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Found 52 results

  1. I saw this video of ChrisBaca where he has gifted to him some really nice jugs. I have been using some Dailyart jugs for my milk and they are nice and did not cost much. I have a birthday coming up. I wondered if other people have tried more expensive jugs and if they make any difference at all. Thanks in advance. ForumCat
  2. Hi coffee drinkers! I am Swede who is about to start a new café this autumn, and I'm therefore curious to know about your coffeshop habits. I've created a survey with a response time of approx. 2 minutes (answers are 100% anonymous). I would be truly grateful if you could take the time to conduct it. Thank you in advance! This is the link to the short survey: https://goo.gl/forms/IKrnU9NNghr5Gyo52 Best regards, David
  3. I'm a brewing kind of person and never got addicted to espresso. My wallet and SO has thanked me many times. Some time ago I thought everyone making espresso at home were mostly drinking the espresso clean without anything added. Then after joining some forums I realized many make lattes, cappuccinos and all these things. I've had a few good espressos, but it wasn't something I could replace my brews with. It would have to be a milk-based drink if it should replace a brew. Espresso is more like whisky in my mind. Highly concentrated, small servings. I think I'd nip it in peace, like whisky. I was interested to hear how the prosumers of espresso drinks their shots. How often do you drink a clean espresso compared to milk-based drinks? Do you drink it quickly like an Italian or is it something you nip for a while to savor the flavors?
  4. I see you can buy double wall espresso glasses and double wall latte glasses, do these keep your drinks warmer than regular glasses that have been pre-warmed? My espresso glass is only used to pull the shot, we are not drinking espresso at the moment, only latte's. I have a £1.50 standard Sainsbury's 60ml espresso glass, maybe this is suffice. What is the quickest way you have found of heating up the PF, espresso glass and latte cup or glass. It takes a long time for my hot tap to run hot (boiler upstairs) so im running water through my group head into the glass and cup, then running water through with the PF attached. Most of the time we are making 2 latte's. My partner still likes a double shot but she is wanting more frothy milk in her latte and so a bigger latte glass is needed. My milk pitcher is 480ml and its only big enough to do froth milk for one cup at a time. Would it be worth buying a bigger pitcher and making enough frothy milk for both cups of latte at the same time. My Sage DTP only has one head and so no time can be saved there but i was just wondering if time could be saved frothing a larger amount of milk.
  5. 4 x Londinium Espresso Latte Cups (inc saucers) - Made by Ancap / d'Ancap, Italy. One cup feels like (as I couldn't see anything) there's the slightest imperfection in the casting not a chip. I found this when taking them out to photograph. Come boxed (though its a bit old). I purchased theses when I'd hoped to get an L1 machine. I ended up getting a SDB and these are a constant reminder of my stupidity so they're going £25 + PP (if required or can be collected from sheffield)
  6. Wednesday 28 April: 8.15pm You will have 45 minutes to produce a pic of a Rosetta and a tulip. Each set of Rosettas and tulips will be created into a poll. At the end of the two polls scores will be aggregated - the highest combined score wins.
  7. Some great Latte Art skills on display here from Alex Stithies; 2010 Australian Barista Champion. Good for Sage and Breville owners too. [video=youtube_share;wvJ02AJBEG4]
  8. Jumb Ratty's Latte MrBoots2u's Latte Vote by clicking on buttons above - you can only vote once. Poll open for seven days. Good luck to Jumbo Ratty and MrBoots2u. Winner will proceed to round 2.
  9. Came across this new web site the other day and was quite impressed with the layout and the look of the website lots of informative information about the machines and products they sell & the prices are very good to
  10. Simple little tutorial to help free-pour a latte art rosetta! The biggest thing to avoid is slowing down when the pattern emerges :D:D DON'T SLOW DOWN! Believe. lol!
  11. Iwwstriker

    Pact Coffee

    Hi All, Just wish to share what I have experienced from Pact coffee. Recently, I have ordered one of their bean choices, that is, NYONI PEABERRY. At first, I ignored the description of its flavour. It says, silky milk chocolate body with subtle green apple acidity. And oh my, when they have arrived, I tried them out instantly. A few dial in and I have managed it. Well, they are serious about their description for this bean. From the bean itself, I could smell a difference from the rest of coffee beans that I have at the moment, that says, chocolate or caramel, or whatsoever. They are lightly roasted. I am guessing it is at a second crack during roasting. Please correct me if I am wrong. Espresso itself, I could taste a note of mild acidity, which would explain why they describe it as green apple. I am not very good at tasting coffee myself. Milk-based drink, I tried a cup of latte. It has a subtle acidity in it. I couldn't describe the acidity though. But it is not the unpleasant type where you would just wanna spit them out. Here's a photo of the drink and the coffee beans. Do share what surprises you have gotten from Pact.
  12. First real coffee since Tuesday morning ahhhhh Thats better
  13. I have been 'into' coffee for barely five months now, during which time a lot of water has flowed under my particular bridge, as it were. I started out with a cheapo Cookworks from Argos, very soon upgraded to a S/H Gaggia New Baby with Silvio wand, then leapt up to my 'dream machine', a QM Verona. Grinder-wise, it's DeLonghi to Iberital to SJ to Royal, all in the same timescale. Nick-nacks have gone from nothing to milk thermometers (essential for me as my delicate little fingers can't take the jug temperature), open PF, VST baskets, scales (various), timers (various), Click-mat, tamp stand, Pergtamp, 0.5mm gliceur, several milk jugs, etc. etc. etc. And a Brita 1200 filter soon to be plumbed in. Bottled water is used for the time being. Well and truly hooked, I'd say. The 'spresso I drink is invariably latte (flat-white?) as I'm not really keen on straight shots - even the high-end Godlike stuff made at May's Rave Rave. As I seem to have taken to running before I even learned to walk, I'm not sure how to determine what's a good shot and what isn't. That's where I'm looking for a bit of guidance. In order to make a 'spresso, I merely dial in the grind such that a 27sec 'pull' gives 1:2 in the cup. So 15g in 15g VST gives 30g, 18 in 18 VST = 36g and so on, all in 27secs. Tamp is consistent at 30lb (clickmat sees to that). I've never really deviated from that rule of thumb. I then go on to add stretched milk of course, to make my much enjoyed lattes. I'm not quite sure what I'm asking here, but I'm certain there's much more to it than that. Oh, and when taste notes talk about wild strawberries, goosegogs, lemons, limes, chocolate malt or whatever, I frown and nod sagely, but in actual fact, I can't really detect any of it. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole coffee thing to bits, but coffee tastes to me like, well, coffee! Some nicer than others but descriptive words elude me, so I'm never quite sure just what I've done to get a particularly nice tasting cup. Maybe my palate was just right for the moment... I don't know. But I doggedly follow my 1:2 in 27secs target. I guess what I am asking is for some kind of guidance on what I could do to broaden my experience... but I wouldn't have a clue on how or where to start. By the way, I've no wish to branch out into brew methods other than 'spresso. I enjoyed Patrick's most capable and fascinating presentations at Rave, but they're not for me. I'll stick with the Verona and hopefully, broaden the kicks I get from that. Does this make sense, anyone, or even sound familiar with some of your own deep-down feelings? Tony.
  14. Thought Id make a video of how I currently do stuff for you guys to pull apart! Im still very much learning, so any help and advice is appreciated. Its usually a bit quicker as Im not talking, but you get the gist. Sorry for the lighting, couldnt be bothered setting up my studio lights. Best watched in HD, click the little cog icon once the video is playing.
  15. And got this: I really wouldn't have minded if it tasted nice, it didn't, it was bloody awful. I just don't understand why anyone would open a cafe without first learning how to make a decent coffee
  16. Stanic

    Goth latte

    Looks like there is a new coffee product/fad going on.. Goth latte, coffee with added active carbon..looks ok but how about the black teeth? Ok, being goth they probably don't smile much
  17. Hello, We are a start-up from india and are starting a new coffee pill. Wanted to know your reviews. Introducing COFFEE PILL: An innovative and newly formulated form of Coffee: “The Coffee Pill”. Here is the solution to the dilemma of whether to wait in the queue or not. Now you have the best option available at your disposal. A coffee that is there with you all the time. No matter where you are or what you are doing. Coffee pill consists of the most loved and dominantly coffee used Arabica beans. These beans have the most prominent taste and also the beans have been processed in such a way that it has the precise amount of caffeine in it. Gone are the days when we have to stand in queue..wait for a minute that feels like a decade before we grab our share of divine beverage. This substantially reduces your fury levels and making you coffee taste more amazing when you are calm and composed. Furthermore, YOU are your own boss, you decide your drink, make your drink and change the composition of ingredients as per your liking. (And also blame yourself when you screw it!). How are we different yet the same?Now the question arises why do we use these Coffee Pill? The answer to this is having a blissful cup of coffee has never been so easy and convenient. Conventional method of Coffee preparation involves filling the coffee beans, milk and water in the Coffee Vending Machine which takes quite a lot of time to concoct the beverage and enlighten our taste buds. Instead of longing for it, all we have to do is just take a cup of water. Add 2 Coffee Pills in it and have the perfect Cup of blend, aroma and taste. These pills have been so formulated that they do not tamper the taste of the coffee instead add an additional natural taste because of the composition we have used. The best part about the Coffee Pill is that you don’t need a vending machine. You can make the perfect cup of coffee on the go. Where are The Coffee Pills handy? · At Work · While traveling · Camping
  18. COFFEE CUPS BRING EXCITING NEW RANGE INTO STOCK Luna Blue, The Forefront Of Coloured Cup Fashion These high quality porcelain coffee cups are perfect for daily use in busy cafe’s and coffee bars. We have listened to our customers that love the Luna white range on shape, size and durability but want to stand out from the crowd. The new Luna Blue range is extremely modern and certainly will strike up interest in any coffee shop. By adding your logo to these cups, you will be at the forefront of coloured cup fashion and bang on trend. If you have any questions about this new product or for more information about Coffeecups.co.uk or any product we sell just ask.
  19. I've been practising for a good while though I only make maybe 1 or 2 lattes a week, sometimes less as I drink my coffee black. Here's tonight's, a simple heart. I have several pics on my tumblr of previous pours and some videos too.
  20. Hello all! So, I'm off to Glastonbury on Saturday and my machine is going with me for the first time. It's going to be easiest to take UHT milk to use which I've not tried steaming before. After having a dig around the forum it seems to be entirely plausible, but I haven't got time to try loads before I go, can anyone recommend any particular ones to go for or avoid? Or is it all much of a muchness and should I just get a couple of cases from any supermarket and crack on? Thanks!
  21. Hi guys, I'm looking for a budget coffee machine setup for espresso and milk drinks, with somewhere around £250 - £350 to spend. I was thinking of a used Sage Barista Express, but I've heard the grinder can be affected by the heat of the cup warmer, which isn't great. I also like to experiment with lots of different settings, rather than just making a standard espresso shot but it seems the Barista Express only doses a set 60ml amount. Would I be better off getting a used Sage Duo Temp Pro with a Sage Smart Grinder Pro combo instead? I haven't used the machines so I'm not entirely sure how much I can experiment with them, and does the DTP still only dose 60ml? Does anyone have any recommendations? I may be able to stretch higher than £350 if you can be very convincing, but if possible I don't really want to go over that. I'm happy to buy items that are used to save money. Thanks, Callum
  22. Looking to swap this for the same make but another 360ml one, also Teflon coated. Not fussed about colour particularly but as I have a green one already maybe a blue one this time if you have it! Hardly been used so in very good condition and I think I still have the original box. Would consider selling too - was £15.95 new so maybe £10 delivered via cheapest method? Also open to selling the stock Sage milk jug which is stainless steel and very good quality. I only stopped using it as I prefer the convenience of the Teflon. That one is let's say £6 delivered including original box. Pictures on request...
  23. Title says it all . http://iconosquare.com/p/1017313826728546653_22274067
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