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  1. I am deciding on upgrading my Sage DTP. There's nothing wrong with it per say, but I promised myself to stay with it at least for a year and I succeeded! I feel like I have outgrown it, want better steam capabilities and the workflow is somewhat painful. Heating up the portafilter, purging steam, limited accessories, small tank/drip tray - it's just a lot of hassle. However, the machine is only used for 2-4 cups a day, but I don't think that stopped forum members to get something that suits commercial needs . I am thinking of: Saturated 58mm brew head. Dual boiler/HX with temperat
  2. I'm looking for something more sturdy than an old ikea desk for my QM Rapida. When I pull the lever down, the whole table starts to to tip over - if I place the machine on a kitchen counter then no tipping occurs. Sadly, placing the machine on the kitchen counter is no longer an option at my new place... Does anybody have any recommendations for a study standalone table or chest of drawers or something with a low centre of mass? Cheers
  3. Hi all, New La Pavoni La Romantica owner here. I've seen lots of photos of these machines modified in ways to incorporate thermometers on/around the group head, but for the most part they all seem incredibly inelegant, and I'm reluctant to destroy the aesthetics of a machine like this (even if it is for a more consistently good pull). My question is this: has anyone seen any thermometer modifications that actively look good?
  4. Background: Having noticed slight, then increasingly prominent water leak from the top of the group I decided to replace the piston seals. Once I removed the piston and saw what colour it was I thought ok, I'll clean and do all the seals on the group. Then I thought hmmm maybe I ought to do the seals in the steam valve too....and a new steam arm wouldn't hurt either... so to cut a long story short, I've ended up striping this machine right back to the frame and built it back up over the last couple of months. Once it was all back together and I first switched it on there was a lea
  5. When doing some research found this guy in Oz doing custom and restorations of vintage levers. Some very very interesting projects, thought it may interest some on here... http://coffeemachinist.com.au/
  6. I have the R set to come on each morning at 06:30 but it's cold more mornings than not because it keeps alarming in spite of the tank being nowhere near empty. The slightest movement rectifies it. I've made sure the tank is tight and properly seated. I'm using Ashbeck at the moment, I know Reiss says that water which is too soft may cause issues but I don't know if Ashbeck is too soft? That said, why design a machine that almost relies on hard water while saying hard water will damage it? Seems like a seriously rubbish design if I'm honest, not what you'd expect of a £2400 machine.
  7. I’ve studied this machine for some time before pulling the trigger recently and watched many videos. Things got off to a great start but this morning I struggled to get enough water through the group. The pump seems to be operating normally and the preinfusion seems normal. After releasing the lever, the flow slows very quickly and I can barely get a 30g shot. I’m not choking it, the grind is good. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. I have just received a Savenilli lever machine from eBay . I believe this is a Zacconi baby . I just could not resist it .. I have checked it over and it heats up and no leaks apparent. I have taken the piston out and it needs replacing along with the seals .. Anyone know of a good source for spare parts for this machine please ?
  9. I recently bought an original L1 on the forum. Unfortunately moving it from place to place resulted in the OPV valve giving up and restricting water getting to the boiler. Reiss supplied a new trombone pipe which solved the issue although not before I had removed the boiler, heat exchange pipe and carried out a full descale, bending two pipes in the process. Considering I'm not the original owner, Reiss's help in supplying replacement pipes and getting running again was absolutely amazing. Decided to do some temperature testing to see what pstat setting I want and what effect it has. Had
  10. For sale is a 2003 Olympia Cremina. It has had three owners from new: Reiss Gunson when he was distributor for Olympia in the UK (pre-Londinium), me, wintoid of this forum, and then me again. It has been a working machine so is not cosmetically perfect e.g. the Cremina lettering on the frontplate has worn, the graphite grey of the casing has some variation in colour, there is some superficial surface scratching to the chrome on the top plate and to the edge of the casing where it meets the top plate. But that does not detract at all from its performance. If you know about Creminas you know tha
  11. Following an abortive coffee van venture, I am disposing of everything i gathered a few years ago, as I need the room and they're sat, unused: Izzo Pompeii/MyWay LPG Dual Fuel 2-group This may not be the best place for a full pro machine such as this, but I'm a long-time member so thought I should put it here first. Was purchased with the van (Piaggio Ape 3 wheeler, also for sale) in working condition, though it's been sat a while so will require re-commissioning/testing etc. Photos to follow. would like £1250 - am open to offers. based north/north-east.
  12. Following an abortive coffee van venture, I am disposing of everything i gathered a few years ago, as I need the room and they're sat, unused: LaPavoni Lever LPG Dual Fuel 2-group This may not be the best place for a full pro machine such as this, but I'm a long-time member so thought I should put it here first. Was purchased with the van (Piaggio Ape 3 wheeler, also for sale) in working condition, though it's been sat a while so will require re-commissioning/testing etc. Photos to follow. would like £900 - am open to offers. based north/north-east.
  13. Bought this new at the end of 2015. Has been in storage for the last 2 years as I bought a Vesuvius and L1 and I wasn’t using it. In perfect condition and comes with the spares shown . These use a thermosiphon to heat the group and are very temperature stable, being able to leave on all day and is a good steamer (good sized boiler) Comes with 2 double spout portafilters, 1 bottomless, 3 double baskets, 2 single , 2 spare shower screens, spare set seals and gasket , Motta Tamper, OE dosing ring, spare heating element plus a piston removal tool. This makes changing the piston seals eas
  14. My final year of university has arrived as I moved in yesterday, and I brought with me some goodies to last me the one semester I will be here for: My Bosco Sorrento and Eureka Olympus 75. I got lots of accessories. This includes a Passalacqua Tazzino (a big cup to hold sugar packets), a Kimbo napkin dispensor, Motta accessories, and my framed barista certification. I have some cool cups as well including the red and blue cup from my favorite bar in Naples, Gran Caffè Ciorfito. My roommates (all well vetted for those concerned for safety) and I will probably OD on coffee within the week! ?
  15. I have a Cremina 67 lever machine for sale. I did a complete strip down and restoration which took about 3 months to complete. The asbestos was removed from the boiler and the whole machine was thoroughly cleaned. I have the original PF handle with double basket and steam wand but have upgraded these to modern equivalents. The pressure stat, power light, power cable and all seals have been replaced. It is a fully functional, reliable machine with a tiny (10.5" x 7.5") footprint and is very well made weighing in at 8 kilos. I'm looking for £1000.00 and am happy to deliver up to 200 miles from E
  16. For sale: Bosco 2 group, hand lever professional / commercial coffee machine with Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder Selling my Bosco Sorrento 2 group, hand lever professional coffee machine, in great condition and great working order. Hand made in Naples by Bosco, this machine is a beauty and pulls consistent shots. It is dual fuel, making it perfect for a mobile coffee business and comes with pump and accessories. I am also selling my Mazzer Super Jolly manual grinder, which is only 8 months old and as new. Can be bought together or separately. Bosco - £2800 Mazzer -
  17. Courtesy of DFK comes a Mk1 Bruni Brunella - in theory a straight forward pimp as its complete, well straight forward apart from a passenger. The condition now and the passenger ! Ok its small but it looked alive - 'bejesus' I said or something similar
  18. It is time for another restoration as my Gaggia is languishing for its replacement heating element and I want to keep my hands busy. With the recent purchase of the Faema Zodiaco I originally thought I would use it as parts for the President, but now I am going to use it a practice machine before doing the same thing to the President. The reason I am able to do this is because the two machines are very similar in layout and design with the body panels off. The biggest difference is the design of the boiler. The President has two large gaskets holding the boiler ends with 12 bolts each, while t
  19. Micro Casa Leva S1C is an espresso machine with lever offered by Elektra for several decades. I am selling my trusted Elektra after owning it for about two years. This beautiful lever machine produces amazing layered espressos and the steam wand is second to none. It has been just serviced by Ferrari espresso, the authorized dealer for Elektra in the UK, who have confirmed that the machine is in fine condition. Comes with portafilter, original box, and certificate. Please note that the grinder in the pictures is not included. I am selling this at a 50% discount (currently cheap
  20. I feel like I should start off by saying this is not a review. Rather just my thoughts on the machine and what I think the pros and cons are. And a little bit about my journey to this point. **I realised after writing this that I do go on quite a bit, apologies in advance A little background. I started off with a Morphy Richards machine which I found on sale for £50 brand new. It served me really well for a couple of years and when the group head gasket needed replacing I figured it would probably be best to replace the machine. From there I moved on to a gaggia classic and a bodum
  21. Hello fellow members, I was wondering if Cremina is a good choice for my first tries with levers? I have not decided on 100% for it but just wanted to hear you thoughts about the idea. Why I liked it so far it looks stable I think it is important for levers, you can play with pressure, its chamber with piston looks bigger than Pav. Many thanks!
  22. Hi all, Last month I was able to snag a Gaggia Tell 2 group machine for an absolute steal, but part of that deal was given due to a key part missing from the machine: the drip tray. My machine has no tray or grill, and I have been hunting for a possible replacement for a bit now. I am posting here to inquire if anyone has knowledge on where to source a possible replacement. Everything else is present with this machine which is fortunate. I have contacted 10+ vendors at this point including Ascaso and Enrico Maltoni (he can do it but only if I have him restore it for me, which I respect
  23. Ive just swapped the cam over on the Vesuvius and was going to just add some lube to aid it. What are you using for your cams or levers etc? Ideally something I can buy locally as im inpatient. Thank you
  24. (Sorry if this is the wrong section to post in - please let me know if it is and I will move it). I am after recommendations for a lever machine upgrade. We currently use, every day, an Elektra MicroCassa Lever and a pre-milemium LaPav Lever Professional. My frustration is the over-heating, especially on the Elektra, as I have now to regualry make 3-4 drinks at a time and they are both incosistant. What's my upgrade options? Criteria: -Home use -Not switched on all the time: only used 2-3 times a day, but is used every day. -Reliable , needs to just w
  25. Due to file size restrictions this will be done over multiple posts so bear with me! After 13 months of waiting after placing my initial order, my Bosco Sorrento finally arrived. As I partially type this out it is currently warming up for the first time without issue besides a slight leak from the manual water knob (if anyone has a suggestion on how to fix that please tell me!). A quick recall of how I ended up here today. I lived in Italy for just over five years, where I got into espresso, and due to that I was able to obtain espresso machines for prices that far underc
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