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  1. Bought a second hand Super Jolly on here (It's great!), but it doesn't have the finger protector (which also directs the grinds downwards from the outlet hole inside the doser). Does anyone know where might sell the part or is there a hack to replace it?
  2. Selling my Mazzer Super Jolly, only reason being I have two of them. It comes with the original doser, but I changed it to doserless because I single dose. The plastic funnel works fine. I have the hopper+lid but it broke at the neck so no use really. I've been using the lens hood modification as recommended on the forum. This clears out the grinds completely from the chute, and a brush takes care of any stray grinds there or in the funnel. Cleaned recently and fitted with new burrs. Looking for £150. Collection is fine from Kensington, or I can box it up and buyer pays for shipping.
  3. Hi all, I've just bought both a Mazzer Super Jolly and a La Spaziale Astro 8a (they came together), in my hunt for a good grinder to accompany a La Pavoni La Romantica. I know both of these grinders are overkill (and huge!) for a home setting, but they were much too good value to pass up the opportunity. Now the difficult question and the reason for my post - that of which of the two grinders I should keep! From what info I can find, they don't seem to be hugely different machines - the only really discernible difference is that the Mazzer has 64mm burrs, the La Spaziale (which, from what I can figure out, is a repackaged Macap MX), 75mm. They're both the versions with dosers. Any advice/opinions would be very welcome!
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade form my Krups GVX2 and after quite a bit of reading I'm concluding that if the ideal home grinder exists, it's not available until next summer. That said, I want to get something sorted sooner, and at the moment I'm leaning towards finding a secondhand Super Jolly, which would fit on my one bit of kitchen counter with unrestricted headroom. What I'm less sure about is how friendly they are to single shots, although I'd have a go at either improving the doser or replacing it with a funnel per some of the posts on here if that's the main change that is needed. When looking at a machine with unknown history, are there any particular things that it's important to to check/look at? Also, can they be adjusted easily to grind coarse enough for paper filter or cafetiere use, and back to espresso? Thanks! Neil
  5. I'm using a Sage DTP in combination with a Mazzer SJ. I'm pretty happy with the results. I drink almost exclusively (black) Americano. I'm sort of dialled in and getting a good crema with no bitterness or sourness. I use scales and aim for a 1:2 bean weight to espresso weight ratio (usually going over by 1 or 2 g). My question is, after having dialled in to this extent, do you attempt to 'fine tune' the dialling to seek to improve the flavour extraction - or do you relax and enjoy your brew without being too OCD about it ? (I'm experimenting with Rave beans and am currently on Italian Job, having also tried their house special (can't remember what it's called!), and next I'll be trying Colombian Suarez.)
  6. Looks in good condition, £200 or best offer, Worthing Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172877516170
  7. Looking at second hand SJ on ebay. Can someone explain the difference between Auto, Timer or manual. Thanks in advance.
  8. ​Selling my whole set up as have just upgraded. Will now split. 2003 Gaggia Classic with Rancilio Silvia wand. Regularly Descaled and live in soft water area. Includes two baskets, Old steam wand, blanking disc for backflush and original spare parts. Stainless milk jug included. Only slight issue is wand leaks a bit but doesn’t effect steam operation. I can make perfect microfoam. £100 collected 2014 Mazzer Super Jolly Timer including grinds tray and laser etched gauge for adjustment accuracy. Like new condition apart from slight scuff to upper side where I scraped it. Very minor. Not a single chip or paint loss around around portafilter holder or anywhere else. £250 collected Kingdom Coffee large stainless steel commercial knock box. 38cm deep, 25.5cm wide, 10.5cm high. £40 collected Collection from near Guildford, Surrey.
  9. I am selling my Super Jolly Timer as I now have a machine with an integrated grinder. This grinder is in superb condition and has limited use. There isn’t a chip anywhere around the portafilter holder and it works like new. It is a 2014 model. There is a slight scratch after I accidentally scraped it whilst moving it but it’s very minor, this is the only mark anywhere on the machine. Pictures show this. Grinds tray included. I’m looking for £240 collected or a courier arranged by the buyer. I live near Guildford in Surrey. Cash on collection, PayPal with fees paid.
  10. https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/mazzer-luigi-coffee-grinder/1284588915?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social Think it’s a super jolly judging by the blurry pics
  11. Hi all. I've finally given and and promised to reduce the space my coffee "stuff" takes up. I am willing to split, offers welcome if buyer multiples. I have included insured courier delivery prices for the big items and regular for the others, but will give preference to those able to collect from central Bristol. Here are the details: 2002 Gaggia Classic /w Rancilio Silvia steam wand (£130 collection, £150 delivered) I bought this refurbished from our very own MartinB here less than 18 months ago, so you know it's in decent shape! Never had an issue with it, still in perfect working order and it has: Rancilio Silvia steam wand OPV set to 10 BAR New boiler and group seal just 18 months ago Descaled Portafilter and double basket (original, so looking pretty well used) Newer 21g basket Original Box Mazzer Super Jolly (£210 collected, £240 delivered) I rescued this from a cafe that didn't last long, around 18 months ago when I got the Gaggia. I gave it a good clean and replaced the burrs, and it's worked like a dream since. I have been using a lens hood rather than the original hopper, but I do have that and the grind tray. I also installed the classic "Mouse" cocktail shaker mod and the "clean sweep" mod to make it easier to use for single doses. There are a few paint chips on the front (pictures included) and at the back but all very superficial. Motta 58mm Tamper (£10 collected, £12 delivered) Lovely Motta tamper with black wooden handle. Perfect conditiion. Naked Portafilter (£15 collected, £25 delivered) Fits the above Gaggia Classic, and most likely others. Great condition, a little wear and tear but it's only a year old. 18g VST Basket (£18 collected, £20 delivered) Not much else to say really! Also in near perfect condition, some edge marks from going into the above portafilter. Silicon Tamping Mat (10 collected, £12 delivered) Really nice little counter-edge tamping mat, with space for the tamper and a rest for the portafilter while tamping. Struggled to add pictures but they can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/kZyGG
  12. Ok so I've been advised to have a thread for this so here it goes. Purchased my SJ from the forum for a decent £130 delivered. Can't thank Nick enough for that and for it arriving safe and sound. So I jumped the gun and only took a couple of pre-restoration photos. There she is in all her glory. Absolute beast! The plan is to strip, clean, and replace as required. Also new paint job. Colour suggestions are welcome. So far I have found a broken spring in the doser and possibly some parts missing but I'm not sure. I'm looking at a generic parts list I think so it may include parts from different models. I've also found a little bit of wear on the doser base.... I could possibly replace or get it sleeved but for now it's staying as it is. That's it for now anyway. The doser is stripped and in a box until I get parts ordered and the paintwork done. Tomorrow I'll strip down the body and get the bare shell ready for paint, hopefully.
  13. Due to imminent upgrade my venerable Super Jolly is up for sale. Serial number indicates it is 2004. Read on... Originally purchased from @funinacup (Michael) so keeping it in the forum family. Michael replaced the doser bottom mechanism assembly. Doser mechanism action feels like new. At some point, like many SJs it seems, it took a knock to the doser, denting the metal and cracking the plastic window. Credit to Michael he managed to return this to the correct shape and polish it up. Extremely unnoticeable unless you go looking for it and I have replaced the doser window with a new one. I recently fitted new, genuine Mazzer burrs. I estimate it has had less than 5kgs through it since, so these are probably not even run in. Will last a lifetime. Has what I believe is the only purple laser cut grind setting ring, made by the forum's timmyjj21. Essential upgrade IMO and looks fantastic. Solid stainless steel adjustment rod. Made by me. Includes grounds tray! Has original Mazzer hopper. Small crack in the bottom, not visible when fitted. Doesn't affect operation. Lens hood for single dosing, but also includes Custom aluminium and stainless steel single-dosing mechanism. Made by me. Combined with clean sweep mod I have done there is +/-0.1g retention (my scales can't measure any more accurately). Typically 18g in, 18g out. Sanded, primered, and resprayed in 'BMW Sparkling Graphite Metallic'. Small chip towards the bottom left. Quite unnoticeable. Oh and it has a new Mazzer badge on the back. I'm in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire but work in Glasgow. Collection preferred but am willing to post at your own cost and risk. £250. Pictures to follow.
  14. Sorry can't post the link as phone won't copy and paste. I'd buy them myself if I could smuggle them into the house unnoticed.
  15. For sale I have my Mazzer Super Jolly that I restored in December last year. I have a thread I created that goes into more detail but i will list everything i have done to the grinder below. sanded, applied primer and painted in satin black replaced the knackered power cable for a new one (like for like of course) replaced the burrs for official mazzer burrs (maximum maybe 2-3kg of beans through them since december) stripped down, applied clean sweep mod with heat shrink (still working perfectly well) replaced the doser spring though i never replaced the doser counter at the same time (didnt see the point) fitted a black laser cut gauge fitted the lens hood fitted oak lids (sprayed satin black) to both the doser and the lens hood fitted the schnozz created my own little portafilter holder (worked for my 53mm portafilter, might need adjusting for a different size) fitted the egg time mod into the doser Replaced some old screws and springs fitted a new mazzer badge to the back of the grinder I think thats everything! Its a great grinder still in superb condition, it was a huge step up from my previous entry level grinder. The bearings were fine when i purchased the grinder and are still fine now, the age of the grinder is around 14 years old (i will attach a pic of the serial number label before the restore) and it is still going strong. I am extremely reluctant to ship the grinder so for now i am saying collection only from Nottingham or i may be able to meet close by. £225. Its genuinely a superb grinder and definitely improved my coffee experience. It also comes with the original large hopper (without the lid though). Link to the thread i created whilst restoring below. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?35158-My-Mazzer-SJ-refurb
  16. 2014 auto model, recently acquired, but surplus now that I have made my mind up on which grinder I want to keep. Also included is the free choice of a laser etched adjustment gauge currently available in gloss black, silver mirror, matt silver, grey, smoke mirror and of course the red (You don't have to keep my terrible red colour scheme!) The grinds tray is a quick creation that serves its purpose, but could be a little bigger. It rests against the grinders feet but does not clip in place. The lid for the lens hood is laser cut and an exact fit so creates a good seal for blowing out the exit chute. (I have a spare in electric blue that the buyer can have instead of red ) The doser counter had just under 4900 when I picked it up, so would assume the burrs have had either 40kg or 120kg through them, depending if the counter is on its first trip around or not. The burrs felt acceptable to me and considering they are supposed to last about 400kg I have not changed them. When cleaning out the grind chamber I removed the burrs, but didn't remove the lower burr carrier. The doser and associated switches have been removed and replaced with a fudge funnel, but all parts are included if you want to convert back. The doser is missing the finger guard and front tamper plus associated screws. I cleaned the doser parts, but did not remove the lower vanes as I assume the funnel is going to be used instead. The grinder has a few notable chips at the front corners, plus a number of random little chips around the body that don't photograph well and are not that visible. For some strange reason an extra hole has been tapped between the portafilter fork holes. The original forks are missing, so I have attached the prototype I created (but never fully evolved). It holds the portafilter nicely under the funnel outlet, but the portafilter is held at an angle. If the laser cutter gets working again soon, I will make a different version of the forks. Asking £180 with collection in London, right near Notting Hill Gate tube station.
  17. I'm selling a good condition Mazzer Super Jolly timer, that has been modded for single dosing with clean sweep mod and flaps/switches removed from the doser (anything removed will be supplied also). It's supplied with the regular Super Jolly hopper as shown in the photos, as well as a lens hood rubber micro hopper. As you can see from the photos below its a 2006 model with a few small chips, mainly to the front, but otherwise in great condition with burrs that are in good shape, and it spins very nicely. Available for collection from Swindon, Wikts, or I can post at cost (£8 basic or £20 with full loss/damage cover). £ 225
  18. Just seeing if anyone is interested in swapping my modded Super Jolly for a Mazzer Mini E or any equivalent on Demand grinder. I like the SJ bit takes up quite a bit of space so looking for something comparable but smaller. Ideally it would need to be a local swap as the SJ is a heavy beast. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  19. Selling my Mazzer Super Jolly with timer for £200. Reason for selling is i just don`t have time anymore. The grinder is in good working order and comes with the lens and sweeper mod and has the laser cut dial for grinding. I fitted new burrs and has had about three kg of beans through it since they were installed. There a few cosmetic marks on the paintwork as pictured. Would prefer collection from Reading but could post if buyer arranges a courier.
  20. Finally got a full set up going now, Sage duo-temp pro and a second hand superjolly, but i'm having serious trouble dialling in and trying to get a decent cup. I've found a decent setting on the sj getting 18g in basket to 36g in cup in about 27 seconds but the drink tastes very 'woody', however when I try and go coarser, even adjusting the sj by a few mm the DTP takes about a minute to get 10g in the cup with extremely sour taste and get a vastly different result with a massively swollen soupy puck. I've kept tamping technique, distribution technique and workflow pretty much constant throughout. I think the burrs on the SJ may be knackered as the previous owner never changed them in the year he owned the machine, i've got a new pair of burrs on the way but I still feel frustrated I cant get a single drinkable cup, surely even done in burrs shouldn't have such vastly different results at such small increments. I've gone through a 250g bag at which I basically couldn't get a decent cup from and am now breaking into another 350g have stopped at the minute as i don't want to burn through that too! Anyone with any experience on the DTP or just anyone at all give me some advice as to what you think I might be doing wrong.
  21. So picked up a super jolly last weekend £170 - it needs a little tlc to get it back up to it's best but I am on it.... Stripped down today - cleaning up / refurbing starts tomorrow
  22. Mazzer Super Jolly Timer model New in box (box opened for inspection prior to purchase) £375 - collected from Stanmore Could be sent by courier at own cost
  23. Mazzer Super Jolly Aut for sale. £170 collected (NORTHERN IRELAND) or £200 insured delivery in the UK. Due to an upgrade i'm selling my SJ. I bought this grinder last year and have modded the doser with a funnel and have to say works pretty well and don't notice any clumping. Was considering the fudge funnel mod but didn't get round to it and this worked fine for me. The grinder is working perfectly and is in excellent condition. I purchased this off a fella who had the catering contract for a golf course and decided to start selling espresso etc. Well he bought all the gear and no one would pay the extra over filter coffee. Before i removed it the counter had 8600 odd on it which equates to roughly just over 60kg. The guy said that he wished that amount went through it. He had it in the corner of his spare room for a few years doing nothing so decided to sell it. I got it at a pretty decent price considering its in excellent condition so happy just to get back what I nearly paid for it. I have probably at most put 3kg of beans through it light to meduim roast. I just took it apart and cleaned the burrs(Mazzer 0033M), chamber and lubed the collar threads. If someone can collect they can have the original hopper, microswitch etc also. Many thanks Any questions just ask.
  24. Firstly, just wanted to give a shout out to @jimbojohn55 who has put up with a ton of PM's from me asking all kinds of questions relating to his Mazzer refurb. My refurb pretty much follows his as closely as possible. I have never really liked the look of the Mazzer Super Jolly and whilst most people seem to agree its a great machine I also have to have something that looks pretty good visual too. I recently invested in a "coffee trolley" type thing from ikea and therefore size of grinder isn't much of an issue anymore. I was going to wait for the Baratza Sette to release in the UK, you know, something nice, new and modern but i stumbled across a few Mazzer refurb threads on this forum and was amazed at what an old Mazzer can become with a little care an attention. I decided I could buy an old Mazzer and refurbish it for much cheaper than the Sette, it will more than likely still out live the Sette and further more the sense of achievement is great knowing I put the work in rather than splashing cash around. The pictures below are up to the point I am at now. I am currently waiting for some parts to arrive from Espresso Solutions (new burrs among other bits and bobs) and I will continue to update until it is complete. I am aiming to be using it by next weekend! Background on the SJ I bought it for £140 via eBay from a chap in York (who I think is also a member on here but don't know their username) and so figured I could make a day of it with the GF. Collected the SJ, walked around York, visited Spring Espresso and then headed back. First inspection; Bearings seemed ok Burrs didn't seem to be official Mazzer burrs Very small crack in the doser clear plastic Scratches to the body Clean sweep mod already done Power cable not great condition Needs a damn good clean Mazzer badge has some paint chipped off of it, not a problem other than it annoys me and will likely be replaced Plan of action; Strip down SJ to give a thorough clean Sand, fill, sand, primer and paint (satin black) Replace power cable Order burrs, springs, screws, pin for brass cog Buy egg timer from morrisons for the doser Remove current clean sweep mod in favour of the more elegant heat shrink method Order gloss black gauge from @timmyjj21 Fit some kind of chute to doser Buy and fit lens hood and lid from @jimbojohn55
  25. Hi all, I could do with some help in making a decision on my first grinder: Mazzer Super Jolly - £160 (in good condition, no hopper) or Eureka Mdx - £30-50 (looks like it needs a really good clean, possibly new burrs etc) Either be paired with a Gaggia Classic. Any advice would be really appreciated!
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