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Found 102 results

  1. I tend to only drink espresso during the week, but treat myself to the occasional flat white at the weekends, particularly when friends are over. One milk brand that is very popular in many speciality coffee shops in London is the Estate Dairy. It has a really creamy, rich texture and really enhances the flavours of the coffee I find. However, it is hard to get for the average consumer. Given that there seems to be a consensus over what bottled water to buy for your coffee...I wondered if there was a similar consensus over the best milk? What fat / protein content should I be looking for? The Cornish Gold from M&S could be a good option potentially? https://www.marksandspencerfoodhall.co.uk/nutrition/4a3c8227-1313-477c-9897-663c69b15f19--1508433759
  2. Hey all! so having moved to temp digs while I sort out a new house, I stupidly packed away my trusty rattleware pitcher. bought a cheap one off amazon from their recommended list and it’s rubbish.... perfectly fine size and thickness but the spout is squiffy and doesn’t pour straight. Makes art impossible. so if I’m gonna go spend some money on another, can anyone recommend anything in particular? small 12oz size ideally, only used for flat whites.
  3. Need we say more? Classic Motta jugs in 75cl and 35cl. Light use in the past but not for a while. Found these when going through some cupboards in the cafe. Price is £35 for the pair, which includes shipping.
  4. Has anyone got any tips for achieving a good micro foam with the DTP? I'm just not quite getting it right?
  5. Not too fussed on size, just fancy giving it a try!
  6. JimBean1


    For the first time I've just seen one of my coffees from about a year ago compared to one this morning and just wanted to say thanks for all the tips and advice I've been given that have made such a difference, I'm over the moon! I started on the coffee journey because I was spending too much on Costa every day and now I can't stand the stuff - oops This was one of my attempts a year ago: And one from this morning: Aside from the pretty pattern the taste difference is unbelievable and I've very much found a preference for dark roast beans. Thanks everyone.
  7. hopefully i have put this in the right section im looking for a small milk jug i only every make 1 coffee at a time as no one else in the house drinks coffee i always make it as a flat white in a 6-8 oz cup they jug im using at the moment is huge and no good for small quantities of milk and gives a rubbish pour for latte art, only use it when im filling up my 470ml travel mug for work but want something better for when im drinking at home please can someone send me a link to the ones they recommend thanks
  8. I'm so bowled over by this happening today that I thought I'd better start another thread... Certainly not ready for the big-boys and rock stars' thread - but not exactly latte art gone bad (I've seen plenty on that thread that hadn't gone bad at all). So this thread is for the middle ground - for those who are proud of their gradual improvements... Please everybody - stand up and give a big round of 'Meh...'. Oh yeah - and by the way - it's a MASSIVE cup.
  9. Being someone who only attemps latte art at the weekend for her ladieship, I only only drink the dark stuff, I find I'm not getting nearly enough practice to even get the milk correct let alone the art, so in future I shall be resorting to my other passion to solve this, if you to want to create that extra special work of art then follow along with the following video close to hand to impress that someone special in your life........ https://phlearn.com/create-latte-art-photoshop?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=05_06_16_Newsletter_Latte_Art
  10. MrBoots2u's Tulip Coffeechap's Tulip Poll is now open and will remain so for one week so get voting. Don't forget to head over and vote on the Rosetta poll here and the Freestyle poll here
  11. Some great Latte Art skills on display here from Alex Stithies; 2010 Australian Barista Champion. Good for Sage and Breville owners too. [video=youtube_share;wvJ02AJBEG4]
  12. To make this a bit more interesting, for each semi final, entrants will be required to produce a tulip and a rosetta and upload a picture of each within the heat's timeframe which will be extended to 45 minutes. Two polls will be created - one for the two tulips and another for the two rosettas. Forum members will be able to vote on both. The winner of each semi-final will be the entrant with the highest combined score for their tulip and rosetta entries. Draw for semi-finals is: MrBoots2u vs Anton78 Coffeechap vs Jeebsy
  13. Hope that I'm not breaking any rules by putting in a link to another site- James Hoffman's Blog - but I think that some others amongst us who are failed-latte-artists like I am will be even further humiliated by what's on show here: http://www.jimseven.com/2010/12/19/a-very-old-competition/#more-2013
  14. Simple little tutorial to help free-pour a latte art rosetta! The biggest thing to avoid is slowing down when the pattern emerges :D:D DON'T SLOW DOWN! Believe. lol!
  15. Iwwstriker

    Pact Coffee

    Hi All, Just wish to share what I have experienced from Pact coffee. Recently, I have ordered one of their bean choices, that is, NYONI PEABERRY. At first, I ignored the description of its flavour. It says, silky milk chocolate body with subtle green apple acidity. And oh my, when they have arrived, I tried them out instantly. A few dial in and I have managed it. Well, they are serious about their description for this bean. From the bean itself, I could smell a difference from the rest of coffee beans that I have at the moment, that says, chocolate or caramel, or whatsoever. They are lightly roasted. I am guessing it is at a second crack during roasting. Please correct me if I am wrong. Espresso itself, I could taste a note of mild acidity, which would explain why they describe it as green apple. I am not very good at tasting coffee myself. Milk-based drink, I tried a cup of latte. It has a subtle acidity in it. I couldn't describe the acidity though. But it is not the unpleasant type where you would just wanna spit them out. Here's a photo of the drink and the coffee beans. Do share what surprises you have gotten from Pact.
  16. At the moment I just enjoy watching and it's always a great atmosphere. I'm just wondering how to hear about the ones you can go and watch in the UK?
  17. As mentioned in another post I recently swapped my previous manual setup with a Sage Creatista pod machine so the family can also enjoy the coffee fun. I've been determined to get the best out of it (I'm not a fan of pod coffee) using the latest gadgets and gizmos and I've finally nailed it - granted the milk is a bit loose but I think one more setting up and it should be fine. If anyone is interested I've done this with the following kit: Rave Christmas blend dark beans (freshly roasted) Rhinowares hand grinder on the finest setting WayCap stainless steel reusable pods Sage Creatista Plus Happy Days!!! I may do a video if I can figure out how to video myself effectively.
  18. Finally got my first bit of ‘latte art’ this morning. I know its no where near perfect but it’s the first time I’ve managed to get microfoam, I think I’ve previosuly been adding far too much air and it’s been like having an ice cream on the top, thicker than cappuccino foam. I was that excitedI made the missus come and have a look before a dared to move it haha.
  19. Can anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong with the first part of my pattern? I'm trying to create a nice round lined bulb but each time it seems to start really nicely but then as I tip the cup back and the pattern progresses it keeps losing shape and instead of ending up with a nice round bulb it ends up flat-spotting in places or collapsing completely. Any tips on where this is going wrong I'd be very grateful. I'm setting the base while tilting the cup then moving straight down into the centre and a lovely trail starts but when I start wiggling the jug I can't figure out the technique for a nice solid round bulb that holds together. I need to video it really but only got phone and can't figure out how to do it.
  20. Hi guys, i am a barista from Czech and i trying rainbow latte and people says: yeah, it is nice, but dont drink :-D What is your experinces with this? (sorry for english) here is one of my rainbow:
  21. Find a mutually convenient date and time and post it in this thread. You will have 30 mins to produce and upload a picture of your best latte. Picture must include the magic word.
  22. We have an excellent coffee firm in Surbiton, Coffee Traders that supply beans and machines largely to the trade across Southern England. For £15 they do a really in-depth tour and talk. We went on Saturday and can thoroughly recommend it. We got to see the 2 roasting machines in action, the lovely old French (I think) manual one in the picture and the horrible modern German automaton you can just see in the background. You also get to taste loads of coffee, learn how to do cupping, learn how to use various machines and they even showed me how to do some latte art. The only downside was that they let slip to my wife how much my machine and grinder cost... All in all 3 hours and 15 quid well spent.
  23. Ive been dipping in and out making coffee, i just don't get the time as i used to I seem to of lost the ability to make nice milk and getting any form of art is a real struggle I'm not sure where i am going wrong. One thing it could be is when to start the art part. Here is what i do currently, I pour the milk into the middle from around an inch from the cup so it break the surface. I allow the cup to fill to around hlf way then i pour quicker to get the art foam but that isn't working i seem to be overfilling. Ive tried to start earlier but i can't get it right. Any tips?
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