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Found 162 results

  1. AFAIK Norvin has not made funnels for La Pavoni PFs, but wondering if anybody has one to sell?
  2. Hi guys, I'm selling my La Pavoni Europiccola Pre Millennium Nov 1978 model and the pressure gauge and the adaptor were both fitted to it. I'm looking for £25 for both including postage. Thanks Tony
  3. Long story short, over a couple of days my La Pav Pro began playing up. Then yesterday it stopped heating. I PM'd jimbojohn55 and sought advice. It has now got complicated, not least because the innards in my machine do not seem the same as the pics and expanded diagrams at The Espresso Shop website, nor indeed pics on this forum. Refer to pic below. So following Jimbo's advice, using a multi meter I found that I had power to terminal labelled 1 from the illuminated switch. There was no power from terminals 2,3 and 4 between them and earth or neutral. Changing the multi meter to measure ohms, I got no resistance 1,3 and 4 and earth or neutral. I got no resistance between any combination of 1,3 and 4. I did get resistance between 2 and 3. (2 being normally connected to the pressure stat ) Testing the pressure stat with mains on and switch illuminated gave no power at 6 and 7. It did show resistance between (power off) 6 and 7 and between them and neutral. But not between them and earth.
  4. For sale is my La Pavoni Professional in excellent working condition. This machine has only been fed volvic water and regularly greased with food grade grease. Purchased in December 2017 from fatboyslim this machine has served me very well and is capable of producing extremely sweet, syrupy shots consistently highlighting the natural level pressure profile in every shot. I have installed a precision IMS shower screen and IMS double basket. This machine is visually in excellent condition, there is some black tape on the right side of the group to allow use of an IR thermometer to measure group temp, this could easily be removed though if it wont be of use. Some slight corrosion beneath the drip tray as pictured however this is very common on these machines and doesn't affect functionality. Reason for sale is I simply fancy a change of machine. This machine comes with many extras including: Custom made walnut wooden lever and portafilter handle. Custom walnut portafilter. Precision IMS double filter basket and shower screen Single hole steam tip for latte art quality milk. Triple basket Double basket Original shower screen Original portafilter and lever handles Rubber seal and gasket kit Food safe grease. Asking price is £385 Currently listed on eBay for £425 Collection only from Liverpool. If you wish to arrange your own courier this would be at your own expense and I hold no responsibility should it be damaged in transit. I will package the machine to the best of my ability (plenty of packing, ensure no movement within the box). Chances are packaged to this level it should be fine but it is your risk to take.
  5. I just recently joined the La Pavoni Lever Machine Owners Facebook page. Some new developments were there that I hadn't seen before. One involved the pre-millenniums adding a plug behind the group head and cutting a hole in the dipper tube to make the group head water heated instead of steam heated. https://www.home-barista.com/repairs/heat-control-of-1984-la-pavoni-professional-t40936-40.html As a side note....IMS SCREENS AND BASKETS FOR LA PAV! YAY!
  6. it seems once it gets past a certain fine setting it doesn't put any grinds out whatsoever. All the motions are made, and it sounds as though the burrs are rotating, however no coffee comes out. I feel like i need a finer grind, as am producing no crema whatsoever with the La Pav. Any advice?
  7. hey all, so Im rather taken by the la pavoni euro and was really considering a gaggia classic also. Ive found a la pavoni on ebay close to me and have offered 188 GBP without shipping. I believe its the newest model. How does this sound to you all? Id also be interested in hearing what people would recommend, am I better looking at older one? I was initially considering the older premillenium as I didnt like the sound of a plastic/sleeve/liner and plastic piston, but with this newer machine being close by Im considering this one. Honestly Im not liking the sounds of a plastic piston and the sleeve/liner but what do I know? Ive heard it helps with thermal issues too. Anyway what Im asking really is, is there a better model to be looking for? I quite like the "process" of making coffee so would seem to fit. When i originally bought myself a cheaper model gaggia and an electric grinder, I started to miss a hario and an aeropress. Life seemed so simple then Noise and ability to fix would be another plus to my mind. This really is quite the rabbit hole.
  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caffe-Machine-Pavoni-/182411600752?hash=item2a78942370:g:CoMAAOSwImRYblq6
  9. Hello.... Ladies/Gents... Recently my La Pavoni, keeps blowing the fuses in my house ! So I decided to investigate.... Horrible horrible amounts of limescale, I couldn't believe the quantity of limescale, so I started to clean everything before investigating the real problem. The problem I think must be; the heating element which is shorting out, or the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is not the type with the reset button. I doubt the on/off switch is failing, so it can only be either the thermal fuse, or element... My machine is from around 1984/7 ? It has the plastic base cover and as I say, no reset on the thermal fuse, which I understand was introduced later. If the heater/boiler is not functioning, does anyone know where I might be able to get the heating element, ideally the same as the original one? I plan to buy an AVO / DVM ....later today and test the heating element. I've attached some pics.... which show the horrendous amounts of limescale.... Any thoughts ideas much appreciated. Many thanks for your help. Phil Phil
  10. Hi All I am dipping my toe into the coffee forum for the first time, looking for some advice. Had a search of previous posts but can't find an answer to my particular query. I have just had to throw away my 15 yr old Krups combi espresso/filter machine and I want to replace it with a simple but effective semi-auto espresso machine. I drink mostly espressos, americanos and my wife occasionally has cappuccinos or flat whites. I have had the Sage Duo Temp Pro recommended to me but I have also recently discovered the fab looking La Pavoni Puccino on a couple of UK retailers' sites. I cannot find much out about the La Pavoni so I wondered if anyone here had some experience of it - espresso quality, reliability etc? I want to go with this as it seems so 'Italian' and solid and the one video I managed to find showed it producing a wonderful looking crema. The Sage, to me, is much more boring but appears to be more of a known quantity - unless you guys can tell me otherwise. I am open to other suggestions. I am pretty entry-level I guess, with just the Krups as my reference standard thus far. I want to upgrade but I only have around £350 to spend. FYI, my grinder is a Dualit 75015 Burr Grinder and I have access to a fab local shop that sells fresh beans from around the world. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  11. received this from espresso services, spare parts for La Pavoni parts http://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/offers.aspx?PartnerID=26&utm_source=irp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=13_la-pavoni-sale-now-on_2016-05-25_14-16
  12. Located in Duluth, GA, Chocolate Perks is a very down to earth shop that serves fine pastries and chocolates from local vendors. The scenery is beautiful and the employees will melt your heart with both drinks and words of praise. If you are looking for an easy going shop with mellow music, live and PA fed, and art from personal artists around the state, this is the place to be. Beans are all organic and direct trade. Don't miss out on it. I feel so at home there. The machine they use is a La Marzocco Linea with two La Pavoni bean grinders. Feel free to walk in and show off your latte art anytime. Other customers eat latte art up. More...
  13. Where is the best place to get La Pavoni spares in the UK? Thanks
  14. Come across the ascaso arc stainless steel at fairfax for £199. Macine specs look really good: brass boiler & brewhead plus solenoid valve (I think). Anybody have opinions on this machine or Fairfax? I was looking at a Silvia, but for £200 less, this seems a very good machine. Fair fax also has a La Pavoni at £335, which again seems a good price/machine. Thoughts/opinions welcome! thanks
  15. I've converted my other half into liking coffee (well, my coffee anyway..) but she only wants a single shot cappa. I always pull doubles (like everyone else..) Does anyone have a single shot (7g) basket knocking about they don't want? It'll be the 51mm not the 49mm. Ta muchly
  16. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/la-pavoni-professional-1-8-lt-chrome-espresso-maker-110V-/371468874927?hash=item567d4534af:g:WZkAAOSwFnFWDpJ7 someone might be near, worth a punt? I'd like a working one but wouldnt trust myself with it
  17. Usually I've been dosing at 16g, with as fine a grind and as light a tamp to give a mouse tail when giving a good pull. Decided to try 15g instead to get a 1:2 ratio (Square Mile, Red Brick) and ground a little too fine as I was lifting the back of the La Pavoni up when pushing down on the lever. Managed to get drips out to start with, eventually getting a trickle but it took a while. Persevered as I didn't want to have a sneezing fit all over the counter. 15g>30.2g. Surprised at how good it tasted.. Got fruity cherry and caramel out, checked the packet and that's what it said. It was hard work though and I was worried I might break it as it did not want to move a first. Lessened the grind and tried again, stiff pull at first but got a steady mouse tail with pressure lessening all the time - noticed less crema and wasn't as nice. Could be a couple of things, one must be the heat build up after the first shot? I'm going to have to do this again, to discount any variables (but not at the minute, too much caffeine lol). What have others used as recipes/ratios for best results? I know La Pavoni's can be fickle creatures due to temp build up, but I only do 2 shots at any given time anyway so it's never been a problem to me.
  18. Hi looking for some idea's on what I could use temporarily for a tamper. Just got a La Pavoni today, it's post millennium so I believe 51mm. Haven't got a tamper to fit, I have enquired about one from CC but itching to try a coffee tonight, looked round the house and nothing seems to fit. Any idea's appreciated.
  19. Looking to buy a lever machine, currently have a classic but would like to try both against each other. Probably looking at a La Pavoni Europiccola or professional if the budget stretches to that. Would be looking to pay £150-£200, not really wanting one which needs work done as not that handy with machines. Seen on a previous wanted thread a couple of people said they had levers they might sell. Live in Glasgow and wary of couriers but realise it'd be unlikely any would come up local. If anyone has one local to Glasgow would appreciate having a play on one.
  20. Is there a condition known as La Pavoni Elbow? I think I've got it. Seriously, though, should pulling a shot really take that much force?
  21. Hello everyone! I've just received an ancient model of the La Pavoni Professional (looks like full-brass exterior, with lots of greenish and/or white corrosion) which is in terrible condition. I've looked for videos of de-scaling old, unused machines, but none of them even closely resemble what I see in my La Pavoni. If anyone knows, can you tell me if the La Pavoni's boiler was always made from nickel-plated brass, and is it safe to use citric acid on all models? The residue in the boiler is a pile of light brown, 2mm thick material, that looks a lot like calcium deposits, just.. brown. Now, I know that the boiler supposedly is nickel-plated brass, but neither nickel nor brass corrode light-brown, and calcium, to my knowledge, is white. I emptied the whole boiler into a big bowl, and the bowl was almost filled to the top with brown stuff. The brown stuff does dissolve in citric acid, I guess that's the good news. I got it for ~100 pounds from ebay, and nothing seems to be corroded to the extent of it being broken. I've bought insanely cheap la Pavonis from ebay before, and restored them without a lot of trouble, but this thing looks like it's from another world. Before I start restoring it, please, give me all your input and experiences with old machines. I do not want to destroy the poor thing.
  22. taxiboy

    La Pavoni

    Hi all just a question as to what dose people are putting into a double and one pull or two. i dose 15-16 g and do one pull. Wondering am I right or wrong tastes fine to me
  23. Hey guys, I currently have a nespresso, I really want to get into the espresso hobby and I have been reading a lot for a few months while I have been looking for a good deal on a coffee machine. I don't live in the UK and here in Portugal is not that easy getting used machines or even good brand new ones. I have been waiting for the Duo Temp Pro to be on sale again, but yesterday I found a used La Pavoni Professional with around 5 years and seems to be in perfect state and has been serviced a few months ago for £175, which seems like a great deal. I have been reading on it and since I work at home so I have time to do the extra work that a manual machine requires. My budget for the grinder is around £160, so I was thinking about getting a Smart Grinder Pro from lakeland. Will that be a good enough grinder? I would like a grinder that would let me grind for pour-over also if possible. Thanks in advance!
  24. I have spoken to Glenn and he has agreed for us to run a little raffle for christmas with the opportunity of winning the beautiful 1975 La Paving that I recently did a thread on, however as an additional bonus, @joey24dirt will be supplying 3 of his beautiful tampers, the first will go with the la pavoni and therefore is 49mm, the other two will be VST spec tampers with his wonderful skateboard handles, they will be runners up prizes. Delivery costs are the responsibility of the winners. In order to recoup cost and give the forum a nice healthy dose of funds, we are looking at 55 tickets at £10 per ticket. Here is the beautiful la pavoni we will update with the photos of the tampers when completed. All the usual rules apply, cut and paste name into list, first come first served basis, payment details will be sent out once list is complete and draw will only take place once all payments have been made. 55 tickets at £10 per ticket, which will give the forum a nice donation at the end. The following draw process (tried and tested) will be used to randomly draw the winner If you do not agree with the process then do not enter the raffle There is no debate on this process - which is fully transparent - and an impartial observer is welcome to view the process via screenshare Once all monies have been received (and only when all monies have been received); 1. All names will be collated and entered into a spreadsheet 2. Names will be copied and pasted into Random.org List Randomiser 3. The list will be randomised once to shuffle the order 4. The randomised list will be randomised once more (second randomisation) 5. The winner will be the person in the row number of the first lotto ball drawn in the preceding draw (Wednesday or Saturday draw of the UK National Lottery) following the second randomisation Everyone has an equal chance of being in this row following this randomisation process Good luck everyone
  25. Today I started to dismantle a recently acquired La Pav Pro. On removing the base I found that the wiring was nothing like the previous model I had worked on! The safety thermostat is not wired in and there is a totaly different pressure stat arrangement. Should the safety stat be wired or is replaced by the black box attached to the pressure stat gubbins shown in first pic and connectors labelled in red 3 and 4?
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