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Found 59 results

  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/mazzer-mini-coffee-grinder/332681533683?hash=item4d755d58f3:g:PzoAAOSwomVbHRrZ Looks in good condition and pick up isn't that far from me. Thoughts?
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mazzer-Luigi-Mini-Electronic-coffee-grinder/263547250556?hash=item3d5ca3e77c:g:UScAAOSwtc1ap5Xr Bit of mileage still in this one.. may be worth a question or two?
  3. If my grinder is currently set for an 18g VST basket, will that grind work for a single dose basket (eg. the stock Gaggia one)? My wife prefers the smaller single shot in the mornings, whereas I am on the double. Switching between the two is proving difficult, with the double dose grind setting choking up the single basket. Is that just to be expected? All input and suggestions gratefully received!
  4. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/mezzer-coffee-grinder-/1240761570
  5. Beantastic!

    Mazzer Mini

    Looking for one of these elusive little grinders. Can find lots of SJ's but no mini's If anyone has one they're thinking of selling or know of anyone selling or upgrading please give me a shout. Budget around £250 but maybe more for the right machine. Would also arrange a courier separately. Although to be fair Mrboots2u has put a shout out first (did you find one Boots?)
  6. Does anyone have a spare filter holder fork for the Mazzer Mini e ? [ATTACH=CONFIG]15916[/ATTACH]
  7. Hi Got my Mazzer Mini today and I'm delighted - thank you to Jason. A few photos of the beast below - I'm really amazed at how quiet it is running. Bearing in mind the only previous experience of grinders was a Russell Hobbs we dinky thing that sounded like a strimmer when on. Surprised by the wee counter on the doser flappy thing to count the actuations. Pretty cool. I wonder how you could reset it? Also unsure as to how I go about dialing it in. Where do you start from - all the way down and ease it back? It's a hell of a tight when it arrived, maybe due to the cold, but I had to use 2 rubber gloves as grip and really twist that sucker off. Anyway, it's the start of a looonngg and hopefully happy journey! Thanks to all that assisted and guided me to this rather lovely object, which by the way the Mrs has wholeheartedly accepted in to the house....phew! G
  8. Hello Everyone... this is my first post so please be gentle. I am about to by a rocket Giotto v2 and a mazzer mini. I have only drank Americanos before and was going to buy a Gaggia Classic but it seems everyone upgrades pretty quickly so I just thought I would bite the bullet. Should I go and drink some Espresso from a good cafe so I know what a good one is first so I have something to compare? Will I be able to get something ok, I.e. better than Costa in a short period of time? Am I mad;) If anyone has any pointers please feel free. I am going to by from BB so hope I will get a mini lesson there!!
  9. I've seen a few resellers, based in the US - but are there any in the UK? also seem very expensive too!
  10. Having looked at the differences in the burrs, I am thinking of fitting the SJ 33M burrs to my Mini E model A. Has anybody done this? It will be used for light home use - about 6 shots a day, so the duty cycle will be very low. I am hoping that this will improve the coffee long enough to let me save for a really good grinder.
  11. Mazzer Mini for sale - £200 inc p&p. Had for 3 years, bought from this forum. No mods, but it has a 3D printed collar from the forum and a camera lens hood. Works well. I've included postage on the assumption no one on the Isle of Wight buys it. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal f&f.
  12. hi, bought a Mini Timer doser. still trying to adjust for espresso, it's a bit of struggle as of now. i faced with my first problem: it grinds too coarse, to i turn it anti-clockwise for finer and the beans just won't grind. as if the grinder doesnt take them between the burrs. is it normal behavoir? i am positive i'm not touching the burrs (as no sound of it).
  13. Just seeing if anyone is interested in swapping my modded Super Jolly for a Mazzer Mini E or any equivalent on Demand grinder. I like the SJ bit takes up quite a bit of space so looking for something comparable but smaller. Ideally it would need to be a local swap as the SJ is a heavy beast. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  14. Hi I just received a second hand Mazzer Mini purchased from eBay. It has arrived without an adjustment pin to change the grind of the burrs. I note that you can pick up a spare relatively cheaply and even an M5 bolt but in the meantime any idea how to make the grind more fine without the pin? Newbie so sorry if it's an obvious question.
  15. japes

    Mazzer Mini

    Time to upgrade my Iberital MC2... Looking for a Mini, non-electronic. Am based in London but very happy to arrange courier collection if someone has something but is less keen on sending it themselves. Thanks for any offers in advance.
  16. Hi, New to the forum and new to home barista coffee. I am pretty sure I will get an ECM espresso machine but I am unsure on the grinder. It seems that everyone advises to spend as much as possible. My thoughts currently are an ECM S Automatik 64 and Mazzer Mini Electronic A (preferably used as this beyond my budget). Any further advice on choices. Thanks
  17. Spotted on eBay - 8 hours left. Currently no bids with starting price of £100. If we were a couple of months further along, might have gone for it as it's local to me. item number: 282361121295 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mazzer-Silver-Mini-Timer-Coffee-Grinder-/282361121295
  18. currently is consists of: Gaggia Classic Coffee, '99 model, with OPV tuned to 9bar, Rancilio Silvia steam wand; Mazzer Mini Timer grinder, without the hopper; 58.4mm custom-made tamper; generic 350ml & 600ml pitchers can't wait to have the PID installed (waiting for the bits in the mailbox) and, maybe, the pre-head mod (with some 6mm copper tube). cheers!
  19. Mazzer Mini Electronic £300 Purchased from BellaBarista October 2010. Very little use so burrs should be good. Probably made 15 drinks a week for 4 years and then stored. As you will see in the photos there are a few light scratches around the body. Buyer would need to collect, I am based in London.
  20. Hi Reluctantly selling my Mazzer Mini due to limited usage. I've recently become a father and while the coffee is most certainly required at the min unfortunately I just don't have the time to prepare freshly ground espresso to warrant keeping. It is in good condition although one or two little marks which I've tried to show. In no way do they affect the performance which is as you would expect for this classic reference grinder. Includes mini hopper so fits more neatly in a home kitchen environment. £240 plus postage. UK shipping only. Bank Transfer Cheque Paypal
  21. I've accepted that my espresso setup takes up too much of my counter and too little of my time. Therefore for sale is: Fracino Cherub, bought new direct from Fracino in December 2012. This has been used shockingly little. The purchase coincided with the end of my working from home days, and I didn't dedicate enough time to getting to grips with it, so weekend use ended up being sporadic. Comes with three different steam wand tips (I found the two hole the most forgiving), an 18g VST basket and assorted extras (see below). Mazzer Mini (timer version) bought new from Coffee Hit in December 2010. This saw 2 years of pretty frequent use, probably averaging about 7-10 times a week, before it also fell foul of my new working conditions. Comes with the 600g hopper. Assorted extras: couple of tampers, knock box, cleaner, milk jugs with temp tags, basically what you can see in the photo. Everything is in working condition. I had a coffee lesson with Glenn earlier this year in the hope it would rekindle my usage, and he made fantastic coffee with it. I've had a look over and the only cosmetic issue I can see is a very slight mark on the right side of the red panel at the top of the Cherub. I can't say where it's come from, but I've photographed it. The portafilter is also discoloured. Everything could do with a polish, and probably a clean wouldn't go amiss! I can't promise to be accurate about the last time I've cleaned the machine, but certainly not in the last year. Looking at collection only from E17, London. I'm around evenings and weekends for collection, or early morning. Looking at £660 for everything. Would prefer to see everything go at once, but if there's no interest I may look at splitting.
  22. Greetings All! Suggestions to sort my dilemma would be most welcome! I have a Duetto Mk IV from BellaBarista. This is currently paired with a Mazzer Mini Type A. I have a 20g VST basket in the portafilter. It's taking about 26 seconds to fill the basket, which is where the problem lies! The boss hates the noise and I have a sort of green light to upgrade the grinder to reduce the irritation! I realise that no grinder is ever going to be quiet but if I get the coffee in the portafilter quicker, then I mights get less grief from her ?!?!?! Grinders that are currently in the mix Comak E8 - will this dwarf the Duetto when fitted with the smaller hopper? Mahlkonig K30 - this probably costs too many pennies but I haven't completely discounted it yet. Can you get a 300g-ish hopper for it and if so does it look silly as the grinder is so wide? Olumpus 75e - not sure about the look Caedo E37 - again not sure about the look. Any suggestions welcome. When I have a day off I will drive across to BellaBarista to see them in action and hopefully make a decision. Once the deal is done there will be a Mazzer Mini for sale here! Does anybody know where I can get another box for one? I got rid of the box as we have no storage space and I was happy with the grinder and thought it was here to stay!!!!!! Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!!!
  23. Having just upgraded my grinder I'm looking to move on my trusty mazzer mini. Had it for just under 2 years before upgradeiteus struck. The body has got some small marks on it that I don't think you can see in the pictures and the adjuster knob is missing so I used a bolt. Just finished stripping and cleaning it ready for its new home. Fits under kitchen sides nicely as it comes with the small hopper. Would prefer it to be collected but will post at cost to buyer.
  24. My ideal set up. ECM Technika Profi IV, MAzzer mini, bits and bobs.
  25. Considering a new Eureka Mignon but would prefer a Mazzer Mini if there are any up for sale. I'm based near Blue water in Kent and happy to collect if not too far. I don't have a huge amount of kitchen space, so fear a Super Jolly would take a little too much space. Thanks in advance
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