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Found 57 results

  1. For sale is my La Pav, Love this little machine, I’ve owned it for about 2years, using occasionally at work. Before that it was a friends and his dads before that so has been well looked after from what I can tell! There’s a bit of rust under the driptray, but other than that it’s in great condition. Looking for around £150 for it. Comes with a custom tamper and usual size double basket and pf Collection from Horndean, Hampshire James
  2. Just wondering if anyone has any experience using IMS shower screen & baskets in a La Pavoni. Is it worth the extra cost? Does it make a noticeable difference to production or taste? I know the general consensus on these things, but can't find anything with specific regard to the Europiccola/Professional.
  3. Looking to buy a Europiccola/pro lever machine to restore if need be (because I enjoy that kind of thing) and hopefully learn the espresso ropes on. While searching I've stumbled upon a Zacconi baby which seems to me would be a perfect substitute.Am I on the right track here or completely deluded? I realise spares will be harder to source,any other drawbacks I've not considered?
  4. sambo2

    La Pav help

    Hey, I'm after some help with the la pav and espresso in general. Basically I think all my shots taste bitter/sour, possibly burnt but I'm very much a newbie to espresso so don't know if it is normal and I'm just not used to it. I'm also not sure how to describe the flavours I'm getting which doesn't help I know! Visually the shots are good, nice crema and thick, gloopy espresso. Onto the equipment. I've got a K6 grinder and have dialled the grind in to give what I think is about the correct resistance on the lever, the shots still pull quicker than 25s though, should it be a finer grind to slow this down but then a higher pressure extraction? The brew temp as close to 92C as I can get it, theres a temp probe on the head and I've also added a heat sink which has stabilised it further. I'm currently on Rave's mocha java and signature blend and dose 14g in and have varied 14, 21 and 28g out, also tried 8g in the single basket and 24g out to get a 1:3. All taste very similar to me as espresso, I can't get the chocolate/nutty notes in either extraction. They are all nice in milk, I prefer closer to 1:1, still lacking the notes though. I have read about people achieving all these flavours and wonder if my taste buds just aren't accustomed yet or if it is my bad shots.
  5. C'mon you lever wanna be's! Weekend Special! https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-home-appliances/la-pavoni-europiccola-lusso-lever-espresso-machine-chrome/1167210784
  6. We have a gaggia cubika indoors im looking to up grade to a new machine but what ? Ive got my eye on a La Pavoni Europiccola but i think its the looks that are swaying me
  7. Pics to follow. Mignon is soldEureka Mignon was bought from Bella Barista at the end 05/2014/ beginning 06/2014 and used until the beginning of September this year. It has had less than 20kg of beans through it in total. No chips, scratches dings etc £200 Folder for images: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3_FPdg-4pemYkIzWnF4Z2wwOHc&usp=sharing La Pavoni Professional is much loved and that is why I have been reluctant to sell it after getting my Brewtus in May. I changed the brew gaskets and pulled a couple of shots on it before emptying the boiler and putting it into retirement. Before shipping I'll change the gaskets again if necessary, give it a clean and pull a couple of shots for the last time to check everything is fine. The boiler and group are in incredible condition. Internally the group has its chrome in tactInternally the group has its chrome mostly in tact with very little evidence of staining/copper deposits/or wear considering its age, and there are no scratches or gouges that can affect its ability to pull a good shot. No scratches to the boilerA couple of small scratches to the boiler and only the very slightest sign of pitting in a small spot half way up between the base and group. Unfortunately there is some light rust to the base beneath the drip tray but it's completely concealed with the tray in place. The Pavoni comes with the portafilter made bottomless by me and a single hole steam tip. Also has the original three hole steam tip and a double, single and elektra filter basket which allows a larger dose. Motta tamper is included along with Motta group brush, thermometer and small 30cl (I believe but will check) milk jug. £350​ £320 Price reduction due to remembering the power switch could do with being replaced and for an extra £4 I'll order the part and replace it myself (it's a simple push out and push in job). The power button is functional, but as the pictures show it exposes cables when in the off position. The chrome in the group appears to have water stains or copper deposits, or it could be uneven wear but I don't know why that would happen. There's also a small scratch towards the bottom of the group which I must have done when changing the gaskets last time, but it doesn't affect the shot. The rust on the underside of the base is only very slight and I think it would be easy to remove with a little elbow grease. I've added pictures of the internals of the group and the group slot which shows minimal signs of wear. The gaskets are still good and I've lubricated the rollers and slot generously. I've attempted to picture all of the flaws I could see. As I've shown in this post I've discovered a couple of things I wasn't aware of before and I've tried to correct myself and represent everything as accurately as possible. I changed the heating element gasket when I got the machine to check the heating element for cracks or damage, but I'm reluctant to take it out again for the purposes of taking a picture as it would be a waste of a gasket and a lot of time to replace it and check for leaks. Folder for images: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3_FPdg-4pemOEZwRWRMWlVjbXM&usp=sharing Also available is a chrome LP sub base with knock out draw £30, which I'd prefer to ship with the machine.
  8. I'm selling my trusty Europiccola. Originally purchased as a stand-in, between the sale of my Fracino and the purchase of my Rocket. It has the odd tiny speckle/blemish here and ther, but very tiny and I'm being very picky - the drip tray is very good indeed. It is a beautiful, shiny piece of Italian-ness and will certaintly enhance the coolness quotient of your kitchen:good: Believed to be a 1987 model: I have a dated letter from the supplier, with some 'additional hints' for use - been a long time since I saw actual typed words! Asking price is £135, plus posage costs. Collection from Durham/Sunderland is welcomed. I'll upload photos from work tomorrow. Cheers, NBN
  9. Looking for a La Pavoni Europiccola if anyone has one they want to part with. Cheers Ben
  10. Hi guys- me again. Have been looking online for single hole steam tips for the LP- quite a few on ebay etc, but noticed that most are just drilled dome nuts. For a millennium LP would a 6mm dome nut work? Definitely works out a lot cheaper to just drill one yourself and with a pack of 4 can create different diameter holes. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stainless-steel-metric-domed-Delivery/dp/B009YN0Y1E Chris
  11. http://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/la-pavoni-europiccola-8-cup-millenium-/1122288740 As much as I'd love this (and I have a mate in Worcester who could pick it up for me), I'm going to have to post it up here for someone else to snaffle. Our lass would kill me if I bought any more coffee relate equipment as I have a Bezzera in bits on the dining table already..
  12. Dear all, I'm very happy to have found this page some days ago as I have read a lot of interesting information around one of my addictions - coffee. Particularly, lever mashines have caught my attention and I would really like to have one by myself. As I enjoy repairing old stuff very much and particularly as apparently there are a lot of spare parts to be found, I would really fancy trying to fix an old mashine. So I am looking for someone who wants to sell his/her La Pavoni machine to start with (but I'm open on any other interesting mashines, apart from what it already offered here). As already said, it doesn't have to work at all (in fact it shouldn't) or to be complete as for the parts. If there is someone who has one mashine left, please let me know. cheers David
  13. As per the title, I'm selling our Europiccola. This was bought for my girlfriend about 3 yrs ago when we lived apart (though was purchased mainly for when I visited her). Despite it's age it's made about 30 coffees (tops) & is generally v v good condition. Other than using it on the odd occasion I generally don't know much about these. They certainly look good, are small and compact, hold their value and this one has the 'auto frothing arm'. It's just taking up cupboard space now. Price is £225 cash on collection from Bath. Alternatively I can box and post it - I'm guessing postage will be ball park £10-15 to UK mainland. If posting payment by wire preferred. Paypal can be used if fee's are covered.
  14. https://www.gumtree.com/p/hobbies-collectibles/la-pavoni-europiccola-espresso-coffee-machine/1140893121
  15. Hi I have a La Pavoni Europiccola 8 Cups Espresso Machine on ebay the link is below. It has quite a few extras over the standard machine. Bidding to start at £150. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/221209295922?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  16. Apart from the learning curve, will the shots be as good as a pump machine at the same price? Right now I do pour over coffee, and am not that knowledgable about espresso. Some opinions would be great. i generally want a Pavoni because I like the idea of manually pressing, and they are beautiful. Any help would be great.
  17. Selling my Europiccola as looking to move house in the next few months and starting to clear space. Complete with: Naked portafilter and basket Tamper Milk frothing tubing Steam wand [ATTACH=CONFIG]14029[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]14030[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]14031[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]14032[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]14033[/ATTACH] It's in good condition having not been used all that much for the 18 months or so that I've owned it. It's had regular descaling and also lubrication etc. Collection preferred but could arrange delivery at buyer's cost. Based in Bognor Regis, PO21. £150, please. Happy to answer any questions.
  18. It's not really a turd but you have to question who in Pavoni decided on brown. I wanted to pull one of these apart that wasn't the one I use daily and I found this one. It's in pretty good knick. The plan is to fix the electrics, change all the seals, give it a good clean and de-scale and get it powder coated. My original idea was to change the colour to a light blue or orange but it's an old machine and now that I've seen it I'm thinking of keeping the original colour. Anyone have an opinion on colour? Any suggestions of what I should do to it? This is especially aimed at the forums restoration king @jimbojohn55
  19. Hi All, Im after a used La Pavoni Europiccola, anyone out there with one that needs a new home?? Im currently without coffee machine aarrrrhhhh!! Thanks
  20. Sooooo - for the Pav heads out there an evolution of the Europiccola was the introduction of the Teflon piston around 1995 - replacing the brass piston , the idea was to prevent or lessen overheating and thus make the pav a more sensitive soul than in its heady youth in the 60's. well that's the theory, fellow member Christos has the sameish year of pre millennium euro and in his rebuild opted for the traditional brass piston, so in a typically coffee forum uk way we have the chance to compare group head temp rise as we have both fitted the same pressure gauge and temp strips to our machines. Is the info below of any use? ive no idea, is it scientific mehh not really but we are having a go to compare Teflon vs Brass pistons in a 1995 euro. the first test was based on the following test conditions Teflon (plastic piston) machine at room temp boiler filled to top of sight glass water at room temp Portafilter fitted but no basket false pressure bled at 6 min The temp rise went thus - 7.30 min 70 deg C 9.00 min 75 deg C 10.00 min 80 deg C 12.00 min 85 deg C 14.00 min 90 deg C 16.00 min 90 deg C and that was the max - Chistos over to you for the brass piston test (once your Pressure gauge is fitted) we shall see! which one will win in a fight plastic or brass or who cares anyways ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]27995[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]27996[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]27998[/ATTACH]
  21. Well this won't last long! £50 for a europiccola in apparent working order! Pre-mil by the looks of it. There's a lot of corrosion on the black base, but at that price you would just buy a new chrome one to fit on it. If this were in my local area I would jump on it. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/il-pavoni-euro-picolo-coffee-machine/1250367287
  22. I have a pre millennium model so the 49mm basket. I was putting in 13g of coffee but I've been advised to try less. Any of you have an opinion on this? Also how long and how hard are you pulling on the lever? My last attempts I was hanging on it for 2min with 12g in the basket which seems a bit extreme. I'm now going to change my beans, I just picked up a bag from Curve Roasters as the last coffee I had was a mess (to be fair they told me at the time it was a hard bean to use). How much will grind size vary from bean to bean? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hi everyone. Just joined after buying my first machine. Trying to get to grips with it so looking for any help to try and create a great shot. Couple of questions firstly. What size tamper do I need? And also. If using pre-ground coffee, i.e. Taylor's. will this grind be fine enough ? Thanks in advance
  24. Hi all, I've been reading a lot on this forum over the last few weeks and was initially set on getting a Gaggia Classic with an upgraded wand, but my friend has suggested that a La Pavoni Europiccola may be a better starting point. Until now I've been using a V60 and Rhinowares hand grinder at home, but have been seeking out good coffee shops - mainly in London - for years so have a good idea of what's possible with espresso / flat whites. Which machine would you recommend? The Europiccola seems to only produce a single shot at a time - is this an issue for flat whites? I am planning to stick with the Rhinowares hand grinder for now until I can afford a decent powered grinder - do you think this will be ok? I understand the La Pavoni has a steeper learning curve and this doesn't put me off. I'm happy to put time into learning things, but would ideally like to buy a machine in good condition - I don't want to spend time on repair / diagnosis. What sort of price should I expect to pay for a good second hand Europiccola? I know the Classics are sometimes £75 upwards or £150 for fully reconditioned. Any input appreciated! Cheers!
  25. Mazzer Royal (thanks, gman!) and La Pavoni Europiccola
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