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Found 25 results

  1. ifunky

    Mahlkonig Vario

    Selling my 2010 Vario (bought new from BellaBarista) as I am due to upgrade to a Mazzer Mini soon. Working perfectly, have been using it once a day since purchase so home usage, cleaned bi-monthly. Will come "full set" with boxes etc + some cleaning beans. £359 new from BB, looking for £185 Pickup only from Islington, London
  2. Hi all I've recently moved over to a leaver machine with a la pavoni pro, which has easily past the (Wife Kitchen Suitability Test) WKST. It past due to its great appearance and modest size. At present I am using an ascaso mini grinder that for the same reason past the WKST with ease. Maybe the ascaso is good enough for the La pavino, however can anyone recommend a more suitable grinder, taking into consideration the limitations I'm under. A second hand commercial would be great but the size would be an issue. Thanks
  3. I have this item for sale. Bought new in 2010 by Freddo who some might now on here. In a nutshell, I paid £500 for his Sylvia, grinder, tamper and milk jug. It cost me £50 in petrol as he announced after the sale he would not courier it! I sold the Sylvia to a friend for £300, and the milk jug to another forum member for £9. Whilst I did not do this exercise for profit, I am certainly going to cover my expenses and if there is something over then great. I want £250 for the Vario. I am going to list this on Ebay tomorrow night at 7 pm, so if anyone is interested you do not have long! Comes
  4. Just thought I'd introduce myself. Been a fan of independent coffee for a good while. Used to have a Gaggia (cubika?). Currently have a Briel Versatile Duo (cause' it was Which? recommended when I bought it three years ago and I didn't know any better). I do at least have a Dualit burr grinder. Having got the embarrassing confessions out of the way, I have just ordered a new Mahlkonig Vario based on info in this and other forums. Just trying to convince SWMBO that we really can find space in the kitchen for a Fracino Cherub in the near future. May have to move house first th
  5. Just back from Bella Barista, an excellent if expensive afternoon. Now I just need to learn how to use them! Paul
  6. Only selling to fund an upgrade. Bought this 6 months ago from a cafe which had failed a few months in having used it as a decaf grinder. Had absolutely no problems with it since. I'm normally based in Sheffield but will be on holiday in Hertfordshire and in and out of London from this Friday to the following Thursday. Will try to add pictures tomorrow.
  7. I am thinking of a new grinder to replace my Ascaso imini, which has been fine but the noise! any way I was considering a Vario, as it supposed to be quieter, and I could easily switch between settings, which would be useful any Vario users like to comment? Thanks
  8. I'm even more confused than I was a few weeks ago now... I've been looking at something not too far north of £1000 like an Appartamento or ECM Barista. I saw the Rocket at the LCF but the Bella Barista lady on the stand (and from a few comments here) suggested the Barista would be a better choice, however they didn't have one to see. As I was in Berlin for a few days this week I thought I would take the opportunity to check them out in their home country. But the place I went to (Espresso Meisterei near Ku'damm) were surprisingly down on the Barista suggesting it wasn't the best v
  9. Firstly apologies if I've posted in the wrong section of the forum. I have a Mahlkonig Vario which I'm going to sell. In members opinions would I be better off selling here, or on ebay? Thank you.
  10. For sale is my Vario which is now pretty much surplus to requirements. It's had an easy life and hasn't done an awful lot in the 2 years I've had it. There are some issues though. Firstly, I have lost the portafilter attachment and can't find it for the life of me. The other issue is that I've somehow managed to lose one of the adjustment knobs (on the right hand side). This means that adjustment has to be done with a pen or something similar but it doesn't affect functionality in any way. Other than that, it works perfectly well. Good grinder, nice and quiet and very handy for hom
  11. Mahlkonig Vario coffee grinder, perfect working order. Had new belt fitted last year, grinder purchased in 2011,Ideal for all types of grinding from coarse to fine espresso type grind. Two small cracks in Plastic pull out unit. Comes in original box, but top has lots of holes in! Selling for £210 + postage cost. Or free pickup, West Midlands Sent from my HTC One S using Tapatalk
  12. I've had my Mahlkonig vario for about 18months now and I'm looking to upgrade to something that has an adjustment mechanism that is a little more precise and stable. My only real requirements are that it has to be doserless and not look out of place in a domestic kitchen ... and of course that it is actually better than the Vario (my only real complaint is it's vague adjustment mechanism) Along those lines I'd put together a list of likely candidates ... But I'm not sure what else there is available that would be an upgrade over the Vario so hence the post. Mahlkonig Pro
  13. Hi I'm a bit curious about decaf coffee to a non-coffee centric cafe? I think demand is relatively low at the best of times so do you offer it? Do you have a cheapo machine (or a good domestic machine) or maybe use instant or does it pretty much get treated the same as its full caffeine cousin?
  14. Hi all, My Ascaso iMini is on it's last legs, the adjustment knob spins by itself unless I hold it whilst grinding! It looks like the plastic around one of the 4 screws holding the mechanism to the chassis has cracked, it's served me well for about 4 years now so I'm happy but its time for an upgrade. I'm seriously thinking about buying a Londinium I so want to pair a grinder to that primarily, but if it can also be easily adjusted for chemex that would be great. I noticed Glenn was using the Mahlkonig Vario with the Londinium and liked it, but didn't want to derail that thread
  15. Hi, we all know what a Gaggia Classic looks like, but I thought I'd post anyway so you can see how it looks with a Vario Grinder. Photo was taken just before Sunday morning coffee. Sandy you will be pleased to know that my medium Costa cups are warming behind me.
  16. Yes that`s me off again, contemplating the grinder future this time. Anyway, there, broadly speaking appear to be a number of forum groupings in respect of grinder choices, apologies for any assumptions, errors or omissions. 1. The Iberital MC2 club, presumably purchased as mine was based on performance per pound and generally good reviews on the net. 2. The Mahlkonig Vario group, purchased as a result of excellent reviews ( some naysayers recently though) and the digital control system. 3. Zassenhausers et al, or no mate, elektrikery is the devils work and just check my fl
  17. tso533

    Mahlkonig vario

    Hi I am looking for one of these grinders, if anyone has one please reply or pm me, thanks lcd
  18. Hi, I'm Jon I'm new to and very excited to learn about the world of excellent coffee. I've recently bought a fracino 1 group classic and am looking to pair it with a good quality grinder. I've read the Mahlkonig K30 Vario is an excellent machine and was hoping for your thoughts and advice on this or similar grinders. I think my budget will be around 6-700£. Thank you!
  19. Hello all, Having a clear out of the house and am looking to part with two grinders (of the many - wife groans). Currently I'm using a Baratza Virtuoso Preciso at work and a Eureka Mignon at home. So I have: 1) Iberital MC2 Auto Doserless - Bought new from Happy Donkey. Used for 1-2 shots a day for 6 months. No issues that I am aware of or scratches/marks etc... Clean, solid and reliable. Overall I give this a strong A-, very good grinder. I would give it a 8.5-9/10 for condition Good: Infinitely adjustable, good grind quality, timer, reliable. Bad: Not easy to switch
  20. I have got the following items for sale due to me moving house I will not have the space (I have an ECM Mechanika which is replacing the classic in my new kitchen).... Mahlkonig Vario grinder which was bought from user aphelion on here back in May last year. The grinder is now 18 months old and has had no more than 10kg through it (5kg when I bought it). It will come with both the portafilter holder and ground coffee collector (can't think of any other name for it!). Mazzer super jolly - Bought on ebay a few months ago with a view to strip it and repaint but I have now decided to bu
  21. First I should say that I am new to the forum, so Hello. My question hopefully speaks for itself. I live in Vienna, a coffee town, but equipment is hard to source so I have ordered a Gaggia Classic from the UK. The dealer I am using is the only one I could find that delivers to the EU and beyond. That restricts my choice of grinder. I was going to buy Glenn's venerable Iberital but I cannot find one in Austria. I can buy the Gaggia MDF. Views would be appreciated. Bear in mind that I am an espresso novice (the making of, not the drinking of). I am being partially driven by the notion that
  22. As per the title the little legendary grinder comes with both steel AND ceramic burrs (which I'm not willing to split). I used this predominantly for hand brew methods so the steel burrs are installed, it does espresso far better with the ceramics installed, the box is located in my loft somewhere as well... I'll probably kick myself for getting shut of this but needs must! Please confirm solid interest here and then drop me a PM as I sometimes forget to re-check the threads. Price is £200 inc. shipping
  23. Only had my vario for about 6 months, but I fancy owning a mazzer again, having previously owned the mini I kinda miss it! I don't really use all the features of the vario so if you want to swap, give me a shout! I live in the Watford area.
  24. So I thought I'd post a few thoughts and ask a few questions after the first few days spent with my new Gaggia Classic and Mahlkonig Vario. Two nights and one and a half bags of HasBean beans later and I've pulled my first decent shot. Never thought it would be that hard. I bought the Classic along with a few accessories so I have Motta tamper, milk jug and thermometer and I've already fitted the Silvia steam wand. Regarding the steam wand, I found it useful to remove the lid and get a spanner on the brass nut from the inside. Torquing up the steam wand nut without securing the intern
  25. Hi after much deliberation I have decided to go with a second hand Mahlkonig Vario over a commercial machine. Decision made but one question remains. When buying a second hand commercial machine there seems to be no concern in putting an old (say 10 year old) machine into a domestic setting (consideration obviously for the condition of the machine and maintenance there of). Does the Mahlkonig Vario have any long-term issues that are known of. Assuming its being used to make 2 to 3 doubles a day is there a point where it will start to fail. I'm obviously not talking about consumables lik
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