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  1. Tl;DR I'm an idiot. Save me from myself. I've been reading around on here a lot and one thing is for sure. Due to my predisposition toward idiocy, my "budget" is increasing toward the GDP of a small country. This is not good - and I wonder just how much more you get for your money. And if I'm being stupid. Which I probably am. I'm 99% sure I want a lever machine. The process of using a lever appeals to me. However, the price does not! There seems a massive difference between La Pavoni and Londinium, for example - but is that massive price gap worth it in terms of what's in your
  2. I'd like to give a lever a go but need something that will fit under the kitchen cupboards so the lever needs to return to the downward position when not in use, and also need a small counter footprint. must have steaming ability as well, will be using this for occasional use only, rarely might pull 3-4 shots in a row from it but more likely just 2. will be paired with the EK. I'm liking the idea of something retro but not stuck on the idea, something like La Agulita, or an old Elektra maybe, just not sure how they'll hold up in the cup these days. Torino looks fantastic to
  3. So, I believe the piston seal in my la pavoni is worn. What do you guys think.....Am I best buying just the seal from theespressoshop or should I get the full seal kit? Really my question is am I better replacing seals in a piecemeal fashion or all at once? At this stage I just want my la pavoni back making coffee. Also if anybody can recommend a cheaper alternative to theespressoshop, that would be great I feel kind of bad paying so much shipping for such a small item
  4. Summary - I'm not getting as large a shot volume as I expect and wonder if I need new seals for my Quickmill Veloce, maybe the modified Londinium seals as the machines share the same group? I'm actually getting nice tasty shots at the moment, if a little sharp (not sour) using barely rested med/dark roast 75% Costa Rican/ 25% Sumatran which is admittedly a bit on the bright side. I'm running 18g nicely distributed grounds in an 18g VST basket ground fairly close to choking the machine and well distributed. As a test trying to get the highest shot volume I can I give it a 20 second p
  5. Looking at the retro lever machine. New models seem to come in 2 variants.Chrome top on the group and a straight lever or black top with twisted lever.Are there any other differences between these two? Does anyone have any strong opinions on these machines? Thank you.
  6. Hi. I'm the proud new owner a lovingly cared for and heavily modified pre-millennium la pavoni. I know nothing, but hopefully I'll have a slightly easier time learning w/ the feedback instruments. so... Where do I even begin? Do you have any tutorials or threads you recommend as a starting point? Maybe the advice is succinct? The machine has a pressure gauge. What am I going for? Does the style of roast matter? What about if I'm going for a 1:1 vs 1:2? There are also temperature gauges. One is a sticker on the group head. My understanding is that I'd want slightly
  7. Hi All The Fracino is having a little rest and the Christmas present La Pavoni Pro is doing all the hard work for a few weeks. The Piccino likes RAVE Signature and I like the result. The La Pav is not a Signature fan. Finer grind, regular grind ~ its OK but not great. The La Pav came with a tin of Illy Dark Roast ground coffee and that breaks the rules and tastes better than fresh ground RAVE. What keeps La Pav owners happy in the coffee stakes? What do I like to drink? Double Espresso, no sugar, thick and creamy with a lovely Crema. A bit like how I like red wine ~ "this is del
  8. Selling my Elektra Micro Casa due to an upgrade. This was my first Lever machine and got me hooked on Levers! It's the Chrome/brass version. I've owned it for about 2 years and it's made an expresso most mornings in that time. I recently put new seals on it. I bought it from a seller on eBay who had bought it for a cafe and realised he had bought the wrong machine. It's in good condition and looks fabulous in my kitchen. A few cosmetic points of note: There are a few scratches here and there and some staining on the front of the boiler presumably where water has splashed.
  9. Here's KIM (1969) limping its way over from Italy on the three legged donkey that's UPS. Arrival expected at some point between Thursday and next Christmas. Not a rare machine so a seal kit is ordered and a rebuild will commence the moment it arrives. Who's got one, how do you get on with it? cheers Jerry
  10. Whats a Kim lever machine - Is it this Kim ? No is it this Kim? NO! is it this Kim? YES! These are a rare beastie - only a few thousand made in the 60s the only info on them I can find is on @Francesco 's site - http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/pedretti_eng.htm This was back when S**T brown was all the rage - I actually bought a 1978 MGB in the same colour and had to pay for it to be resprayed in Britsh racing green, I digress Basically its a single element, no thermostat (that ive found so far) cast in alloy with a full siz
  11. Afternoon all, Does anyone here own/used a Cafelat portafilter (the one that's nake, spouted and wide spouted). Ideally on a Londinium. Just after a bit of info on them before I look at buying one, or avoiding one based on whats said Thanks in advance!
  12. So, I really hope this hasn't been covered before, I honestly did search for it. I'm trying to work out what the pros and cons are between a direct piston (eg La Pavoni) vs a spring lever (eg Elektra Micro). I've read through the comparison thread for levers, but it's mostly just about the specifications. So far, what I can tell is that the spring is more a fixed rate/decay of pressure while the direct is up to you and your arm. Are there nuances between the two that aren't so obvious? Thanks in advance!
  13. I was browsing ebay today and found a lever machine. I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to these so I was examining the photos trying to understand how it all worked. At that point I realised that there was a reflection in some of the photos that seemed to be someone taking a picture with a phone while pretty much naked! Luckily the reflective surfaces are quite small and curved so it was difficult to be sure but it did make me wonder. Is this a regular thing that some people do, or just an honest mistake officer?!
  14. Yesterday I said goodbye to my Londinium R. Sad day? Possibly, possibly not, but if you're thinking of buying one or already have one, it may (may!) be a semi-interesting read. Here I intend to give an honest, non-biased review from MY perspective as a high-end home user. Short Version If you stumbled upon this thread and either haven't got the time, can't be bothered or aren't really interested, the short version is this: The Londinium R is an EXCELLENT lever machine, undoubtedly the best you can get, however, I didn't find it to be the easiest machine to use or live with, it has its q
  15. Does brew pressure effect crema colour, or is the colour just down to the coffee bean? Since fitting a pull pressure gauge to my La Pavoni, I have been experimenting with different pressures. I noticed that my crema is coming out more brown than light sand colour and I wondered if this is a function of pressure during the pull or bean roast/type? I think that less pressure (
  16. Once again, a change is planned. To implement this I want to sell my 2-group Bosco Sorrento. I do not think I have to say much about this machine. It was made in May 2016. I use it privately for a year. All the controls, such as lever handles, wheels, poppers, and 4 portafilter grips, were made from zebrano wood. A complete second set made from ebony wood is includet. Other extras are the side panels in matt black. The machine has a cup heating by means of switchable steam. The boiler and the main lines I have 2-ply isolated with industrial felt. The pressostat now switches mu
  17. Not posted for a while but thought I would share my news. I've just taken the plunge and ordered a Londinium R as an upgrade to my Elektra Microcasa. I've had a lot of fun with the Elektra and have hopefully improved my skills a little this year through using it. I briefly looked at a few other machines as possible upgrades but kept coming back to the Londinium R so I just went for it. Very excited to be hopefully pulling my first shots on it in a few days. I can't afford a grinder upgrade just yet so will be making do with my Eureka Mignon... not ideal i know but it's a start!
  18. After being messed about with the courier, and a stressful few days, my package finally arrived albeit completely battered and with a massive hole in it. Thankfully, the machine doesn't appear to be damaged at all. Initial impressions (before I've even had time to sample any shots!): + It's massive, it completely dwarves my Sage DTP and even my Casadio Enea (which I used to think was big!) It even feels bigger than Rob's Veloce mk1 - even though mine has a smaller boiler - could be imagining this though. + It feels really well built, and I think it looks damn sexy. + I'm de
  19. Courtesy of CoffeeChap, I’m now a proud member of the lever club! It looks like I’ve got a lot to learn though! Hopefully the Niche comes soon, but for now the Feld2 will have to do :-)
  20. Took my boys to a kids party at a little soft play cafe not far from me yesterday and was surprised to see this there... Anyone know what it is?
  21. For sale is my Bezzera Strega lever espresso machine. Excellent condition with the odd very faint scuff mark to the chrome if you look hard, perfect working order. Bought new from Bella Barista in August 2015. I have only ever used Everpure filtration system treated water with the machine. Supplied with Bezzera naked and double portafilters, and associated baskets (not pictured). I think I also have all the paperwork (somewhere) that came with the machine. This is the reservoir version For those who might not realise, the Strega isn’t like any other lever machine. The
  22. Can anyone recommend a dealer for Lever espresso machines based in London? I like the sound of the Fracino Retro, but happy to consider other brands. Thanks!
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