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Found 20 results

  1. Link to Elektra Casa Line Manual Includes Micro Casa a Leva, Nivola, Mini Verticale, Semiautomatica, Macinadosatore Link to Blow up View of Micro Casa a Leva (post 2005 models) Link to Blow up View of Automatica (includes group head blow up as well) Link to Blow up View of Mini Verticale (includes group head blow up as well)
  2. Hi all, selling my Lido 3 grinder, purchased new (CoffeeHit - Jan 16). Comes boxed with instructions, neoprene travel bag, hopper stopper, cleaning brush and hex tool. Fantastic grinder, condition is excellent, only used for Aeropress and V60 at home. Unfortunately, it just hasn't had much use. £120 delivered https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/lido-3-hand-coffee-grinder.html Note - The black paint around the very bottom "rim" (catch jar) is prone to come off on these (a design flaw i would say). So, no matter how well i polished, protected and cared for this grinder (which i have), this is pretty much unavoidable if you ever put it down on a table. However, this doesn't detract from overall excellent condition (not visible when the jar is screwed to the base). Please e-mail/PM me with any questions (pay pal or bank transfer) Many Thanks
  3. My rhinowares arrived (full size, not mini) and a day later broke. Not in a massive way,but my coffees have sludge too - it looks like the inner burr wiggles and although it's not so bad coarser, the grind isn't amazingly consistent. So what to try next? I've seen zassenhaus grinders for sub £100 including the Quito and the caffettiera, but reviews are thin on the ground. The next step up seems to be knock feldgrind but they're unavailable, or the lido 3. I'd like it to be fairly portable but primarily home use. Lido 2 is too big practically as I'm only a little guy! The zassenhaus caffettiera looks good, but not many comments on quality of the grind so much as aesthetics. It's priced attractively too. I'd like the grinder to be an all rounder - not fussed on carefully dialling espresso grinds as I'll not have a machine. I use the aeropress a lot, and have a clever dripper on the way. I use the aeropress as both an espresso style device (ie finer grind and less water) and as a longer brew drink with coarser grind. I've considered a baratza but noise is relevant - I'm up early morning!
  4. This review and setup guide is intended to be a users perspective of unpacking and setting up the Iberital MC2 Doserless Grinder. All instructions are to be used as guidelines only. Unpacking your Grinder The first thing you notice when you open the box is that there is no manual. The typical contents of the box are; Grinder Hopper Lid If you're lucky the retailer may have included a bag of beans (a welcome addition and useful for the next step) Carefully removing the grinder from the polystyrene beads (without dropping them all over the floor) place this on a stable surface. The grinder is quite heavy and should have little rubber feet on the base - check these have not popped out in transit. How to Set-Up your Grinder 1. Turn the worm screw (top right of your machine) anti-clockwise as far as it will go. 2. Place the hopper onto the top of the grinder with the number 1 of the ruler (sticker) directly in front of you. This setting will be used for reference when dialling in your grinder. Please Note: When you remove your hopper, unless you place this back in the same spot you may have to repeat steps 1 and 2 in the future. 3. Before adding beans to the hopper, get familiar with the other dials and switches on your new grinder. Switch / Button / Knob positions On / Off - Bottom Left (| is On / O is Off) Timing Adjustment - Bottom Right (Clockwise increases grind time) Grind on Demand - Directly in front of you between the flexible portafilter arms 4. Using a flat bladed object (preferably a screwdriver) adjust the Timing Screw to Vertical 5. Using a set of kitchen scales, weigh your portafilter to obtain a tare weight 6. Add beans to the hopper At this stage I placed a 250g bag of beans into the hopper and placed my portafilter into the flexible arms, triggering the grind on demand function After only a couple of seconds out shot the first grinds through the grinder I threw these away and pressed the button with the portafilter again, catching the grounds in the portafilter and weighing them for reference The aim for me was to set up a 7g timed dose at my preferred grind for the beans I was using, so that a double dose (14g) would be ideal for my double basket. Throughout each adjustment I pulled a shot to get a feel of the optimum grind setting for the beans. 7. Adjust the fineness of the grind using the worm screw (turning clockwise) and note the number of hopper rotations and where in relation to the front of the machine or side of the machine the ruler is so that you stand a chance of creating a reference point for future grind adjustments 8. Continue to grind on demand, weighing the portafilter and adjusting (fine tuning) the timing screw to obtain the 7g dose. Repeat steps 7 and 8 each time you change beans and when you notice there is a difference in the quality of your extraction. Cleaning your Grinder After each days use, clean your machine using a soft brush to remove the trapped grounds Periodically I run Grindz (cleaning tablets) through my grinder to keep the burrs clean.
  5. Being a bit off put by the amount of work required to make coffee with a manual machine. I've been looking so far at the Sage Barista Express, is this a good machine? I have a budget of £450 and whiling to buy second hand. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  6. does anyone have a service and or user manual for a piccino. i have the one with 2 buttons on front left
  7. Hi guys ! I've been living in London for a couple of years now and love it ! I came across this forum a couple days ago, and it seems like an awesome forum. I've been looking for a place like this, where I can engage with like minded coffee lovers, so I am really looking forward to check out more of the forum and the people within it ! Boilbrew offer a new and innovative Brewing Flask for coffee, inspired by the traditional French Press, and Norwegian Kokekaffe (steeped coffee). The concept is minimalistic, but engaging, giving you full control over your own brew. We launched late January 2019 (1 month ago!), and for now, we have been building up our instagram.com/boilbrew through trial and error, alongside our Amazon UK listing. I am here to answer any and all questions about brewing coffee with Boilbrew. In addition, I hope to meet new cool people to share my passion with ! Any manual coffee brewer launching tips, I'm all ears ! xD What is the best way to make coffee ? Cheers, Patrick Heiberg
  8. Hi Does anyone have a PDF of the proper* Piccino User Manual they could send me please? I thought I remembered a thread where someone confirmed they had one - but can't find it :-( * by proper I mean a User Manual that tells you how to do things "inside" not just the two page glossy that tells you it is pretty and comes in lots of colours! Mine is playing up a bit - intermittently it isn't pumping much water through (barely a slow drip).... Which makes for measuring shots etc very difficult. I thought for several shots that my grind was way too fine it was taking so long to pour...... but I ran a few tests and I got various examples of it running dead slow with out even having the portafilter in place..... Sometimes (quite often) it gets a "proper decent" flow but then it gets a mere trickle just a few seconds later :-( I'm guessing there is something sticking/blocking somewhere - but I'd rather have a manual to refer to before I start taking covers off and poking about!!!!
  9. Can anyone tell me where i can download an instruction manual in English? Thanks
  10. As above please; struggling to find a link or hard copy anywhere... thanks in advance
  11. Has anyone found any reviews or further information about the Filtro – or any of the new Eureka brew focussed grinders? I notice BB now has some stock. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/eureka-mignon-filtro-grinder-matt-black.html
  12. I'm surprised there hasn't been much talk about this grinder here on the forum. They've recently launched their 3rd version of the m47 and I've been contemplating a purchase. All in, including delivery it will come to around £290, which seems like an awful lot for a manual hand grinder. Are they really all that good? I was originally after the Lido 3 for aeropress/pour-over. How do the two compare?
  13. hi everybody I would like to find a service manual for information on the Internet descale my coffee machine professional thank you
  14. I have a Cybercino stuck in testing mode. Any info would greatly appreciated. Where can I find a programming manual or technical manual?
  15. Just recently purchased the above machine,got a new pump from ebay as dealers said they were not available,i did not have a problem,they are fitted to other makes.could do with some help on rebuilding machine as it has had a complete strip down,took some photos but were not very clear Has anyone a parts file,or a manual for the rebuild? Many thank
  16. i recently purchased the above machine, (my first), used, from ebay (74825 or 74826 model, with the 6 buttons top front set in 2 triangles, manufactured in silver or red; sorry about detail but after searching the net 'baby dose' gives me the wrong model), anyway i'm looking for the instruction manual as the one i bought was missing. can anyone recommend a site or email me a copy of theirs or give me any other ideas even if its just the basic instructions as i'm desperate for a cuppa!!! thanks for taking time to read this thread coffee-lovers
  17. Hello. Simple question. What do you think will be a better option to buy a grinder for making a good espresso? Which one can be better in grinding consistency, settings, simply give better overall result? 1, Buy manual approx. 50€ grinder like Porlex or Hario Skerton 2, Or buy entry level electric grinder for around 150€ like Graef CM800 which option do you recommend and why? Thank you very much.
  18. Domestic Line - Manual Download for New Baby Twin manual Download for New Baby Class D manual Download for New Baby Class manual Download for New Baby Dose manual Download for New Baby manual Download for Gaggia Classic manual Download for Espresso Dose manual Download for Espresso Color manual Download for Espresso Pure manual Download for Evolution Espresso manual Download for Viva Gaggia manual Download for Cubika manual Domestic Line - Grinders Download for MDF Grinder-Doser manual Download for MM Coffee Grinder manual
  19. Hey guys, I'm new to making coffee. I've loved coffee for years but have always either bought it or made it with a French press. I'm now unsure whether to get a bean to cup or manual machine. I would be interested in learning some barista skills, but at the same time I would like it to be reasonably convenient. My budget is £450, I'm thinking about buying something pre-used or refurbished so that I can get a better machine for a lower price. So I'm just looking for advice as to whether go with bean to cup or manual and if so what's the best I can get with my budget. My favourite coffee style is a cappuccino, so I would like a machine that could froth the milk sufficiently unlike some amateurish machines I've seen. Thanks guys.
  20. Hi all, if anyone has any manual gaggia machines,not bean to cup, that are faulty or broken ,pm me before you take them to landfill please
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