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Found 29 results

  1. New (smaller) kitchen means that I need to replace my Expobar Leva HX which I have been very happy with for the last five years with something smaller. I am most drawn to a couple of Lelit options, either the Victoria PL91T @ ~£700, the Diana PL60PlusR1 @ ~£1000 or Elizabeth PL92T @ ~£1100. Budget is less of an issue than foot print, needs to be no more than 30cm deep and ideally less than 30cm wide. Not bothered about hot water as I can use a kettle so I only need espresso and steam. I would prefer to stick to a standard 58mm porta filter. I've also looked at the Sage Duo Temp but I think that might be tow much of a backwards step. But, as John Lewis still have this for £249 this wouldn't be a massively expensive mistake. On a typical morning I make one americano and one flat white. Evenings with guests will be 4-6 various coffees. The advantage with the Expobar's big boiler is that I can easily and immediately switch between expresso and steam with no waiting. My recollection with smaller, non-HX boilers is that there will be a wait between each espresso and any steaming - would a PID or LCC -based machine solve that problem? Hence why I am considering the latter two options with dual boiler. I would be interested in alternatives that will allow me to downsize without feeling that I am also downgrading :-) Whatever machine I buy will be paired with my existing Baratza Sette 270 (which I think is absolutely brilliant BTW). Thanks in advance for any suggestions, recommendations or other advice/experience.
  2. Evening all I’m thinking about upgrading from the Gaggia Classic to a HX machine. I’ve seen an Isomac Tea c2003 online going for £285; seems to have been well looked after, having had many parts recently replaced, although the seller thinks it’ll need a new pump soon. Given that this could need a fair bit spending on it, would it be a false economy vs (for example...!) a brand new Lelit Mara PL62W for £899...? There is also a third option of a new Lelit PL62T with PID for £799 but there is no warranty with this one - and am I right in thinking E61 machines don’t really benefit from PID? Thanks! Andy
  3. Hi guys! I am new to the forums and just today got a bottomless portafilter for my Lelit PL41TEM. I've had the machine around 2 weeks and am managing to get some quite good tasting shots, but nothing super thick yet. Here's a video of a good tasting shot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt69PJ480D0 I used Populus beans (a local roaster here in Berlin), a relatively light roast. My grinder is a Barazza Encore, set to 5. Used 18g of coffee (was using 18.5g but the extraction was much too slow) and a relatively heavy tamp, plus WDT. Problems I can see: - some dead spots where no coffee is being extracted(?) - took a while for the stream to come together - when the stream finally does come together, it's quite thin - you can still see the basket underneath - quite bubbly crema - actually the first time I had this problem! - I probably didn't stop it quick enough before it blonded Here's a picture of the puck afterwards (was there too much coffee? quite a heavy indent): I'm new to the machine, and to non-pressurised PFs. I just upgraded from a Delonghi, and I know I have a lot to learn. Your feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks James
  4. Since I got my Lelit I've been trying this, that and the other trying to get decent coffee out of it. It struck me just before Christmas that I've tried so many different beans, roasts & grind/tamp combos that I'm no longer sure I'd know a "good" coffee if it bashed me on the head with a hammer. To make matters worse, I'm the only coffee-drinker in the house so a second opinion isn't available. Then my daughter and her partner arrived for Christmas, and after lunch I served them a ristretto each. Their reaction was "wow!" and they came back for second and third helpings. Then I served myself one and thought "well, that's nothing special". So I'm still puzzled, but a bit gratified all the same. On with the quest...
  5. I'm thinking of getting into espresso and I've found an offer for this machine for 299eur, but I'm struggling to find much info on it. Does anyone know anything about it? Would it be a good entry level machine. I've read that you should spend more on grinder than machine but I'm currently using a Feld2 which I think handles espresso fine (even if grinding a dose might take a minute or two!)
  6. Goy a new Lelit Mara with Niche Grinder which is making ridiculously good espresso. I had a question about the puck consistency - it's noticeable wetter than when I was using my old Gaggia Classic. That used to pop out in one nice puck. With the Mara it looks much wetter and usually leaves some grounds in the portafilter after I tap it into the bin. Does this indicate doing something wrong or over / under extracting? This happens when i'm using 18g of coffee and getting 28 grams in 25-28 seconds - which is what I should be aiming for ration wise. As I say, it's tasting great, just wondered if there was something I should be doing to making it even better? Or does the puck consistency vary between machines? Cheers
  7. Hi, Have been looking at buying an espresso machine and looking for some advice on the best entry level option. Our budget is around £500-£800. Currently we don’t own a machine at all, just use a bialetti moka pot, a milk frothing jug and a we have this Cuisinart grinder: https://www.johnlewis.com/cuisinart-dbm8u-auto-burr-coffee-grinder/p230858168?sku=230858168&s_kwcid=2dx92700044582398773&tmad=c&tmcampid=2&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq72R75Dm4gIVmK3tCh28QgyxEAQYASABEgL2hvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Initially we were looking at something like the sage barista express: https://www.johnlewis.com/sage-barista-express-bean-to-cup-coffee-machine-with-milk-jug-stainless-steel/p3495241 but we’ve found quite a few bad reviews of these on amazon and are worried that they may be a pricey ‘style over substance’ option? As well as this the general consensus is that an integrated grinder is a bad idea (if it breaks it can’t be repaired and they don’t tend to be as good as a separate). Or is it the case that this might be fine for our needs and the online reviews/opinions can be taken with a pinch of salt? We aren’t really connoisseurs. One concern we have is the heat-up time on whatever we decide to go for. On weekends especially we tend to drink coffee throughout the day, so waiting 30 mins for a machine to heat up isn’t ideal… Having trawled through some forums the gaggia classic and rancilio silvia seem to be the most mentioned entry level machines for best ‘coffee shop’ results. We’ve been looking around though and have seen a few others that catch our eye (a lot of this is mainly down to aesthetics, as my girlfriend wants one that looks nice on the bench too): https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/ascaso-versatile-dream-pid-polished-wood-5.html https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/ascaso-versatile-dream-pid-polished-wood.html https://www.thecoffeemate.co.uk/p/refurbished-traditional-espresso-coffee-machine-lelit-anna-pl41tem/ https://www.thecoffeemate.co.uk/p/traditional-coffee-machine-lelit-grace-pl81t/ https://www.thecoffeemate.co.uk/p/coffee-machine-lelit-victoria-pl91t/ Does anyone have any experience with the ones above and how they compare with the gaggia classic or rancilio silvia? The ascaso ones in particular look very nice. Finally (and I think I already know what the response will be here) – should we think about getting a new grinder too? And any recommendations on those? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi I have a Lelit Victoria that I got from Bella Barista July 2018. It has had light use, about 6-10 espresso a week. I clean it regularly and it benefits from being in Sheffield where it is soft water. I still have the box and all manuals. Any ideas of value?
  9. EUG


    Hi All I have read with interest comments concerning Lelit machines. We are the UK importers of Lelit and they are great machines for the price, if you are interested in Lelit please take a look at lelit-uk.co.uk and email me for a forums member discount. Great coffee does come at a price but we are trying to make great coffee affordable by offering forum members a head start. Discounts will vari as the Euro bounces around however we will do our best. Peter
  10. Hi there! I'm posting this here because I'm asking for a comparison of different cofee machines and I don't know under subforum ask this! I would like to change my Gaggia Baby Class but I don't know which machine choose! As far as I have found I have seen these machines, which of course all have different specification but they all should be of good quality or I, at least, I guess so. I live in Italy so I could manage to find them on the used market so I could save some money. 1) La Pavoni lever professional http://eshop.lapavoni.com/en/lever-machines/professional-pdh.html I have found a used one of this for 300 euro to a local reseller. 2) Lelit Gilda with professional grouphead http://espresso.lelit.com/catalogo/gilda/ actually I do not know Lelit as a brand but it seems that they are producing machine for the La Pavoni itself ( the non lever ones) 3) Lelit Diana with a 2 boiler system for steaming http://espresso.lelit.com/catalogo/diana-2/ 4) Victoria Arduino Venus family http://www.victoriaarduino.com/it/venus-family/ well , first observation: this is beautiful. I have seen a could of this for about 400 euro in the used market. I'm not so expert so I hope that someone who know well cofee machine could help me decide what it's the best choise for an house usage of them also with a technical explanation! I hope that someone would be so nice to help me!!
  11. My Krups grinder recently packed in and after reading posts on here and elsewhere I have just ordered a new Eureka Mignon to replace it. I have owned and used a Gaggia Cubika machine for the last 10 years, but I am now thinking that it may also be a good idea to upgrade my machine to something that will get the best out my fancy new grinder. I usually make myself a macchiato every morning and then flat whites for me an my wife plus occasional guests at the weekends. I don't want to have the delay I currently experience with my Gaggia in between making the coffee and steaming the milk, and then again in between additional cups. My budget is up to around £600 for the machine, either used or new, but I don't want anything too large as I don't want it taking up half the kitchen worktop. My initial conclusion was to buy a modified Nuova Simonelli Oscar, but unfortunately the looks aren't to my wife's taste so I'm now looking at equivalent alternatives to this so would appreciate any suggestions! Are the Expobar Pulser or Lelit PL60 any good?
  12. Dear coffee fiends, After many years playing with entry level SBDU machines, currently with a Gaggia Classic w/ Silvia wand, I am ready to splurge on an upgrade! I am using an Ascaso i1 grinder which worked well with the Classic which I will upgrade very soon so let us not digress into a grinder discussion! I tend to have an espresso in the mornings and a few flat whites on the weekends. Because they are few and far between, I look forward to them and take the time to get them right. The Classic has been inconsistent with shots, and the steam is lacking. I've temp surfed, descaled, and squeezed the best of it, but am not satisfied, and don't think its worthwhile to install a PID, hence the upgrade. I've read the stickies on this forum, and researched elsewhere. Still not sure whether HX or DB is best. One thing I don't get with DBs is, you get the convenience of no waiting time, but doesn't shot quality still ultimately depend on the quality and controls over the boiler on a stand alone basis (likewise with the steam and its boiler)? I see many DBs where the boiler specs do not appear much better than a SBDU like the Silvia, so would that mean that a Silvia would produce a better shot? Why are DBs often presented as "hands-down" better than SBDU if their brew boilers are not always better? Just because of the lack of waiting time or is there something I'm totally missing? Anyway I've shortlisted a few HX and DB models, in my GBP 600 - 850 budget range, and would appreciate your recommendation for each category (and why): HX: - Fracino Cherub (Pros: 2850W boiler, UK-made, E61 "type" group / Cons: ?) - Expobar Office Leva (Pros: proper E61 group, looks great / Cons: more expensive) - Nuova Simonelli Oscar (Pros: cheaper / Cons: plastic, regular 58mm group) DB: - Fracino Piccino (Pros: least expensive DB option / Cons: no PID, regular 58mm group) - Lelit Diana PL60PLUST (Pros: PID / Cons: more expensive, standard 58mm group) - Quick Mill Sivano (Pros: PID, E61 group / Cons: thermoblock for steam) Thank you your help!
  13. Loving the new Bianca, seems to easy to use. Getting more and more flavours from my coffee. A few queries: I notice in the videos @DavecUK uses 94C any reason or is that his preferred temp? The default seems to be 95C. I thought 93C is the generally temperature to be using. Only one issue, I've found even after several flushes the service boiler still has a slight metallic taste when taking a sample and letting it cool. Is this normal and will it eventually disappear?
  14. Ok, so here’s the thing... I’ve got a Delonghi ES330 that I’ve had for 10 years that i’m now looking to upgrade to a ‘proper’ machine. I’d been planning on getting a Silvia until I popped into Bella Barista last week and got chatting. I’m now wondering whether it’s worth pushing to boat out to get a Lelit Mara, clearly it’s twice the price plus a bit more, so I need to weigh up whether it’s worth it. Having spent so long with the Delonghi, i’m used to not being able to steam and brew at the same time. The Silvia will clearly be a huge upgrade to what I’ve got, but I can’t stop wondering if it’s worth skipping the Silvia step and moving up further. My question is, other that concurrent steaming/brewing, what benefits will the Mara give? Is the E61 that much better than what’s in the Silvia, and if so, why? i have mainly drunk espressos over the last few years, but in the last couple of weeks have been doing more milk based drinks as I have been researching new machines, to see whether HX or DB would be worth it.
  15. Hi everyone. I’m looking to upgrade. I had a Francis Francis x1, then Nespresso when we had twins for the ease. It’s now time to get something decent. I was going to buy the sage barista express but I’m now tempted by the lelit anita. Any advice? My budget is around £500. I’d love a La Pavoni but I’m not sure I can commit the time and am a bit worried about small children being burnt. Any help greatly appreciated.
  16. ncrc51

    Lelit Bianca

    I'm interested in what Forum members think of this machine. I know very little about Lelit's other products. It appears that the Bianca may be available in some markets now and in the U.S. perhaps in July. The price quoted by 1st Line is pretty competitive with other double boiler machines.
  17. Hey Folks, I'm in the running for a new machine and wanted to tap into your knowledge on machines and specifically the Lelit Mara line up (I know there's a whole thread about the Bianca, I've read all of it, but feel free to weigh in with the Bianca if need be). From what I can gather about the line up these are the major things that are different: PL62S - has soft plastic turn knobs for the steam and hot water taps PL62 - has hardened plastic turn knobs for the steam and hot water taps (looks better) PL62T - same as the 62 but with PID temp control PL62G - same as the 62 but with real flashy steam and hot water outlets and the group head Am I over simplifying it? Please weigh in.. My overall question, between the PL62T and the PL62/62S, is it worth plumping up for the PID? Are the versions as reliable as each other? If we're talking about future proffing then that would be the Bianca but I don't fancy profiling at this point and don't see myself to going down that road to be honest. Obviously I don't expect anyone to have owned both so if you have any of them could you comment with your experiences? Perhaps what swayed you towards your particular model. Hopefully there's more than DaveC out there who have owned/used the Mara! Thanks in advance
  18. Hi, I currently own a Rocket Giotto Premium Plus with pid. I need to change to a machine with a smaller footprint as my kitchen alterations will leave me less space. I have narrowed it down to the Lelit Mara pl62 g, I love the gold finish on this machine, the Rocket Appartamento or whether to spend the extra £300 or so on the ECM Mechanika slim. Thoughts anyone?
  19. Hi all. I joined the forum 18 months ago and remember spending a long time researching the eternal question of "what coffee machine should I buy?" We ended up just fixing the (pretty rubbish) one that we had, but now it has died and it is time to finally get a proper machine. I remembered that I had narrowed down the advice to a Rancilio Silvia and a Eureka Mignon grinder, but today I went to look at Bella Barista and find they are out of stock of the Silvias and couldn't tell me any better than "hopefully in a month we will have more"... They are showing as in stock at coffeeitalia, but they don't carry the Mignon so can;t get a "set" discount, and I seem to remember reading they are not as good as BB anyway. I'm really not sure I have the heart to retstart the whole research process, so I was hoping you all might be able to tell me what I should get. I'm wondering what LELIT are like? BB have a VICTORIA which looks quite interesting. I like the small footprint and the ability to take MUGS: https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/lelit-victoria-91t.html Also there is an ANNA TEM being discounted here. I like the idea of DISCOUNTS. https://www.thecoffeemate.co.uk/p/traditionl-espresso-coffee-machine-lelit-anna-tem/ Also willing to consider anything up to near the £650 mark. A desired ability would be a machine that can get up to temperature in 15 minutes or so, and I am hoping to not have to buy another coffee machine until 2040. Or should we just wait a month and get a Silvia? Thanks. Robert
  20. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and would like some honest advice from those who have struggled with upgraditis and who have any tips to cure it in this particular case. I've had a Sage Barista Express now for two years and although I've loved it, I feel I could be getting more out of my coffee. What's funny is, that the Barista Express is currently out of action at the moment as I'm waiting on a new group head gasket... So it seems as though £3.65 could turn into £2k... I have 2, maybe 3 coffees a day, mostly flat whites, occasional double espresso. I'm really interested in the Lelit machines in which I managed to narrow my upgraditis to the MaraX (happy to wait until it comes out) and the Bianca. I know their both very different machines, but I'm looking for some honest feedback based on what my thoughts are below. Thoughts on the MaraX: - Like the fact it doesn't require flushing (or very little flushing) especially for a HX. - Like the quicker warm up time. - Like the fact it's so compact. - Not keen on the fact that it's not in a polished stainless finish. (Would probably change the plastic parts to the wooden alternative as a personal preference too). - Not keen on the fact it hasn't got the handy little automatic shot timer. Thoughts on the Bianca: - Like the fact it doesn't require flushing (or very little flushing). - Like the polished stainless look. - Like the wooden feet, as it will match with the Niche Zero. - Like the fact it's got the handy little automatic shot timer. - Personally I don't think I'd use the pressure profiling a lot (if at all). - Bit longer on the warm up time. Personally I think what would sway me in complete favour of the MaraX, Is if it had the electronic shot timer built in and it came in a polished stainless. But realistically how important and how picky am I being? Or would you agree? Space wise, smaller is always better (pardon the pun), but in this instance I don't see much of a difference between the two, as I'd just put the water tank on one of the Bianca's sides. The one question I would ask, taking into account my thoughts above on the machines, let's say the MaraX comes in at £1,200 in March, would the extra £650 be worth it to me for the Bianca. Would love to know your thoughts and if anyone else has been in the same predicament?
  21. Hi, im looking for new coffee machine. Im interested in buying Rancilio Silvia or ascaso steel uno or lelit Anna, lelitt vip 81. i thing everyone of them will be good for a start in using more professional machines than Delonghi.. won't be? did You see interesting auctions or someone have one of them for sale ?
  22. Does anybody have experience to help me compare the following grinders. They would be paired (most probably) with a Lelit PL62 Mara HX espresso machine. Eureka Mignon Mk.2 for £235 Lelit William PL71 for £275 (this is not the stand alone price, but the effective price from buying as part of a set with a Mara HX brewer) Eureka Mignon Silenzio - price tbd. Supposedly hitting European dealers in February and this model probably similar price to the full RRP of the Mk.2 so c.£300 I am guessing. I don't mind waiting at all. All seem to be stepless. All seem to be 50mm steel burrs. The all fit in my kitchen okay. Mignon Mk.2 a bit noisy, but I don't care much. William seems (from internet photos) nicer build quality and a bit quieter, but a bit extra cash. Are these machines all quite similar or is one much better than the other? Thank you in advance for any insight.
  23. Hello! I've recently got a Lelit Mara which is fantastic. Though, I had a question about the pre-infusion which might be a stupid one: should I time the 25-29 seconds for the shot after the pre-infusion happens? And would I know when the pre-infusion has stopped once the pressure gauge starts to rise? Or should I be aiming for 25-29 including pre-infusion? Cheers!
  24. Hello everyone, How many people in the forum use or have used machines from this brand? Can you say a few words of them at first hand, like build and materials quality, are they mod friendly etc ? Greetings!
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