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Found 72 results

  1. Need replacement timer. Posted to Ireland Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Hope all is well in the forums. Just went to grind my beans tonight, and "whirrrr" !! It has packed in on me ! Some questions for those in the know : Sounds like a struggling/failed motor. Is this likely? Is it an easy fix? Is the part(s) available? Is it ready for grinder heaven? I am in Middlesbrough, Teesside, if anyone local can offer any help?? Thank you all in advance.
  3. One week into having my first home espresso set-up since I worked in a coffeeshop 7 years ago! My pouring skills have got worse..... Ive actually just returned the scales as they are far too unresponsive for measuring espresso. Anyone else experienced that? Ill also be joining @luke and posting a video of my technique for people to critique!
  4. Hi, I currently have a Graef Cm80 and have been quite happy with it but i don't find it gives a very good consistent grind for espresso... I like the look of the Sage by Heston grinder because of the in-built scales it has in it which I reckon would be useful - but the Iberital MC2 is a bit cheaper second hand. But my question is this - would either the Sage grinder or the MC2 give better results than my Graef CM80 i already have? Thanks for your time!! Rory
  5. I'm looking for something to experiment with over the next few months, trying V60, aeropress, espresso etc. Originally I was looking at an MC2 and also thinking of the Mignon but the price would be a big stretch. The other option I'm considering is the Feldgrind, seems to be much better at swapping between the various brew methods than the stepless electric ones but how does it stack it up against those for expresso usage? Is the hand grind effort going to be a put-off for 4-6 espressos a day?
  6. PGT

    MC2 Hopper

    Had a slight accident and now need to replace the hopper on my Iberital MC2 grinder. Anyone know of a supplier (Happy Donkey don't list it). Thanks Peter
  7. Well I have set myself off now on the subject of moving on from my Gaggia baby, Iberital MC2 setup, so here are my musings and all comments are greatly appreciated. Machine Expobar Office Pulsar - seems to be a lot of espresso machine for the money, though doesn`t have a full E61 grouphead with the little lever to do the extraction. Nuova Simonelli Oscar - Again a good spec for the money, but all plastic body and no hot water tap for the lady wifes weekday americano. Fracino Cherub - Uk built so I assume easy parts availability, but the bigger boiler and element wattage might mean a bigger hit on electricity usage, again no sexy little lever to play with when extracting. Expobar Office Leva - seems to be the lowest price full E61 machine so full stainless steel finish with knobs and lever experience but a couple of hundred quid more than the others on my list. Or do I save some more and get a more expensive machine, will I reap any additional coffee quality benefits. Grinder My Iberital MC2 seems to be pretty good but some comments I have read and a somewhat damning review on Bella Barista suggest I should seriously consider upgrading this too. The Eureka Mignon got a great review suggesting it is the equal near enough of the Mazzer mini which is way more money. Macap MC4 - is it any better? Mahlkonig Vario - Mostly rave reviews but I am suspicious of new technology for the sake of it might not be as bullet proof as more traditional grinders over time. Buy a second hand one off Ebay - maybe a lot of grinder foor the money could then cost a bit on refurb costs and no come back if it goes bang in some expensive way. Other good well priced grinders that I have not come across yet. Head now exploding with possibilities, definite no`s are plumbing in due to having very hard water where I am in Lincolnshire (I use a filter jug) and reluctance to start drilling holes and then deciding to have a kitchen reorganise with resulting cosmetic issues. Don
  8. After a massive bout of "upgraditis" i've decided to put my new MC2 up for sale. Purchased from Happy Donkey on 14th October (it has ground approx 2kg of coffee) so is as new condition (no dings, knocks or scratches). Have purchased a new Compak K10, so will no longer be needing it. Please read any reviews about this grinder, it is a fantastic entry point (i'm just a sucker for expensive shiny stuff). Cost me £141.90 including delivery, but i'll accept £90 delivered Please PM me if interested Many Thanks Andy
  9. Hi All. After much deliberation I've decided that I refuse to put any more money in the pockets of bad coffee shops and so will be buying a beginners setup to satisfy my coffee needs. I thought the most logical first stop would be among similar cofficianados for some valuable advice. Love the site BTW. About me. I work from home running my own business consultancy called Outstand with my business partner. Both of us enjoy coffee and where possible we buy from local independant cafe rather than Starbucks etc. I am boycotting my local Costa for reasons i'll not bore you with. In a previous life I worked in a bar/cafe where I became attached to a rather lovely 2 group commercial coffee machine - polished to the point of obsession. I love the machinery as well as the product . Anyway, I probably wouldn't describe mayself as a barista but i had a pretty good go at it. So back to the point. I'm looking at buying some equipment to keep me happy and avoid expensive trips to town. Max budget will be £150 for the machine Grinder will have to go on the Christmas list for now. Beans I can obtain from a specialist in nearby Lincoln. So my question would be, should I turn ebay upside down trying to find a better quality machine at used prices (with the associated risks) or should I get a new machine (such as Dualit or Cuisineart) where I can be sure of the warranty but may have to make sacrifices in terms of quality and life expectancy. Finally, is there a classifieds section on here? Thanks for taking the time to read this far.
  10. See my listing on ebay. 15% Discount for members! (£34.00 - free postage) Click Here to View. Lee
  11. A newbie question I'm afraid...and possibly useful info for new owners of the Iberital MC2... I've had my MC2 since christmas and Im on my second bag of beans now (first HD Brazillian and now on to Compass) - I managed to get the grind spot on for the first bag (2 oz in 25 seconds) and im in the process of re-tweaking for the compass). The machine is fab!!, although it does take some tweaking...Ive started keeping a diary (again, my wife sniggers!!) and I'm recording the outcome in coffee taste and quality after each 'tweak'. So I know that 14g is my favored double dose, Ive set the bathroom scales up in the kitchen (wife laughing again!) to ensure that my tamp pressure is a constant (30lb)...Keeping a couple of key factors constant (dose and tamp) I can use the extraction times as a guide to fill two 2 oz glasses (>30 seconds = too fine... Ive decided to use the join between the plastic and the metal body on the MC2 as my base mark for adjustment. I'm roughly in the right zone and now turning the grind dial in 1/4 turns to get the the extraction delivery to around 25-30 seconds in to two 2 oz glasses... Just wondering how others make these fine adjustments between different beans? is 1/4 turn too finer adjustement? does anyone remove the residual grounds from the shute before and after each adjustment?...cheers... p.s it is remarkable how different beans and roasts need different adjustments...part of the learning journey!!!
  12. On the advice of an old uni friend and (no doubt distinguished) member of this forum I have now registered on the forums to gather as much helpful info about the fine art of espresso production as I can. In time I hope to contribute this in kind. I have to admit browsing these forums several times in the last few months as I was choosing a machine (settling on a gaggia classic) and found the information priceless. The grinder will be the next purchase and again the forums and members have been incredibly helpful. This looks likely to be an MC2 but there may be an ace up the sleeve in this department.... Will let the forums know if that is the case Enough from me - I look forward to joining in the discussions and getting ever closer to the 'god cup' Adios for now, Dave
  13. The Iberital MC2 is an exceptional grinder for the price (currently around £100 at leading coffee retailers) I am looking to buy 1-2 of these for training purposes and use in a home environment. I am leaning heavily towards the doserless model on the belief that the amount of grounds can be determined to fill the portafilter using a timer that is adjustable. Are there any reasons why I should get the doser version over the doserless?
  14. GlennV

    Sold: Iberital MC2

    I've decided to sell my MC2. I put new burrs in this when I bought it, about 4 years ago, and they're still in good condition - I only used it for espresso for a few months and since then it's just been used on the weekend for brewed. The grinder is in a good, clean, condition. I disabled the portafilter switch and timer, as they're a waste of time in my opinion (the timer is fiddly to adjust and not accurate). It has my rapid adjust mod, as pictured. If you've researched these you'll know they take a lot of time to wind back and forth between grind settings - with this one you just whip the lid off, unscrew the extended mounting bolt by hand and swing the worm drive out of the way, allowing you to make large changes. You read all sorts of stories about the grind consistency of these, but this one, with the obligatory teflon tape on the threads, works well. £60 posted please.
  15. Hello, Looking to get a beginner setup after having returned my Delonghi. Really excited to step into the world of coffee more. Thanks.
  16. Iberital MC2 grinder for sale at £85 (plus postage if required - would prefer pickup in London) Grinder and burrs in great condition. Bought on here 5 months ago, and has had very light use since (only used weekends for 1-2 coffees each day). Originally bought in late 2012. Reason for selling is I just upgraded to a Vario. Here are photos from the previous sale - can upload more recent ones if people want, but there's no change!
  17. I bought an MC2 2nd hand in August along with a gaggia classic and they've given me good service but this evening the motor of the MC2 started losing power. I cleaned it and took the base off to make sure there was nothing caught in the motor, liberally vacuumed any bits out and re-assembled. With no beans it runs at what seems to be a decent speed but with beans it labours and no grounds come out. Also it doesn't seem to me that the time setting is working so there may be more than one problem. Is a motor repair straight forward or should I just use this as an excuse to buy a new machine, if so what is the next step up from an MC2 below £250?
  18. Hi anyone looking to sell a decent grinder? budget £60-£80. Something like an MC2 or similar. Any recommendations welcome! Thanks
  19. I've owned a Gaggia Classic for the last 2 months and my Iberital for 1 week and so far I haven't achieved an exceptional shot. I know it takes a lot of time but should I blame it on the machine? On top of this my Gaggia has been suffering from some pump/opv issues that I can't really repair which means that I would need to replace these parts. I have an opportunity to purchase a Rancilio Silvia v2 for around 150GBP from a friend of mine in the beginning of June (if he still hasn't sold it, that is). I'm a student so I don't think I'll be able to upgrade to anything more than a Silvia in the next 1-1.5 years until I graduate and find a job. So I'm sitting here sipping from my French press coffee wondering how much better is a Silvia when compared to the Classic, i.e. is this investment worth it? The only advantage of the Silvia which I can think of is a somewhat bigger boiler which should result in better temperature stability. But how much better? P.S. I can also get my hands on a Faema Compact for around 180GBP but it looks in a pretty bad condition and I'm not sure how much will restoring it cost me and if I'm going to be able to do it at all..
  20. Afternoon guys, Just been reading a few fairly terrible remarks on the MC2 grinder. I'm quite surprised as i've used one for 5-6 years now and it seems fine to me. What exactly does it do badly? It is just a case of, more expensive grinders can do much better? Granted, mine is now only used for stove top coffee, but I did used to use a Gaggia Classic, and had pretty good results. Although come to think of it, results weren't particularly consistent. I put that down to varying coffee though. So, as a potential Sage DTP buyer, should I be looking to upgrade my grinder as well?? I don't have time to strip/clean/rebuild etc, so I would probably go new. Any suggestions around the £200 mark? (should I decide the MC2 is not up to it after all). Cheers, Greg
  21. Hi All, I have for sale my trusty Iberital MC2 bought 6 months ago brand new from Happy Donkey. It has been used for approx 2 espressos a day since then. I have filed down the ridges in the exit chute to aid grind retention and there are a couple of minor dings on the back caused by overzealous back slapping whilst cleaning for sale, other than that it is as new. I'm looking for £60 collected but would be happy to box for shipping if the buyer covers costs of postage. Apologies for the picture orientation! Thanks Rob
  22. Hi, After repeatedly finding my espresso shots were incredibly inconsistent (either too bitter, too sour, or so coarse the shot wouldn't even pull properly) I noticed the issue seems to lie with my MC2... When grinding, it appears not only does the hopper rotate but the actual wheel you use to adjust the grind is winding itself in when the machine is running - no wonder it seems to constantly lose my grind calibration! Has anyone else had this issue? And is it an easy fix? Many Thanks, Alex
  23. Got this with something else so passing it on to someone here, good condition grinds like it should, £60 delivered
  24. Hey guys & gals, I'm on the hunt for an Iberital MC2 - thought I'd put the word out on here before biting the bullet and buying new. Thanks, Oli
  25. Hi guys, ive noticed that my Iberital MC2 has been making a weird noise. I never noticed it because I always have coffee in it but today i finished the coffee and gave it a bit of a clean with a brush and i noticed its making this noise. Now that i think about it, it made that noise when i would grind coffee i just always thought it was the last bean or 2 going through the burrs after it stopped grinding so i never took notice of it. Im going to try to upload the audio clip and i hope it works. (sent it to myself using audio record on whatsapp) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1_sgHJlqpbpellDN2x1VEx3Wnc/view?usp=sharing
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