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Found 12 results

  1. Had a google and a search around here but havent found anything too definitive. Does acidic water (i.e. pH below 6.5) neutralise and dissolve scale buildup? (painful) Memories of A level Chemistry would suggest it obviously would as you have an acid + a base but does anyone know how well this translates anecdotally. I've been using exclusively ashbeck water in both my machines and I can say with a fair degree of certainty the little delonghi probably wasn't particularly well cared for before I got it but worked fine. Will the ashbeck water of pH 6.2 gradually reduce any scale in a m
  2. I've just ordered a Duetto for my office, it won't see that heavy use but maybe up to 20 espressos a day. We're in London so the water is awful but I'm not going to be able to convince my boss to order a supply of bottled water just for it, and there's even less chance of getting my colleagues to not be lazy and just fill the reservoir from the tap. What's best to use to stopping or reducing limescale build up? I've seen sachets you put in the bottom of the water tank but do they work?
  3. Hello.... Ladies/Gents... Recently my La Pavoni, keeps blowing the fuses in my house ! So I decided to investigate.... Horrible horrible amounts of limescale, I couldn't believe the quantity of limescale, so I started to clean everything before investigating the real problem. The problem I think must be; the heating element which is shorting out, or the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is not the type with the reset button. I doubt the on/off switch is failing, so it can only be either the thermal fuse, or element... My machine is from around 1984/7 ? It has
  4. Hello People, I want a dual boiler machine with PID to go along with my Eureka Zenith 65E grinder. My current machine is a Silvia - which served me well but I want to go to the next level. I have a few questions about the Rocket and would appreciate feedback from owners and knowledgable people: 1. The detachable PID - I like the looks of the machine (the Mrs won't let me put something ugly in the kitchen) and like the idea of a detachable PID -= but saw many people online saying it misses the point of a PID and just adds clutter - what do you guys think? 2. I understand the
  5. Right need some advice. Fitted a new seal today and also backflushed. After that, I followed the descale method described on this forum using the premixed gaggia bottle (grey with red lid). I ran some clean water through after and noticed some tiny limescale fragments coming out the group. I've now run a good few litres through the group and am still getting these segments. That's a picture of the drip tray. Any suggestions..? Another descale? I'm running water through group without showerscreen to stop it clogging. As per my previous posts, this is a 14 year old
  6. Hi all Up until now I've been using large bottles of water, Ashbeck or similar, for my Sage (Breville) Dual Boiler 920 and a counter top Britta jug for all other cooking and consumption as we live in a hard water area. 3 weeks ago I installed a BWT BestMax Premium and a 3way tap to replace the Britta and bottles for all our cooking, drinking and for the DB. I have digital TDS meter and was measuring the results of the water, but was disappointed that it didn't drop that much. Bottled: TDS = 70ppm Water supply: TDS = 340ppm Water supply with BWT: TDS @1 = 270ppm TDS @0 = 2
  7. Had a quick search but couldn't see any similar threads. Thought i would put some pictures up of the hard water and limescale we have to deal with on the Isle of Wight. Has anyone else got any experiences with bad limescale build up?
  8. As coffee has two basic ingredients and beans have already been well discussed I was wondering what sort of water you put in your machines? Straight mains, filtered mains or bottled? If filtered what sort of filter. If bottled which brand and what should I look for on the label to ensure a good taste and a calcium free boiler?
  9. I have a 9 year old gaggia classic at home, I bought it faulty (thermostat replacement), but the bigger concern is how mistreated she had been. When I bought her in August I stripped down the grouphead and gave it a good clean. I only make one or two drinks a day, so since owning her I have backflushed her weekly and descaled every month, she also only gets fed only filtered water. However having watched many videos I discovered the flow from the grouphead was possibly a little low which I thought may have been responsible for bitterness in my shots, no matter how well I thought I could p
  10. Anyone got this machine? Good results? Reliable? Good customer service and warranty? Thanks
  11. Most domestic coffee machine warranties do not cover damage from lime scale, the cause of a large number of machine failures. Limescale buildup is noticeable and can often be detected visibly and audibly Visible indicators: Restricted water flow Specs of white limescale in the espresso Clogged up shower screen Lack of pressure Audible indicators: Muffled pump sounds - the pump will be operating at lower pressure than normal Whistling or sporadic whooshing sounds from the steam arm or group head Descaling: Descaling your machine is a fairly sim
  12. Hi this is my first post. I have owned a Nespresso machine for over a year and although I think the coffee is fine I decided to buy a second hand Gaggia Cubika. I live in Scotland where the water is soft so no limescale problem. But I bought the machine from someone in England. I have ran a descaler solution through it but was wondering if there is anything else I should do.? Also I have read reviews that say the rubber seal goes on this machine quite quickly and was wondering if there is a site I could buy replacement seals .? Thanks Brendan
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