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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Have just been given a Lavazza coffee pod machine . The pods are A Modo Mio. Before I try it I am looking for a reusable stainless pod , any ideas where I can get one ? Thanks.
  2. I've been using the Sage Oracle for the last month on factory default settings. 7s pre-infuse time, 30 seconds total extraction. Tried various grind settings from 21 to 25 with different beans and can never increase/slow the drop time above 8s. If I lower the grind too much, the flow intermittently stops or slows right down. I can get 30ml extraction x 2 shot and honey colour crema flow usually between 7-8 seconds drop time. Just curious why the recommended drop time is 9-14 seconds and why I cant get within this range? Only tried various supermarket beans so far including Lavazza Rossa.
  3. Poor old Dave, goes from bad to worse - Lavazza yesterday, fish and chips barefoot today.
  4. How the mighty have fallen - reduced to drinking Lavazza
  5. Ran out of coffee yesterday and had to get some beans from Asda as obviously can't go cold turkey. Anyway, bought some of the above-mentioned beans as these where the beans I used to use when I first got into grinding my own coffee. Did I enjoy my latte, oh yes I did ha ha. Am I wasting my time with more expensive, freshly roasted beans? Lol. I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to like these when I know they where probably roasted ages ago etc...
  6. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone has the 2012 limited edition set from Lavazza? I bought a set at a charity auction in 2012 and its just been sat away as I never got around to using it. The set was available as part of the company's 2012 competition and consists of a presentation box with 2 espresso cups and saucers, 2 cappuccino cups and saucers, a carrying tray and their 2012 calendar which celebrates 12 famous photographers. Just wondered if anyone else has one of these sets, or if anyone knows if they were ever offered for sale? And if so how much it sold for?
  7. Joshua

    Lavazza Rosa

    Good evening Coffeforums, Newb question, I'm new to the coffe world (well proper coffee) and wanted to ask what your thoughts where on Lavazza Quality Rosa. i have just purchased a Gaggia Classic and also purchased a bag of Lavazza Rosa. Please let me know what you think. thanks, Josh
  8. dfk41

    L1 owners

    Morning all......I know now, that there are several owners in this forum. We all have different levels of experience, and are probably experiencing different shots. So, I wondered if we could share and offer help. I hate boring people to death with long personal accounts, so I will be brief. Experienced in the coffee world, but not with levers. have had 3 cheap stick type La Pav and Gaggia. I took the advice offered by Reiss and after 3 days oof playing, decided to ignore that, or rtaher use it as a base for exploration. Initially, I was told to concentrate on the grind, tamp only to polish.
  9. Lennyz


    Hi there, my name is Paul, I am from Cheshire and I have had a gaggia classic for about 7 months. Not taken the plunge into getting myself a grinder but I do try and get decent ready ground currently using illy medium roast. Is it really the best idea getting your own grinder? my machine was off eBay and came with a commercial portafilter with a standard double basket and already had the rancillio steam wand mod. I am chuffed with the gaggia and save myself a fortune on buying drinks from town now... always trying to learn new tricks and am interested to read other peoples reco
  10. Hi everyone New to the site, just bought a very basic Lavazza Mio but love it! Gonna have a look around on here and decide what the next step is. Any advice?
  11. New machine and a new grinder combined to give me a certain amount of anxiety this morning. No beans to test on so off to Tesco to get the cheapest ones, Lavazza of indeterminate age and condition. Followed numerous online instructions and got the machine descaled and backflushed, so far so good. Now to tackle the grinder, I set up the scales which are dial scales so not absolutely accurate but managed to get the grind time to coordinate with the scales giving me 7-8 grams of ground product. Chucked the 1st grind, regrind twice and packed the PF using the double basket. The machine see
  12. Eyedee

    Aye up

    Hello, After much trekking through the forums I thought it was time to register and say hello. For the last few years I've been using a Briel Versatile Due and ready ground stuff, Costa and Lavazza. You might scoff but everyone has to start somewhere and its been a massive step forward from instant. It's almost at the end of its life so I've just ebayed a Gaggia Baby and the next massive step is to get a grinder. Iberital MC2 seems to be the favoured choice and thats the way I'm going. I guess I'll be asking stuff so more later.
  13. brun


    I've been visiting Patisserie Valerie outlets lately quite a bit, best cakes ever, but I've got a question for you guys as you seem to know everything, I've really enjoyed the americano coffee I've had there and I'm wondering what kind of similar coffee is out there for me to make at home, all the beans are always described in weird and wonderful ways, lots of adjectives and food stuff comparisons, but at the moment as I'm new to this I've no idea what the illy 'flavour type' is To the best of my knowledge all the ones I've had have been made from beans, not pre ground from the tins you g
  14. dja57

    Baby Gaggia

    Looking for ideas, just got baby gaggia, waiting for grinder.Using pre ground lavazza which takes @ 20 secs for a double and crema thin, my wife thinks coffee is bitter. I have tamped fairly firmly but not mush diffference. To show my wife that when grinder comes we need to grind finer to slow extraction, to illustrate this I put a double through using filter grind with a light tamp it went through in about 30 secs with a slightly better crema. I am now confused. Any advice welcome. thanks David
  15. Hi all, As I read about coffee I constantly hear about Lavazza and Illy as being good examples of coffees. I have tried both of these over the last few years from my local supermarket etc. Are these the same packets of coffee that people refer to when prasing these coffees? or do people find a way of sourcing freshly roasted Lavazza and Illy? Are the supermarket packets of Lavazza and Illy worth the money, or am I better off finding an alternative, similar blend to try? Many Thanks, Sammy
  16. Hi All: after a while lurking I've finally taken the plunge and joined. My name's Geoff and I'm from the North-East coast of England. I've been seriously into coffee for just over a year - prior to that I just enjoyed it! I've got a Pavoni Pro that I bought way back in 1995. Sad to say, until just over a year ago I seldom used it, as the espresso that I got from it didn't seem worth the hassle. But, of course, no-one had told me how essential it was to but fresh beans and grind them on the spot to make decent espresso - and that Illy or Lavazza pre gound just wouldn't cut the mustard. S
  17. I have decided to take the plunge and finally buy an espresso machine. Having used a moka pot, cafetiere, drip filter and various other contraptions, I've decided it is time to furnish the kitchen with some eye candy coffee-making equipment. As always, budget is a barrier. If it weren't, I'd by a Rancilio Silvia as what I want is a well-built machine that won't need replacing in a year or two. The Silvia looks brilliant. However I am unable to spend more than £150 (well, maybe a little more), therefore I have narrowed it down to: Dualit Espressivo Magimix L'Expresso DeLonghi Icon
  18. Hi everybody , I have readed during a lot of time about caffe storage but yet I don´t have a clear grasp about how make it. I try to explain my doubt. I always buy packet lavazza 2,2 Lb in my country Spain here sell only that size . I recived 4 days ago my packet lavazza gold selection . I take 2 caffe per day abaut 20 gr per day, at month are 600 gr ,so I want storage the best possible way. I was thinking in purcharse this : https://www.amazon.es/Aitsite-Selladora-Envasadora-automático-Verduras/dp/B07QHVXFR5?ref_=s9_apbd_orecs_hd_bw_b2MXy8F&pf_rd_r=EEVBBC22PXKM6WD6Q3SW&a
  19. I've come across a couple of LAVAZZA branded Espresso Cups & Saucers. Does anyone want them before I put them on eBay? £12 pair including postage No chips, nicks or crazing ptf
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