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Found 47 results

  1. Well this is a bit odd.... Just started happening this has. When I rebuilt the Personal 1, I replaced the original and very knackered NS group seal (OEM on this machine was 7mm, at least that's what came off it anyway) with a new, admittedly thicker at 8.3mm blue silicone one about 6 months ago. I didn't bother putting the paper shim behind the new seal due to the extra thickness taking up the slack, worked fine, PF locks in spot on etc etc. Now as of last week it fairly regularly blows out of the group head at random, crapping water everywhere. I've pulled the seal, looks fine. Clean, still flexible, no damage. Reseating it solved the problem for 10 or so shots then BAM it's out again. The only other thing that has changed recently is I replaced the pump, but the pressures etc are all as previous. No change there. Your comments, thoughts and wisdom, as ever, welcome. Also sarcasm.
  2. Hi all So I've been having a real problem trying to fix up my heavenly with a new pressure gauge, and the pipe that goes from that to the boiler, without the pesky thing leaking. The leak comes from the point in that second pic where the pipe screws on to the gauge. I've wrapped some ptfe thread around it but to no avail. I'll probably head by the local diy store to see if they have any ideas, but hoping that somebody here may have a tip? Thanks for any help Ben
  3. Can anyone offer some advice please? I picked up this lovely machine (Classico/Ariete) from the forum last year, and have had nothing but fun, trying to ‘learn’ the basics and craft! Over the last couple of days, I noticed a feint hissing coming from inside. I thought it may be the pressure release valve, so opened up expecting to do a little manipulation to relieve, or to remove and clean up (assuming the o ring may be buggered). The PRV looked great and was working well, so looked around the other side and saw the image attached (mineral build up?). Couldn’t see any steam, but took the sides off to look further and confirm. Yep, very small stream of steam leaking from the circled area. Question: is this fairly common? Am I able to fix this in situ? Is it as simple as trying to unscrew the element part, clean the thread, and Reposition using some sort of sealant/ptfe tape? My worry is about damaging/twisting the copper boiler, as the element part is brass (it seems?) Or, could it be filed down and sealed somehow - although this sounds like a bodge approach - unless the alternative is a new boiler! help please, I’m pretty handy, but don’t want to make it worse by taking the wrong approach. thanks in advance - I’ll ask my wife to give a foot massage to the best answer. Can’t say she’ll agree, but it’s the thought that counts ??
  4. Hi all, newbie here I've just got myself a second-hand heavenly (for a pretty good price I think), which had not been used for a few months. Seller advertised it as such and recommended that it probably needed a service. Water seems to run fine through the machine to the tap, wand, and grouphead. The issue that I am seeing is a couple of small leaks from the base, and once up to temperature water in the pressure gauge that leaks out of it. I have descaled it but I'm guessing there's more to do. My question is if this is something that I could fix or would I actually need an on-site engineer to have a look? I guess that's going to cost me a few quid if I go down the engineer route? Thanks for any help
  5. Can anyone give tips on getting a good crema from a Presso coffee maker? I've found the Presso good in every other respect. On a different note, my old Dualit 889 is leaking - both out of the tray (coffee spraying out) and out of the bottom (cold water - from pump?). Any suggestions?
  6. Hi folks, We have a pretty old Gaggia Titanium here in the office that has started leaking water from underneath. On opening the front door and removing the brew group the water appears to be coming from a metal spout behind the group which appears to feed water into the group when it's internals are moved into some certain position. Coffee is still brewed without apparent problems but the water seems to leak slowly but continually (though it isn't monitored that closely). The recess this spout is in is filled with water at its bottom I cant find this part marked, or even shown, on any exploded diagrams in a Google image search so I'm afraid I can't be more specific. Does anyone have a diagram that shows the area directly behind the brew group? Does anyone know what may be causing this and thus what the solution may be? Thanks, W
  7. Just taken delivery of my Naked PF and 15g VST basked. I have had great results from the VST Basket with my Gaggia Clasic and the standard PF and thought it best time to make the leap to the naked PF. Im finding the Naked PF isn't a great fit within the Gagia Clasic group head, it's a little tricky to slide and lock in however most annoying is the little drips from the side when in brew. I purchased the naked PF from Coffee hit along with VST Basket, just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem or if you may have any suggestions to resolve? ive posted a video link so you can see it in action: appreciate any thoughts.
  8. My Gaggia Classic has developed a leak today. When pulling a shot, water is leaking out of the top of the portafilter where it seals with the machine. Water then runs down and into the cup. Ive cleaned the shower screen and everything looks clean and normal. Any idea why this is happening please? The leak isn't very visible in this photo as it was leaking around the back of the portafilter, but it does show water running off and into the cup..
  9. Hi, My Dual Boiler has started leaking from the bottom left of the machine. After it's been on for about 40 minutes, a small pool forms by the front left foot, which looks like it is running from under the drip tray area. Anyone else had this? It's still under warranty, so I contacted Sage and they said to de-scale as that could be a cause. But I live in a very soft water area and have never had to de-scale any other appliances, so I'd rather not buy the chemicals and go through all the faff if there is another solution. Cheers, Jim
  10. I've had my trusty Classic for about 10 years now. It gets a regular back flush (about once a month) and a descale every now and again. I live in a soft water area so there never an issue with limescale build up anyway. I've changed the portafilter seal many times over the years and moved away from the OEM rubber seal years ago in preference for silicon seals from an E61 as they're the same size. I get the blue ones for a few quid each. I've never had any problem with these in the past. Recently I started getting water leak from around the top of the portafilter when I make a shot. My first thought was change the seal and last time I'd actually bought two for this reason so I had a spare. I swapped it out and it worked ok for a few shots then started leaking again. I asked the seller if he'd had any other people complain about these seals being faulty and he just said I shouldn't be using them and should stick with OEM. So I bought a couple of OEM rubber seals, fitted one and again, it sorted the issue for a day or two then it started leaking again. It's only a few drops that sadly tend to drip down into my cup. I've had it all to bits multiple times now to see if I've missed something and made sure everything was nice a clean but can't seem to solve it. Someone has suggested trying a new portafilter itself but I've actually got 2, an original double spout which I've barely used and a naked portafilter which is my go to. It makes me think there's not an issue with that as I've tried both and it happens regardless. Have I missed anything. I have been toying with the idea of an upgrade anyway and maybe the Classic has just reached the end of it's very long and fruitful life? When something is usually so bullet proof like the Classic is, it's strange when something suddenly goes wrong like this for seemingly no reason.
  11. Hi All, forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area! As soon as the machine is powered on, there is continuous leaking coming from the safety release valve. If I turn on the machine and pull the pour lever, small amounts of water start coming through the group head but still leaks on top of the main boiler. Machine only has 2 months of usage! (not descaled yet which I know is bad, not sure if this is the culprit?) Not sure where to go from here, I'm in Devon and am happy to recieve any recommendations from pro's who might be able to help. I unfortunately bought this from a company who don't provide service help if the things go awry (my mistake for not going with a reliable re-seller). See below video for context - I've unscrewed the part that's spitting, off the boiler, and applied some goo to stop leakage but this still happens immediately when switching it on! I have reseated every contact/cable imaginable inside, the only thing I can't seem to do is check the fuse in the plug because it's completely encased and doesn't have a bit to plop off to swap the fuse.
  12. Hey All Just wondering if I am missing an obvious trick. Have finally got around to completing the plumbing of the R60. Water in - no problem at all. Water out is fine 99% of the time. However, if a lot of water goes through at the same time the drip tray leaks. May be difficult to explain but the drip tray drops into a container below that exits to the waste water tube. However the container is not sealed so if lots of water rushes though the container fills and come over the sides. Anyone experience this or have a fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated. WG
  13. Hi all, I'm noticing some consistent issues with channeling and a slight leak around the portafilter when extracting. I've installed a new blue cafelat seal just a few weeks ago so it really shouldn't be that. My technique will probably be playing a part in the channeling, however the location of the channeling is in exactly the same place everytime and is also where the water seems to escape. I've made a video of the extraction and slowed the footage down (Slow mo at the end), the leak is on the left side of the portafilter. Password - coffee I've also attached 2 photos (separate shots) of the channeling location, 2nd photo is the better example but it's in the same location everytime
  14. noticed a couple of days my steam wand started leaking. a couple of water drops, sometimes it's like a pressure release... is it something i should worry about? is there any remedy on a budget?
  15. This afternoon I noticed quite a bit of water under my Ariete and opened it up to find that this is coming from somewhere it shouldn't be. I've previously spotted small amounts water under the machine, but just assumed that it was overspill from the drip tray or something, but now I'm thinking this has been happening for a while and is just getting worse. The machine is around 18 months old, so not exactly delighted to have found this, but I guess these things do happen. So, any advise on how/what to fix? Just a case of something a bit on the loose side, or something more sinister? Even if it is just a case of something needing to be a bit tighter, I'm not entirely certain how I would go about actually getting to it.
  16. Besides the other annoying problems I'm having with my Classic just now the steam wand is now dripping as well, it's coming from inside the wand and not the exterior by the bolt thingie. I just know I'm going to get told the steam valve needs replacing but is there a temporary home fix for that, I'll just live with the leak for now if not, oh and while I'm asking, any one know what is the most likely cause of the coffee coming through really slowly from the brew head, it's just dripping through at times and the machine is running for easily over a minute maybe a minute and a half at times to get the coffee through, can't be good for the machine.
  17. Found the newest leak guys! I believe this to be the last one and this one makes sense. Right next to the boiler there is a copper pipe which leads to the steamwand, on that nut that it is joining to a few other pipes. That is what is leaking. When my machine cools down I will undo this nut and see whats wrong, it might just need tightening, if not I have PTFE tape I can create a better seal for it The leak is mostly sound but there is a constant drip every 1-2 seconds. I will provide a picture. Having a leak near the steamwand would make sense as to why my steampressure gradually drops and why its not as powerful as it should be. It also makes more sense as to why it gets moist on the right side of machine in a small little area (Its shown on the pictures the big grey patch)
  18. Hi. I bought a brand new La Pavoni europiccola around xmas and I think it may have just died. Yesterday the shower screen fell down and was hanging out the bottom so I just pushed it back up. Today I turned the machine on and water poured out the attached portafilter and steam escaped out the emergency release valve, draining the full tank. Any idea whats going on and what I can try to fix it? Thanks.
  19. Hi all, My Treviso leaks through the brewing part while it gets up a head of steam making a mess and more water going into the shot than should do. It never used to. We have ultra soft water. It's a few years old. As pany parts are available I want to try and fix it as it makes great coffee. I've partly disassembled it and found a parts diagram on the web. I can't figure how the device works, as in how it switches where the output from the boiler goes. If the pump is on for espresso - I see it pumps water under pressure into the boiler, and it comes out through the coffee. The same boiler chamber is used for making the steam. So what normally stops the steam coming out of the brewing plate? and physically selects where the output goes. I can see there's a big rubber gasket that seals the coffee basket to the machine and a gasket that seals the top and bottom halves of the boiler together. I can't see on the diagram any other gaskets that, if worn, may cause the leak. I see on other threads that people have taken these apart in the past - so any guidance would be very much appreciated Thank you Nick
  20. Hi all Newbie here, but this forum is a great help! I recently purchased a used Gaggia Classic from 2004. Unfortunately it wasn't in the best condition, so I completely descaled it, took the shower plate and screen off etc. All was working fine for a few weeks, then it started leaking from the group head, but only when coffee was in the portafilter. Today I replaced the group head seal with the Cafelat blue silicone seal. It sat flush in the space and with the flat side down For some reason the leak is even worse, and only with coffee in the portafilter. I've got the standard Gaggia classic non pressurised basket and am putting in 17.5g. The shower plate and screen are completely clean and installed properly. Is there anything else I should look out for? Any help appreciated! Thanks Amit
  21. Hi, I recently picked up a used 2011 Gaggia Classic. I had one many years ago, and at the time replaced the steam valve to fix a leaky steam wand – simple fit, and it worked great. So when I noticed the steam wand leaking on my new machine, I knew what to do...except this time, instead of the leak being stopped the new steam valve seems to have made it worse. During a 20 minute warm up, the steam arm is dripping constantly and produces a large volume of water and steam (I can measure this – but suffice to say it's a lot, and more than my "faulty" steam valve). espressoservices suggested it's a faulty valve and are sending another out. But it got me wondering, is there anything else it could be that's causing it/any other part of the machine I should asses? The machine's free of scale and as far as I know otherwise in very good condition.
  22. Hello. I have what I think is an old Gaggia coffee. When I turn the machine on and as it warms up, water drops come out of the steam wand, even if the steam wand knob is fully closed. It also drips from the grouphead if the portafilter isn't on. Is this normal? I've bought it off ebay from someone who said they knew nothing about coffee of this machine. Any info would be helpful
  23. Hi all, It would seem that my faultless verona is no longer faultless following a full descaling session where there is now a very small leak (10-20ml over the space of 8 hours) has developed. That aside, a more serious fault has developed where the boiler suddenly lost pressure and this was due to the feed inside the water tank not being submerged in the water correctly. Now these units automatically detect when there is no water feed and either top up or switch off - however this didn't happen. I'm beginning to think when I set the brew boiler switch off for the draining sequence I may have inadvertently switched something else off. With this in mind, is there a list of PID settings for this machine so that I can review as I'm struggling to find anything on the net. With regards to the leak I will review this (take it apart or send back to bella for repair) but I'd rather deal with this more serious issue first which is most likely a setting (I am hoping). Thanks in advance. Mark
  24. I have water dripping out of my Baby Class from around the sides of the unit on which the filter is attached. I removed the cover and as I was unsure of where the leak was coming, I put the water reservoir on and turned on the machine. Almost immediate I could see beads of water forming on top of the hose coming from the steam cock to the steam assembly. Is this a perishable part and can I get a replacement, or is it likely that the water is coming from elsewhere (steam cock maybe) and just beading on the hose? I couldn't see any visible evidence of another source. TIA, Lewis.
  25. Just bought a secondhand fracino contempo, not pluged it in yet, having it wired in Sunday, but I have plumbed it in today, turned water on and the gage went to 9. Bar on its own, then I noticed a small leak, on further inspection I found it is coming out of the top of one of the connectors on the boiler, have I got a problem or will it seal as things warm up.
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