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Found 19 results

  1. Hello! I have a question. I have a Compak E8 grinder and a Fracino Cherub. The set up is great but I've had my Cherub for about 6 years now and want to try a lever machine. I'd love a londinium but my budget is about £1500 so it's unrealistic. I've heard of the new mini londinium but I need milk steaming. So... I've found a Bezerra Strega for around my budget. Does anyone have any experience with this or have any other sugestions. I've also looked into Fracino machines which are almost in budget and fracino make the londiniums I think? Does anyone have any sugestions.
  2. Hey folks, Am thinking between getting a Gaggia Classic and install PID on it, or getting a La Pavoni and just work with what a beauty it already is. Anybody here with experience with both? I have heard that the La Pavoni compared to a Gaggia without PID would be better, but what about with the PID? I am just planning to make 1-3(usually 2) drinks at a time, milk based. Anybody got any insight to help me on this? Would appreciate any advice, thanks!
  3. There seems to be a lot of love for the Londinium R on here! Nothing to do with Upgraditis or anything like that (!!!), but I'd be really interested to hear from a few of you LR owners how you like your machines. How does it compare with what you had before, in usability and more importantly the taste of coffee in your cup? Did you feel the need to upgrade your grinder? Any comments very gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Guys, I am about to embark on a re-build so thought i had better join the community! I have an old La Cimbali lever machine, the same as this...http://yemanha.de/Cimbali/ that whilst in pieces at the moment will be a great machine with some work..... well al lot of work! Going to buy a well loved espresso machine with a PID in the interim, but mainly joining for the great advice. Photos to follow when i can get into my storage Andrew(inuk)
  5. Londinium have designed this new lever machine and are making it in the UK. Looks like a killer... http://londiniumespresso.com/blogs/londinium-espresso-blog
  6. Micro Casa Leva S1C is an espresso machine with lever offered by Elektra for several decades. I am selling my trusted Elektra after owning it for about two years. This beautiful lever machine produces amazing layered espressos and the steam wand is second to none. It has been just serviced by Ferrari espresso, the authorized dealer for Elektra in the UK, who have confirmed that the machine is in fine condition. Comes with portafilter, original box, and certificate. Please note that the grinder in the pictures is not included. I am selling this at a 50% discount (currently cheapest retail price is ~£1,100) so £550 on gumtree. I will entertain serious offers on this forum though as I want it to have a nice home. I have more pictures which I can share if there is interest. PS: I am selling it as I am saving for a DB machine.
  7. I don't think this has been posted on the forum… appeared in Daily Coffee News. We have the Push, and now the Pull. Another lever machine to add to the stable. Not sure about the look but sure about the price. http://dailycoffeenews.com/2016/09/07/beauty-consistency-longevity-pull-luxury-espresso-builds-100-year-machines/
  8. *Now £650 including additional Barista kit mentioned below* Soll had the Strega from new purchased from Bella Barista on the 3rd of January 2014 it was first used at his home until my purchase mid this year and was producing 1/2 coffees per day with Soll. He used it with Ashbeck mineral water, never tap water and I've used it with Waitrose essential or volvic (or a mix). Included in the sale will be 1 naked portafilter holder, 1 double spout portafilter holder and the Bezzera stock baskets it came with. Also has the upgraded IMS shower screen which was purchased last year during the forum group buy. For those not aware, it is a hybrid of pump and lever when the lever is dropped and raised, a solenoid kicks in and the water is fed into the group assembly via a vibe pump. Unlike a traditional lever machine which works off spring pressure, the water is pumped in. If you have not seen this video by Jim Schulman, watch it and learn: http://www.home-barista.com/reviews/bezzera-strega-second-look-t18933.html Since I've had it, I've used it infrequently between changing grinders, buying different machines and loving brewed coffee it's been used on less than half the days that I've had it. When Coffeechap delivered the E8 to me he gave me a bit of a brief about dialling in and using the Strega and all seemed to work as expected (of course). I think the steam power on it is really good, it can do varied size milky options and I really like the paddles (or however you'd describe them) to make steaming a little easier to co-ordinate. I'm willing to post, will deliver within approx 1 hour of Basingstoke. I don't have original boxes (but would double box up if needed). I do mostly work from home so should usually able to accommodate a collection to suit you from Bramley, just outside Basingstoke (Reading way out of Amazingstoke). On the general condition it seems good to me, it has the obligatory scratches/markings on the cup warming area but nothing too dramatic and it seems the drip tray cover has a slight curvature. The photos don't seem to pick it up but it slightly bows where the coffee would be coming out, not so that it causes me any issue but I can't work out how to describe or show it to any better effect. Now to include the exclusive Barista kit including: pallo brush, brewista scales (used only for couple of weeks came with purchase of Sage DB), sought after Snakehips weighing platform, rattleware pitcher, a thermometer and cafelat knockbox. (Tamper not included trying to see if it helps highlight the slight curvature, but I'm not convinced it does).
  9. I'm thinking about parting with my espresso machine-away from home since it doesn't get much use. Its a Gaggia Factory which is basically a rebadged La Pavoni Europiccola. I bought it from Lookseehear in September in excellent condition and since then it hasn't had much use but I've kept it clean and working perfectly. Lookseehear added a pressure gauge and temperature stickers on the group which still work and are very useful for determining when to pull a shot. It comes with a naked portafilter only. It is quite a tricky machine to use but I have produced some fantastic shots from this machine. You just need the time and effort to get the best out of it. I'll post some pictures soon but if anyone is interested in this machine post here or send me a PM. Price is totally negotiable Here is an image from Google.
  10. From recommendations on this site and Home Barista amongst others I got interested in Londinium Espresso for their beans and also because I found out that Reiss ("Mr Londinium") is a lever machine fan and - no less important - has now become the UK distributor for Olympia Cremina lever machines (as well as their grinder and Maximatic heat exchanger pump machine). Having been very impressed with Londinium's roasting, which is not only nice and light - letting more of the character of the bean and where it's grown to come through - but also very consistent, I agreed to have a demo of the Cremina. This was after years of being rather sceptical about why a lever machine should cost so much. Don't mistake me, I was already a big lever fan, loving not only the quality of the espresso these machines can produce if you have a decent burr grinder, but their silence compared to pump machines and - more importantly - their longevity and reliability, with no pumps, solenoid valves and all the other stuff to go wrong, as they inevitably do (no domestic pump machine has ever lasted me more than a couple of years between major repairs/replacements). Now Reiss is very devoted to these Olympia machines and gives great service. He will demo them in London and if you buy one he will insist on delivering it personally anywhere in the country, ensuring it is set up properly (the pressurestat setting can go off during bumpy journeys) and teach you how to use it properly. Anyone who has a lever machine will tell you there is a learning curve before you start getting great coffee, and much of this is getting the right feel - for the grind, for tamping and for actually pulling the lever. Having an expert there to pull a series of shots with you can ensure you're soon happily up and running, which is what Londinium want. That said, here's my experience of the new Creminas: they are MUCH better made than even the Elektra lever machines, and considerably better than the Pavonis and Ponte Vecchios. They are also more precise. For example, though they now use a Mater pressurestat to keep the brew temperature just right, which is the same make as the Elektra and Ponte Vecchio, the model they choose is twice as accurate, cycling between 0.7 and 0.8 bar. What's more, the design of the boiler and grouphead on the new Creminas means you can leave them on all day and they won't overheat. Try that with a La Pavoni! Very convenient for an office machine. The Cremina is also easier to use than most lever machines because - being a manual lever - it is more forgiving of a tight grind than say a spring-operated Elektra or Ponte Vecchio, which will just choke if you take things a little too fine. At the same time, because it is so much better made than the Pavoni, Zacconi, Caravel and others it is both easier to maintain a constant pressure throughout the shot and easier to gauge what is going on because the feedback is superb. The result is that you get very sweet, full-bodied shots with voluminous, persistent crema. No less important, you get a level of consistency that I personally have never encountered in any domestic machine and that you would be hard-pushed to exceed in many commercial machines as well. In short, I'm very impressed with my new purchase. Yes, it is a very expensive machine, but it will last a lifetime with minimal servicing, give great satisfaction and great coffee from a minimal footprint. The only cavet I'd add is that if you like fruity single origins you may prefer the Elektra Microcasa a Leva, which produces thinner shots with less body and cream, but amazing mouthfeel and incredibly layered flavours. I couldn't choose between the two machines and have both. But you can't really leave the Elektra on all day... On the other hand you may feel it looks dead sexy compared to the more functional Cremina - or you may feel it looks like a kitsch icon.... people tend to be divided on that one, or of course find the Elektra a beautiful kitsch icon.... If you're a "leverhead" and have ever wondered what all the fuss was about regarding the Cremina, give Reiss at Londinium Espresso a shout. The Cremina deserves its Rolls Royce reputation and the new models with various refinements introduced in 2008 are even better. No less important you get great personal service from Reiss and the Londinium team (which is a lot more than can be said for certain Pavoni resellers). It's good that Olympia machines are available in the UK again and particularly from such a great distributor. If anyone has any questions about the new machines, don't hesitate to fire away. Cheers Mike
  11. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum. My current setup is a gaggia classic with a eureka mignon grinder. My taste in coffee is gravitating more towards espresso than milk based drinks. I've been lusting after a Giotto rocket for a while and have been close to pushing the button. But reading a few posts on here about lever machines and having a read of the londinium blog makes me think I should consider a lever machine. The simplicity and retro appeal of these machines (not to mention the espresso) really appeals. Im interested in advice and also people's experiences of moving to lever machines from rockets, expobars etc.. many thanks! nick
  12. Intelligentsia coffee via lever machine and pour overs along side Verde bikes More...
  13. Hi all, been a while since we posted some refurb work we've done, Recently got a 2 Group MyWay Lever Machine in for a Refurb and here is a link to the progress pics... https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.531049936913082.123340.144400048911408&type=1 The ammount of scale removed from this machine was surprising but after some elbow grease we have revived this lovely machine back to its former glory...
  14. Hello all. Just introducing myself, Ben, with an interest in coffee for my own consumption. Debating about going to a Lever machine for the sheer fascination of the actions required. Cheers.
  15. Now that my first project machine works again I can post about it here! It was a 10 month process but the behemoth works again. I am on the hunt for a new table/cabinent as the current one is a little sketchy for holding so much weight. What started out as a €175 purchase grew into a little more than that in parts and tools to complete the task 😉 The springs are very similar to my Astoria/CMA group in my Bosco so I did not really need to adjust the grind setting much at all. Here is an original seller's pic for comparison.
  16. So I have managed to get to the stage of getting a decent shot out of my Gaggia Cubika. It is a little lacking when it comes to maintaining shot temp when brewing but this I could get over. The big thing for me is that I really like my latte/cappuchino and the steam wand takes an age to heat the milk, and if i want to heat more that one mugs worth I have to stop it half way through, refill the machine with water and wait for it to come to pressure. Its incredibly tedious. So I am going to end up buying a better machine. What I am wondering is if my problem is inherent to any small coffe machine due to the size of the machine and how much water it can heat... If I buy a Gaggia classic for example am I going to be able to heat a couple of mugs worth of coffee without wasting my entire morning? If you guys could help me better understand what direction to go in with this I would be most grateful
  17. Hey all here's my set up: Astoria 3 Group lever machine Piaggio Ape van folding table menu board cool boxes Unfortunately there is no grinder on board at the mo which sucks as I soooooo want one. I need to put in a conversion kit for electric and maybe swap the 3 group for a 2 for more space.
  18. I've been without a decent coffee for too long and think I've found a source for double baskets for the Briel, Magimix seem to be using the same design or Briel are making them and they are then being re-labled.....but can't find proof before wasting money.....its the last resort before the new machine hunt begins .......any ideas?
  19. Due to file size restrictions this will be done over multiple posts so bear with me! After 13 months of waiting after placing my initial order, my Bosco Sorrento finally arrived. As I partially type this out it is currently warming up for the first time without issue besides a slight leak from the manual water knob (if anyone has a suggestion on how to fix that please tell me!). A quick recall of how I ended up here today. I lived in Italy for just over five years, where I got into espresso, and due to that I was able to obtain espresso machines for prices that far undercut those in the US. This included purchasing the Bosco, which I got without paying for distributor and shipping costs, the latter occurring due to my affiliation with the US military, which pays for a move. I purchased two machines prior, a La Pavoni Professional and Elektra Micro Casa a Leva that I heavily used in sophomore and junior year in college in New England, and for my senior year I intend to bring the Bosco to my dorm, to the delight of my roommates (in terms of security for the machine I fully trust my roommates and the campus security for my dorm for anyone concerned). My Bosco is a 110V one group Sorrento with orange panelling and wooden knobs/handles as add ons Now to the fun part and namesake for the thread: the unboxing. The crate my Bosco was held in is quite durable and well built. There are 12 screws each holding the top cover and part that connects the upper wall to the secured bottom pallet. The machine is protected first by layers of inch thick styrofoam followed by bubble wrap. Finally there is cellophane wrapped around the machine that also secures the box containing the accessories for the machine. In the machine itself all removable panels (drip tray, grill for drip tray, and cup holder) had pieces of bubble wrap placed to prevent scratches from wobbling during transport.
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