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  1. Here are a few very easy mods that I carried out to my Major which I'm really pleased with, so I thought I'd share.
  2. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222688434967
  3. I picked up a secondhand Super Jolly and have started stripping it down to give it a thorough clean and re-paint before I start using it. I wanted to totally disassemble it to make the painting easier, and also planned to fit new bearings before putting it all back together. All was going to plan until I tried to remove the armature. I've removed the upper burr carrier, unscrewed the upper bearing cover plate, and then from the bottom of the machine, removed the four screws holding the lower bearing carrier to the casting. From the parts diagrams I have found online, it looks as though
  4. Saw this on the bay just after putting an offer in on a mignon. Looks like it may have only ever seen a domestic environment. £225 + £10 p&p or best offer. *no affiliation with seller.
  5. Not certain which one, someone will be able to advise (possibly SJ) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coffee-Grinder-Catering-/172938287413?hash=item2843ecd935:g:IX8AAOSwxixZ6ymA
  6. Morning all I’m looking at purchasing an SJ but I’m confused about the different types as described below Available in the following versions: MANUAL: with manual switch TIMER: with timer switch AUTOMATIC: with start every 12 doses and stop when the doser is full being a newbie I have no idea what to go for. Any advice??
  7. Hi Guys, Just bought a Mazzer Royal from one of the forum members ( Kostona ) and I appear to have an issue with the motor not turning. When I turn the switch I can here the contactor pull in, it hums but the motor does not kick into life. I have done a bit of reading on the other thread and I know there is a hooper interlock micro switch. I have removed the plate at the top the check the switch but its not connected. So this must have been linked out so it can be used without the hopper. Kostona used it a lens hood mod. I believe @coffeechap was the previous owner. The motor turns free
  8. Just stripped down my SJ to clean it, is the square chute before it joins the doser, or in my case doserless attachment, meant to retain as much as pictured below?
  9. https://www.gumtree.com/p/restaurant-catering-equipment/mazzer-grinder-for-spares/1261694573
  10. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/mazzer-super-jolly-timer-coffee-grinder-and-knock-out-drawer-vgc-rrp-£550/1263176661
  11. https://www.gumtree.com/p/restaurant-catering-equipment/coffee-grinder-mazzer-luigi-srl/1263515500
  12. Looking for my first grinder and used Mazzer SJ's seem to be readily available and cheap for what you get. I know these are large, heavy machines aimed at commercial rather than home use, but are there any other issues using these at home for 4-6 coffee's a day? Cheers!
  13. I came across this a few weeks ago and I am considering making an offer on it with a view to a refurb project. Can someone tell me the model and a realistic offer price on a 'sold as seen', on the basis that the motor is good but the rest needing a total refurb. The sticker is unreadable from the original pic. Can it be adapted to be used without a portafilter and grind coarser then espresso? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi, there is a seller near me that is selling both a SJ & Major that are 5 years old and asking £260 & £275 respectively. The Major has had new burrs fitted but doesn't feature a drip tray and the SJ burrs are about a year old. Both say they've been used at home for the last year and both have a few cosmetic marks that don't concern me, it seems reasonably easy enough to have the casing repainted if I wanted to. Height in my kitchen wont be a problem, I have a spot for either Do either of these seem like a good buy? I'm struggling to understand the second hand pricing on
  15. Hi, I have seen that Mazzer did produce anti static screens at one time for the SJ, but have failed so far to find one. Anyone have any tips, I have tried Bella Barista and Coffeehit and neither stock them. Noted a seller in the US but not practical for such a small item, that or any tips as to how to reduce static ( and associated mess ) Note, I will also post on the Mazzer page. ( apologys to Mods and others if I am in breach of any rules by doing so ) Thanks Jez
  16. I’ve lurked here for a while, but I’m stuck on a descision that you’ll all be able to help with. Im in the market for a good grinder. I’ve watched lots come and go, but hesitated and missed a few good ones. The two options I’ve come up with are the Mazzer Mini and Mignon. The Mazzer just fits in the space I have with the smallest hopper (height is a factor) and the Mignon fits with room to spare. Consensus says the Mazzer is worth it, but in the real world, is it actually going to be that much better than a Mignon?
  17. This project has been covered before but I thought it would be useful to share my experience and methods of fudge funnel pimping for a Mazzer SJ Ive always been a believer in the mazzer doser with a clean sweep mod but thought till I had a go at a fudge funnel I couldn't compare the two. My prompt was also that a member pointed to the fact that you can get said Fudge funnel / fish ball, shelf octopus.. wtf ?? funnel for £11 and not the usual £25 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stainless-Steel-Conical-Funnel-with-Shelf-Octopus-Fish-Balls-Home-Kitchen-Tool-/192145533883?epid=519903925&has
  18. Good morning, Thinking that the time has come to move from doser to on demand. Have thought long and hard about modding but not so sure it makes sense for me. I would like to stick to Mazzer SJ as I know them and have 3 sets of new burrs in the cupboard. My question (and it is a daft one) is whilst looking around for best deal some are listed as burrs (as I would expect) and some are listed as blades, is this just a failure to update the headings on the spec sheet or do these also come with blades. Thanks.
  19. I guessed wrong the last time .. So could be a mini or could be an SJ https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/mazzer-coffee-grinder/1257608236
  20. I'm reading all those posts and still i'm struggling to decide which grinder i should choose. So far i can spend maximum 130 pounds. But maybe if i'll wait i can spend bit more? 200 pounds. Obviously i would like to spend as less as possible. I am using Aeropress now and French press from time to time. But in the future i will buy Gaggia or Rancillo Silvia. Only I drink coffee in our household 3 times a day maximum. So huge grinder is not for me i guess. Is it worth to buy Comandante C40 or something cheaper. Or Wilfa WGCG2 Svart, or Mazzer ? I dont know what to do
  21. I've bought a Major, but can't find anywhere what I am supposed to catch the ground coffee in. Please could anyone help without being brutal as I am very novice. Thank you.
  22. Hi guys, I modded my SJ to single dosing with sweep clean mods a couple of years ago and have since added the calibrated scale, lens hood and nice oak covers. But what about a weight when I'm only putting in a single shot of around 17gms of beans? What do you use? Richard
  23. Hi folks, Some have probably noticed that i was warking on some old clone of Mazzer SJ (astoria). I dont want to bother you showing all the process but wanted to share some before and after photos. Here they are: And new "hopper" with "inspection glass" Everyone knows that the hopper is the collapsible 3in1 lens cover. The lid is a jar lid from IKEA I happen to have for a long time. Upcomming works on this: 3D printed fork rest for the portafilter backplate motor cover timer relay - if I'll find something that wo
  24. What should you look for in a second hand grinder, beyond the obvious wear, burr sharpness and actually working? If a Mazzer grinder doesn't have the sticker with the serial on is that a deal-breaker? Thanks
  25. Two years with the Royal and upgraditis has struck again! What are my options in the land of reasonableness, i.e. no Titus/Monolith/EG-1, etc? Is the Mythos an upgrade taste-wise or more of a horizontal move and improvement in terms of ease of use? The EK will be a bit of a stretch even at 2nd hand prices but will suit my taste for light fruity beans quite nicely. My dad, who caught the coffee bug from me, has pre-ordered the Monolith Conical so now I feel I'm lagging behind! I'll probably wait for that magnificent piece of coffee machinery to arrive to see if I can taste a noticeably di
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