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Found 104 results

  1. What is the consensus on the best basket to use if you wanted to dose 8-10g in a Londinium (or is it heresy to deviate from the suggested 16g?)
  2. My Londinium R has an issue with the anti-vac valve not sealing. Reiss has advised to remove it to see what the issue is. He has said to loosen by hitting the 17mm spanner with a hammer. I have given it a go as hard as I dare with no joy. Reiss has said to hit it harder. I don’t suppose their are any experienced forum folk in the Oxford area who would be able to give me a hand? I just got this lovely machine and I don’t want to break it!
  3. Fez

    Londinium 1 vs R

    Hi everyone So as some of you may have seen I've been on the lookout for a londinium R. Unfortunately none have come up yet so I've been psyching myself up to buy a new one. Now there have been a few L1 machines for sale on here for around £1400-1500 and I was wondering am I going to spending over £1000 more for a marginally better taste? Or this difference going to be night and day? I've read multiple threads on the differences, hardware wise, between the old L1 and the new LR but I was hoping some owners who have owned both could chime in with their experience in the cup Obviously the money is relative so to you the £1000 may not be such a big consideration. But if we consider the percentage difference is the LR worth the money over a used L1? Will I even be able to difference coming from a standard gaggia classic? I'll be using a Niche grinder and I'd say I generally prefer medium roasts. Your opinions and comments are welcome. Also sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn't find it when searching.
  4. Motta 58mm convex tamper. £19 posted. Suitable for E61 machines.
  5. Londinium L1. Used by us as a demo machine over the last year or so but recently replaced by the new Londinium R. The machine is in excellent condition although there are the usual little scuffs and scrapes that you'd expect. We've tried to show these in the photos. As you would expect, the machine has been well maintained and we only recently serviced the lever, replaced seals etc. The machine is fitted with an IMS screen. This particular example is the tanked version - of course the plumb kit can be purchased if needed but we wanted to maintain the ability to move the machine around easily if we needed to. Collection preferred from our city centre cafe in Sheffield. Alternatively, we would consider delivering the machine within 50 miles for a nominal cost. Price is £1400 +VAT so a great deal if you can use the machine within a VAT registered business.
  6. PART 1 As my search for a new espresso machine draws to a conclusion, the purpose of this thread is to report some of my findings, dispel a few myths and provide a some advice for other members to choose a new machine. I apologies in advance that it is a bit long-winded. I started making 'real' coffee a good few years ago with a pod coffee machine from Bosch. I enjoyed real coffee, and can't stand instant 'coffee'! I progressed from that to an Aeropress, and used this sucessfully for 18 months or more until I purchased my first real espresso machine in October last year, a Sage Duo Temp Pro single thermoblock, basic espresso machine. I have used this sucessfully and produced some really good espressos, however its limitations started to frustrate me so it was sold and the search for another machine began, This post won't be concerned with the limitations of the Sage, but I can write a small piece on request. Rancilio Silvia My first thought was to replace the Sage with a Rancilio Silvia. This is still a single boiler design, but has a proper boiler with a replaceable/serviceable element, and a 58mm commercial style portafilter which can be used with naked portafilters and VST Precision baskets. It also retains the small footprint of the Sage. The Rancilio was the favored option for many months, but I wanted to wait until the Sage sold before purchasing another machine. However... The Seed was Sown I then looked around at what else was available, and thought that maybe it would be a better idea to get a more capable machine than the Silvia, as the Silvia essentially did the same as the Sage, and one of the big issues with that was workflow when I needed to make multiple cappuccinos (or a-n other milky coffee). HX & Dual Boiler The next logical step was either a Heat Exchanger (HX) machine or go the full distance and get a good quality dual-boiler (DB) machine, both of which would allow me to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously. At this point I was unaware of the hand-lever machines and the options were: Profitec 700 (DB) Quick Mill Verona (DB) ECM Mechanika (HX) ECM Synchronika (DB) I did a bit of digging, and the unanimous verdict was that a dual boiler machine was 'better', as it allowed for better temperature stability and therefore greater consistency. However, this point is widely debated among HX and DB users. As it was seen to be 'better', at this point I was leaning towards the DB option. I called David at Bella Barista who recommended both the Profitec and the ECM Synchronika, and said they are identical inside, and both are good machines. I was leaning towards the Synchronika but needed to see both before I could make a final decision. I had decided to pay a visit to Bella Barista (BB) a week or so later when I had a day off, and see the machines in person with every intention of buying one. Hand-Lever Machine I don't remember how or when, but possibly from reading posts on here, my attention was drawn to the sprung hand-lever machines. I did a bit of research and reading up on these machines, and established that the claim is that they produce a much better espresso than a pump machine. Again I was skeptical of this as it is widely accepted that pump machines are capable of producing world class espresso. As a left field choice I looked at the Profitec 800 briefly, and decided that I would take a look when I went to buy a machine from BB on my next day off. Anyway, the more I read the more I liked the idea of the hand machine, and at this point made my first post on here. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37373-ECM-Synchronika-Profitec-700-or-Profitec-800-Lever-Machine-Your-thoughts-please! It was in this thread that dfk41 suggested that the Profitec 800 is not very popular 'over ere' and the Londinium 1 (L-R) is 'better' for a similar price. I looked into this, and discovered that indeed the Londinium looked like a formidable piece of kit, but at this point didn't understand why it was any better or any worse than the Profitec. It looks a little flasher without a doubt, and as I had no clue what the difference between a 'dipper' and a 'thermosiphon' was, I needed to know more. So, a hand-lever machine it is then? Roundabout this time I'd 'narrowed it down' once again, this time to the ECM Synchronika (as a DB option) or the Londinium. I'd spoken to Lee at Foundry who could supply (eventually) a Londinium R and was suitably impressed with it, and had spoken to several DB Machine owners who could testify that the DB was the way towards better coffee. Confused...you bet! As it was coming up to my days off I put a feeler out on here to see what you guys thought. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37393-Londinium-R-vs-ECM-Synchronika-the-big-decision! workingdog Kindly offered a chance to see and experience his Londinium, an offer which I gratefully took him up on the day before my trip to BB. Stay tuned for the next episode which, arguably, is the most important bit.
  7. Just completed my new Coffee Corner so that my new Londinium & K30 can be on display in our Dining Room, rather than hidden away in the utility room like my last set-up was. So glad I made the move to a Londinium and it has far exceeded my expectations so far! Looking forward to a long lasting relationship! The K30 is also new to me and I have upgraded burr carrier - have been very impressed so far. I also changed the hopper to a lens-hood and custom hardwood top to match the R, rather than the enormous hopper it came with, and I also made a matching hardwood tray to catch the grinds.
  8. I have obtained a pf pressure gauge which needs screwing into the normal male 3/8" BSP portafilter spout connector. I already own an OEM double-spout pf, but as it now gives equal service to each spout when I pull a shot, I'm hesitant to mess with it. Any old pf handle that fits a Londinium and the specification would do – I don't need the actual spouts. Matt
  9. Hi Everyone I'd just like to start by saying how much I have enjoyed the learning experience since I joined the forum last year! My current set-up is a Brasilia RR55 grinder & a Quick Mill Anita Espresso machine and I have been gradually improving in what I am able to get out of the set-up thanks to lots of the advice gleaned from this forum. One of the things that I have learnt since being here is that you should look at getting the best grinder possible because this has the greatest improvement 'in the cup' and this was what I was intending to do - having recently placed a 'wanted' listing for a Ceado E37s (although I was also considering getting the Compak E8 currently in sales corner as well). All was going well until, just the other day, I read about the new Londinium R. After doing much more research on the machine, I am very tempted to 'push the boat out' and get one of these instead of getting the new grinder, as I have always liked what I have read about lever machines and the few things that did concern me about them appear to have been addressed on the new Londinium R model. I am also a bit concerned that to do this would go against a lot of what I have learned on the forum since joining as I would be doing things 'the wrong way round'!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?? Options, as I see them, are: 1) Do as planned and just upgrade the grinder (which I can afford to do) 2) Sell the Anita and put the money towards the Londinium, keeping the RR55 (if you think this would be up to the job) 3) Upgrade both - this option would also require me to sell my 'high-end' MTB to find the extra funds (and risk marital disharmony for a while) 4) Stick with what I've got for now and work on improving my technique Any advice greatly appreciated! Graham
  10. I'd purchased these with the intention of putting them on the L1-P, but as things have panned out its been powered down for a few months so if anyone wants a set here you go. £24 inc 1st class signed.
  11. I have just taken delivery of a set of 6 Londinium cups and saucers - Ancap 150ml (5 oz) Competition hand painted as per HERE Londinium only sell in sets of 6 which quite frankly is overkill for me so I am prepared sell a pair on if anyone is interested. £24 + postage.
  12. Big life changes and I'm emigrating to Australia. I think I'll struggle to get the L1-P into my suitcase it has to go to a new loving owner. Great opportunity for someone looking to inherit arguably the best coffee set up you can get! Londinium L1-P: £2150 EK43: £1350 Londinium Button tamper V2: £75 The L1-P really is the ultimate lever machine. The mouth feel and crema are out of this world. I got it as an ex-demo version and it's roughly 18 months old. This incredible machine is £3,120 new plus delivery so this is a great chance to own one for basically the price of a new standard L1. It's been run on a brita filtration system and I am throwing this in with the sale including pressure regulator for the machine and a brand new brita filter which costs about £100. The EK43 was bought second hand from a coffee shop and was about 2 years old when I got it 8 months ago. It had had new Turkish burrs installed 2 months before I got it so these are essentially as new. The EK43 speaks for itself and I won't go into just how amazing a grinder it is. The version I have is white and has a couple of blemishes as you'd expect but works wonderfully and comes with an upgraded retina gauge to really accurately dial in the grind. PM me if you have any questions about any of these at all.
  13. 4 x Londinium Espresso Latte Cups (inc saucers) - Made by Ancap / d'Ancap, Italy. One cup feels like (as I couldn't see anything) there's the slightest imperfection in the casting not a chip. I found this when taking them out to photograph. Come boxed (though its a bit old). I purchased theses when I'd hoped to get an L1 machine. I ended up getting a SDB and these are a constant reminder of my stupidity so they're going £25 + PP (if required or can be collected from sheffield)
  14. FranD

    L1 Routine

    So after 7.5 years of faithful service from my Classic, I've realised my lever dream this week. Cheers to Lee @foundrycoffeeroasters.com for sorting us. Where has this been all my life? Totally enamoured. First four or five shots were really promising, although now it's started slipping and catching high, drawing only about 20g. I'm guessing the seals just need regreasing; there seemed to be plenty on there from the factory, but I've some loxeal on order now so I can put a fresh coat on. Question is, have I broadly got this right in terms of a routine? Must have read just about every Londinium thread going over the past 12 months, so I'm just making sure I've got this straight in my head... 1. Fill water tank, switch on, allow boiler to come to temp/pressure. 2. Either leave for an hour for group to come to temp, or pull through the group for a few seconds. 3. Warm cup from tap. 4. Grind/basket prep/lock in PF. 6. Short steam vent, bring to pressure. 6. Preinfuse and pull the shot. 7. Unlock PF, flush group, and back to point 3. Does that sound about right?
  15. Can anyone advise what type of connector I'll need at the machine end to plumb in an LI? I'll be using 1/4" (6.35mm) John Guest tubing.
  16. What baskets are you using for your Londinium and what doses do you use? I've been using the ridgeless EspressoParts 14G HQ baskets with a dose of 16.5 grams. This seems to be the maximum dose with that basket as I see a fairly prominent imprint of the dispersion screen when I am done with the shot. By the way, I leave the basket in the group head while I prepare my next basket to let the pressure out so I don't get any sneeze.
  17. So, I’ve had a frustrating few days with disappointing extractions. I’m using a Gaggia Classic (OPV mod) always left to warm up for at least 30 minutes, Mignon grinder, 18g VST basket, 58mm Cafelat tamper. The problems began a few days ago when I switched to Londinium beans, the first time I’ve used them. I don’t mean to suggest that there’s anything wrong with the beans, by the way, I’m just finding them very tricky compared with what I've been using (mainly blends, but some SO). I haven’t changed technique and while I’m sure there’s plenty of room for improvement I’ve been quite pleased with what I can usually produce, so I’m frustrated at how things are at the moment. The following clip shows grinding, tamping and two different extractions. This is with the Brazil Fazenda Passeio. The first is too fast (and so poor I’m embarrassed to be sharing it!) and the second a bit slow, but they were only a nudge apart on the grinder setting. http://vimeo.com/85158311 Most are in the middle of these two, but all have in common that they start very dark, there’s no tiger striping, the consistency seems thin and then it goes light and fast with lots and lots of spritzing. I know Reiss roasts for lever machines and I’m not expecting to get all the flavours some of you do with L1s, but I think my problems are distribution related and I need to address those first. I’m dosing 18g in, aiming for 28g out in 27 seconds, although I had a little more success later today with 17g. I’ve also tried nutating, although I wasn’t in the video. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much. Jane
  18. As the coffe journey continues I near the time when I can purchase the lever machine. Still think the L1 is for me but i noticed that there recently has been mention of the L1s -anyone know anything???
  19. Hi, I'm looking to buy an L1. What would swing it for me would be to see one in the flesh. It's ok to look at photos of perfectly lit shiny steel etc, but I'm a hands on sort of bloke. So, is there an owner of an L1 in the Leicestershire area who could spare me a few minutes sometime to take a look at their pride and joy? I can promise not to steal anything if that helps!! I've got a Silvia at the min, and i think I've moved on a bit. It was a trip to Naples that did it. They all seem to run lever machines around there. Best coffee I've ever tasted.
  20. I've ended up with a spare 2 hole tip by way of a series of events. if anyone would like it, tell me a funny joke. Funniest joke by midnight tonight gets it may the funniest man win
  21. Yesterday I said goodbye to my Londinium R. Sad day? Possibly, possibly not, but if you're thinking of buying one or already have one, it may (may!) be a semi-interesting read. Here I intend to give an honest, non-biased review from MY perspective as a high-end home user. Short Version If you stumbled upon this thread and either haven't got the time, can't be bothered or aren't really interested, the short version is this: The Londinium R is an EXCELLENT lever machine, undoubtedly the best you can get, however, I didn't find it to be the easiest machine to use or live with, it has its quirks and although will certainly produce excellent espresso, relies on a great deal of care, consistency and patience from the user (and a good grinder!) to get the excellent shots the Londinium is famed for! Why did I buy a Londinium R? For a bit of background, and why I chose the Londinium (Lever) please see this thread. I want to try and avoid repeating what I've already posted! https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37447-The-Facts-from-the-Fiction-(Types-of-Espresso-Machine)&p=488193#post488193 Initial Impressions When I first opened the box back in May last year and built the thing, I was very impressed at what is a beautifully elegant machine. I fired it up, and spent the evening pulling some TERRIBLE shots. What could go wrong probably did! Anyway, it took a bit of experimentation, and some huge technique changes (for the better of course) to realise that on the LR, especially with VST baskets, the grind, distribution and tamp weight is crucial to getting a good shot. Once I'd spent a few days experimenting, and once I'd 'got it', the shots then got better, until they were very nice indeed. At this point (having owned the LR a week or so) I was hugely impressed with the output and very much enjoyed using it. This was not the time to write an impartial review! I Stuck with it, gave it a few more months, used it, drank coffee, thought about it and enjoyed it. Once the 'new gadget [rose tinted] owners goggles' had gone I decided to put 'pen to paper' with my thoughts on it! Here goes... What did I like about it? Taste of the espresso (10/10) -When the shots came out well, the flavour and taste of the espresso was stunning. Much better than anything you will get from most commercial coffee shops (especially the ghastly chains). However, getting these super shots required regular use and perfect grind and distribution. Simplicity (8.5/10) -No settings (apart from the pre-infusion pressure) to worry about. I like a coffee machine to make good coffee without lots of settings and constant messing about, and the LR was pretty much there. A pressure profiling machine (like the Vesuvius) would NOT be for me! Build Quality/Reliability (10/10) -In the 9 months I owned it, it didn't give me a single reliability issue at all. Not one! Also it looks and feels like an exceptionally well built piece of equipment, and the insides are a work of art! Looks -As previously stated the LR is an elegant machine. It's fairly big (for the home) but the polished finish looks great (although mine usually had a towel over it for protection). No problems here. Not going to give this a score out of 10 as it is entirely subjective and doesn't really warrant one! What didn't I like about it? Warm up time -It takes a GOOD hour to warm up fully before good shots can be pulled. I used to test if it was fully warmed up by checking the end of the lever nearest the handle. If this was warm, generally I was good to go. Joysticks -For the steam and water, personally I prefer valves with knobs that turn rather than the joysticks. I find I have more control over the steam and hot water pressure as it leaves the machine. The ones fitted to the LR are not bad, just not MY preference. I PERSONALLY much prefer valves. Pressurestat -A PID would have been better IMHO, simply because the constant (loud) clicking of the pressurestat annoyed me. It annoyed me from the first day to the last. Further Discussion on the things I didn't like. Right, I'm very well aware there are some HUGE LR fans on here, and some have probably vented some steam from their nose and ears when reading the dislikes. However, let me explain. I'm trying to make this review as impartial as possible, and give a BALANCED view of MY EXPERIENCE of the LR and how it was FOR ME. What works or doesn't work for ME personally, might be completely different for you or the next person, but please bear in mind it is purely my thoughts and feelings about it, not anyone elses. Warm up Time As stated, and is fairly common knowledge, the LR takes a good hour or so to warm up fully, dependent on ambient conditions. I was not prepared to turn it on every morning on the 'off chance' that I may feel like a coffee at some point, and certainly wasn't prepared to leave it on overnight on the 'off chance' I got called to work. I also wasn't keen on leaving it on when I wasn't in the house, although on the occasions I did it was absolutely fine. This said, once it had been turned on it stayed on until the end of the day, as there is no sense in turning it on and off. This meant for me quite often I didn't have time to wait for it to warm up (as I work on call, and get 1 hour to get to work from getting said call) and secondly a lot of times when I wanted to use it (mainly for friends who turn up unannounced or at very short notice), it would be turned off and waiting 1 hour for it to warm up simply wasn't convenient. In both of these situations I resorted to a V60 pour over and the LR didn't get used. As time went on, especially after the novelty had worn off, turning the LR on and warming it up to then make 1 or 2 espressos, seemed a bit pointless. Again, unless I had a reason to make more than 1 or 2 drinks, I'd resort to using the V60. I am someone who REALLY enjoys a good espresso, but certainly don't chain drink coffee all day like some. I like to go for quality over quantity! So the last month, the machine was turned on maybe 3 or 4 times, and MAYBE in that time was used to make 12 espressos (around 250g of coffee or 1 bag, allowing for dialling it in). I'd thought a lot about it, and although I loved the machine, with this amount of use it wasn't getting it was just wasted with me, so after much deliberation I came to the conclusion that it would be much better going to a home where it got the use it deserved. Joysticks Personal preference. When I was looking at getting a high end espresso machine, people raved about the joysticks (as opposed to turn-valves). Personally they're not for me. I would choose turn valves over joysticks every time as I feel I get more control over what I'm doing, and can more easily have them half open rather than all-or-nothing. This, however, was not the primary reason for selling the LR, as they can be changed, and if this was the ONLY dislike, I would have installed turn valves for sure. Regular and Frequent Use In the 'pros' section, I mentioned that to get the best out of this machine, you need to use it regularly and frequently. I found, in the last 9 months if I used the machine every day, all that would be required as the beans and ambient conditions (temperature, humidity etc) changed would be a very small tweak to either the grind or tamp weight, which usually entailed tightening up the grind slightly as the beans aged, depending on the beans, and tamping slightly harder. This meant that most shots were very good and even the first one of the day was perfectly drinkable if it wasn't always perfect. However, if the machine was not used every day, I would find that there would be a much bigger change in the beans and conditions, which would essentially necessitate dialling in the shot again from scratch before getting quality coffee. Using the 'last known good settings' after a week of the machine and beans being stood, didn't usually work! This meant a bit much messing about and a lot of wasted coffee. This infrequent use, as mentioned above, ultimately came down to the warm up time from cold. Conclusion If you're reading this conclusion, you've either skipped straight to it, or managed to stay awake long enough to read the whole review (if you didn't, you need more coffee!!). So to sum up, the Londinium R is a SUPERB machine, and Reiss has done an excellent job developing something quite unique to the market, that works well, is well built and produces stunning coffee. However, at the moment it is not the machine that works best for me, and I would much prefer a machine with a quicker warm up time, that would get more use than the LR got. If anyone has any questions I'll answer as best I can!!
  22. Note to mods. Im not sure where to post this or if it is even allowed, would you please move it/delete it as appropriate. Fitting Londinium's own rubber piston seals can be a right pain. It is possible to fit them without a special tool with a bit of improvisation, but the seals are expensive and can be damaged by sharp edges on the piston grooves and a certain amount of dexterity is required. As people may not want to buy a tool to use only once in a while I am offering this tool for hire to established forum members for £6 a time. The tool will fit the Londinium L1 and LR. It will fit 49mm diameter pistons from other manufacturers but will not be deep enough to fit the fourth seal on a modern Bosco piston. How the scheme works; If you are a board member in the UK and have 20+ likes, post a reply to this thread requesting a loan. If there is a waiting list, put yourself on the list by pasting the current list into a reply, add your board name to the bottom of the list. Once you have the cone, send me £6 via Paypal, address will be with the cone. Hang on to it and send it via an insured method to the next eligible person that requests it. If there is a list, send it to the next person on the list. Sender pays the postage. Once received, the recipient reposts the list with the previous person's name deleted, so the person at the top of the list is always the one that currently has it. I'll send it to the first eligible person that asks for it, once sent I shouldn't need to have any further active part in the process. If you want your own cone or can't satisfy eligibility rules I can make one for you, please look for a separate post in the For Sale section or send me a private message. I can make deeper cones to fit the four seal Bosco piston. I don't think that these tools are available anywhere else, I have offered it in the spirit of helping our community of active board members, as some have helped me, therefore I ask that only UK based members with 20+ likes are sent the cone - I don't want it going to people that join and post multiple meaningless posts in order to avail themselves or it going round the world!
  23. According to Reiss, Londinium Compact (LC) is available in 12 months time it seems Londinium LC is a small version of Londinium R. I think it is will suit my kitchen and in my budget frame I hope it has no compromise to Londinium R Some one with more infotrmation and rumour about Londinium LC , please share
  24. For sale is my Bezzera Strega lever espresso machine. Excellent condition with the odd very faint scuff mark to the chrome if you look hard, perfect working order. Bought new from Bella Barista in August 2015. I have only ever used Everpure filtration system treated water with the machine. Supplied with Bezzera naked and double portafilters, and associated baskets (not pictured). I think I also have all the paperwork (somewhere) that came with the machine. This is the reservoir version For those who might not realise, the Strega isn’t like any other lever machine. The grouphead is heated, so comes up to temperature very much quicker than a traditional design. The group is filled by the pump directly once the lever is fully down, so it is possible to do a pure lever shot, a lever shot with the pre-infusion of the duration and pressure of your choice (judged by feel), or if you keep the lever in the down position throughout, a totally pump-based shot. In short, it’s a lot of fun, and I found it possible to get consistently very good results from it by playing with pre-infusion techniques. If you like a rich chocolately shot, I can show you how to get one every time with this machine, the right beans and a decent grinder So why am I selling it? Basically, I got offered a brand new LM Linea Mini at a daft price and couldn’t resist. The LM is a great machine, but I'm already missing the feel and satisfaction of pulling a lever shot... Location - London NW2. Collection preferred but delivery might be possible subject to prior agreement, though only over a fairly small radius. Any questions, feel free to ask. I will put it on ebay if it hangs around on here as with the new machine already installed, the Strega needs to be moved on to a new home soon. [ATTACH=CONFIG]34792[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34789[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34791[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34793[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]34790[/ATTACH]
  25. Tewdric

    Sold: Londinium One

    I need to raise some funds for my other expensive hobby (technical diving if anyone is interested! And I am also increasingly drinking brewed coffee, so my Londinium setup is on the way and I am going to get a Behmor instead. Londinium 1 - the original and best version. This one is plumbed and so operates completely silently. I will supply all fittings including flexible drinking water tubing, inline shutoffs, nearly new inline water filter and fitting to feed it from a standard washing machine feed, couldn't be easier. The machine has been well looked after and had new seals and a group service 4 months ago. We are in a ludicrously soft water area nd nothing ever scales up here. I am also offering the superb Ceado E37s 83mm flat burr grinder - a raffle win on here a while ago. Super condition, shot count 7300 so about 100Kg compared to burr life of 600kg (and it's been easy to grind med/dark roast too) it will come with its original hopper. Listed on Bella Batista at £1295. This is a very quiet grinder and, with short hopper fitted, fits under standard kitchen units and is very kitchen friendly. I also have everything needed to get started including a Torr tamper and Motta milk jug and some scales which will be extra and I will list separately. I would ideally like to sell as a complete setup as it is so well balanced and works together brilliantly. Happiest to demo it all working at my place in the lower Wye Valley but will meet somewhere reasonable if required. I am not at all keen on shipping for obvious reasons. To buy this system new would cost over £3800 with the updated L1R. I am offering this complete for £1895, I am going to leave it up as a complete setup to begin with and will only consider splitting once people have had an opportunity to buy it complete.
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