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  1. I'm looking to buy a secondhand 1 group commercial espresso machine for the Office (plumbed in) that I can also use for the odd event (with flojet) ive been using a Conti CC100 which has been on loan and it's been amazing but it's time to give it back. Have used a La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi in the past which was great but looking for any other recommendations? thanks Scott
  2. Due to a change in travel plans, it seems I'll be out of the country longer than expected. It would be a shame to keep this beauty in storage.. so she is up for grabs to one of you lovely lot! As the machine is literally around 3 weeks old, I will be looking for £280. It comes fully boxed with all included accessories such as razor tool (never used), all filter baskets, milk jug, original tamper etc. As well as the warranty. I will also throw in a weighty Motta tamper, with tamping mat and an extra smaller milk jug as shown in the picture. Collection is preferred, from SE Lo
  3. An interesting coffee article from the guardian , I try to hate tom hanks ,but then he does something else and then I find I can not . https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/mar/02/tom-hanks-sends-espresso-machine-to-help-white-house-press-fight-for-truth
  4. I have a bean to cup De-Longhi and for the past couple of years have been searching for the holy grail. I have tried various Costco beans, beans from Costa, varios supermarket beans but none have come close. I have tried all the coffee maker strengths but haven't changed the grinder setting. Mrs PDES and I have milk with our coffees. I am looking for the sort of medium to strong roast with a thick crema - the sort you get in good coffee shops. So far I haven't come close and to be honest, the quest is getting expensive. So, I am looking for suggestions. Anyone? Thanks
  5. a while back i got an astounding deal on a fiamma latina i and its served me well but its now due both a serious servicing and a new water filter at minimum. being that its both old and rather rare i think the cost of a service and parts will far outweigh the cost of an equivalent or better machine so i think its time i retire it. Ive set my max budget at £500 and am open to refurbs and second hand machines. Im kind of used to having the machine always on like i do with my current one and having it plumbed is a big bonus (im lazy what can i say?) so it would be ideal if it were something
  6. Hello everyone! I am moving from UK, and I won’t have any space to use all of my coffee equipment in my next apartment, therefore I am selling my beloved and well maintained items. (Sadly…) Please have a look, and let me know if you like to see in person, or buy anything. Pick up is available from Shoreditch, London. Everything can be posted at buyer’s responsibility. For espresso machine and grinder, I would like someone who can see the machine/grinder, agree and pickup in person, but can be posted. Please note, these items are all sold separately and not b
  7. We are opening a tea room and been quoted £139 per month for a casadio group 2 machine which works out at £5000 for the three year term. Is this about right or are we being had? Thanks
  8. Getting ready for my next work trip ( 4 weeks away) and the handle for my Feldgrind is missing .... Anyone had this problem before and can suggest a solution ? I have emailed MBK to ask if they can supply a replacement but as we know comms are not their thing. There is a slight possibility that I have left it at work but cant risk getting there and having nothing to grind with for 4 weeks and really dont want to take ready ground with me for that length of time so may have to purchase a temporary grinder ( open to suggestions on that too please) I'm hoping someone has got a m
  9. Hey folks thanks for taking time to read my thread. Having had my bean to cup Delonghi' Authentica since last year i've been looking at upgrading to entry level espresso/grinder setup and came to the conclusion that the Sage Barista Express would be a wise place to start, John Lewis has this in black at £479 my current Delonghi' was purchased at same store for £399? This will only need to last a couple years as i'll be looking at roughly £1500-2000 setup by then and simply use the Sage at work. Any opinions on if the Sage is a good place to start? It's mainly espresso and milk based espresso d
  10. Hi there, New to the forums and I am looking for some advice on machines? I started my journey with a Tassimo, quickly outgrowing it looking for a better flavour, then spent the last 3 years with a Delongi ECAM Bean to Cup. It's got about 10K shots on the meter and still going strong, although it creeks somewhat, a bit like me LOL. It does produce some good consistent coffee and is very easy to clean. I'm hoping I can get an even better coffee experience going to the next level. I have a budget of about £750 ish for a Grinder and Coffee machine I tend to buy my coffee from Amazon for co
  11. Looking to get a coffee machine, previous one I had was the Gaggia TS, great machine! But a tad pricey at the moment considering I'd need a grinder also. Any recommendations / reviews for one?
  12. Hi All, I have a well-used old Delonghi espresso machine which is onits last legs. With Christmas coming I’mhoping that Santa might replace it with something new and shiny! I found my Delonghi to be OK, but not great… I wondered if anyone had any recommendation fora machine for under £200 or so (Santa’s preferred budget!)? Thanks!
  13. This new thread is for a major price drop on the Gaggia Paros I am selling (original thread). I'm asking £50 collected from London (near King's Cross) this weekend. This is a ridiculously low price for this machine, but I am leaving for North America Monday morning, and I didn't get any takers on the other thread. The Gaggia Paros is effectively a Gaggia Classic internally with a built in grinder, in a compact unit. It was a perfect starter kit for me in terms of price and counterspace. The Paros is easily modifiable, just like the classic, although the internal layout is d
  14. NEW PRICE: £100 if picked up by the end of this weekend! I am moving to the 120V USA, so I'm selling my beloved Gaggia Paros. The Gaggia Paros is effectively a Gaggia Classic internally with a built in grinder, in a compact unit. It was a perfect starter kit for me in terms of price and counterspace. The grinder has worked well for me, and Mark (gaggiamanualservice.com) said they are 'quite good'. The Paros is easily modifiable, just like the classic, although the internal layout is different. I installed the Rancilio steam wand and adjusted the over-pressure valve to 9 bar. I also
  15. Took my boys to a kids party at a little soft play cafe not far from me yesterday and was surprised to see this there... Anyone know what it is?
  16. Hi All, Just looking for advice, I'm wanting to get a filter coffee machine (to compliment my aeropress). Just wondering if anyone has used the Merlitta Look (glass or flask without the hot plate)? Or whether I should spend the extra and on a Moccamaster or a Wilfa Svart Classic any advice greatly appreciated, Thanks!
  17. Hi there, I’ve just joined the forum and I’m a first time poster. I've just started really getting into coffee although I’ve had a De’Longhi EC820B for a few years. The machine above has pressurised baskets and although I can get a half decent coffee from it, it’s far from great and nothing like you’d get from a good coffee shop. The espresso I produce has a crema but not a great crema. The espresso from a coffee shop is sort of thicker and has more depth to it compared to what I produce, which is more watery in comparison. It’s hard to explain but the espresso is not as creamy
  18. hopefully this won't offend anyone. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Enjoy! [video=youtube_share;eDxJLe5gpak]
  19. I'm thinking of starting something at work as the queue of people asking me to make them one of my 'special' aeropress coffees is getting too long. Some really cheap machine (not necessarily espresso) and a cheap grinder - might even use my mignon when niche arrives. Something that will enable good extraction, repeatedly and cope well with perhaps 10 drinks per day - 5 consecutive in the morning, 5 in the afternoon. We're all drinking mugs of coffee at the moment so I can't see a demand for espresso or milk based drinks. Something easy to use. Was thinking perhaps 2nd hand
  20. Hi all, I purchased a Sage DTP a few months ago and I’m now considering an upgrade but I’m not sure what I should be looking at for my needs so I need some advice from the experts on here please. My current setup is the DTP with Eureka Mignon Mk2, I’ve got a Niche on the way so that’s the Grinder covered but I feel as good as the DTP is, it’s quite restrictive or linear might be a better term to describe it. I often make coffee for myelf and the mrs. I drink proper coffee (lol) and she has decaf. Sometimes I only make a cup for myself only. Most days I’ll only have 1 cup per day
  21. I've been hovering the forums for a while, getting information on where to start to get into making coffee at home and have decided to go for the Sage DTP (and eventually separate grinder). However looking at the current prices it seems the cheapest it can be bought for is around £314 (Go Electrical) with most of the well known places like John Lewis being £328 and Lakeland being much more expensive at £380. However I spotted this thread on HUKD where Lakeland were price matching other retailers at £229 from only a couple of months ago: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/sage-duo
  22. I have decided to sell my GS3 MP. It is a 2018 model purchased brand new in May 2018 through origin coffee roasters. The machine has been well looked after and is in the sort of condition you would expect from a 8 month old machine and has warranty until may 2019. The machine has only had light home use and has probably averaged around 2 shots per day. I also live in a soft water area and have always used it plumbed in with a good filter. feel free to view the machine before purchasing. Many thanks.
  23. Has anyone had any of this recently? I've ordered this a few times and always enjoyed it however the lastest kg (roast date 15.10) has been awful. I would describe the taste as rancid, sour, metallic. I've never had any issues with rave and they are one of my favourite roasters. As such I was convinced it was my machine (gaggia classic) to the extent that I bought a new boiler thermostat but no improvement. I now think its the beans again as I dug a my V60 this morning and it tasted equally bad in a pour over. Has anyone had any issues with this bean recently? Im now going to order some other
  24. Hi all, Whilst browsing the forum and interacting with other users I often wonder what setup people have at home. I’m looking to upgrade my Sage DTP in the very near future so I’m always curious as to what coffee machine others have. So, what machine do you currently have and if applicable, what machine do you aspire to owning next? I currently own a Sage Duo Temp Pro with a Niche grinder and currently looking at all options as to what to upgrade to next. Cheers, Tony
  25. So I have tentative upgrade permission from the boss.... she started it (honest) with a 'would a bigger machine be faster?' after the usual 20+ mins to make 4 single and 1 double latte with my Sage DTP. 'Yes' says I 'a dual boiler would be much faster..... but a better grinder would taste better' (we both like the workmanlike styling of our Santos 4) Hence our dilemma - the Sage Dual Boiler would be an obvious upgrade from the DTP, but longevity seems a bit suspect. The new ACS Minima looks brilliant. Or do we stick with the DTP and buy a Niche? Or will we need to upgrade both (will t
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