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  1. hello! Smallest possible filter coffee machine that has removable water tank? thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I just find this forum and I love it, I have got a question about power generator, I would like to have a stall and also making coffee, the coffee machine will be fracino little gem 1, but now the problem is the electricity, I don't know which generator will be the best for me, I don't understand different between power generator and inverter generator. Can some one help me? Thank you
  3. Hi, I have recently seen an ad for a used Gaggia E90 for what it seems a fair price. I have never seen this machine, how does it compare to a Gaggia Classic? How much would you be willing to pay for a used, recently serviced, machine like this? I own a classic and start feeling upgraditis, so I need to know if this worth it. Thanks
  4. So I think I must have some kind of record for upgraditis... This expobar Brewtus has been an absolute beast and I love it. I bought it only a month ago from Lord Fluff but some kind of insanity has taken hold of me and I just bought an Olympia Cremina so unfortunately this beauty needs a new great home. It is a fantastic machine and has only been run on brita/ ash beck water and has been regularly back flushed. It's great if you're looking for a good value double boiler PID machine. I won't go into detail about how good it steams or how rock solid the temp stability is as I'm sure anyone
  5. So, the new Vesuvius is waiting for me to collect it at Bella Barista. I should've been launching my boat to put it on its mooring today, but the sailing club have cancelled as they're all busy trying to clear up the damage from the storm. Postponed launch until tomorrow. So I'll be unable to pick up the machine before Thursday. The yacht, the coffee machine, the coffee machine, the yacht. The agony!
  6. At the moment I have Krups GVX2 Expert coffee grinder and use a plunger (French press) to make my coffee. My wife and I want to get the kitchen done and want to treat our selves to a proper coffee machine (not pod to be clear). I have been reading up on bits and it seems everyone says getting a good grinder is most important rather than the machine. I understand why burr grinders are better than cut grinders but as I will only be making coffee for my self and the wife at once we don’t need to be super efficient or make huge quantities so what wrong with my current grinder? I have about £5
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking for a fully automatic coffee machine, and i can either get the Delonghi ECAM 44660B or the Delonghi ECAM 45760W. There is a minor price difference between the two machines(50£). Which of them, should i choose, and what are the differences between the two machines? I'm having a hard time figuring it out. Thanks
  8. Im looking a good site to buy used espresso machines, any ideas?
  9. This looks a good buy for somebody . https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/rancilio-silvia-coffee-espresso-machine-and-rancilio-rocky-grinder-accessories/1174758444
  10. Not sure how good this is, but just something I've noticed today: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Synesso-Cyncra-Coffee-machine-2-group-model-/191878879476 Bid carefully, although I do have to say it looks legit. EDIT: From further investigation (by others) this appears to be a scam, DO NOT BID, read the rest of the thread for info. T.
  11. Big life changes and I'm emigrating to Australia. I think I'll struggle to get the L1-P into my suitcase it has to go to a new loving owner. Great opportunity for someone looking to inherit arguably the best coffee set up you can get! Londinium L1-P: £2150 EK43: £1350 Londinium Button tamper V2: £75 The L1-P really is the ultimate lever machine. The mouth feel and crema are out of this world. I got it as an ex-demo version and it's roughly 18 months old. This incredible machine is £3,120 new plus delivery so this is a great chance to own one for basically the price of
  12. Hello, I need to buy a coffee machine for a (very) small office. It is important that it can serve cappuccinos. What matter is: reliability, easy of operation, quick (i.e. not requiring an employee to waste much time). Thus, an espresso machine + grinder is not an option. I have read through dozens of topics on this forum, but none of them has really addressed my questions. What options do I have and what are their pros and cons? The following are my thoughts. Do you agree? (1) All-in automated bean-to-cup machine The easiest solution, but also the most expensive and most faul
  13. Coming in new to the world of coffee can be a very steep learning curve, to help others and give back a little to the community I thought I’d write down some of the things I considered & researched when buying a new machine. Please let me know if there are any other major areas to add or if you spot any mistakes and I’ll update. Cost Have a realistic budget Make sure you include budget for an appropriate grinder for the machine if required Don’t forget money for extras like tamper, knockbox & jug etc. [*]Size, machine location & access Make sure the
  14. A rare lever, with matching grinder! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Luxury-ZACCONI-lever-expresso-coffee-machine-/322139686438?hash=item4b01058626:g:52YAAOSwMNxXVbIs I hope someone on here buys it and looks after it!
  15. I've recently returned to the forums after a bit of time away for about a year. When I left I had a frankly pathetic Krups XP5200 coffee machine and a Krups GVX2 burr grinder... Oh dear. Then I moved onto a Gaggia Cubika with the Krups grinder before upgrading to the Iberital MC5 you see below. Finally and very recently I've upgraded to a Gaggia Classic machine and wow what a difference! As you can see it's the Gaggia Classic Gold. I've got the basic bits to go alongside it, scales, tamper and milk jug as well as my custom patented grinds catcher (a glass ashtray!) and my
  16. For sale is my 2006 Izzo Alex Espresso Machine. I originally bought it from HizerKite in May 2015 on these forums who had totally descaled the machine (boiler out), serviced the E61 head including all seals and replaced the group head gasket. He had also fitted a new brew control switch. Since then I have only used bottled water (Volvic or Ashbeck) to fill the reservoir, so there will be very very little/no scale build up inside. I have used the machine to make on average one coffee per day and back flushed it every few days. Included with the machine: 1 Portafilter w
  17. The wife has spoken and said I can have a "small machine" in the kitchen. I am thinking potentially the gaga classic plus a grinder. baring in mind that she doesn't like coffee and it would only be for me and guests. So should I also consider going back to la pav? Any advice input greatly appreciated as I have tried in the past to go for £500 setup but she was having none of it. Therefore I have no idea about entry level machines and grinders anymore considering prior to things going belly up last year I was considering a L1 back to reality for a year or two now until things get stable.
  18. Hi guys am new to this forum so hello. Will get in with it - I am looking for a simple coffee filter machine (one with the glass coffee holder jug at the bottom heated plate) that is simple to fill, makes a nice strong coffee. Ideally looking to spend up to £60 although would pay a little more of something noticeably better was available (£100 ish probs my max budget). Have looked online line for some reviews but have found to hard to filter (excuse the pun) all the reviews I to some thing reliable, so thought I would try here - mods pls move if in the wrong forum and thanks in advance
  19. I've got a mint condition Technivorm for sale, the following model: http://www.technivorm.com/products/brewers_for_home-use/kbgt_741_polished_silver/ De-scaled, cleaned, fully working, sitting in a box as I don't really drink brewed coffee much these days. Price: £120 + PP / pickup from Dorking. Open to sensible offers. Regards, Tom
  20. Hello! I am in the process of researching all aspects of the coffee biz start-up as my Mum and I are going to open a classy little coffee van, selling quality coffee and real loose leaf teas. I am a trained Barista, having been a coffee shop manager 7 years ago, and I thought I knew a lot about coffee! Well I was wrong! Although I can definitely tell a good coffee from a bad, spot incorrect techniques in milk steaming, and know how to maintain a good grind and the elements that make up the perfect espresso - when it comes to sourcing our coffee machine it feels like I'm delving into an ab
  21. Hi all - just joined the forum after lurking for a couple of years as upgraditis as finally struck and I'm hoping to pick your collective brains here! For the past 2 years or so I've been very happy getting to grips with a Classic (with Sylvia wand mod) paired with a Sage SmartGrinder. I'm still very much in the learning stage but I got to the point on the Classic where I could pull a pretty consistent shot and get something resembling latte art maybe 6 times out of 10. I've seen the SG get a lukewarm reception on here but for my needs so far it's been more than capable, and I like the
  22. Good morning all! I have been a loyal Aeropress user for about 7 years and now want to make the jump into brewing espresso in its purest form at home! I understand the need for good coffee and I am a big fan of Small Batch in Brighton UK - check them out if you haven’t already. I also use them to grind my coffee at the moment and understand the importance for a good consistent grind. I have been doing a lot of research and within my budget I think I have narrowed my choices down to the Breville/Sage Barista Express or the Rancilio Silvia and Rancilio Rocky grinder. Ev
  23. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a coffee machine, however I want to learn the skills involved to make it myself and not just use a bean to cup. I don't know much about what I need, but so far I know I need a machine and a grinder I also want a way to make excellent frothy milk for cappuccinos. My budget is £450 - 500 and I'm more looking to buy something second hand so that I can get a good bargain. However, I'm totally unsure on what I need and what brand to get. My favourite coffee is cappuccino so I'd like to have equipment that could create that to a high standard. Any help
  24. Hey guys, I'm new to making coffee. I've loved coffee for years but have always either bought it or made it with a French press. I'm now unsure whether to get a bean to cup or manual machine. I would be interested in learning some barista skills, but at the same time I would like it to be reasonably convenient. My budget is £450, I'm thinking about buying something pre-used or refurbished so that I can get a better machine for a lower price. So I'm just looking for advice as to whether go with bean to cup or manual and if so what's the best I can get with my budget. My favourite
  25. I've been able to save a bit of spare money that I'd like to put towards some coffee gear. I'm a bit torn between a new machine or grinder. I will have £400 - £500... Grinder - currently own a Eureka Mignon. I'm after something I can easily switch between settings as I use aeropress, brewed, and espresso depending on how I feel. Machine - currently own a Classic. I'd like something more stable, consistent, etc. I've been looking in to a few options here - Expobar Pulser, or a second hand H/X from a reliable forum such as this. Grinder - due to the switching this seems like a
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