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Found 8 results

  1. I have this machine model, but the online manuals refer to a slightly different machine (possibly a newer model) The manuals refer to a machine that has a expresso cup button and a lungo cup button. My machine has a power button on the left hand side which illuminates and a cup button on the right hand side. My problem is that the coffee does not stop pouring even when it overflows the cup. When i press the cup button it starts to pour and when i press the same button again it stops pouring. I have tried to "program" it to only pour a desired quantity then automatically stop (by pressing and holding the cup button) but this has not worked. I have tried to reset it to factory defaults but to no avail. Can anyone help?
  2. wolsnah

    Hi all :)

    Hello everyone, my name is Steve, and I'm a coffee-holic. I've been reading these forums for some time now, and thought I better sign up and get involved in the community. Myself and my good lady have been the proud owners of a Magimix R500 Robot Cafe bean to cup machine for the past five years or so, but it's now starting to show some signs of age so we're looking to replace it with something a bit more engineered, from metals rather than plastics, and will give us a superb cup of coffee. I like the look of the new Fracino Piccino so interested to hear from anyone who has played with one, seen one, etc.
  3. Nespresso are offering £30 Cash Back* for any Nespresso machine purchased between 20 November 2008 and 25 January 2009 *Terms and Conditions apply In case you have purchased a machine and have not yet claimed (or wish to claim and the shop does not prompt you to claim) then PM or email me for a voucher - I have 2 available The Cash Back offer applies to a range of machines across the Krups XN series, Magimix M series, Siemens TK and Porsche series, Delonghi Lattissima and selected Miele models.
  4. My wife and I love coffee, especially flat whites but we are both students and will leave the UK in 2 years. Around a year ago we bought De'Longhi ec330 and had a terrible experience. We went through 3 of them before giving up. They simply wouldn't last. We just came from visiting friends in Spain and having a coffee after every meal was really nice. All of our friends were using Nespresso pods and the coffee was consistently good and so convenient. My wife and I are looking at the Inissia models with the Aeroccino and I'm a bit confused. KRUPS and MAGIMIX seem to make identical models save for the color. Is their any difference. I tried asking at Curry's today but I they could do was look at it and state the obvious. I know that these are not for the purists but I figured this is still the best place to ask.
  5. I have decided to take the plunge and finally buy an espresso machine. Having used a moka pot, cafetiere, drip filter and various other contraptions, I've decided it is time to furnish the kitchen with some eye candy coffee-making equipment. As always, budget is a barrier. If it weren't, I'd by a Rancilio Silvia as what I want is a well-built machine that won't need replacing in a year or two. The Silvia looks brilliant. However I am unable to spend more than £150 (well, maybe a little more), therefore I have narrowed it down to: Dualit Espressivo Magimix L'Expresso DeLonghi Icona I have noticed a few other deals, reconditioned Gaggias and so on, but the three above are the most widely available and viable options to me. I think the Dualit looks the most sturdy (I studied it in the shop today), but the Magimix has 19 bar pressure and an in-built filter which I thought was pretty neat. The DeLonghi I'm just not sure about at all but I found a decent deal on it so it's up for consideration. I usually drink espresso or Americano so the frother is of secondary importance. I'm not convinced I need to spend a fortune on a grinder so I'll stick with Illy and Lavazza ground beans most of the time. Can anyone help me out with my decision?
  6. Just recently purchased the above machine,got a new pump from ebay as dealers said they were not available,i did not have a problem,they are fitted to other makes.could do with some help on rebuilding machine as it has had a complete strip down,took some photos but were not very clear Has anyone a parts file,or a manual for the rebuild? Many thank
  7. I've been itching to start another newbie 'new machine' thread since I started obsessing over coffee sites and fora during half-term last week. Since a good few posts seem to have been mislaid in the server-move, I think it's even more important that I now do my bit. I really enjoyed reading Rowlybum's thread from last month. I had a pretty similar starting point and was heading in a very similar direction. I've bought into the idea that the beans are more important than the grinder, and the grinder more important than the machine, so I've been checking out the coffee supplier links on here and have just ordered an Iberital MC2 that should be here in a day or two. The accompanying step was going to be investing in a new machine, and I figured I'd go with the almost ubiquitous recommendation of a Gaggia Classic. We're reasonably close to the former Gaggia outlet (now Caffeshop) at Castleford, so we had look in the other day. A 'nearly new' classic was £199 (though the model in stock had fairly worn switches so I think their interpretation of 'nearly new' is probably fairly liberal). They also had a Coffee Deluxe at £125, and my wife felt that 80-odd quid just save to save a few drips (which was basically how the difference between a solenoid and mechanical valve was explained) was an unnecessary extra expense. But then she never makes the coffee, so doesn't have to scrape the soggy gunge out of the basket before loading up again. I'm now wondering though whether I should even bother with a new machine at the moment. I've got a Magimix Expresso & Filtre which I picked up new about 18 months ago for about £100, but the current model retails at about £250. I never use the filter side and the steam wand leaks like crazy. Since I've been learning a little more about espresso I realise that most of the time I wasn't using a fine enough grind of coffee and wasn't tamping firmly enough. I now find I can get something that looks and tastes a bit more like coffee-shop espresso, but sometimes at the expense of water leaking from the portafilter as well as the steam wand unless I lean on the machine and tighten it really hard. So what I'm wondering is whether to stick with the machine for now while I experiment with beans and the new grinder, then make the leap to a significantly more expensive machine later if I still have the enthusiasm, or would I be likely to find that a Classic (or similar) would make a big enough difference to be worth getting now? (And I would probably get £50+ towards a new machine by selling the Magimix on ebay.) I haven't seen much in the way of reviews of the Magimix from knowledgeable people who can compare it with other machines, so I don't even know if it's capable of making a decent espresso, especially given that at this stage I don't even have much of an idea what a decent espresso is myself. Which way do you think I should go?
  8. I've been without a decent coffee for too long and think I've found a source for double baskets for the Briel, Magimix seem to be using the same design or Briel are making them and they are then being re-labled.....but can't find proof before wasting money.....its the last resort before the new machine hunt begins .......any ideas?
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