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  1. Anyone had experience of the 1 group La Spaziale machines such as the Mini Vivaldi 2 or Dream T? I did a barista course some time ago using their larger 3/4 group models. Just wondered if anyone has used the smaller double boiler machines?
  2. As title, this is a custom tamper to suit the Sage duo temp pro/Barista express and also will fit the La Spaziale machines in this size range. Tamper has been sized specifically to fit the IMS baskets B652Th27.5M & 30M which is slightly smaller than the Sage stock baskets. There's a very small dent in the base which is just cosmetic. The handle has just been refinished in danish oil from a clear coat finish. The danish oil is much better in my opinion. This was my daily tamper and has served me well. I'm only selling due to the fact the DTP is now heading to work with me so I'm making use of the mag tamper it comes with. A lot of hard work went in to making this and I usually ask for more, however with the slight damage I will ask for less. £55 including insured/tracked delivery. Thanks
  3. Man this coffee scene is a joke... I'm on my 4th machine, 3rd grinder so far this year!! Loving it. So I currently use a polished Major, which I love. I think it looks awesome, and obviously it performs well. But I single dose, once maybe twice a day. So an on demand grinder I guess would be better for my needs, but my pockets are not as deep as I wished they were, so my choice would be limited. Now the other day I picked up a new (to me) coffee machine, La Spaziale S1, and with it came an Astro 12 OD grinder. Both have had minimal use but are around 4 years old. I will obviously test drive the new grinder and see how I get on, but I am still very much an amateur, learning slowly, so I just wondered what the general opinion is.
  4. I'm relatively tempted by this for myself, just to have a play on then move on in a few months What do people think? I think it has 75mm flat burrs. @Rhys interim grinder? https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/coffee-grinder-la-spaziale-12-astro-grind-on-demand/1274211369
  5. Hi Anyone got knowledge of the La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi ii? How does it rate against one of the smaller Rocket machines?
  6. For sale is my grinder that I've used at home for the last 3 years. It is a rebadged macap. Only doing a few coffees per day. I've removed the plastic tamper on the front and also removed an switch in the hopper that would start grinding if it detected grounds in the doser getting low. Now it is a simple on/off at the switch on the side. I never used the hopper and I just single dosed into it. Hopper has no lid a a few marks on it. Body of the grinder has some marks on the back which I have pictured. Grind retention is next to nothing with the help of a Giottos Rocket air blower. Features: 75mm flat burrs 900 rpm Stepless adjustment You can read more about it here. Currently selling new in the UK for £870 over at coffee italia. I'm based in N16 London. Collection only or I can deliver locally for a small fee.
  7. Which machine would yous say is the best commercial machine Astoria Sanremo La Spaziale La Marzocco Nuova Simonelli
  8. Hi Folks Can anyone explain to me how the wiring in this diagram actually works. I understand the connections at the element part can be wired with different options for 3 phase or single,but there are 5 wires out the for the connection to the main supply. Black , Brown and grey for the phases,blue for the neutral and an earth. If it was to be wired single phase,what would be the arrangement to a 30amp switch? ( i Have no intention of doing this, I'm just trying to understand the diagram )
  9. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-kitchen-appliances/la-spaziale-s1-coffee-machine-automatic-grinder-accessories/1228676531
  10. Anyone know where I can get a 0.9mm steam tip for my La Spaz? I can only find US suppliers that want £40+ for shipping!
  11. Hi, Not sure if this is one for this forum, but I was wondering if anyone knew if the Rocket steam wand tips for the la spaziale mini vivaldi, and was hoping someone might know as they seem quite similar? Cheers.
  12. see a few for sale second hand. can someone give me some tips on what to look out for on these machines, common faults easy to service ect as there doesn't seem to be much info on them. thank you
  13. Will only put a brief review now and come back later and upload some footage etc. Got sick of my Sage Barista Express as had nothing but issues with it and returned after 18 months and bought the La Spaz Vivaldi II. It was a lot more money but god can you tell the difference, this machine is glorious. There is nothing about it I do not like. Look at the difference in size between the machines.
  14. I found one of these grinders near me 2nd hand for about £350 barely used and I can't find much information online about it. Seems to have 75mm burrs and a low RPM which seems great. The lack of information worries me though! Anyone know about them? Better recommendations?
  15. Hi everyone. What a great source of information! So my current gear is a Gaggia Classic (like a lot of you on here) and I've got an Ascado i-mini grinder. I'm always a sucker for a bargain so generally buy everything 2nd hand and as cheap as possible. Gaggia I bought for £30 with a blocked solenoid valve and took it all apart to find out what the problem was and the i-mini I found on gumtree for £80. Really trying to get my coffee closer to that of the coffee shops I spend too much time in. Coffee is freshly roasted and stored in a vaccum jar and put into the grinder 18g at a time. Pull a shot with a 2:1 brew ratio in around 30 seconds but my setup lacks consistency despite me weighing every step of the way and temp surfing. Gaggia runs out of steam with the silvia wand before it can get a good swirl going so latte art is generally terrible. Really looking to upgrade for around £1000 spending. The best gear for the money. Found the Fracino gear through this site and am in love with the Ariete with the wooden handles but can't find it 2nd hand anywhere. Looking for a HX machine manual fill with good looks and stable temperatures. Cherub perhaps? Looking for a grinder again with good looks and small size. Anyone know much about a La spaziale astro 8A? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi, I'm new to coffee forums and need some advice. Anyone had any dealings with www.beanmachines.co.uk? Currently looking at getting a 2 group traditional coffee machine. Ideally a Sanremo or La Spaziale - open to suggestions though. Had a pretty decent quote from them and they seem like knowledgeable guys. Anyone dealt with them before and can shed any light?
  17. Hi all, I have been on the look out for a second hand Vivaldi S1 II (not mini) for 4 months now. They are not common in our country so I'm forced to shop via Ebay and other internet sites. Closest that I came was a bid from Ebay UK but that was halted by seller due to shipping complications. Yesteday I have found a second hand S5 EK for 1.175GBP and seller is prepared to ship. Don't mind the machine being larger, plenty of space available in the kitchen, can also plumb it. My two questions are: How does a Vivaldi compare to an S5? Does this look like an ok deal? Link Thanks for your input in advance gentlemen, appreciate it.
  18. My Vivaldi II arrived today, a week ahead of schedule, well pleased with that. Not so pleased with the fact the accessories are missing, no portafilter, basket, tamper etc. Screwing!
  19. Does anyone know anything about these machines? Particularly a ball park value for one - used ex-restaurant kit. It is 2 group and fairly big..... but quite "retro-chic"..... I might be able to get my hands on one (subject to the ball park figure above*) * ie It might be a steal.....
  20. just seen this La Spaziale probably go for next to nothing, doesn't seem to be working but could be a minor issue, who knows.
  21. I would like to post what I consider useful information, on a very informative website, and have found I cannot respond to a thread as I need to have posted 5 previous messages. Well, I will submit this, here and see what happens, as I would like it posted on the corresponding thread. Hi Everyone, I have taken the plunge and ordered La Spaz Mini Vivaldi from GioEspresso, after a trial of the La Spaz machines elsewhere. It took a while to arrive at the final decision as it is difficult to get information on retailers, hence the post, to inform other 'potential' purchasers. I will keep you updated on the progress. I ordered the machine on Monday (8th April) and got an order confirmation, promptly, along with an email confirming the status ('Awaiting Shipment'). On Thursday (11th April), I sent an email requesting the possible delivery date. I checked my email Friday (Today) and haven't yet got a response (I do not expect an immediate response, as part of the service- I have ordered an OE Pharos and am currently tracking its progress, it has taken a while- will update re that in another post). Hope this is useful.
  22. About 6 months old, bought it from a cafe that was closing down; shot counter says it's done 1290 singles and 2143 doubles which averages at about 30 single or 15 double shots a day (pretty pants for a cafe - probably why they had to close) so it should have plenty of life left in it. You don't see many of these around so I had a hard time fixing a price. New I've found: http://www.coffeeaid.co.uk/assets/La%20Spaziale%20Bean%20Grinders.htm £627 (+ VAT) http://www.amazon.co.uk/LA-Spaziale-Demand-Coffee-Grinder/dp/B009EQ4KYI/ref=sr_1_10?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1360332790&sr=1-10 £762 Closes thing I've found second-hand is some chancer on eBay trying to flog the model up from this for £1095 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Spaziale-Astro-12-Grind-on-Demand-Coffee-Grinder-/160961549189?pt=UK_BOI_Restaurant_RL&hash=item257a0e5385 More details (although still sparse can be found in the following pdf guide: http://www.liminicoffee.co.uk/machines/La%20Spaziale%20grinders.pdf It seems to me these are all way overpriced though as I think (?) it's just a rebadged version of the Macap MXDL which you can get from EspressoUnderground for £586. So I'm asking for £250 with collection from Sheffield. I'm also in Oxford over the next couple of weeks so could bring it down (although it's very heavy and I'd be on the train). Could also break the journey at Birmingham or Leamington Spa if anyone around that neck of the woods is interested. Would do courier but only if you arrange.
  23. Now sold, thank you! Hi all I have a La Spaziale 'Vivaldi' machine for sale. It is from 2006 and in used, but very good condition. The Vivaldi is one of the best machines in terms of temperature stability due to it's dual boiler and PID features. Other features include a rotary pump (the machine can be plumbed in, but can also be run from an external tank), dosage possibility for one/two cups and the steam boiler can be turned on/off seperately, making the machine really economical if you don't need the steam boiler all the time. The machine has just been descaled and serviced, so it's ready to go for the next years. The following parts have been replaced: - Steamboiler thermostat - Pressure gauge - Group seal - Left side panel - Water inlet pipe (Costs: approx £100) The machine comes with 1 single-portafilter and a blind filter. I am looking for £695, but welcome offers as well. RRP for that model was approx. £1,500. Ideally the machine should be collected (from North London) as it weighs 32kg. I am happy to demonstrate the full working order of the machine. Alternatively a courier delivery could be arranged for additional costs. Thanks, Jurgen
  24. I have the above for sale. It is made by La Spaziale so the crome plating covers the whole PF. Not like the retro-cut versions with exposed bronze. It is new and has never seen coffee or water. Purchased for a machine I didn't end up buying. Due to a re-stocking fee for returns I'm offering it up here before I return it. I payed £54 inc vat, so I'm after £40 + postage. Collection welcome.
  25. Gaggia baby seems to be picky and very sensitive to evenness of the puck. I have been pouring grounds on the same spot until the basket is full and there are no problems on other machines. However, it causes channelling and deadspots on my gaggia baby. So, if you're using Gaggia baby ,perhaps other models too, and get persistent channelling and uneven extraction, it's time to examine your distribution method. The effect of poor tamping is not fatal if the error is not so bad.
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