Failing that, can anyone recommend an alternative PID that is as simple to install and doesn't require making permanent mods to my Silvia? And just in case someone recognises this as an issue with something other than the PID… The problem On the day my PID died, I used my Rancilio Silvia twice successfully. On the third attempt, hours after earlier uses, I encountered a problem… At first, the machine heated up as normal. After an unknown number of minutes, it stopped heating up. The boiler light was completely off. I flipped the brew switch on and although the light turned on, the machine did not do anything. I tried connecting to the meCoffee over Bluetooth (which I do frequently) but the device does not show up at all for connection. This leads me to think the meCoffee is not working or not powering on. I have checked each of the buttons on the Silvia: All buttons will light up when flipped, including the power button. The brew button does nothing when flipped, other than turn on the light. When I flip the hot water deliver button, the pump kicks in as normal. The steam button does nothing, other than turn on the light. I've opened the Silvia and examined the meCoffee and associated wires. None of the wires appear to be damaged. The meCoffee case is slightly heat-warped, but the warped portion is not touching any circuits. The circuit board has some discolouration around a few of the chips. I'm not sure how significant that is.
  3. so i have a Silvia and a meCoffee PID. a couple of days ago it just stopped working. i have the power led on, but brew buttons and steam buttons don't do anything. hot water button is working. has someone else encountered such a problem? send 2 emails to Jan but no answer and that's frustrating... please advice.
  4. The replacement device I got about a month ago has now failed in exactly the same way as the first. Awaiting a response from the supplier
  5. This the the PID from https://mecoffee.nl - it's an outfit in Groningen, Netherlands. Key features - no display, but an app instead; control of water and steam temp, some control of pressure, pre infusion options and a timer (not shot timer - on-off timer). €119 for the kit + €10 for delivery. I ordered from their site, delivered in less than a week (would have been quicker, but they were waiting for delivery of PCBs. Good communications, a plus point in itself. All settings are controlled by an app (meBarista) over Bluetooth - Android or Chrome - no IOS version yet (IOS Bluetooth limitations, I understand), but they intend to produce for IOS around Feb/March next year. I'm an IOS guy, but I have Chrome on a laptop, and you only use the app for initial setup or tweaking, so no harm to me. Installation was straightforward; the installation manual (online) is very good, and there's a Youtube video to get the sense of it. The kit is well organised. Took me about 45 minutes or so, and I'm not an electrician. Because there's no display, there's no external indicator that the PID kit is installed. There's a base installation for temp control, and all the other elements are optional. Configuration via the app is simple and straightforward - you can set temperature for water and steam, tweak the pressure (only shown as percentage of full pressure, not actual bar/psi figure), set pre-infusion parameters (pre-infusion time and pause period) and set a timer to switch the machine on (I didn't install this, since I have a Wemo switch for that). You can also tweak the PID parameters themselves, if you're inclined. Everything worked first time. You don't use the app in normal operation - only to change parameters Having only installed today, I can't yet confirm how well it all works, but it seems fine so far. I went for this (a) because it's a lot cheaper than the equivalent Auber (the version with all the bells and whistles) and (b) delivery was quicker, it originating in Europe and me being in the UK (which is or is not part of Europe depending own your position in a political debate I don't intend to start here). Hope this is useful for people - ask away Good points: price, flexibility and ease of installation; feature set; controllability via the app Less good: needs Android or Chrome; no display may mean no visible indicator of any issues.
  6. This looks like a promising competitor to the Auber; has anybody here tried it yet? I was seriously considering an Auber for my new Silvia (installed by the vendor), but this new one from mecoffe ( http://mecoffee.nl ) has several advantages like BT, controlled by a smartphone/tablet app by mebarista ( http://mecoffee.nl/mebarista/ ), hidden inside chassis and cheaper! The only downside I find at the moment is that it does not support iOS, only android, and I am an iOS user. I have not been able to find much about it online as far as reviews.
  7. so i have installed a meCoffee PID in my Silvia. quite nice feature set delivering, can't imagine my espresso machine without it, to be honest. BUT lately strange things are happening. 1. once in a week (maybe in a week and a half) during my brew process i hear the 3way valve (?) clicking, and afterwards a lot more water coming out the basket. thus, my espresso shot is kinda ruined. trying to make another shot right afterwards - no problem, perfect shot without this behavior. and so, till next week or something. 2. today was first time it occurred, but basically i hi t the brew button, shot goes well, hitting the brew button to stop the shot and... nothing. flow won't stop. tried several times. had to completely turn off the machine. after powering back up, issue gone. had anyone else experience this or i am the only lucky one? cheers.
  8. New thread because new issue. PID unit has failed (fuse issue, apparently affects a small number of units) - replacement on the way. Here's a heads-up in case anyone else encounters the problem. Monday, pulled a shot and then: - No pilot light when switching to steam - No pump action for steaming - No water through group head using brew switch, although pump was running - Plenty of water through steamer when using hot water switch I assumed blocked 3-way, so disassembled, descaled, reassembled, no effect. Started to wonder whether the PID controller was the cause - emailed MeCoffee and, after a couple fo diagnostic to-and-fro messages, Jan diagnosed a failed fuse. Replacement unit on the way, with cost of return postage for old unit covered (they need it back for investigation). So - annoying issue, dealt with well.
  9. Hello, You all should see this: https://mecoffee.nl/blog/the-straw-which-broke-me-and-mecoffees-back/#comment-1426 Take care, Portafiltre
  10. I had to turn the power off and my MeCoffee has not coped with it. It does not heat the boiler and does not properly connect to my iOS device. Interestingly when I turn the power off again the app does fire a notification that the device is out of range so it isn't completely fried. Unless anyone has any idea how to kick it back into life I am going to have to remove it. Unfortunately the MeCoffee website is down so the instructions are not available. Does anyone have a copy they can share? It is going to be a challenge to rewire without them! Thanks
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