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Found 31 results

  1. Paid a visit to here on Monday. Full disclosure I know one the Barista's here from his time in Lancaster. It's a 12 month residency at the Old Bank In Manchester. Directions etc here https://www.swansong.coffee Coffee wise, absolutely Fab. This is labour of love for the guys running it. Roasters changing every two week, with some real variety in there. They had a choice of Huck Roaster or Cloud Picker for filter, with Heart and Graft on espresso. On recommendation went for the washed Ethiopian from Cloud Picker on v60. It was delicious, syrupy sweet citrus. Top three this year. I bought a bag and its been delicious at home as espresso and brewed also. If you see a guy called Andy there, say Martin sent you, and he is more than happy to chat roasters and geek out with people.
  2. Hi there, I'm Jamie from Manchester - I fell in love with coffee in Melbourne a few years ago whilst travelling on a year out and found work as a Barista there - I haven't looked back since! If anything, I came back a complete coffee snob! I have always loved food and cooking and would think nothing of buying the best ingredients but was quite content with drinking instant coffee... Melbourne changed all that - the coffee/cafe scene is like nothing I had ever experienced. It's all about the independents and a real passion for crafting (& drinking!!) the best silky coffee you can imagine - to say it was infectious is an understatement! After working there for the best part of a year; coming back to the UK was torturous and virtually impossible to find a decent coffee. I toyed with the idea of setting up a coffee shop over the last few years but my passion has gone further and would like to roast my own product alongside and hope to have my business up and running in the next 6-12months - so watch this space! I'm pleased to read there a plenty of coffee nuts here, so I look forward to sharing/gaining some ideas, opinions and advice Cheers, Jamie
  3. You can view the page at http://coffeeforums.co.uk/content.php?398-CupNorth-2015-07-08-November-2015-Manchester
  4. No, neither wealthy nor famous, but definitely sulking having found out about Cup North, the biggest and best coffee event ever seen in our adopted home town, only an hour before it ended. So, sulking. My coffee adventure started with a Europiccola. I thought it might look nice in the kitchen but it proved only to be an exercise in abject futility. And it exploded (causing nasty steam burns -- our fault) and burnt out (machine's fault -- dodgy thermal cut-out). Soon an MC2 arrived from Happy Donkey. Not much later a well-worn Bezzera BZ02s accidentally followed me home. It was completely crudded-up with scale in the boiler and HX and coffee residues going unfeasibly far back from the group. Now descaled, cleaned, re-wired, slightly modded, never drops a beat. I'll post pix later. I think I need a new grinder. I need a reliable local roaster. I need to find out about OPVs...
  5. I have a vague memory that mention of this film has popped up on a thread - but I can't find it. Is anyone planning to go - I can't but I'd be interested in what anyone going makes of it. http://us8.campaign-archive2.com/?u=457399869eb9511368be7988c&id=64e7a98592&e=59a775572f
  6. Is there anyone here on the forum either know of or can do the above work? I've an idea to mod a stepped Macap grinder to stepless but would need a hole drilled through the flange of the upper burr carrier and it then tapped for a M4 bolt. I don't have access to a drill press to do the work myself.
  7. I have an old Gaggia Classic which I acquired a couple of months ago along with an Iberital MC2 grinder. I installed the Rancilio V2 wand and am thinking to go for the V3 soon.......ok where's my tools?????????
  8. Hi all, after reading the posts for a while I thought I would join and learn more from you all. I'm looking at starting my own coffee shop business (limited experience - lots of passion) so I'm finding this place very useful . No doubt I will have many questions, so thank you in advance! Jay
  9. You can view the page at http://coffeeforums.co.uk/content.php?362-Cup-North-01-and-02-November-2014-Manchester
  10. Which coffeeshops in Manchester are people who are visiting for CupNorth hoping to visit over the weekend of 01/02 November 2014?
  11. Situated in Spinningfields, this uber cool place opened in November. Serves Square Mile and Origins coffee plus excellent freshly prepared food, Had a sourdough humus and salad sandwich that was superb. Caffeine and Co have an EK43 alongside their Robur-e. The EK is big - bigger than the Robur and that's big!! Expertly prepared flat white. Highly recommended - give it a go. Thanks Olly for letting me get up close and personal with the EK.
  12. In case anyone needs a hand, coffee wise, in the Gtr Manchester area, please feel free to PM me with details. I only just stumbled across a month old thread which I wish I had seen at the time as I was well positioned to assist. So if you have an eBay or Gumtree win which needs picking up just let me know as I am happy to pick things up and store until such time as you can swing by and pick up. I've a decent size car so if you are located in the north of England or North Wales, I could also meet you somewhere mutually convenient to arrange a handover. I've done this a few times previously and I'm happy to help.
  13. http://cupnorth.co.uk/tickets/?utm_source=Cup+North+News&utm_campaign=5add3d1042-Tickets_on_sale_now8_1_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fcec221845-5add3d1042-224691269 Manchester 7th and 8th November Who is going then.....
  14. Visited Manchester a few weeks ago and googled decent coffee shops. Grindsmith was the nearest, so I forced my wife and her brother to follow me there. From the moment we entered, the staff clearly loved working there and knew what they were doing. I ordered a Syphon (£6 - expensive?) and the geeked out watching the fella make it, asking questions all the way. He was a chemist, so knew all the details of it, down to the weight of water and grinds and how much to stir. He was clearly a good person to have brewing my coffee. Coffee was delicious. The decor in the place was quite industrial, and the seating was cushioned pallates, but really comfortable. I love it here. If I could, I'd return here daily. Sadly, live miles away... Do check this place out. They seemed to really know their stuff, and the Syphon coffee was beautiful!
  15. PAW

    Finca Tamana - Mancoco

    So I just stopped by my local roaster today and got chatting about how some SO Ugandan I sampled recently from him matured at 10-12 days unlike his espresso blend that matures much faster (3-4 days). A fact I was new to and that he knew only too well. (The Ugandan was really good by the way. Amazing coffee! But that’s not why I’m posting.) While we were on this subject he very kindly offered to let me sample something new he had. Finca Tamana He told me a bit about it being used for a competition and a really good Barista also using it from Bath but alas, I cannot remember the details. I'm still on my coffee buzz and licking my lips as I write this! Anyway as you might have guessed by now, this coffee is amazing! I don’t really go for single origins, as espresso blend has always been my ‘go to’ coffee but WOW! Chocolate, dark figs, brown sugar mixed with a berry flavour that I have not yet recognised properly but it was very clean and uplifting. It really did blow my socks off, as the cup I had poured didn’t look like it was going to be the type of shot I would write a forum post about, but WOW this was good. I own a Porlex hand grinder mini and a ROK. So I imagine if this was to be used by someone with a better set up than mine (not very hard on here!) they would be truly rewarded. I measured 18.5 grams into the Porlex. Ground at just over 2 clicks (this was very fine) Forgot to weight basket Tamped quite hard with a Knock 48mm Gave one pre infusion pump Pulled a 30 second shot Was blown away! Licked the cup afterwards The bag, the beans and the cup for anyone interested: 100% Arabica, Finca Tamana. Colombian. http://www.mancoco.co.uk I don’t know if this is on sale yet but if it is when you read this, I would recommend you get some and try for yourself if you haven’t already. Disclaimer: I do not work for mancoco. I absolutely love this coffee and thought I would share Double Disclaimer: I know nothing about cupping and up until only a few months ago thought "burban wash" meant it was actually washed in burban. Thanks to Stuart at Mancoco clearing that up for me. So all views subjective
  16. On the footsteps of the Chorlton Coffee Fest that was organised last year, I'm part of the team that this year is organising a new Coffee Fest -type event - Cup North. It will be in Manchester on the 1-2 November 2014. at the moment we are on twitter, facebook and we have a landing page at the moment http://www.cupnorth.co.uk/ but the website will follow shortly. CupNorth was set up with the following aims. • To bring together a collection of the best and most progressive coffee businesses • To educate through the use of talks/demos • To serve great coffee • To serve great food • To entertain within a great venue which demonstrates the personality of Manchester We expect the visitors of the festival to be a mixture of industry professionals, home baristas, coffee lovers and their friends/family. Whilst this event is aimed at existing coffee people we hope to make it in to a festival that serves as an educational piece for people wanting to learn more and to be classed as a leading food/drink event in the North West. With this in mind, the people that frequent this forum - coffee aficionados - are the best to give an input in what you think it should or should not feature in this event. So if people would like to contribute with their views, I (we) will be very happy to listen and to tailor the festival towards what this community wants/desires. There is also space for people to get more involved, so if anyone is interested in being a more active part in the organisation or during the event, drop me a line. your input is greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi guys, I'm selling this La Pavoni Europiccola that I picked up right here about a month ago. The machine works perfectly well, however given that I already own a PIDed Gaggia Classic, a Kalita Wave, an Aeropress, a Balance Syphon, and a Chemex, well... You get the idea. Not getting enough use and I don't want a £200 display item. As you can see in the very last picture, the grouphead is clean and in good condition too. Hasn't seen much use from me (maybe 12-15 espressos in a month total), and I doubt it's got much use from the previous owner too! So it's gotta go. It's in 100% working condition, pulls shots fine, froths milk fine. This is the post-millenium model, so 0.8l capacity, it has the automatic "flushing wand thing" to prevent overheating/overpressure. It comes with everything you can see in the pictures: Portafilter with removable spout Single Basket Double Basket Knockbox La Pavoni Tamper Grouphead brush I am happy to post or have it picked up - I live in Manchester City Centre.
  18. I've written a sort of review on my blog here: http://iamabaldman.blogspot.com/2011/12/north-tea-power-my-favorite-cafe.html
  19. http://northteapower.co.uk/ http://www.twitter.cm/northteapower North Tea Power is run by Wayne and Jane, who have created a lovely welcoming little space in Manchester. Originally envisaged as a specialist tea shop, they've added an espresso machine and HasBean beans (currently Blake blend) and a basic range of good food. They're very friendly and welcoming, happy to chat about coffee/tea, etc. The espresso I had was very good, as was the Oolong tea and the soup of the day. They also offer tea espresso (tea brewed in a special espresso basket) - apparently popular across Asia but new to the UK.
  20. This week I am off to Drip Coffee in Manchester Drip Coffee 57 Hilton Street, Manchester M1 2EJ 0161 235 5100 Has anyone been to this cafe? I was recommended to vist from Twitter It is appox 5 minutes walk from my hotel so no excuses for not going on Tue or Wed next week.
  21. Hi Everyone, We are a new roaster setting up in Ancoats, Manchester. We plan to wholesale to local businesses and retail espresso-based drinks and beans at local food shows, markets and pop-up events. We also have a new website under development where you can buy beans and accessories wherever you are! We aim to be fully up and running by the end of November all things going well! We really look forward to getting to know the lovely people here, sharing thoughts/ideas and hope to learn a few things along the way too Please follow us: @ancoatscoffee facebook.com/ancoatscoffeeco ancoats-coffee.co.uk All the best, Jamie Ancoats Coffee Co.
  22. Hello! I'm new here. looking forward for some tips from all the members!
  23. Following recommendation from Olly at Caffeine and Co, Spinningfields dropped in at Takk. Really relaxed atmosphere - had a long chat with Martin and Jo both of whom took part in the UKBC 2014. Takk serves beans from Clifton Roastery, Bristol and the Barn Roastery, Berlin. Had an expertly prepared V60 using Barn Colombian, Finca Tamana. I liked how, when we went in, how Martin asked us how we liked our coffee and took time to explain what they offered. Martin wants to expand the brew side of Takk's menu - his energy and enthusiasm are a credit. Came away with a big smile on my face - Madchester is really getting going coffee-wise.
  24. Hi guys We have a last minute event happening in Takk this Tuesday. Nick Cho is coming to present his December Dripper. It would be a great chance to meet Nick and hear first hand why they created the December Dripper. It is a free event, just follow the link and register. https://www.facebook.com/events/141331996485047 https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nick-cho-presents-the-december-dripper-tickets-38841586230
  25. Hi, I just wondered if anyone could tell me how the coffee festivals compare? I've been to London & Birmingham and was wondering how Manchester compares to these? I was disappointed with Birmingham Festival this year and so not sure whether to bother going to Manchester if it is a similar size - ???
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