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Found 21 results

  1. I have a sylvia (V2 I think) and am getting an issue where water/steam is bubbling BACK into the water reservoir The temperature of the water is hot, but I don't think it's just thermostat failure, more likely a blockage or leak The flow is far too low out of the head. I've cleaned so far with puly caff/blanking plate, but the blockage is clearly further back - even here it doesn't look as if the pressure 'builds' as much as normal for the back flow I intend to use some descaler tonight or tomorrow night. Any suggestions as to the likely cause? Blockage? Limescale?
  2. Hey all, having owned my R58 for a month or so now thought I had better ask about routine maintenance! I backflush with water after every session but currently thats all I do. Run bottled water through it so guessing a descale isnt needed just yet (and no idea how to go about it as only descaled the classic, and im guessing its not the same method!) Should I be backflushing with any cleaner? (still have a massive tub of puly-caff) How often do I need to lubricate? Have read about methods of lubricating the lever bit but couldnt find anything on how often to do it! Anything else I should be worried about/keeping on top of? Ta
  3. Howdy gang, I think that I ground too fine and tamped too hard! When I locked the portafilter into place and pulled down the lever to preinfuse, all seemed ok, until the lever was stalled and locked pointing at about 60 degrees from horizontal. After a moment the portafilter blew off and the lever sprang back. Unfortunately one of the shower screens and an o-ring blew out, into the drip tray! From an infogram I found I think it's the bottom o-ring that's come out. What should I do? Has anybody experienced one of these "blowouts" of sorts? Can the old o-rings be popped back into place? I figure It's best to replace the screens but should I replace the o-rings too? Your advice is much appreciated.
  4. Interested to see what people do to maintain their e61 pump machine (ECM or not) and grinder(s). Perhaps something like daily, monthly, yearly etc. Here's what I have though mine is evolving: Usage: 6-10 drinks per week - including milk drinks e61 HX espresso machine: Daily: fresh water back flush Weekly: Nothing yet - cafiza perhaps? Every 3 months: Nothing yet - Nothing yet - descaling perhaps? Yearly: Nothing yet - replace group gasket? Eureka Mignon grinder: Nothing yet - burr clean?
  5. Just given LI a sixth monthly service - remove the piston, clean, relube and refit and clean shower screen in some Cafiza - half an hour in total. It is said levers give loads of feedback - none more so than when it's time to apply some TLC. LI's bite point was beginning to move from the customary 45 degree angle. Sure enough, when I checked the seals, there was insufficient grease present. What other espresso machine is so easy and simple to maintain in top working order?
  6. Sorry for what might be a daft laddie question but I wondered if anyone could guide me on how you clean the water tank in an Elektra Microcasa Leva machine. The manual contains no advice, only about cleaning the exterior of the machine and the steam wand. Strikes me that some residue will inevitably build up inside the water tank but how do I clean the tank and machine 'through' (simply heating up then flushing the tank until empty?). Thanks for help in advance
  7. Can someone list some parts that typically need to be replaced on a Mazzer Super Jolly grinder? I live in North Africa, where I recently bought a used Mazzer SJ. It's working well, but I imagine it will need some spare parts eventually. It may have been used commercially in the past. As parts are hard to come by in my location, I'd like to buy a few spares during a trip to the U.K. in December. Thank you very much.
  8. Hi all, Just got myself a Eureka Mignon Silenzio yesterday (lovely piece of machinery), went through the included manual but I couldn't get any specifics on how often I should clean the inside of the grinder. How often do you guys do a shallow cleaning (vacuuming without top plate removal) and a deep cleaning (vacuuming with top plate removal to get to the insides)? Oh yes, are there any other maintenance exercises that I should perform on a consistent basis? Thanks.
  9. I'm about to pull the trigger on an ECM Barista (and Mahlkonig Vario) but would appreciate some advice on what cleaning and maintenance regime to follow and what to use. I live in London so the water is hard. If I use bottled still water (like Tesco Ashbeck) will I still need to worry about scale buildup? I saw on BB they had some ECM filter pads or a filter bottle to go in the tank - would it be worth using those as well? And I guess I need the Puly head cleaner. Anything else? For the grinder I saw some brushes on the site, is it just a matter of 'sweeping' it out? Is that just to remove residual coffee from different blends or which will have gone stale?
  10. Hi all Just ran the Gaggia descaling fluid through my classic, as my routine cleaning schedule. I happen to notice that the 'longer' tube that hangs down into the water reservoir has some slight discolouration inside it, toward the top (above the usual water level), before going up into the machine. Out of the two soft rubber tubes (one long, one shorter) I'm not sure which one directly feeds the boiler cylinder, but thought it best to replace it, if it's possible. Anyone done this before, knows how, and/or even knows if it's possible to obtain new tubes!? Or does anyone know if they can be taken off and cleaned through with anything safely? Thanks guys Bri..
  11. I am buying a year old Gaggia Baby Twin at the weekend for £80. I've already had a good search on the forum for relevant threads, but basically I'd like to know more about cleaning/de-scaling/servicing a Baby Twin to get the best out of the machine, so I pose a few numbered questions below. Please bear in mind I am a newbie on a budget. (1) I'd like to know how to give it a decent clean, back-flush(??), service, etc, I'm even quite happy to take the innards apart to do this properly if it means a well maintained machine (I'm pretty good at taking apart and putting things back together). I want to make sure I do this with the correct cleaning products as I believe the Baby Twin brew boiler is aluminium and the steam thermo-block is stainless-steel-lined-aluminium - I think some products may cause damage to either steel or aluminium? Machine is sold with genuine Gaggia fluid and I have ordered a blank back-flush plate, but can a back-flush be done on the Baby Twin like the Classic or is anything different? The machine has just been repaired by Phillips who fitted a new boiler because of a leak. (Which might not bode well, but hey...) I think the steam wand may have the occasional drip after steaming, could this be a problem? Any tips for cleaning the machine between uses? (2) The machine already has the Silvia steam wand modification. I am wondering if the Baby Twin needs an OPV mod (like the Gaggia Classic does) to reduce the system pressure to that for loose coffee instead of the higher system factory set ESE pod pressure? If this is possible, how to go about doing this and might anyone know how to make a cheap accurate pressure gauge or anyone nearby Winchester to help? (3) Any further tips and tricks for getting the best out of the Baby Twin, this could be any kind of advice, from cleaning after each use, to how to get the best brew/steam, peculiarities of the machine? I'm keen to make good espresso with the machine for myself and the girlfriend so that it remains permanently in place on a limited worktop space, so please help! I am off to post in the "grinder" and "wanted" forums for advice with sourcing a good second-hand grinder, no point answering that here in the Gaggia forum... Thanks.
  12. hi everybody I would like to find a service manual for information on the Internet descale my coffee machine professional thank you
  13. I stay at hotels a lot and have noticed an alarming trend of gunked up steam wands on their machines. It would appear that the basic system of using a damp cloth to remove milk foam and a short burst of steam to ensure no milk has been sucked up is not widely adopted or process followed by all staff. I usually point out this shortcoming to the nearest bar staff member but it seems that many of them wait until the build-up is of epic proportions before they remove the steam wand and soak overnight to soften and remove. How would you approach this with the bar staff (or wouldn't you bother)? as my approach is not met with much enthusiasm. If I notice this and others do then they may be losing customers as a result. If this (visible) part of their machine is not cleaned then what are the group heads like?
  14. Hi all, I’m in the process of looking for a new machine, and I’ve narrowed it down to a Lelit Mara or a Sage DB. The thing putting me off the Lelit is the amount of maintenance that appears to be required on the group head. Having never had one, I don’t know how much is actually needed, or how long it takes. I spend a lot of time away from home with work, and when I am home I have 3 year old twins, so i’m particularly time poor. I don’t want to spend hours each month servicing, stripping the group head etc. Any guidance, thoughts, advice, experience or abuse gratefully received!
  15. I bought a Cremina 2002 from this forum a couple of years ago, and have been enjoying it very much since then. I use it for one espresso daily, sometimes a bit more. In 2 years, I've had to replace some wiring (which was dodgy when I bought it), and the power switch (because the light stopped working). I also replaced the pressure sensor, which was dodgy. Other than that, I've taken the shower screen out every couple of months and cleaned and relubed the insides of the group head. Today, for the first time in ages, I had to do some maintenance. The group head gasket had cracked, so I had to replace it. When I look back on that list of maintenance, it actually seems like quite a lot, and I'm not very skilled with my hands. I find myself wondering if there's anything out there that needs even less maintenance. There are other reasons to love the Cremina (small footprint, manual lever makes me feel connected), but perhaps there's something else I should consider. Any thoughts?
  16. Hi, comparing a few machines and the Silvia and Classic both seem to be very praised machines. Classic is £200 cheaper but the only concern I have is the aluminium boiler. I've heard this is prone to corrosion (as it's coupled to the brass brew head) particularly in soft water areas, which I live in. Anyone have any experience of this either way? Also, other than the boiler, the Gaggia classic seems to pretty much match the Silvia (except for frothing) but is a heck of a lot cheaper. Are there any significant differences in performance? thanks
  17. Can someone please list some parts that typically need to be replaced on an Expobar Office Control? I live in North Africa, where I recently bought a used Expobar Office Control. It's working well, but I'm sure it will need some spare parts eventually. As parts are hard to come by in my location, I'd like to buy a few spares during a trip to the U.K. in December. Thank you very much.
  18. Hey guys, asking for a friend here. Does anybody have advice for maintaining a Gaggia Classic 2015 (RI 9403/11)? Since there is no 3 way valve and a spring valve instead, backflushing is out right? Is just descaling every 3 months okay? Thanks in advance
  19. Having removed the panels from my machine to give them a good polish and check on the internals of the machine, I was surprised to find the terminals on the steam boiler limit stat badly burned. Having had a word with Dave C and some solve by inspection, it turns out to be a fault inside the limit stat overheating the terminals and connections. The machine was and is still working fine despite the burning. Other than removing the panels and looking /inspecting this would have gone unnoticed possibly causing more damage.
  20. I have a Mahlkonig Vario. Love it to bits and woudl recommend to anyone looking for solid home machine. But I have had it for a while (about a year). Was wondering what kind of maintenance it needs to keep it at its best? I use it more or less daily. So I guess at some point burrs might need adjusting or replacing? Perhaps it will need a full strip down and cleaning? Feel free to point me at a link if I am asking a repeat question
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