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  1. Looks in good condition, £200 or best offer, Worthing Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172877516170
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade form my Krups GVX2 and after quite a bit of reading I'm concluding that if the ideal home grinder exists, it's not available until next summer. That said, I want to get something sorted sooner, and at the moment I'm leaning towards finding a secondhand Super Jolly, which would fit on my one bit of kitchen counter with unrestricted headroom. What I'm less sure about is how friendly they are to single shots, although I'd have a go at either improving the doser or replacing it with a funnel per some of the posts on here if that's the main change that is neede
  3. https://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/mazzer-luigi-coffee-grinder/1284588915?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social Think it’s a super jolly judging by the blurry pics
  4. Ok so I've been advised to have a thread for this so here it goes. Purchased my SJ from the forum for a decent £130 delivered. Can't thank Nick enough for that and for it arriving safe and sound. So I jumped the gun and only took a couple of pre-restoration photos. There she is in all her glory. Absolute beast! The plan is to strip, clean, and replace as required. Also new paint job. Colour suggestions are welcome. So far I have found a broken spring in the doser and possibly some parts missing but I'm not sure. I'm looking at a generic parts list I think so
  5. Sorry can't post the link as phone won't copy and paste. I'd buy them myself if I could smuggle them into the house unnoticed.
  6. I'm using a Sage DTP in combination with a Mazzer SJ. I'm pretty happy with the results. I drink almost exclusively (black) Americano. I'm sort of dialled in and getting a good crema with no bitterness or sourness. I use scales and aim for a 1:2 bean weight to espresso weight ratio (usually going over by 1 or 2 g). My question is, after having dialled in to this extent, do you attempt to 'fine tune' the dialling to seek to improve the flavour extraction - or do you relax and enjoy your brew without being too OCD about it ? (I'm experimenting with Rave beans and am currently on Italian Jo
  7. Bought a second hand Super Jolly on here (It's great!), but it doesn't have the finger protector (which also directs the grinds downwards from the outlet hole inside the doser). Does anyone know where might sell the part or is there a hack to replace it?
  8. Looking at second hand SJ on ebay. Can someone explain the difference between Auto, Timer or manual. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, I've just bought both a Mazzer Super Jolly and a La Spaziale Astro 8a (they came together), in my hunt for a good grinder to accompany a La Pavoni La Romantica. I know both of these grinders are overkill (and huge!) for a home setting, but they were much too good value to pass up the opportunity. Now the difficult question and the reason for my post - that of which of the two grinders I should keep! From what info I can find, they don't seem to be hugely different machines - the only really discernible difference is that the Mazzer has 64mm burrs, the La Spaziale (which, from wh
  10. Hi All, I have an SJ timer model and hate the doser with a vengeance. I have looked at all the mods and keep coming back to the fact that all i really want is the chute off the electronic timer model at a decent price. For a couple of shots a day surely this has to be the cleanest, neatest answer. Any help, thoughts or ideas please - even a Mazzer phone number in Italy - I'm a desperate man!
  11. I'm wondering if there's much of an improvement in the Mazzer Super Jolly over the Iberital MC5. At present I've got an MC5 but a Super Jolly has come up cheap locally. To anybody unaware of the MC5 it's 1300rpm with 60mm flat burrs and a doser but having not used a Super Jolly I'm not sure how to compare! I'm going to guess there wouldn't be much of an improvement and the best option is to wait for a better grinder to come up. Thanks!
  12. Firstly, just wanted to give a shout out to @jimbojohn55 who has put up with a ton of PM's from me asking all kinds of questions relating to his Mazzer refurb. My refurb pretty much follows his as closely as possible. I have never really liked the look of the Mazzer Super Jolly and whilst most people seem to agree its a great machine I also have to have something that looks pretty good visual too. I recently invested in a "coffee trolley" type thing from ikea and therefore size of grinder isn't much of an issue anymore. I was going to wait for the Baratza Sette to release in the UK, you k
  13. Hi all, I could do with some help in making a decision on my first grinder: Mazzer Super Jolly - £160 (in good condition, no hopper) or Eureka Mdx - £30-50 (looks like it needs a really good clean, possibly new burrs etc) Either be paired with a Gaggia Classic. Any advice would be really appreciated!
  14. Finally got a full set up going now, Sage duo-temp pro and a second hand superjolly, but i'm having serious trouble dialling in and trying to get a decent cup. I've found a decent setting on the sj getting 18g in basket to 36g in cup in about 27 seconds but the drink tastes very 'woody', however when I try and go coarser, even adjusting the sj by a few mm the DTP takes about a minute to get 10g in the cup with extremely sour taste and get a vastly different result with a massively swollen soupy puck. I've kept tamping technique, distribution technique and workflow pretty much constant thr
  15. So picked up a super jolly last weekend £170 - it needs a little tlc to get it back up to it's best but I am on it.... Stripped down today - cleaning up / refurbing starts tomorrow
  16. Thanks to this forum, I am now substantially poorer, though mentally / physically happier. About a week ago I was asking all sorts of questions but ultimately wanted to upgrade my kit. I went from a Delonghi Icona and Dualit Burr grinder to a Gaggia classic, Mazzer SJ (both second hand) and the Hario skerton. The grinder was the one in need of some TLC which required unscrewing and washing parts, and it now looks incredible. The nut for selecting grind size was broken in transit, as was the hopper which is a downside unfortunately. The difference is night and day, but mostly because the g
  17. Hi, So I have bought me (well forced the missus to buy it for me as an early birthday present) a 2014 lightly used SJ. It is in very good shape and my thanks to the guy I bought from on eBay. Anyway upon reciept of the said beast, I started to clean it per several online instructions and forum posts. Now here is where I found the 'thing'... Basically in the doser chamber, under the metalic fingure guard, I have a black piece of plastic with a small (think 3cm wide by 2 cm long) metal piece (like a tongue that sticks out and downward if you will) that is attached to the dosing c
  18. So...after starting out with a used Classic about 10 days ago and using pre-ground, the results were 'meh'.... I then bought a hand grinder, which improved things, and then went from waitrose own brand coffee beans to some recently roasted from Redtail, and I was impressed. Getting used to the machine and the grinder, and using some awesome tips from you guys and girls, I was getting closer to a half decent espresso. Then today....today was a game changer. I picked up a Mazzer Super Jolly from eBay around lunchtime. I got it home, fiddled with the grind settings and was amazed that l
  19. As you may already be aware (I've been quite noisy about it), I managed to pick up a 6 month old, barely used Mazzer Super Jolly off eBay. I collected it last night, dialled in today and I've been blown away by the quality of it. I've already got shots consistently better than with my Iberital MC2, which is impressive considering I've only been using it for a few hours. Obviously, it's big. Without the hopper, it's the same size as the Gaggia Classic and a lot heavier. I was considering an upgrade to a new Eureka Mignon but, space allowing, I would thoroughly recommend this setup!
  20. Hi guys, There's a new addition to the family - just picked up a Super Jolly Automatic from Ebay. Runs perfectly and burrs in good condition (allegedly - not received it yet) but has some superficial scratches etc. Plan is to give it a good strip down and clean, remove the top and bottom automatic filling switches, then either respray it to match the kitchen cupboards (cream coloured gloss finish) or take it back to bare metal and polish it. Will also be doing the sweeper, Schnozza, camera lense hood and Mr Whippy mods when it is all put back together. My question is this - wha
  21. I'm about to pick up this grinder as shown but was wondering how new it is from the pictures provided, from my understanding there was a change in the collar on the newer models can anyone shed any light on this ?
  22. This is all the rage with the kids these days, only using one hand to make an espresso so your other hand is free to film This isn't exactly representative of my normal technique but at least you might get some idea. Apologies if people don't enjoy the musical stylings of Daft Punk...I certainly do! [video=youtube_share;Q41VihHeKQU]http://youtu.be/Q41VihHeKQU]
  23. Brand new Mazzer Super Jolly manual grinder £440, Timer version £450 both with free delivery - not on my website yet so PM me if you are interested! Spec: Hopper capacity: 1.2kg. Blade speed: 1400 - 1600rpm. Weight: 14kg. Andy
  24. I currently have a Mazzer Super Jolly which I believe is about 3 years old that I picked up secondhand. I'm just looking at another one for a friend that has the power cable coming out of the side instead of underneath. The casing looks a slightly different design. Are there any other big differences that I'm missing? Are the burrs the same on each of them? I read somewhere that the power cable in the side meant it was pre 2004, is this correct? Other than checking for play in the bearings do these grinders tend to last well?
  25. We are back in stock of Mazzer Super Jolly with Timer 1.2 kg Hopper ONLY £389.99 + VAT FREE DELIVERY WORTH £9.99 FOR FORUM MEMBER JUST ASK FOR CODE. http://www.coffeeomega.co.uk/Coffee%20Grinders/mazzer-coffee-grinders/Mazzer%20Super%20Jolly%20with%20Timer All the best
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