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Found 18 results

  1. What a conundrum MBK are! Do you... a) Buy an Aergrind from MBK for £90 and take your chances with delivery and warranty b) Buy an Aergrind from Machina Coffee for the new price of £120 (a £30 hike on earlier this week) and know you're getting good service and warranty c) Buy a Feld2 from MBK in the same sort of price bracket, but again take your chances I suppose I'm more leaning towards the Aergrind for ultimate portability, but it's a tricky call to make. I know prices were going to go up, but a 30% increase seems steep.
  2. Recently, the lid of my Feldgrind 2 has started to rub slightly against the top of the bean hopper during grinding, which has worn away the paint. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Hey guys I'm planning on selling my Hausgrind. Had it for about 6months now so the burrs seasoned. Not sure what its worth currently / a reasonable price to stick on the forum. Cheers
  4. Gaggia classic coffee machine with Iberital burr grinder, tamper and milk jug. This machine has an upgraded (Rancillio Silvia) steam wand and upgraded coffee basket. This in my opinion is the best espresso setup available at this price point. The upgraded steam wand is a new addition to the machine and makes a massive difference to the steaming capabilities as well as making the machine more hygienic than the original Gaggia steam wand. Price is firm at £250 with the extras included at this price. Collection only from Hoylake, Wirral (CH47) Image of setup can be seen here: https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-household-goods/gaggia-classic-home-espresso-kit-coffee-machine-with-grinder/1281136404
  5. Ok lets get this rumour started... I could be wrong.. but in this photo of the Feld2 I think Peter might be dropping a sneaky blurred hint that another grinder is on the way. In the background there is what I'm pretty sure is a dial from a Hausgrind attached to an integrated lid/ crank arm assembly, as used on the Feld2. Would make good sense if it can be done as it seems pop-corninig has always been a bit of an issue with the Haus having no lid. So maybe Peter is planning the same solution for the Haus, and a Haus2 is coming with a similar type of lid/crank arm.. Or better still.. maybe this will be an entirely new grinder, maybe with larger burrs..
  6. I bought this in October 2014, but only used it a few times before I developed some health problems and my wife "tidied up" while I wasn't looking. So, it's been at the back of the cupboard most of it's life; in it's original packaging and virtually brand new. I'm asking £95, plus £5 UK shipping. To save on shipping I'm happy to drop it off somewhere in the Sheffield/Derby Nottingham area, at no charge, or you can collect from me in Chesterfield and try my Londinium L1 / Compak K8 Fresh set-up.
  7. After some consideration I have come to the conclusion not to enter the bottom of the electric grinder market but to get a higher quality hand grinder. I will be grinding for espresso aeropress and v60. This has led to me considering the Aergrind and Kinu M47 - both of which I can hopefully get new instead of hoping something pops up second hand. My question is to the good people of coffee forums is...which one? Thanks, Steve:)
  8. Feld2 with bigger burrs! - "The first 50 of these will be released in late August, a straightforward big burrset build of our Feld 2. With 47mm blacksteel burrs, our unique dial lid with infinite "no stops" adjustment means that you can dial right in on your favoured flavour profile. The bigger burrs grind approximately 40% faster than our standard 38mm sets and the Feld:honed's design makes for effortless grinding, all with the consistency the Feldgrind is famous for. 20 of these grinders are available now for pre-order before 12:00 July 2nd at a 33% discount. " http://www.madebyknock.com/store/p43/Feld47.html
  9. Although I love my Aergrind and use it all the time that I am travelling (which is quite a lot of the time), I really hate the cheap plastic lid that came with it (I was a Kickstarter backer). I have sent innumerable messages using the response form on the MBK website with the usual response of total silence! SO .. does anyone know if it is possible to buy a replacement, metal lid for the grinder? If so, where can I get one from and how much do they cost! Thanks in advance! David
  10. Look like MBK have a new product in development - It's a micro sized feldgrind that's slim enough to fit inside an Areopress. It's going live on Kickstarter tomorrow at 00:01 BST
  11. Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me out! I ordered a 'made by knock' feldgrind over a month ago and it hasn't arrived. I was just wondering if anyone had a similar wait for theirs or if they had a direct contact that I could use to get in touch with them. Thanks, Lawrie
  12. I am now printing two different clips for the Feldgrind, please see below. The 'Simple Clip': £4 inc postage This clip is good for use at home and will hold the handle against the body when storing your Feldgrind in your cupboard. Using this clip: Slot the clip onto the handle near the knob and slide down until the clip stops (dont push too hard). Place the nob resting on the shaft of the grinder, this will give you your level to move the rubber band to. Remove the handle and slot the clip under the band, then just pop the handle in place. The 'Secure Travel Clip': £6 inc postage This clip is super secure. It is designed to keep your lid secure and the handle in place when travelling. It needs to be removed before using the grinder as it obstructs the lid. Using this clip: You will find it a bit fiddly at first getting this on. The lid should be placed into the top of the clip before fitting the clip, then the whole thing pushed down onto the top of the Feldgrind, lift the rubber band to help the lower parts of the clip get under it and it should then push down. The handle should 'twist' in but dont force it, and when removing the handle you will need to lift the clips a little with your finger, just twisting the handle will break the clips. If you would like one please drop me a PM. If you want both clips its £9 including postage. Should you break or snap a clip contact me and I will send you a new one at cost (not much less than I sell em for).
  13. Now I have had it a while, I just wanted to pass on how much easier I have found producing an even tamp with my 58.5 mm tamper than I did with the standard 58mm tamper I started with. I put this down to the fact that as well as a greater surface area and consequently more even coverage, the tamper just has to be level in the basket. There is not enough room between the inside of the basket and the outside of the tamper for it to be anything but perpendicular. Definitely pleased and luckily enough to have received my Heft from MBK in good time
  14. After 4 weeks waiting and a Paypal claim to try and get a product, my Heft arrived today. Firstly, I unpacked it to find 2 very obvious scratches on the base. Just enough to feel with the edge of your finger nail. Secondly, it only weighs 326g while the website says "weighs nigh on half a kilo...". Clearly this is nowhere near half a kilo but does have a wooden handle. My cheapo Happy Donkey 57m weighs more at 336g and this is supposed to be a high quality heavyweight product! Not impressed. How much should a wood handle Heft weigh - anyone have one? I am thinking he has sent me a naff second of the normal tamper instead of what I ordered. Tempted to file a Paypal claim for wrong product delivered and get all my money back but want to check what other people's Hefts actually weigh first. You can clearly see the scratches on the base below - edge at 2 o'clock position, and half way to the edge just left of the centre line. Thoughts?
  15. Made a couple purchases so I thought I'd just clear out some of my older little bits if any one on here was interested. Motta 500ml Milk Jug - £10 (isn't a europa) Made by knock knockbox and matching tamping mat - £15 7oz - 9oz and a 12oz cups with saucers (bought before I ordered notneutrals - good to get into what size works for you) - £10 E61 bottomless pf, it had been sat on eBay a while but I'd rather see it go on here - £25 (possibility of combining with a nice LM / VST basket) Thanks alot, all prices are posted and fees covered PayPal works best.
  16. Anyone got one of the first ones then? Let's hear if you did. Picking up some very favourable reviews on HB threads currently. Looks like next lot due end of jan.
  17. For sale is my trusty Made By Knock Feldgrind. He is approximately 3 years old and in good condition with signs of minor wear and tear. Looking to get £80, plus postage. IM and I can quote for postage depending on service you are looking for. See pictures below:
  18. Just wanted to put a quick mention out for the guys at made by knock. If you've not heard of them they're an Edinburgh based company who sell really lovely tampers at brilliant prices - £18 for a simple tamper including delivery is pretty good in my book! They also do VST baskets and tamper combo's which look fab. Customer service is also excellent. I had made an order earlier in the week and sent an email to enquire about it's progress. The response I got from the owner of the company explained that it had been posted, but that if it didn't arrive by this morning (which it did) then he would come over to my house this afternoon to drop one off for me to use, and we could then make arrangements about the second one which would arrive by post. Although it wasn't needed in the end, to even offer coming over on a Saturday afternoon to drop one off is amazing... A highly recommended and friendly company! And for the record I've never had anything to do with, or even heard of the company before I had read about them on this forum!
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