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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/La-Pavoni-EN-Europiccola-Manual-Lever-Espresso-Coffee-Cappuccino-Machine-Maker-/132340590087?hash=item1ed01d2607:g:x4cAAOSwE9RZyMYV Looks like they missed a '0' off the end of the price? Cant go wrong... Or can you?!
  2. Hello - new user here. Does anyone happen to know the technical specs for the replacement seals etc for la pavoni groups, steamer and so on? The prices charged by the official suppliers for a few rubber seals and brass washers seem pretty outrageous (north of £30) so I was wondering if it were possible to buy generic equivalents separately? Also is there a way of getting the horseshoe washer out without wrecking it in the process? (even with needle-nosed pliers!?)
  3. Hi All I have a post-2000 Europiccola which has always had a slight leak from around the safety valve. The valve itself does not appear to be leaking, rather it seems to come from around the bolt that attaches the valve to the boiler. So I have taken it apart to investigate, and discovered that it seems to be missing a washer: part number 65 on the parts diagram (as per this link https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/La-Pavoni-Lever-Spare-Parts/cc-33.aspx) which I have now ordered. However, it is not clear from the diagram if this washer fits on the outside of the boiler, or th
  4. So, I believe the piston seal in my la pavoni is worn. What do you guys think.....Am I best buying just the seal from theespressoshop or should I get the full seal kit? Really my question is am I better replacing seals in a piecemeal fashion or all at once? At this stage I just want my la pavoni back making coffee. Also if anybody can recommend a cheaper alternative to theespressoshop, that would be great I feel kind of bad paying so much shipping for such a small item
  5. Hi all I am in the early stages of choosing a new machine to upgrade from a gaggia classic. obviously a road well trodden by forum members. my eye has been caught by the look of the lever machines. I have a budget for the machine of up to £1000 (grinder will be dealt with separately) I have seen the La Pavoni professional and the Elektra Micro Casa. All thoughts suggestions or warnings appreciated. thanks
  6. Hi. I'm the proud new owner a lovingly cared for and heavily modified pre-millennium la pavoni. I know nothing, but hopefully I'll have a slightly easier time learning w/ the feedback instruments. so... Where do I even begin? Do you have any tutorials or threads you recommend as a starting point? Maybe the advice is succinct? The machine has a pressure gauge. What am I going for? Does the style of roast matter? What about if I'm going for a 1:1 vs 1:2? There are also temperature gauges. One is a sticker on the group head. My understanding is that I'd want slightly
  7. I just recently joined the La Pavoni Lever Machine Owners Facebook page. Some new developments were there that I hadn't seen before. One involved the pre-millenniums adding a plug behind the group head and cutting a hole in the dipper tube to make the group head water heated instead of steam heated. https://www.home-barista.com/repairs/heat-control-of-1984-la-pavoni-professional-t40936-40.html As a side note....IMS SCREENS AND BASKETS FOR LA PAV! YAY!
  8. Interested to see if anyone has ground coffee fine enough on a Wilfa Grinder to get any decent results on a La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Machine, or can you grind fine enough on a Hario Hand Grinder, simple as that really, thanks.
  9. Hi All The Fracino is having a little rest and the Christmas present La Pavoni Pro is doing all the hard work for a few weeks. The Piccino likes RAVE Signature and I like the result. The La Pav is not a Signature fan. Finer grind, regular grind ~ its OK but not great. The La Pav came with a tin of Illy Dark Roast ground coffee and that breaks the rules and tastes better than fresh ground RAVE. What keeps La Pav owners happy in the coffee stakes? What do I like to drink? Double Espresso, no sugar, thick and creamy with a lovely Crema. A bit like how I like red wine ~ "this is del
  10. Is it possible to press out the filter screen and seal using pressure on the piston, or does the seal have to be cut/dug out as seen on a few youtube vids? I'm just cleaning the machine and inspecting so I don't really want to put new seals in at the moment.
  11. I found someone on ebay selling these for £20, £25 at the usual webshop. The adaptor nut M12 to 1/8 BSP, (I think this is what I need for a pre 2000 machine?) seems to be harder to get. The ebay seller of the gauge has them for £20, which seem bonkers. The webshop has them for £6.36. Are there any other options? Cheers!
  12. I now know that my La Pavoni has good seals and I also know what 7 bar feels like on the lever, after testing with a pressure gauge fitted to a portafilter. Is 7 bar a good target pressure to aim for? I doubt the machine is solid enough to cope with much more weight on the lever, you can see it flexing and the bolts on the group to boiler are all wrong for heavy downwards loads... I read that 9 bar is the optimal pressure, but i think that would be pretty tough on the machine! Regarding temperature, 92 C is optimal, correct? I put a thermocouple inside the basket to meas
  13. Just fitted a gauge to my La Pavoni and it's showing that the pressure stat is cycling at 11-12 psi. Is this the correct pressure? Am I correct in thinking that this means the water temp is 115 degrees C?
  14. I have bought a used La Pavoni and it needed a good descale. After trying a sachet of oust (20 mins) and then some vinegar (overnight), most of the scale is gone, however there are still areas of stubborn scale left. These don't appears to fizz when putting vinegar in. The element is now clean, so not sure if I need to worry about what's left? Is it worth trying some citric acid next?
  15. With a new year comes new challenges and ive been itching to do a 70's pavoni for a while - step forward a 1973 europiccola these were the second generation machine with sight glass, removable shower screen but original group shape. When I say Pimp what I actually mean in this case is a loving restoration - If you see my wife tell her I'm in the cellar for the next month or so. Ive got a couple of commissions to do first but will start assembling parts and stripping down - the disassembly of the group is going to be a challenge without stumping up £40 for the specialist tool but we will
  16. Had enough water let in my Pavoni for one last cup. Already made a few which went ok (inc. a vid which decided to focus on the wall behind.. ) Anyway, ground, stirred and tamped but it looks off. Wasn't entirely happy with the tamp etc. but pulled it anyway to see the effect and show why a naked/bottomless pf is worth getting. For some reason my iPhone decided to go slow-mo shortly into this, hence the length, but it sounds great and works well as a slow-mo. Except for the damn washing machine finishing and beeping which spoils it.. ) When I looked at the puck in the pf
  17. it seems once it gets past a certain fine setting it doesn't put any grinds out whatsoever. All the motions are made, and it sounds as though the burrs are rotating, however no coffee comes out. I feel like i need a finer grind, as am producing no crema whatsoever with the La Pav. Any advice?
  18. Could not resist that title - anyhow there now follows a short guide to removing a portafilter bottom so you can use it as a naked one - for the pre millennium la Pav with a 49mm portafilter you can buy new for £100 or get an old portafilter and remove its bottom with a hole saw - so this is how it went down dawwg ahem first you need a 48mm or 49mm hole saw and an arbor for it - an arbour is the spindle that the hole saw is mounted on so it can be put in a drill - you could use a cordless drill but it will cause vibration and may slip, so best bet is an pillar drill and table vice to
  19. 'Sup Lever Lovers! I'm looking into joining the world of lever machines, and am taking the plunge on buying a La Pavoni Europicolla. Been scouring ebay, and whilst I can grab a deal at around 200-250, i'm not sure if it is worth spending the extra 100 on a brand spanker? (they're 349 at caffe italia right now) Just wondered if anyone had any knowledge on this, for example I shouldn't get a newer model..as i know is the case with the Gaggia Classic! Appreciate any tips
  20. Where to start please? The Europicolla worked ok one day, then trips MCB circuit breaker for mains sockets the next. Happy to strip down and rebuild but would appreciate some advice on likely cause. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi folks, im looking for a new espresso machine coming from a la pavoni i still want to keep it as a lever machine thinking of getting a Bezzera strega TOP or a Quick Mill Veloce, what do you guys think about these two machines or is there something in the 1500-1900€ price range to consider?
  22. Courtesy of CoffeeChap, I’m now a proud member of the lever club! It looks like I’ve got a lot to learn though! Hopefully the Niche comes soon, but for now the Feld2 will have to do :-)
  23. I trawled and caught this: http://coffee.gurus.net/pavoni/diagnostics/ Also covers non electrical problems.
  24. As I'm travelling between two places now with work I want to get a second machine. I like my Europiccola so I could just pick up another second hand one but I came across the Mini Gaggia (like the photo below) but I couldn't find a lot of info on it. Has anyone on here ever owned one and if so how does it compare to a Pavoni? I gather it's a Spring lever instead of manual.
  25. Long story short, over a couple of days my La Pav Pro began playing up. Then yesterday it stopped heating. I PM'd jimbojohn55 and sought advice. It has now got complicated, not least because the innards in my machine do not seem the same as the pics and expanded diagrams at The Espresso Shop website, nor indeed pics on this forum. Refer to pic below. So following Jimbo's advice, using a multi meter I found that I had power to terminal labelled 1 from the illuminated switch. There was no power from terminals 2,3 and 4 between them and earth or neutral. Changing the multi meter to measu
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