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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, I've recently bought an ECM Synchronika, which has been fantastic so far (only had it a week!) and have no complaints. I've only heard positive things about this machine from a functionality and build quality perspective. I am however doubting my decision not to go for the Linea Mini, which was my initial choice mainly due to aesthetics prior to purchasing the Synchronika. I've also used the LM in the past and thought it was great. Please could any Linea Mini owners provide feedback on their experience using the machine? I'd be really interested in hearing your thoughts - I'm still considering the LM so currently limiting the use of the Synchronika in the event that I decide to sell. Any advice greatly appreciated!! (on that note, if any buyers in the Edinburgh area are interested I have a brand new Synchronika potentially for sale with a 2 year warranty and have only used it to pull approx 30 shots of espresso!!)
  2. We at Horsham Coffee Roaster are selling our 3 year old Linea Mini. Mainly been used for training once every one to two weeks but now isn't needed as we've replaced it with a 2 group Strada. It's in good mechanical condition with just a few paint chips that would be less noticeable with some black touch up paint. Selling for £2595 inc VAT which is just over £1000 less than the RRP price. Collection from our roastery in West Sussex and I'll include some free coffee too. Here are some pictures:
  3. Which would you choose? I have managed to acquire both at the same price and need to make a decision on which to keep. Had the LM for about 6 months and just set up the Vesuvius and pulled the first few shots. Clearly quite different machines in some respects and imagine there will be some clear views on preference. Going to spend a few weeks with both and I’ll post my findings and thoughts as I experiment more!
  4. I guess originally it was my wife who requested the Dualit Expressivo she was given as a Christmas or birthday present, actually it sato in the box unused for eons until I bothered to unwrap and set it up. Now shortly after that she decided this was to much trouble to use unless I was making it and for her sins bought a Nesspresso and frother, we used these for a while until one day we ran out of pods.... the only thing we had was a packet of coffee!!!!! So the Expressivo was used and since then the Nesspresso has since sat idle. Now for me I have been wanting to upgrade for a while but the wife's finally come around to this.... I want a grinder obviously but I want to future proof things by getting one now that I shouldn't ever need to upgrade. Yes I know that could be expensive...... The grinder I want should be able to do all kinds of grinds including a Turkish grind, have a small footprint ideally, little mess preferable and be easy to change setting on and probably electric on demand, any other suggestions appreciated. I will also be upgrading form the Expressivo and am thinking of something like the Rocket R58 or LaMarzocca Linea Mini. I want an expresso machine with dual boilers that can be run plumbed or on a tank, easy to use and which I likely will never feel the need to upgrade from. I will consider the used market and the new, I was wondering I'd folk can suggest somewhere in the southeast/London area I can view and try these machines. I am currently moving abroad to Switzerland so whatever I buy here hopefully won't have any issue being used there. Advice greatly appreciated many thanks guys.
  5. Not seen much talk about the Linea mini on this forum! Any owners around? I just wanted to know if it has programmable shot timers like the full size classic Linea for single and double shots, or is it full manual? Thanks
  6. Here is my coffee setup. Ive just received the wooden parts for my linea mini and i think it just looks great compared to the standard black parts. Grinder is a 5 year old K30 and still love it. Tamper is a Levytamp from saint anthony industries.
  7. After discussing this with Glenn we might be able to get a one off deal on the GS/3 and also on the Linea Mini. To get the deal we need to buy at least 4 machines. Price might improve more if the quantity is higher. The preliminary price for the GS/3 (AV) is anticipated to be less than £3700. We will soon have a price for the Linea Mini as well but delivery will be in August/September. For now the important thing is to list who is really interested to buy such a machine and more details will follow. People Interested 1) Slas111 2) charris
  8. Good morning all, I regularly visit posts on this site for reviews and information about equipment, but I have never got around to logging on and registering before. I work in coffee, but am a fanatical home brewer too. I haven't got a home espresso set up yet, but I have almost every other conceivable bit of kit! If anyone gets their hands on a La Marzocco Linea Mini I would be really keen to see what you think of it! I was the 2014 UK Coffee In Good Spirits Champion, so my speciality is coffee cocktails - I would love to hear your recipes and favourites and I will intermittently ramble my thoughts on here too! Hope you all have a good bank holiday - speak soon. Dave
  9. Hey all! So...Finally making the jump and we receive our 5kg roaster mid September, In the meantime I'm getting all surrounding equipment in place and I've hit a wall with something. The plan is to open a coffee Shop separately in 12-18 months time, but we want an espresso machine to keep at the Roastery for our own drinks, letting clients taste our coffee at the roastery etc, Can't have a roastary without an espresso machine! So here's the thing, we have in our Budget enough to purchase a La Marzocco Linea mini - but before I pull the trigger on that, I wanted to get some other opinions on single group machines which would suit our scale of setup, baring in mind this machine will be making between 4 and 6 drinks a day at a push. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Just wanted to give a shout out to Dan and the team at La Marzocco Home UK. Contacted them to find out cost/availability of a replacement reservoir for Linea Mini. Quickly came back to say that they would send me one free of charge, as well as details on installation and an offer of help if needed. Everything arrived yesterday as promised. I rarely leave reviews for things these days but this stood out as worthy of praise! thanks Dan!
  11. Now this seems very Deja Vu (@Matbat). I have both machines. Just acquired the LMLM in a deal I couldn't really refuse. So, I have been given three weeks to decided which I can keep, as unfortunately I am not allowed both, which is mean, but I guess fair enough. I haven't even pulled a shot with the LM yet, will be doing that later. But I love the V. In fact I really love it. Its easy, despite having technicalities built into it, but is an extremely capable machine as I think most would agree. I have only ever had one issue with the V, and that was a recent pressure release via the release valve, which has since resolved after a clean of said valve, but still, Jordan from BB has another on route to me as I would prefer to get a new one in-case it is for any reason on the way out. Anyway........... I have set a poll.......ignoring the previous results from Matbats. I will however decide purely on how much I like the usability, the results and taste in the cup from the machines after the 3 weeks, and go from there. But thought I may as well get you lot involved for some fun first. Pics to follow..
  12. I'll shortly be ordering myself a few bits from Pantechnicon (specifically the tray mod for the Acaia Lunar and some riser feet). If you're a GS/3 / Linea Mini owner and not familiar with his stuff it can be found here: https://www.pantechnicondesign.com/ Shipping looks a flat rate of $55 minimum so to ease the pain I thought Id ask on here to see if anyone else was interested in any bits and bobs. I'll be ordering in the next week so there's plenty of time.
  13. I have had my LMLM for a year now and ever since day one been annoyed by the fact that the steam and water knobs tends to stick when tightened up in the closed position. They are basically designed like a nut on a bolt. So if you want to do a quick steam-off by turning the knob clockwise it will eventually keep turning until the end of the thread - and tighten up against the "bolt head". So I wanted to get rid of this daily annoyance using an otherwise super cool and certainly well designed machine! I solved the problem by inserting a home made two turn helical coil in the knob thread. Make sure you clean off all grease off of all parts. Then carefully dremel away the run-out of the thread on the counterpart on the valve. See pictures below. Then adjust the placement of the coil so that it will block further rotation JUST after the valve closes but before hitting the end of the thread. Then fix the coil in the thread with low viscosity superglue or thread lock or whatever. And before reassembling the parts remember to grease all parts again to ensure propper function. I am really happy with this fix as it is relatively simple to perform and super robust - this is the way it should have been designed ? Video clip of before and after
  14. As we go into lockdown 2.0, I just couldn't dither any longer. I've waited a while since upgrading grinder and read so many reviews I practically wore the print off the internet! Finally, I have my end setup. After being used to the little Pavoni Pro, this is taking some getting used to... but I'm thrilled with it. The steam power is insane in comparison! Just what I wanted really. A simple, beautifully made bit of kit that so far seems very easy to use. It's like discovering everything all over again. Really impressed with the app side of things. Means I can time it to come on and go off remotely... never having to worry about overheating like the Pavoni does after a couple of shots. It may not be everyones perfect, but it is mine! I will give a shout out to the supplier, Gold Box Coffee Roastery. I was ultra worried when there was a slight delay, but I needn't have worried in the end. They were super helpful, patient and also sent a nice welcome parcel of coffee, machine cleaner, milk jug etc in the post the day the machine arrived. Credit to John and Barbara for sorting.
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