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Found 27 results

  1. As titled hopefully my grinder will come soon and time to look for its companion. I am currently looking at a DTP, lots of people have them and they seem to be great machines, but I also don't really want to upgrade it within a few years so i want to keep my options open until i pull the trigger. I would buy a DTP new but certainly buy a good used machine as i dont really want to shell out 900+ on a new expobar office. It will be used for espressos, long blacks and milk drinks. Thoughts? what do you have? whats great and what sucks about it ? Thanks
  2. Hi, I've been reading this forum for tips & advice for a while now but never posted. ive recently received a good bonus from work :D and decided to ahem invest in some new coffeee equipment. My current set up is an unmodified Gaggia Classic + Eureka Mignon grinder. I generally have a morning espresso every morning with white Americano / lattes at the weekend. Im thinking about upgrading to an Rocket R58. This is probably the most expensive machine I would want to spend. I keep looking at other machines but keep heading back to this one - mainly for aesthetics. Am I mad? I guess my real question is, whether it's worth spending the huge amount of cash on the machine for my needs. I'm hoping to get better tasting espresso / more consistently. I also wonder if I would achieve this aim on a more affordable machine? Thanks for any advice. Chris
  3. Hi all, My first post here and I'm just getting into coffee. Have a gaggia classic my 'old man' gave me after he couldn't get a decent cup out of it. I struggled too, until I got a bargain Wega 64mm grinder on Gumtree and discovered freshly roasted beans! Problem is, I just can't go back to drinking c**p when I'm away at the in-laws on holiday. So, to the point of my post... I managed to source another bargain(£30) Wega/Compak grinder and Krups XP2000 (£5) combi-machine to leave there forever and have half decent coffee. What can I do to get the best from this machine? My plan was to 'depressurise' the PF by hole saw to make a naked PF. Not sure what size the baskets are but believe they are 51mm so will need to find replacement as it is the basket that's pressurised. Can I regulate the pump pressure/OPV as it is 15bar? Any other ideas, tips, experience would be greatly appreciated. Ross
  4. eyesblue


    soooo need a leva dual boiler decision made me thinks !!! seen it for £899 plus vat any advances on that ?? one small point is the pod conversion in the group head something you just swap over when the wife cant be arsed to make a proper cup or is it something that when youve done it youve altered the group head for good?? any thoughts on grinders to marry with the leva??
  5. Hi All Newbie here - have been Gaggia Classicing for years with a Krups Grinder (ignorance is bliss...!) and only recently discovered this fab forum. Temp surfing is great when it works, but now that I've tasted better coffee I decided I need to upgrade or replace. So I'm thinking a MrShades PID upgrade (£90) and a preinfuser upgrade ( pump+ £?) or a new Sage Duo-Temp ? The Krups needs to go at some stage too - and Niche Zero looks lovely and no stale grind retention, but is a little pricey. How's does the Sage Pro Grinder compare? So, thoughts on the best upgrade path would be greatly appreciated. Recommendations on other combinations would also be welcome. Many thanks.
  6. Hi A friend wants to start making decent coffee and has asked what set up would be best. Gaggia classic and Mignon is the obvious choice but he is a lazy sod and wants to run before he can walk . He has a budget of £500, after looking I thought a Sage Barista Express might be a decent starting point. I would appreciate any comments from users past or present and pros cons etc. Thanks in advance.
  7. Been reading the forums and there's so much to choose from... and nothing that really fits the bill. I need to upgrade. Currently finding I can't pull consistent shots on my Gaggia Espresso Deluxe. It's PIDed. The grinder is a Compak K10. Always using fresh beans. My technique has been honed over the last few years. It must be the machine. So, I'm here looking for advice. I'd like to get a HX or DB machine and it needs to be less than 26cm in width. Would be nice if it had pre-infusion, adjustable brew pressure. If a DB, should have a way of turning off the steam boiler, perhaps a PID, then maybe a shot timer. The models that I'm currently looking at: Vibiemme Junior 2B, Expobar Vrewtus IV Leva, ECM Mechanika V Slim, Bezzera UNICA PID, and Profitec 300. Any recommendations? Any other machines in a similar price bracket?
  8. Hello guys, I have tried the 2 brothers coffee shop in Altrincham (South Manchester) purchased the Stereotype a mix blend of Brazil Mantiqueiras and Colombian Narino. It came at £8.50 for the 250gr. The tender told me that just arrived from the Lancashire roasters and opened the new packet in front of me. I want some advice.. As you may know i have the Melitta Bistro bean to cup machine. Now with this type of fresh roast coffee what settings water, temperature and beans strength and grinding setting you recommend? As i don't want to waist beans.. This morning I tried to the strongest beans setting and near the finest grinding setting, temp medium and the min water and was way to acid the drink... Many thanks for any advice on this
  9. Hi can anyone tell me what model this Iberital grinder is? Have been offered it and just need to do research/check dimensions. I have googled it and there is 1 model that is close (Cunill Tauro) but it's different colour. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys am new to this forum so hello. Will get in with it - I am looking for a simple coffee filter machine (one with the glass coffee holder jug at the bottom heated plate) that is simple to fill, makes a nice strong coffee. Ideally looking to spend up to £60 although would pay a little more of something noticeably better was available (£100 ish probs my max budget). Have looked online line for some reviews but have found to hard to filter (excuse the pun) all the reviews I to some thing reliable, so thought I would try here - mods pls move if in the wrong forum and thanks in advance for any help
  11. Hi, I am looking new to this forum but have been reading all your threads and am looking for advice please! I have been keen to buy a really good espresso machine for some time now, but made do with nespresso which is predictable and good, but I do want to make the kind of coffee I love! I have saved up, but am very much a learner! Have used family's 10yr old starbucks machine on and off over the years. I have taken on board recommendation to get a good Grinder (currently have a Krups burr grinder- is it good enough??). So should I be purchasing the Gaggia Classic to learn on, or do I spend my pounds on a Silvio that so many of you seem to have, or do I just go for it- Bella Barrista website has some beautiful machines, but is it wasted on a learner?! A friend's husband recommended ECM... Whatever I buy is a longterm purchase for home- I would rather not have to upgrade in 3 years! Hope you dont mind helping! Many thanks
  12. I've been having problems dialling-in the espresso with my Sage DTP. The espresso extracted keeps coming out very 'fluffy' – quite bitter with a lot of coffee foam on the top (see the picture). This happens no matter the tamp. The best result I got was using the dual-wall filter basket with quite fine coffee grind. This at least gives a good-enough espresso as long as I take some of the fluff off the top. When I use the single-wall filter basket, the coffee coming out is just too "wattery." Does anyone else have similar issues with this machine? Is there a trick with the water filter that I don't know about?
  13. Hello, What is the best deal on this site, because they can ship it to my country more easily and they have some good deals on package machines. https://qavashop.com/en/3-espresso-machines/s-3/price-2205:5175 I limited the price to be like $1200 max.
  14. Hi all just joined forum and looking for a bit of advice, looking at getting a Expobar Office Leva machine, have seen it for about £950 for the single boiler version is it worth paying the extra for twin boiler? I usually have two milky coffee's and two espressos per day plus maybe four coffees at once on a weekend. My grinder is an Eureka Atom. Open to other suggestions thanks in advance.
  15. Hi guys, I've spent most of the morning lurking through different threads from people looking to up there coffee again and I'm sure you guys are sick of it at this point but just want some help on first steps. Living in Nottingham means in recent years with all the new cafes popping up that serve some pretty superb coffee has mad my old tassimo and cafetiere dull to me now, so want to upgrade, budget I basically just want to start out and slowly upgrade over time. I don't drink a massive amount so have been looking at hand burr grinders mainly a Hario Mini, any other recommendations for this price range. Now when it comes to machine Im a bit stumped, I'll go second hand as to get more bang for buck but Was looking at a Delonghi Dedica as Gaggia Classic is a little bit out of range too how much I want to spend to start out. My main question is at the price am i better off with a machine or just getting and aeropress and something else like a v60 or chemex?
  16. As previously stated I am looking to replace my Sage Barista Express and after hours of picking brains, researching and watching videos I had narrowed my search down to the below, I would appreciate anyone's experience or views on what to go for - 1. Vesuvius (Unused demo) £2270 2. Londinium R £2280 3. profitec 700 £1899 I will be using for home use and as stated in another thread I will purchasing a grinder to complement the machine at the same time. new or 2nd hand (if anyone knows of anyone selling) Appreciate machines may be subjective based on people's experience however I need a little help All the best Mark
  17. Hey everyone, We currently have a Gagia Classic and it's lasted well (nearly 3 years I believe), but we've outgrown it and it's a bit of a pain to use now. Our needs are to be able to make from anywhere between 1-10 espresso's in a row (doubles preferably!) maybe 2-3 times a day. From research, dual boiler would probably be better than HX for ease of use, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Milk frothing is not something that'll be done, so not important at all. The budget would be around £1200, I've dug around a little and found these: - Profitec 300 (Dual Boiler) - Expobar Leva (Dual Boiler) - Sage ("The Dual Boiler") - Fracino Little Gem (HX, apparently doesn't need the cool flushing) Some additional qualities I'd look for: - Easy cleaning/maintenance - Not too complicated - Quick to heat up Any recommendations/help appreciated! If it helps, the grinder we have is the Baratza Vario. Thanks, Mark
  18. ... but have been avoiding looking at shiny edifices to coffee for fear of stoking the dreaded upgrade fever. Basically, I am looking to replace my Isomac Tea with a new machine. 3 criteria for the upgrade are: - Dual boiler (to move away from the HX type) - Rotary pump (for noise control) - Ability to plumb in (which I could convert my Tea to do but it's not truly designed to do it and would take modifying) I haven't really been browsing machines for a while so am a little out of touch with what is "The New Hotness". Anyone care to recommend where I should start to look? I am a fan of the E61 group, stainless steel style machines. Previously I had been looking at the Vesuvius or the various PIDed dual boiler machines. The new Rocket R60 looks very interesting. I may also be looking at a grinder upgrade but I have a pair of good performers at the moment. The only concern I have is that the Mahlkonig Vario seems to slip fairly frequently and need re-calibrating so something a little sturdier may be in order in the near future. Cheers in advance!
  19. Morning All I have recently moved into my new place and having got my kit out to set up, and realised that height and footprint is going to be a problem. I currently use a Fracino Heavenly and Mazzer Royal, which is used to single dose. Given the height of the cabinets, this will be a problem. Given the excuse/opportunity to upgrade, I am interested in machines and grinders with reduced height and footprint. I would also prefer to go towards on demand grinding, perhaps with a mini hopper. Thought about Sage Dual Boiler or Expobar Dual Leva? What suggestions do you folks have, apart from "Move", "Take the cabinets down" etc! Cheers Chris
  20. Hello, I bought a 2nd hand gaggia classic that apparently 2 years old, the man told me it's was in perfect working order and yes it does work, however I wanted to descale it before I used it as germs and all that, but this machine looks like it has never seen a descale in its life so I have flushed it through with the gaggia descaler and water but the water seems cloudy and then settles to clear... is this something I should worry about? Or is this normal? Or should I keep flushing til I get clear? Also the main part where the coffee comes out the water is running out like a sprinkler shower head... is that the way it's supposed to look? This is my first coffee machine and I read up loads before I bought it and i'm starting to regret buying second hand as there was a brand new delonghi that looked good and got great reviews... feeling very sad right now
  21. Hi home roasters, I may be able to get my hands on an all-in-one roaster and see how it performs. Could anyone give me a quick guide as to what should I be looking for, when assessing the quality of the roast, etc. a few sentences or search terms which I can use to search for articles and educate myself thanks. Also, if you have any questions about the machine (once/if I get to play with it) or you want me to check something about it, feel free to ask.
  22. Hi everyone. A friend and I are starting a coffee pop-up, attending weddings and festivals. We anticipate we'll serve approx 200-300 coffees per day if we're lucky. Being a start up we need to keep costs down, but also have commercial / professional equipment. We have been offered a CIME CO-03 compact machine secondhand (4 years old) for £1,300 + VAT. Comes with a 6 month parts warranty, the company selling seem reputable. My questions are: 1) does this seem like a fair price? 2) based on the above, can anyone recommend a better product on sale somewhere in London? Would massively appreciate any advice as we're new to this game Thanks
  23. Hi All, I recently did a barista course with Small Batch in Brighton which was an excellent way to spend some time. I learned to reliably make a decent espresso / flat white. However on going home I cannot make myself a good coffee anymore with my £85 expresso machine! Now I know what a coffee should / could taste like I just cant drink the stuff im making! Therefore time to upgrade to something a little better. I was thinking of getting something more like a professional grade but just a single head with steaming wand. Whilst overkill for my needs I figured a higher quality machine would help me to make a better coffee. I dont want to plumb anything into my kitchen (the wife wont have me drilling holes in the new work tops) so I want something with a tank. I had found a Gaggia TS1 reconditioned on Ebay for £700 which I figured was a good option and looked quite nice. However reading on here the Gaggia classic seems to be favourably reviewed. Therefore I seek the advice of those with more knowledge - What should I buy? The TS1 at £700 is top of my budget but I have a decent (i think) grinder already. What should I buy and if possible send me a link!! Cheers
  24. Hello sorry this may be a very stupid question but am new to the idea of getting a real espresso machine was set out to go and buy something along the lines of a expobar brewtus iv or similar but in doing so let slip in the household that the machine has to be on for a while to heat up before you can start pulling good coffee but this was considered a complete waste of money electric wise having a 1200w heater on for a hour or so each day as I'm the only one who like coffee in the house so I would make 1 and go off to work for the rest of the day so basically the short of it do the do a machine like bean to cup I suppose but better what doesn't have a back boiler that is instant hot water and I suppose the group would have to get hot with an element ? Don't worry I am prepared to be laughed off the forum! ?
  25. Finally I'm going to get myself a new machine!! I can afford a new Verona or similar DB machine to go with my SJ grinder. So the question is shall I get a nice secondhand machine for £1200,£1300, sell the SJ on and then I could have £500/600 for a secondhand grinder? Or just keep the SJ and buy a new machine.
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