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  1. Hi all, New La Pavoni La Romantica owner here. I've seen lots of photos of these machines modified in ways to incorporate thermometers on/around the group head, but for the most part they all seem incredibly inelegant, and I'm reluctant to destroy the aesthetics of a machine like this (even if it is for a more consistently good pull). My question is this: has anyone seen any thermometer modifications that actively look good?
  2. Hey folks, Am thinking between getting a Gaggia Classic and install PID on it, or getting a La Pavoni and just work with what a beauty it already is. Anybody here with experience with both? I have heard that the La Pavoni compared to a Gaggia without PID would be better, but what about with the PID? I am just planning to make 1-3(usually 2) drinks at a time, milk based. Anybody got any insight to help me on this? Would appreciate any advice, thanks!
  3. I have spoken to Glenn and he has agreed for us to run a little raffle for christmas with the opportunity of winning the beautiful 1975 La Paving that I recently did a thread on, however as an additional bonus, @joey24dirt will be supplying 3 of his beautiful tampers, the first will go with the la pavoni and therefore is 49mm, the other two will be VST spec tampers with his wonderful skateboard handles, they will be runners up prizes. Delivery costs are the responsibility of the winners. In order to recoup cost and give the forum a nice healthy dose of funds, we are looking at 55 ticket
  4. This is one of the 2 1973 Europiccola's as restored in this thread - https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?42247&p=559923#post559923 - the reveal came with the fact that the restoration involved 2 machines and not one as you can see at the end of the thread, The early pavs are not at straight forward as the later ones as they have a unique group (better at managing heat build up) twin elements 200w and 600w - they are both switched on to heat up and then you switch to the 200W which keeps it hot with a small whisp of steam from the pressure valve as its supposed to. The twin of th
  5. Today I started to dismantle a recently acquired La Pav Pro. On removing the base I found that the wiring was nothing like the previous model I had worked on! The safety thermostat is not wired in and there is a totaly different pressure stat arrangement. Should the safety stat be wired or is replaced by the black box attached to the pressure stat gubbins shown in first pic and connectors labelled in red 3 and 4?
  6. Hey guys, I currently have a nespresso, I really want to get into the espresso hobby and I have been reading a lot for a few months while I have been looking for a good deal on a coffee machine. I don't live in the UK and here in Portugal is not that easy getting used machines or even good brand new ones. I have been waiting for the Duo Temp Pro to be on sale again, but yesterday I found a used La Pavoni Professional with around 5 years and seems to be in perfect state and has been serviced a few months ago for £175, which seems like a great deal. I have been reading on it and since I wo
  7. I have been using my >2015 Gaggia Classic twice daily for well over a year now with inconsistent results, mainly due to the OEM steam wand (I don't want to modify the wand) & due to changing coffee type every 1kg bag through the MK2 Eureka Mignon..... So with that I have been thinking of buying a new La Pavoni Europiccola Lever Espresso Machine in lieu of the Gaggia. Would this be a wise move for someone who drinks 90% milk based drinks?
  8. I'd had my eye on La Pavs for a little while, and earlier this month I bought one of the two '73 La Pavs lovingly restored by jimbojohn in this thread: https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?42247-Pimp-my-70-s-Disco-Pavoni-time-machine I thought it might be worth sharing my little journey from my Sage DTP to my new lever machine. Even if it's only me who ends up reading it! I had a go on the day I brought it home, but with no success. I had no tamper, you see. I tried to make do with the underside of a 54mm basket, but oddly enough it didn't work! So now I have a naked portaf
  9. Hey everyone! A friend of mine just got a new La Pavoni Europiccola. Tried using the machine and it looks like this! Anybody have any idea whats wrong and how to fix this? Video 1: - Is this the pressure valve not being tightened properly as I have been reading around? Video 2: - Is this water flow too fast? Or is this normal without a portafilter? Thanks in advance! Ryan
  10. Hi guys, I'm selling my La Pavoni Europiccola Pre Millennium Nov 1978 model and the pressure gauge and the adaptor were both fitted to it. I'm looking for £25 for both including postage. Thanks Tony
  11. After long enough hiding within the forum, I felt it was finally time to start my own thread. However, before I get started, I just want to say a massive thank you to @jimbojohn55 for his incredible patience with my many questions, and to @joey24dirt for just being a general bad influence when it comes to getting lever machines and the accessories that are also defintiely a "must have" Another thanks also goes to everyone on the forum for the many threads filled with information on these machines that have built up over the years. So, I already have a Post Millennium Europiccola, whic
  12. Following an abortive coffee van venture, I am disposing of everything i gathered a few years ago, as I need the room and they're sat, unused: LaPavoni Lever LPG Dual Fuel 2-group This may not be the best place for a full pro machine such as this, but I'm a long-time member so thought I should put it here first. Was purchased with the van (Piaggio Ape 3 wheeler, also for sale) in working condition, though it's been sat a while so will require re-commissioning/testing etc. Photos to follow. would like £900 - am open to offers. based north/north-east.
  13. 2005 La Pavoni professional in chrome, I bought this to use for training, but TBH it is too good and thought someone might want it instead. I would rather use one that needs some work as a training machine. it has probably been day in a cupboard for 15 years and I estimate has been used maybe 20 times. I have never seen a polymer piston in original colour, there is no wear on the group sleeve or or the roller bearing of the group! No scale on the inside and all the seals are spot on, there are a couple of minor marks where the previous owner was a little enthusiastic during cleaning
  14. So, now that I have both, both made on the same year of 2012 and only months older than each other, I can compare them all. I get that the Pro has a bigger boiler and in theory better steaming ability. But, am I the only one who finds steaming milk on the Pro awkward? The boiler having a wider diameter means they the venting outlet sits almost touching the boiler on the Pro, whereas on the Europiccola it almost touches the group, leaving more space to tilt and manoeuvre the milk pitcher to get the milk spinning. Am I missing something?
  15. When I stripped down the two 1978 La Pavonis I noticed that several of the ceramic washers on the heater disintegrated.. It would seem a common problem . I found that orphan espresso and the chap on spanglefish in the uk recommend using PTFE As substitutes. It has a working range up to 250-260C I bought a metre of the stuff and it is dead easy to drill and cut on a lathe . Has anyone tried this or can see pro or cons ?
  16. Came across this on a great french site, this should really be on a reddit thread 'an attempt was made' Pavoni decided to enter a different segment of the market with a boxy looking bar machine, with minimal effort they put a pro into a box (possibly the boiler is a bit bigger than usual but not much), I can only imagine the complaints they got the first time people took the lid off the full thread is here http://machines.cafeslevier.free.fr/eurobar.html
  17. Does anyone know where there are description/pics/videos of how to take an old Europiccola Professional boiler off and replace it with a new one, I have trawled the internet that I know and can't find anything, so does anyone else know, I have never done it before and not being the best at fixing things I don't want to mess it up, thanks in advance.
  18. Folks - been using the EP for about 6 weeks now and I'm still having some difficulty getting the shot volume consistent, I think it's because I'm not venting the air out of the group head (if that's what it's called in a lever machine). Today I poured a shot with 14g in the basket - that only arrived at about 21g of coffee in the cup. The first part of the pour was very soft and it felt like I was compressing air with the piston rather than pushing liquid through the coffee. It was fine by the way, but a few days before I got easily over 30g. The boiler is running at 0.75 PSI so that's no
  19. I am in the process of doing a refurbish on a Pro brass and copper model. On arrival it was grimy to say the least. The copper boiler had numerous dark spots which appeared proud of the surface and I assume that they were spots from gushes and squirts from a naked PF. As the whole machine was grimy I started of with a squirt and wipe of Mr. Muscle. This removed the grime but made the spots more obvious. It was already obvious that some serious cleaning and polishing would be necessary anyway, so I got progressively more aggressive. The result was the lacquer coat being worn away and the spo
  20. Hi I bought a used La Pavoni (old 2 switch model) a few months ago but am struggling. Some espressos/ristrettos come out beautifully but others are not good. And I just can't make microfoam for lattes. I've read hundreds of articles here and watched lots of YouTube videos but I'm still struggling. Is there anyone in this group who lives near me (I'm in Bromley, SE London/NW Kent) who'd be happy to spend half an hour showing me how to do it? - I'm retired so could visit anytime with my machine. Thanks, Andy.
  21. I'm currently feeling very much like Natalie Imbruglia, in as much as I'm torn. A fully modded Gaggia classic seems to offer unbeatable bang for the buck. A La Pavoni appeals to the side of me that likes to get involved and fiddle. I'm fully aware I'm missing lots of other interesting stuff..... I'm after a new machine, I want to spend peanuts in big boys terms, nothing more than 600 quid really, so what should I be buying? I'm not a massive upgrader or geek, the thing I buy now will be the thing I use and keep. I like espresso, and dislike milky drinks. What am I going to b
  22. I have fitted my little La Pavoni with the group head pressure gauge , boiler pressure gauge , an old temperature gauge I had and a V2.1 steam nozzle .. Everything looked ok so I decided to have ago . A very quick read thru the forum and went for it .. Set the grinder a whole number finer .. I need to read some more . The shot didn’t look that good , the grind was way too fine .. But it tasted OK .. The steam tip worked really well ?. The intention is to use it in the evening for decaf until I get the hang of it .
  23. Hi all. Having been given a La Pavoni Europiccola I was told to check out this forum as a good place to get advice and tips on how to get the best out of what is proving to be a lovely little coffee machine.
  24. Back to the metal lathe after a request for one of these .. Looked OK after a bit of buffing ..
  25. For anyone wanting the above kit to add a Full Piston Pressure Gauge kit, I just ordered one from this company, https://coffee-sensor.com/product/coffee-sensor-full-piston-pressure-kit-for-the-la-pavoni-europiccola-pre-millennium-and-millenium-machines/ Cost is €200 with free postage, spoke to The Espresso Shop this week and they are going to put something on their website along the same lines, a full kit, the quoted me around £200 plus their hefty postage costs, or they do have all the parts on their website now, not sure what the individual parts come to, I took the e
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