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Found 16 results

  1. In the last couple of days my L1 has started leaking from between the two parts of the group. It's not due to loose bolts. I did relube it a couple of months back, but the seals are at least a year old. Any suggestions as to the likely cause? I'm guessing I might need to put a new set of piston seals on, but interested to have this confirmed or to hear any other probable causes.
  2. I bought a New gaggia baby twin that I received today. Came with 3 filters, non pressurized. Two regulars and one for the pods. I plugged the machine and waited a bit for it to warm up. I clicked the hot water button and turned the black knob to get some water thru the system. Surprise! Nothing came out at all. Tried to get some water flow thru the group head, also no water came out. Then I noticed some water under the machine! No leaks are showing from anywhere outside. Just at the bottom of the machine I am getting water leaking only when I try to use the machine. The pumps sound ok, so
  3. Hi, Recently our (office) Gaggia machine started leaking water from next to the portafilter. Every time the coffee is slightly more tamped water drops from the portafilter holder (group?). According to one of my colleagues, one dose might've been tamped too hard and no water was coming out, leading to the "starting" leak. Any clues on what might be causing it? I assume something got busted internally and now every time the pressure can't push the water through the coffee it manages to squeeze it through there ... (the espresso still comes out quite decent and with enough crema though)
  4. I've had my Cherub for around a year now, all of a sudden the top of the steam arm (where the ball joins the actual arm) has started to leak water and steam. Has anyone experienced this before? Any potential solutions/fixes? Ideally I don't want to replace any of the parts, but I will if I have to
  5. Hi All, forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area! As soon as the machine is powered on, there is continuous leaking coming from the safety release valve. If I turn on the machine and pull the pour lever, small amounts of water start coming through the group head but still leaks on top of the main boiler. Machine only has 2 months of usage! (not descaled yet which I know is bad, not sure if this is the culprit?) Not sure where to go from here, I'm in Devon and am happy to recieve any recommendations from pro's who might be able to help. I unfortunately bought this from a co
  6. Hi, I have an old and trusted gaggia classic with a rancilio steam wand. Recently it's started to drip more then usual from the steam wand. Has some valve gone? if so, which one? Thanks, Stu
  7. I was informed the morning after playing with the new machine that there was a puddle in the kitchen. My heart sank as I knew the only new thing in there was the Heavenly. To cut a short story shorter I took the covers off but couldn't see where the leak was coming from although the inside was wet. Decided to get it up to temp and pressure and sure enough, there were in fact 2 leaks. Both on the pipes going between the group and the boiler. Let the machine cool down while I looked for a 24mm flare nut spanner, didn't have on so I made one out of an old ring spanner.
  8. My leaking steam valve is getting worse so i'm probably going to replace it. Question is how to avoid the replacement going the same way? Also, does anyone have experience of cutting the end collet off to open the valve up for a mechanical clean. There is a youtube video of this procedure. I'd like to try this first but not sure if it is worth it. finally best (ie cheapest) place for a genuine replacement valve?
  9. Hey, hope you guys can help. My trusty Silvia, 9 years old, has begun to leak. In the linked video you can see the place; I'm not sure what the part is called, but seems to be from a seam in a brass part stemming from the boiler...? The question is if this can be fixed – and if, then how? Might I need some spare parts (which, and from where?) or do I simply have to tighten something? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAWbE1dC6_A Thanks in advance! John
  10. Hi all, So it would seem my woes with electrics have been caused by the pump leaking, of this I am now fairly sure. There is a great deal of scale around the joint (where the plastic tube from the pump meets the corner piece) and back onto the plastic tube from the pump. Whats the standard MO here? (I'm presuming more than one of you has suffered from this) I'm guessing this may mean a new pump (and/or replacement with the Ex5, so no more plastic). Is this joint push fit? I'm looking at the pump and it looks like its push fit, however I'm looking at a replacement part for t
  11. Hi Guys, Apologies if something similar has already been discussed somewhere, I had a look but couldn't see anything suitable. I am very new to the world of coffee. I started out buying instant coffee, then real bean instant and now I have taken my first step in real coffee by purchasing a 2nd hand Gaggia Classic. I am familiar with how they work and all the steps I need to take as my friend has one but I am getting some annoying issues with mine. As it is 2nd hand I am sure that some parts need changing (group gasket etc.) but I was wondering if I listed my issues if someone
  12. Hi all, I could do with some advice on a Classic that's got a pretty serious leaking issue. I've got the option of getting this machine for quite cheap but the leak that they described looks pretty serious. (password - coffee) My guess is that it could either be a pipe or the pump. I originally thought boiler gasket but the flow is quite heavy... Think it could be worth a punt to try and fix up? Cheers Luke
  13. Hi All, This morning whilst pulling a shot I noticed water running from the group head, down the portafilter handle and right into my shot . The portafilter was locked in tight with 16g, so I'm guessing a new gasket is required. After looking on coffee-hit I thought I was sorted but their size is 72mm x 54mm x 8mm and the ones on eBay are 57mm x 74mm x 8mm. So there is a difference of 2mm & 3mm , and one user here http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?17575-Rancilio-Silvia-V3-Group-Head-Gasket says that the coffee-hit gasket leak. Should I go for the larger ones on eBay to
  14. Hi guys, So recently my Cherub has started hissing after use, I can hear a faint hiss after I've pulled a shot/steamed some milk and switched it off. I don't remember this happening before, but maybe I was just not paying attention - is it normal? I'm obviously kind of worried because it was purchased second hand so I've got no warranty on it.
  15. Hi, I've got a Gaggia platinum vision, which has started leaking from the steamer. I've run it through a descale cycle a few times, as I suspected it could be down to the valve being gummed up with limescale, but it's still leaking. It leaks slightly more when it's dispensing coffee, which would suggest a valve isn't shutting properly. Does anyone have any idea if this is fixable? I'm quite comfortable working on coffee machines, having replaced both the pump, boiler and serveral seals in my old Gaggia Classic, as well servicing my Isomac at home. I recognise the Platinum is a bi
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