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Found 128 results

  1. Courtesy of DFK comes a Mk1 Bruni Brunella - in theory a straight forward pimp as its complete, well straight forward apart from a passenger. The condition now and the passenger ! Ok its small but it looked alive - 'bejesus' I said or something similar
  2. Can anyone recommend a dealer for Lever espresso machines based in London? I like the sound of the Fracino Retro, but happy to consider other brands. Thanks!
  3. Took my boys to a kids party at a little soft play cafe not far from me yesterday and was surprised to see this there... Anyone know what it is?
  4. Does brew pressure effect crema colour, or is the colour just down to the coffee bean? Since fitting a pull pressure gauge to my La Pavoni, I have been experimenting with different pressures. I noticed that my crema is coming out more brown than light sand colour and I wondered if this is a function of pressure during the pull or bean roast/type? I think that less pressure (
  5. I was warned when I got my Pavoni that it would be the slippery slope to wanting more, did I believe them? Of course not, I scoffed and claimed that it’s totally ridiculous to suggest that getting your first machine could send someone charging head first down the rabbit hole. So anyway I now have this...... Bezzera Strega and Fiorenzato F64E. Oooops.
  6. I'd like to give a lever a go but need something that will fit under the kitchen cupboards so the lever needs to return to the downward position when not in use, and also need a small counter footprint. must have steaming ability as well, will be using this for occasional use only, rarely might pull 3-4 shots in a row from it but more likely just 2. will be paired with the EK. I'm liking the idea of something retro but not stuck on the idea, something like La Agulita, or an old Elektra maybe, just not sure how they'll hold up in the cup these days. Torino looks fantastic too, just not sure how good a brew it will make, or how easy/hard it would be to find. really looking for something that's great to look at & retro looking so would like to avoid anything that's too modern looking (so think the new Pav Europiccola's are out (well probably(maybe not))) however taste is very important. if this goes well I may move to this as my only spro machine, but planning on keeping the QM for now. no budget limit for the moment, will consider anything. happy to go with a renovation project as well if it's something special. any suggestions?
  7. Londinium L1. Used by us as a demo machine over the last year or so but recently replaced by the new Londinium R. The machine is in excellent condition although there are the usual little scuffs and scrapes that you'd expect. We've tried to show these in the photos. As you would expect, the machine has been well maintained and we only recently serviced the lever, replaced seals etc. The machine is fitted with an IMS screen. This particular example is the tanked version - of course the plumb kit can be purchased if needed but we wanted to maintain the ability to move the machine around easily if we needed to. Collection preferred from our city centre cafe in Sheffield. Alternatively, we would consider delivering the machine within 50 miles for a nominal cost. Price is £1400 +VAT so a great deal if you can use the machine within a VAT registered business.
  8. I'd purchased these with the intention of putting them on the L1-P, but as things have panned out its been powered down for a few months so if anyone wants a set here you go. £24 inc 1st class signed.
  9. I have seen in the Bosco workshop in Naples a Bosco with temp. PID. Can you explain to me, if it makes sense to use a lever machine with PID?
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331994656291?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  11. A rare lever, with matching grinder! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Luxury-ZACCONI-lever-expresso-coffee-machine-/322139686438?hash=item4b01058626:g:52YAAOSwMNxXVbIs I hope someone on here buys it and looks after it!
  12. OK fairly simple really looking for advice and guidance on "the next step up".... and to be fair some thinking time.... Got the very strong likelihood of some decent free money landing in the "Spoil yourself" fund (or as I am currently calling it "Coffee Machine Fund"). ie Something like £500-1000 to spend "as I like" :-) :-) I currently have a Mazzer SJ so I think I am OK for a while grinder wise. As far as I can see that means I can get a "proper decent" machine..... Either a pretty decent new one or a very decent 2nd hand from the forum. So (before I just go and blow it on for example an Expobar IV DB for lets say £800 squids) what advice can you offer?
  13. Evening folks (morning here in Sydney). I picked up what could best be described as an as new condition, Pompei 1 on the weekend. Photos attached. Would be keen to hear from fellow Pompei owners- are there any good videos out there showing their operation, or photos of the internals? Have googled of course and found a few Youtube vids, but nothing of much help. A couple of photos I have attached show the internals- can anyone shed any light on what the green coil is- it seems to have insulation only at both ends. I think it might be a temperature sensor- one end goes into the heating element, the other into what looks like a relay. I'm thinking it is probably a safety cut-off to switch the heating element off if there is no water in the boiler? Any tips, photos, videos on this superb machine, from fellow owners would be much appreciated. PS: I am yet to fire it up- plumber coming tomorrow. Cheers
  14. Hello. I'm looking at building a mobile coffee cart and have been recommended that I go with a machine that uses has gas as opposed to electricty for mobility reasons and to avoid noisy generators. I'm looking for 'duel fuel' as if there is an electricty supply on location, i would naturally like to option of using it. I know an english company called Fracino who make these but I've not come accross any others. Someone has mentioned that lever machines do use electricty but have some sort of internal electrical system which can run off a battery as opposed to an electrical generator? Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Jerome
  15. For anyone with a Cremina, if you don't know it already, here's an interesting thread: http://www.home-barista.com/levers/olympia-cremina-temperature-study-part-1-t19388.html [there's 4 parts I think] So the question is, what grouphead temps do you normally aim for? T.
  16. Just bought a new Lusso 2 in red. After reading the posts on a number of forums I thought this could be an ideal first foray into espresso coffee. Firstly, the pstat was set at 1.1 so no need to change that. I had read that they were being shipped from the factory at 1.5 to 1.75 but no so in my case. Also the water and steam knobs are a knuckle shape not the round ones. I also purchase a naked portafilter plus the PV piston seal tool, which is basically a portafilter with a screw to push up the piston plus a metal sleeve to help with the new seals. I got this as because mine is a 2 group I am going to has to maintain 2 sets of seals and it is meant to be easier. I have two handgrinders that I am using to grind the coffee. A Lido 3 and a Hausgrind in walnut. To get the right pour, 25 seconds ish I set the LIdo to 2 notches from zero and the Hausgrind at between 10 and 12 depending on coffee. With the double basket I tried filling with 11g as mentioned on another forum with a light tamp. However I struggled to get two pulls from this qty. Pull 1 gave about 17/18g but would start to go blond and run thin very soon on the 2nd pull so used these as one pull shots. On the post that suggested 11g they said they has 6mm headspace in the basket. With 11g I had nearer 11mm. So I dosed with 15g and with a light tamp this gave me c 6mm space. Also the 2nd pull only went blond at the end of the pull so i get about 30g until it blonds. The espresso looks and tastes great. One thing I am struggling with still is the steaming of milk. I previously used pourover and aeropress so didn't steam milk. I can make great cappuccino milk - thickish foam but fail completely when trying a latte type milk. I'm using 2 Motta jugs (350 and 500) and the steam doesn't lack power but I'm still failing. I'm pouring into a 5oz / 180ml cup - it is milky with the thick foam at the end. I think this milk steaming will be a long learning curve. Overall I'm more than happy with both the performance (no overheating), the quality once I got the grind right and the retro functional appearance. It also takes very little counter space which in my kitchen is a must. Very happy so far :-) (Apart from the lack of latte milk skills by the owner!)
  17. Want to dip my toes into the lever world, does anyone have a spring lever machine for sale? Ideally it would also have decent steaming power also. Budget is around £500, ideally less, a microcasa would fit the bill. Thanks
  18. Is there a condition known as La Pavoni Elbow? I think I've got it. Seriously, though, should pulling a shot really take that much force?
  19. Hi, I'm looking to buy an L1. What would swing it for me would be to see one in the flesh. It's ok to look at photos of perfectly lit shiny steel etc, but I'm a hands on sort of bloke. So, is there an owner of an L1 in the Leicestershire area who could spare me a few minutes sometime to take a look at their pride and joy? I can promise not to steal anything if that helps!! I've got a Silvia at the min, and i think I've moved on a bit. It was a trip to Naples that did it. They all seem to run lever machines around there. Best coffee I've ever tasted.
  20. Hi all, I'm reluctantly selling my Ponte Vecchio Lusso 1 lever espresso machine. It's the black version. I'm only selling it since I want to try my hand at film making and need to buy a new camera. I've owned it for around 3 or 4 years, and haven't used it for at least 2 since I bought my Gaggia Classic (takes up less space in my small kitchen). It's in very good condition and it's a wonderful machine. Here are some photos I took the other day (seems I can only add 5 photos so I will upload some more in the next post): These machines are well made and the group head is finished in lovely, high quality chrome. Nice and shiny and looks very classy. It includes the accessories shown in the photos: lever, portafilter, double and single baskets and the supplied tamper. This tamper is not a perfect fit, one end is too small and the other too big! But this is the one supplied with the machine for some reason. Still, I never had any problem getting good espressos from the machine using even this. I'm sure a correctly sized tamper is easy to get hold of. Here are links to a couple of reviews of the machine: http://www.home-barista.com/ponte-vecchio-lusso-review.html http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/pdf/PonteVecchiocloserlookv3.pdf and here is a user review: http://coffeegeek.com/reviews/consumer/pontevechiolusso/latest And here you can see the spec (or buy it new for €849): https://www.espressocoffeeshop.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=445 There are a number of videos on Youtube showing it in action too. The Lusso has a 3 litre boiler which is amazing for steaming milk, much more powerful than my Gaggia. It makes great coffee and the boiler doesn't take too long to come up to temperature. I'm in a soft water area (I've never descaled my 7 year old kettle and the element has hardly and limescale on it) but even so I did descale the Lusso. The cosmetic condition is very good (there are a couple of very small rust patches on the bottom plinth which you can see in one photo). It has some light scratches on the drip tray and cup tray but nothing out of the ordinary. The nozzle on the right of the machine is for hot water. Sometimes this will drip slightly. Much less than the steam wand on my Gaggia though. But this has never been a problem for me. It is from a smoke free home. I am looking for £250 for the machine, ideally collected from me in Stourbridge, West Midlands. That way you can also see the machine working if you wish. I would rather not post it since I have nothing to pack it in safely (it weighs 12KG) but if there is no interest from anyone willing to collect, then I may consider posting it. Any questions, please ask. Cheers!
  21. Hello... I am looking for a lever machine, that someone is willing to post to Staffordshire. Looking for £200 or less, posted. Having been driving myself nuts on ebay, only to miss out on a very nice Gaggia 105, I thought I would also post here as the likelihood of a machine that is in good order is a lot higher. I am primarily after a Europiccola, however, I am not averse to other recommendations. Thanks for reading. Ben
  22. Well after carefull deliberation i decided to........................Wait and save up a bit more increase the budget a bit and get a Londinum 1 that was until i showed the wife the pics and video i seem to recall the words ''I'm not having that in my bL***y house'' ringing around my ears the lever does not appear to fit with the ''Retro cool and expensive'' apperance of the house so i am told anyway so thats that idea well and truly out of the window, however she loves the look of the Rocket and the similar looking ECM and others. So since im saving up a bit more i fancy either the The Rocket Cellini Evoluzione or the R58 but which one? i do make lots of lattes for her indoors i like Cappucino's, Espresso's etc,The evo appeals at the moment for its quiteness of the roatary pump and it can at a later stage be plumed in. Or any other suggestions would be taken into consideration but no commerial three groups or anything else silly please, i have also had a quick look at the Fracino little gem electronic but she dosnt like that either. As always any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Yesterday I said goodbye to my Londinium R. Sad day? Possibly, possibly not, but if you're thinking of buying one or already have one, it may (may!) be a semi-interesting read. Here I intend to give an honest, non-biased review from MY perspective as a high-end home user. Short Version If you stumbled upon this thread and either haven't got the time, can't be bothered or aren't really interested, the short version is this: The Londinium R is an EXCELLENT lever machine, undoubtedly the best you can get, however, I didn't find it to be the easiest machine to use or live with, it has its quirks and although will certainly produce excellent espresso, relies on a great deal of care, consistency and patience from the user (and a good grinder!) to get the excellent shots the Londinium is famed for! Why did I buy a Londinium R? For a bit of background, and why I chose the Londinium (Lever) please see this thread. I want to try and avoid repeating what I've already posted! https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?37447-The-Facts-from-the-Fiction-(Types-of-Espresso-Machine)&p=488193#post488193 Initial Impressions When I first opened the box back in May last year and built the thing, I was very impressed at what is a beautifully elegant machine. I fired it up, and spent the evening pulling some TERRIBLE shots. What could go wrong probably did! Anyway, it took a bit of experimentation, and some huge technique changes (for the better of course) to realise that on the LR, especially with VST baskets, the grind, distribution and tamp weight is crucial to getting a good shot. Once I'd spent a few days experimenting, and once I'd 'got it', the shots then got better, until they were very nice indeed. At this point (having owned the LR a week or so) I was hugely impressed with the output and very much enjoyed using it. This was not the time to write an impartial review! I Stuck with it, gave it a few more months, used it, drank coffee, thought about it and enjoyed it. Once the 'new gadget [rose tinted] owners goggles' had gone I decided to put 'pen to paper' with my thoughts on it! Here goes... What did I like about it? Taste of the espresso (10/10) -When the shots came out well, the flavour and taste of the espresso was stunning. Much better than anything you will get from most commercial coffee shops (especially the ghastly chains). However, getting these super shots required regular use and perfect grind and distribution. Simplicity (8.5/10) -No settings (apart from the pre-infusion pressure) to worry about. I like a coffee machine to make good coffee without lots of settings and constant messing about, and the LR was pretty much there. A pressure profiling machine (like the Vesuvius) would NOT be for me! Build Quality/Reliability (10/10) -In the 9 months I owned it, it didn't give me a single reliability issue at all. Not one! Also it looks and feels like an exceptionally well built piece of equipment, and the insides are a work of art! Looks -As previously stated the LR is an elegant machine. It's fairly big (for the home) but the polished finish looks great (although mine usually had a towel over it for protection). No problems here. Not going to give this a score out of 10 as it is entirely subjective and doesn't really warrant one! What didn't I like about it? Warm up time -It takes a GOOD hour to warm up fully before good shots can be pulled. I used to test if it was fully warmed up by checking the end of the lever nearest the handle. If this was warm, generally I was good to go. Joysticks -For the steam and water, personally I prefer valves with knobs that turn rather than the joysticks. I find I have more control over the steam and hot water pressure as it leaves the machine. The ones fitted to the LR are not bad, just not MY preference. I PERSONALLY much prefer valves. Pressurestat -A PID would have been better IMHO, simply because the constant (loud) clicking of the pressurestat annoyed me. It annoyed me from the first day to the last. Further Discussion on the things I didn't like. Right, I'm very well aware there are some HUGE LR fans on here, and some have probably vented some steam from their nose and ears when reading the dislikes. However, let me explain. I'm trying to make this review as impartial as possible, and give a BALANCED view of MY EXPERIENCE of the LR and how it was FOR ME. What works or doesn't work for ME personally, might be completely different for you or the next person, but please bear in mind it is purely my thoughts and feelings about it, not anyone elses. Warm up Time As stated, and is fairly common knowledge, the LR takes a good hour or so to warm up fully, dependent on ambient conditions. I was not prepared to turn it on every morning on the 'off chance' that I may feel like a coffee at some point, and certainly wasn't prepared to leave it on overnight on the 'off chance' I got called to work. I also wasn't keen on leaving it on when I wasn't in the house, although on the occasions I did it was absolutely fine. This said, once it had been turned on it stayed on until the end of the day, as there is no sense in turning it on and off. This meant for me quite often I didn't have time to wait for it to warm up (as I work on call, and get 1 hour to get to work from getting said call) and secondly a lot of times when I wanted to use it (mainly for friends who turn up unannounced or at very short notice), it would be turned off and waiting 1 hour for it to warm up simply wasn't convenient. In both of these situations I resorted to a V60 pour over and the LR didn't get used. As time went on, especially after the novelty had worn off, turning the LR on and warming it up to then make 1 or 2 espressos, seemed a bit pointless. Again, unless I had a reason to make more than 1 or 2 drinks, I'd resort to using the V60. I am someone who REALLY enjoys a good espresso, but certainly don't chain drink coffee all day like some. I like to go for quality over quantity! So the last month, the machine was turned on maybe 3 or 4 times, and MAYBE in that time was used to make 12 espressos (around 250g of coffee or 1 bag, allowing for dialling it in). I'd thought a lot about it, and although I loved the machine, with this amount of use it wasn't getting it was just wasted with me, so after much deliberation I came to the conclusion that it would be much better going to a home where it got the use it deserved. Joysticks Personal preference. When I was looking at getting a high end espresso machine, people raved about the joysticks (as opposed to turn-valves). Personally they're not for me. I would choose turn valves over joysticks every time as I feel I get more control over what I'm doing, and can more easily have them half open rather than all-or-nothing. This, however, was not the primary reason for selling the LR, as they can be changed, and if this was the ONLY dislike, I would have installed turn valves for sure. Regular and Frequent Use In the 'pros' section, I mentioned that to get the best out of this machine, you need to use it regularly and frequently. I found, in the last 9 months if I used the machine every day, all that would be required as the beans and ambient conditions (temperature, humidity etc) changed would be a very small tweak to either the grind or tamp weight, which usually entailed tightening up the grind slightly as the beans aged, depending on the beans, and tamping slightly harder. This meant that most shots were very good and even the first one of the day was perfectly drinkable if it wasn't always perfect. However, if the machine was not used every day, I would find that there would be a much bigger change in the beans and conditions, which would essentially necessitate dialling in the shot again from scratch before getting quality coffee. Using the 'last known good settings' after a week of the machine and beans being stood, didn't usually work! This meant a bit much messing about and a lot of wasted coffee. This infrequent use, as mentioned above, ultimately came down to the warm up time from cold. Conclusion If you're reading this conclusion, you've either skipped straight to it, or managed to stay awake long enough to read the whole review (if you didn't, you need more coffee!!). So to sum up, the Londinium R is a SUPERB machine, and Reiss has done an excellent job developing something quite unique to the market, that works well, is well built and produces stunning coffee. However, at the moment it is not the machine that works best for me, and I would much prefer a machine with a quicker warm up time, that would get more use than the LR got. If anyone has any questions I'll answer as best I can!!
  24. I have a Cremina 67 lever machine for sale. I did a complete strip down and restoration which took about 3 months to complete. The asbestos was removed from the boiler and the whole machine was thoroughly cleaned. I have the original PF handle with double basket and steam wand but have upgraded these to modern equivalents. The pressure stat, power light, power cable and all seals have been replaced. It is a fully functional, reliable machine with a tiny (10.5" x 7.5") footprint and is very well made weighing in at 8 kilos. I'm looking for £1000.00 and am happy to deliver up to 200 miles from Edinburgh. Buyer would need to arrange/deal with insurance for delivery over a greater distance. Photos of work done can be found here;
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