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  1. So I've just had a bit of a mare attempting to clean my MC2 and I've managed to ruin the dispenser spout. Anyone know where I can get a replacement? I've found this http://www.pennineteaandcoffee.co.uk/MC2A+DISPENSE+SPOUT/0_CAAA121_CAAA195_CAAA221/PRAA807.htm#.WSGaeWgrJPZ but they have a £25 minimum order, and it's a £3.99 part. Any alternatives?
  2. Got this with something else so passing it on to someone here, good condition grinds like it should, £60 delivered
  3. Hi I want to buy a grinder as a Christmas present so must be new. What's the best option? Looking at an MC2 or ASCASO I-MINI. Thanks for your views.
  4. I bought a new Mignon last week from Bella Barista and thought I would post some thoughts after a few days use. I have a Gaggia Classic and was looking for an upgrade to my MC2. Basically my MC2 was too noisy, quite messy and had questionable grind consistency so even considering the limits of the Classic, I thought I could do better on the grinder front. I considered all sorts of options for something up to £300 but the bottom line was that it needed to fit in our kitchen so most of the second hand commercial size grinders were dismissed. I narrowed my choice down to a Mignon or K3 To
  5. My haste bought now in work MC2 is grinding really fine no matter how it's set........ Had the thing apart, cleaned, put back together twice. Set at different points by turning by hand without adjuster on then put adjuster on and used. Tried changing coarseness using adjuster. Fine, fine, fine anyone got any ideas? Seriously thinking of just binning the thing now and buying a decent hand grinder like a Lido or something!! It's only used for brew after all. Ta Sk8
  6. Selling my Rancilio Silvia & Iberital MC2 plus extras. Never use this anymore since I only have drip coffee now. Also included is a naked portafilter, LM 17g basket, electronic scales and electronic timer. Also have the standard portafilter, single and double baskets, tamper, spare thermostats, cleaner and descaler and instructions. Used lightly only for a couple of espresso shots on weekend mornings when home and never really used the steamer function. In great and clean condition with only a small chip in the group cowling. Pick up only in Haggerston, London. £300.
  7. Hiya all, MY Iberital mc2 has just gave up on me, I was grinding some coffee and it jammed up, I cleaned it out and ever since then it has stopped working Its making a hell of a racket but the burr is not spinning almost like the motor is slipping against it. Any ideas? Thanks Karl
  8. GlennV

    Sold: Iberital MC2

    I've decided to sell my MC2. I put new burrs in this when I bought it, about 4 years ago, and they're still in good condition - I only used it for espresso for a few months and since then it's just been used on the weekend for brewed. The grinder is in a good, clean, condition. I disabled the portafilter switch and timer, as they're a waste of time in my opinion (the timer is fiddly to adjust and not accurate). It has my rapid adjust mod, as pictured. If you've researched these you'll know they take a lot of time to wind back and forth between grind settings - with this one you just whip the l
  9. Hi All, I just bought a 2nd hand Iberital MC2. I know it is not the ultimate grinder, but for the price seemed pretty good. Anyway, I'm wondering if I'm missing a part or something. The hopper seems extremely loose and just moved about on top of the grinder. The grinder itself seems very loose on the base (I'm guessing maybe tightening the screws on the bottom, or replacing the base with something more solid might help). See this vid of the hopper wobbling... is this expected?! https://vid.me/R7HA Thanks -Matt
  10. Hey guys, I've finally been allowed to upgrade but I need to get my current set up sold first. I have a Gaggia Classic (2006 model) working and in great condition for its age. Also has the Silvia steam wand upgrade. OPV mod has not been done. Basically, this is a virgin Classic with only the wand done. I have an Iberital MC2 available also and can bundle it together for £250 all in. I am in the Manchester area but also available in Warrington area. Collection preferred but delivery may be possible depending on distance (would drop off myself but prefer not to have
  11. Can other MC2 owners answer a question for me: The hopper on my MC2 spins as it's grinding. There is a scale marked on the hopper, to mark the grind setting (questionable in itself), but this presumably means the hopper is supposed to stay put? This would be useless if the hopper moves, which mine does. It doesn't spin uncontrollably, but moves round slowly as it's grinding. Is this normal? Surely not. Thanks
  12. Hi, I currently have a Graef Cm80 and have been quite happy with it but i don't find it gives a very good consistent grind for espresso... I like the look of the Sage by Heston grinder because of the in-built scales it has in it which I reckon would be useful - but the Iberital MC2 is a bit cheaper second hand. But my question is this - would either the Sage grinder or the MC2 give better results than my Graef CM80 i already have? Thanks for your time!! Rory
  13. I'm looking for something to experiment with over the next few months, trying V60, aeropress, espresso etc. Originally I was looking at an MC2 and also thinking of the Mignon but the price would be a big stretch. The other option I'm considering is the Feldgrind, seems to be much better at swapping between the various brew methods than the stepless electric ones but how does it stack it up against those for expresso usage? Is the hand grind effort going to be a put-off for 4-6 espressos a day?
  14. Help me justify my spend on a grinder. I started with intention of getting an MC2 because it was the cheapest. Reading more I thought well if I'm going to do it, I might as well do it right the first time. So I decided to increase my budget, looked at the Rocky and then the Mignon. £300 is the maximum. For my situation specifically is it worth spending the extra money? Theres no room for a massive grinder in my kitchen. I'm irrationally bothered by the idea of excessive clumping, purely based on things Ive read on the interwebs. Grind retention, a term that I'd never
  15. Hello, Can anyone give my any idea how to remove the Doser off the front of the Iberital MC2 ? Please. Thanks.
  16. been mulling stepping into the world of decent coffee for a while. Homed in on a Classic early on but then came to realise how important the grinder is. MC2 seamed like a good starting point without a dosser on the front. Friend says not a good idea and a 2nd hand Mazzer Super Jolly would be better. So specific questions: - what age / spec Glassic should i look for? - what reasonable grinder would people recommend and will a dosser on a machine be a pain for a man who will make a couple of shots a day? Thanks for any thoughts Greg
  17. Hi guys, ive noticed that my Iberital MC2 has been making a weird noise. I never noticed it because I always have coffee in it but today i finished the coffee and gave it a bit of a clean with a brush and i noticed its making this noise. Now that i think about it, it made that noise when i would grind coffee i just always thought it was the last bean or 2 going through the burrs after it stopped grinding so i never took notice of it. Im going to try to upload the audio clip and i hope it works. (sent it to myself using audio record on whatsapp) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1_sgHJlqpbp
  18. I've got a graef cm80 paired with my Classic. However, the chance for a cheap mc2. Would be worth the upgrade for just about zero cost?
  19. ...until I get the freaking seals for my Wega, I am currently using a classic, MC2, ebay 58mm tamper and a 5cup Syphon. Plus a range of hand carved spoons and gaggia plinth produced by my brother *shameless family plug*
  20. Just starting out on my coffee journey by recently purchasing a Gaggia Classic which I've done a couple of the recommended mods to. I've made the rookie mistake of not having any money for a grinder but I now have a very modest budget (just above £100) to get my hands on one. I am pondering on either an MC2 or a Hausgrind from knock (recognising some patience maybe required!) Generally I make 1 double shot early in the morning however every couple of weeks we'll have a group of friends round and I find myself producing for 10! Have 3 young kids and don't really fancy the wrath
  21. I bought an MC2 2nd hand in August along with a gaggia classic and they've given me good service but this evening the motor of the MC2 started losing power. I cleaned it and took the base off to make sure there was nothing caught in the motor, liberally vacuumed any bits out and re-assembled. With no beans it runs at what seems to be a decent speed but with beans it labours and no grounds come out. Also it doesn't seem to me that the time setting is working so there may be more than one problem. Is a motor repair straight forward or should I just use this as an excuse to buy a new machin
  22. Hi, Need some advice on grinder choice. I have three options at hand. 1. Sage Smart Grinder (not the Pro version) - from a forum member with very little use 2. Iberital MC 2 - about a year old from a Gumtree seller. Claims one double shot on weekdays, looks clean in photos 3. Graef CM800 - brand new from a trusted seller in Germany. This are all approximately the same price, the MC2 being the cheapest but only by £10. Mostly espresso, although occasionally use Aeropress to brew. Have Hario Skerton setup for the Aeropress so moving between grinds not really an issue.
  23. Having just given up on a Sage Smart Grinder Pro, I thought I'd have another look at my MC2 as I suspected too wide a variation in grind size. When the grinder was running the bean hopper was jumping around and taking the top off confirmed that this was mainly movement of the top burr carrier. Removed the carrier and wound PTFE tape around the threads (about three wraps) - much better, very little movement when grinding. I turned the adjustment a full one and a half turns coarser and got a similar pour to before, confirming that the grind distribution is much tighter. Maybe I'm
  24. I've recently upgraded to a Fracino Ariete and Eureka Mignon combo so reluctantly I have to part with my classic and MC2. This is a great combination for someone starting out on their coffee journey - you can learn loads on this lovely machine, especially with the included naked portafilter. There is loads of great advice for Classic owners on this forum so you will never be short of advice! 2012 Gaggia Classic Modded with Sylvia steam arm. Good working order except bulb in power switch that has never worked. The all important boiler light works and you can see if power is on o
  25. Iberital MC2 Doser version for sale due to upgrade. Purchased from Happy Donkey in 2010. Very light usage over the 4 years and still grinds as well as the day I received it. The bottom part of the doser has a bit of damage where my wife sat the iron too close and the plastic melted. It's not that noticeable and does not affect the functionality. There's a bit of rust and bubbling on the powder coating around the bottom, I think it's from when we were in a house with pretty bad damp in the kitchen…I took the base off to check inside and there's no sign of it in there. The portafiler holder is c
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