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Found 16 results

  1. Having gotten my Lido 3, I couldn't resist a purchase of the Aeropress. It's arriving tomorrow (thank you Amazon Prime), what Lido 3 grind settings have you guys found to be good for use in the Aeropress? Searching online, there seems to be a whole concoction of variation, ranging from 8 to 16 notches?
  2. Are the Feldgrind and the Lido grinders significantly easier to grind with than the old Hario Skerton that I gave up on? I am using an aeropress and pour over , so no espresso to consider I may pack the grinder for the holidays , but that is a bonus Please let me know.
  3. Currently I'm using the Lido 3 for my espresso grinding purposes in the Gaggia. Whilst it can produce fine enough grinds to even choke the machine up, I find making very fine adjustments a little bit of a chore in it (for want of a better phrase). Would the Lido E be significantly easier to make finer adjustments? Or is there another hand grinder that can produce very consistent grinds and be easy to adjust at the espresso grind levels?
  4. For last week or so I noticed that my brew times increased quite significantly. The dripping stops with Chemex/Kalita Wave far too early with some water still left in the slurry and I could see the water level just staying at the same height. I noticed quite a lot more fines. I don't grind espresso, so it would never have too much retention anyway (found that retention increases with finer settings). I also noticed rubbing sound while turning handle without any beans even 20 notches away from zero. I brewed some coffee in Kalita Wave. 15g of coffee, 250g of water, 17 notches from zero (still trying to dial in and find what method gets the best result). At like 3'30" water was dripping only at one hole. I tried to stir, shake, lift the filter, tap the wave, etc. Nothing. The coffee was dripping only at one hole and it was really slow. Discarded at 4'20" and dumped the coffee out. There was about 30g of water left in the Wave. I took the handle off, removed the bottom bearing, took the axle with upper burr out and gave it a quick brush. Reassembled again, did not change any other variables for the next brew. I used 270g (+20g than before) of water, but it still finished at 3'55". None of the holes were clogged. While free turning the grinder, rubbing sound got smaller and grinds looked a lot better, but still with few fines here and there. Can someone explain me what just have happened? I'll need some further investigation and unfortunately, I did not take a photo of the grinds before. Also, I did not notice any screws being loose. The Lido 2 is couple of months old.
  5. Hi All, I'm looking to sell my beloved Rosco Mini (purchased 14th Oct 2014). I have owned a large number of hand grinders (Lido 1 & 2, Pharos, HG-One, Hausgrind, Hario, Porlex etc.) Simply, this is the best all round hand grinder I have ever owned. The engineering quality is unmatched in hand grinders (with the possible exception of an HG-One). Grinder was purchased/shipped from Portaspresso Australia for £250 + approx £100 UK import duty Condition is excellent, 1 year old, no dings or knocks (it's been cherished). I simply have too much coffee stuff, so this is surplus to requirements. I'm looking for £170 ono + £10 delivery Regards Andy
  6. Hi all, I'm guessing the answer is wait / save more but I'll ask the question anyway. I've been using a Hario mini mill for Aeropress at work and the little bugger has broken on my after 6 months of pretty light use. As with a lot of the cheap grinders I had a real issue with fines at the courser settings and all research has basically pointed me towards the Hausgrind and Lido's. The Lido just looks a bit big to have on my desk at work and everything is out of stock on the Hausgrind website. On top of this before I shell out £100 - 150 on a hand grinder is there anything that's going to come in remotely close for cheaper? With the Aeropress and Mini Mill I was getting quite a bitter coffee regardless how I brewed it (different temps & brew times) so I'm assuming it was down to the level of fines.
  7. I ordered it shortly before an unforeseen coffee abstinence as a result I ended up never even opening the box. It's now surplus to requirements as I can use my spro grinder for pour over too so I was going to return it to coffee hit, but thought I'd see if anyone on here wants it as it seems to have had a price hike to £190 on there. As I didnt pay that for it all I'm asking £150 + PP (or collection from Sheffield). Includes original receipt for warranty purposes.
  8. Hi all, selling my Lido 3 grinder, purchased new (CoffeeHit - Jan 16). Comes boxed with instructions, neoprene travel bag, hopper stopper, cleaning brush and hex tool. Fantastic grinder, condition is excellent, only used for Aeropress and V60 at home. Unfortunately, it just hasn't had much use. £120 delivered https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/lido-3-hand-coffee-grinder.html Note - The black paint around the very bottom "rim" (catch jar) is prone to come off on these (a design flaw i would say). So, no matter how well i polished, protected and cared for this grinder (which i have), this is pretty much unavoidable if you ever put it down on a table. However, this doesn't detract from overall excellent condition (not visible when the jar is screwed to the base). Please e-mail/PM me with any questions (pay pal or bank transfer) Many Thanks
  9. I just thought i'd share a message for any Lido E (and possibly Lido 2 & 3) owners about an issue I was having and a fix. Sometimes, when grinding certain beans or when grinding large quantities (>30g), the beans would not travel through the burrs and the handle and burrs would just spin without any grinding taking place. This wasn't a big problem as a quick shake would dislodge any issue. I e-mailed Barb from Orphan Espresso just out of interest, and she explained that there is a fix. They've designed a brand new upper bearing to allow more room for beans to pass through to the burrs. She said that I would have to re-align the grinder, although this wasn't hard at all (video link below for help). I sent my address details and the part arrived within a couple of weeks. Brilliant service from Orphan Espresso and has completely resolved my issue.
  10. Absolutely pristine! Bought from here in early November as new and only used for one short trip. Acquisition of Feldgrind renders this surplus to requirements. Complete with box, instructions, cover and tools. £125 posted or £120 collected. David
  11. Currently it is relatively difficult to use the lido e for espresso and other brewing methods at the same time because it is hard to go back to exactly the same setting. Adding some form of system with two stops which you could set for each grind setting, essentially allowing you to bump the adjustment ring up against the stop for easy setting switching. Therefore to switch to a pre-configured size you just simply move from one stop to other, allowing you go back to the exact same grind setting! Easily switching between two... What are your thoughts? Any ideas how this could be made as an add on, or maybe an alternative way to have two settings.. P.S. Apologies for the bad explanation :/ if anyone gets me and can sum I up better.. please do! I always do espresso in the evening and aeropress and so I would love to make switching back and forth between two exact settings easy!
  12. I'm just about to start my espresso set up, used gaggia classic on the way with all the required accessories, but i'll need an upgrade from my porlex on the grinding front. I'm wondering if it's worth getting a lido 2 because i have a very low budget, or stick with the porlex until I can afford a used SJ or a mignon.
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned? New Lido for espresso? https://mobile.twitter.com/Orphanespresso/status/627851034656837637/photo/1
  14. Grounds jar is used but in good condition. Came from a Lido 3 but says it fits all models of Lido grinders. £5 including UK postage
  15. Guys after a lot of reading on here most are quick to sugest the MC2 burr grinder and the porlex hand grinder. the MC2 is too large for my current situation and the hand grinder takes a lot of effort when grinding for more than two cups. Are there any sugestions of a smaller electric burr grinder that will still give a consistant grind? i like to drink stove top french press and the occasional drip. espresso would be nice but i am limited by space. (hence my liking for manual kit as there are no cables and can be stored wherever) Dazzler.
  16. Hi Guy's So I had a parcel waiting for me in the porch when I got up this morning!! All i can say is WOW and words to that effect! Before it arrived I was starting to get a little sceptical about its ability to make my coffee taste better, I was looking at what was coming out of my Mazzer on course settings and thinking, it isn't that bad and maybe the reason my coffee always tastes dull or overextracted compared to how i know it could taste was all down to my brewing technique and was I just going to be disappointed when the Lido arrived that it would still taste dull, unrefined or overextracted. I will tell you now, I haven't really played about with settings yet getting it dialled in, I just went straight for the 2 turns out that Doug and Barb recommend as the base setting for press. Not expecting anything overly amazing I was blown sideways up the stairs by how amazing my Chemex brew tasted!! The target particle size was actually quite a bit smaller than that of how I had the Mazzer set(which when I looked at it before it went in the Chemex made me think 'Bugger, i needed to go much courser than that!') but the brew took maybe 10 or 20 seconds less than what I have been getting with the same beans. Grind partical shape is Much Much better too, no shards, just nice uniform shape grinds and a tiny amount of fines, most of which stayed behind in the catch jar anyway! Both Mrs Strangebean and I agreed that my first brew tasted about 50% better than what I would have called a good brew with the Mazzer! She actually said the difference is like when I give her a nasty espresso shot from dialling in compared to when I have nailed it! I found no overextracted or muddied flavours, it was full of vibrance, sweetness and juiciness and clarity in the cup was incredible.
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