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Found 60 results

  1. Following on from the thread the other day from the Host Milano show, have seen some more info on the LM Swift Mini. Not really my cup of tea (or coffee) but seems like it can do a lot, Also tamps for you. Didnt see any mention of burrs or size though. But just thought id throw the thread out there. Others can do the donkey work looking for technical data then.
  2. i would never thought it will be possible, but... meet my new espresso machine, La Marzocco Linea 1EE:
  3. Hi there! My name's Jake, and though a long time coffee enthusiast I've finally signed up to this forum as I'm I'm the planning stages of opening my own Coffee shop! We're opening (Providing everything goes well with our property viewing next week!) In an approx 1800 Sqft unit a Cafe with a roaster in the back to supply our own, and other Cafe's in the long run! Currently planning to set up with a La Marzocco Strada AP, with a couple K30 Grinders to suit, the only thing im stuck for choice on at the moment is Loveramics, or Acme cups, Hmmmm.
  4. swai

    Custom Linea

    Hi all, Just saw this custom Linea in a cafe here in Dublin. Quite cool, seems to be a full refurb. Just wondering if anyone else has seen custom versions of similar or anyone customised there own?
  5. Now this seems very Deja Vu (@Matbat). I have both machines. Just acquired the LMLM in a deal I couldn't really refuse. So, I have been given three weeks to decided which I can keep, as unfortunately I am not allowed both, which is mean, but I guess fair enough. I haven't even pulled a shot with the LM yet, will be doing that later. But I love the V. In fact I really love it. Its easy, despite having technicalities built into it, but is an extremely capable machine as I think most would agree. I have only ever had one issue with the V, and that was a recent pressure release via the release valve, which has since resolved after a clean of said valve, but still, Jordan from BB has another on route to me as I would prefer to get a new one in-case it is for any reason on the way out. Anyway........... I have set a poll.......ignoring the previous results from Matbats. I will however decide purely on how much I like the usability, the results and taste in the cup from the machines after the 3 weeks, and go from there. But thought I may as well get you lot involved for some fun first. Pics to follow..
  6. Anyone have any idea where I could get my hands on (or better still have a spare!) an adapter to fit a La Marzocco steam tip to a Nuova Simonelli Musica, would need to be a male to male adapter like this one: http://clean-machine.com.au/Adaptor-for-Tip-to-suit-NS.html Can't find one anywhere, only a website in Denmark which doesn't ship to the UK...
  7. Hey guys I'm about to open a patisserie and I'm looking to buy a La Marzocco Linea PB single Phase model. 2 or 3 group depends on price, also looking for ABR model but will consider normal model. also no older than 2018 production. Basically a year old at most, but again will consider anything depends on price. If anyone know anyone who will sell or about to sell, please let me know.
  8. Hi Everyone! I am new to CFUK and wanted to introduce myself. My wife and I got into coffee around the time we got married in 2010. Before that, I was not that much into tea or coffee. However, I did a small sample roast to try a wedding gift of drip coffee maker. I really enjoyed that coffee and we found ourselves with a small bean to cup DeLonghi. Mochas and lattes were good with it. I continued roasting coffee beans on Sundays and it became a 'thing'. A ritual. Since then I have gone from enjoying Americanos and Cappuccinos to becoming a macchiato and espresso fan. This trend can be noted with my wife as well where she has gone from very milky Lattes (in 250ml grande cups) to extremely tight (130ml) cappuccinos. There even appears to be some explorations of macchiatos now. I used a Gaggia Deco for a while and then moved to La Marzocco and I still use the MD64 pro grinder that came with it. I still find it competes well with robur in sweetness. I use robur when I need more acidity and clarity in taste. Last 12 months have been a bit dull in our household due to some personal matters, and I have been dormant in roasting and being active in the coffee tasting hobby. I have literally not had a hobby for a long time. I am keen to pick myself up and continue to use my coffee tasting hobby to keep myself keen on life in general and motivated! Someday I hope to try pulling on somebody's lever machine as I have started to appreciate the more classic or traditional 35ml espresso more than any other type of coffee. Thanks for reading. And thanks for letting me join this group. Regards, Dee.
  9. Push Tamper - Black SOLD £100 + £7 Royal Mail Special Delivery Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter - SOLD £25 Delivered (Box is water damaged) VST 18g Ridgeless Basket - SOLD £15 Delivered La Marzocco 14 & 17g Ridged Basket - SOLD £10 for both Delivered IMS Competition E61 Shower Screen - SOLD £10 Delivered Unbranded Black Grounds Distributor - SOLD £10 Delivered Tidaka 58mm+ Portafilter Funnel - SOLD £25 Delivered
  10. I have decided to sell my GS3 MP. It is a 2018 model purchased brand new in May 2018 through origin coffee roasters. The machine has been well looked after and is in the sort of condition you would expect from a 8 month old machine and has warranty until may 2019. The machine has only had light home use and has probably averaged around 2 shots per day. I also live in a soft water area and have always used it plumbed in with a good filter. feel free to view the machine before purchasing. Many thanks.
  11. For sale - La Marzocco GS3 AV - Customized The mentioned product is in perfect condition, if needed i will make photos, video or whatever you want Bought as new in september 2018 ( 06.09.2018 ) , ( warranty until 2019 september ). I wanted to buy the MP version from start but customized, because of the long leading time, i bought the AV version ( also customized ). It's a beauty, it has served my hobby perfectly, i just felt in love with it at first sight, but now i want the MP version... SN: 7111 ( see attached image ), manufactured in 2015. Utilized in a showroom from september until december 2018 ( 4 months ) Reason of selling: upgrade, going to MP. This is a special customized version which includes: - Glass Side Panels - Walnut group cap - Walnut portafilter complete ( for the single and for the double ) - Walnut steam knob It was used only with filtered water, cleared regularly. Price: 5000 euro + VAT / 4500 GBP + VAT. If you will buy for a company with valid VAT id the price is VAT free, if not please calculate with 19% VAT. 5950 euro / 5355 GBP - VAT INCLUDED - Payment: only by wire transfer. Shipping: after the cleared transfer, we can ship in 7-10 working days trough courier service only for the products safety. Shipping cost around 90-150 GBP ( GLS or UPS ) ( this sum is not calculated in the product price ) I can offer tracking number from the shipping. The packet includes: - the espresso machine - original kit to connect to the water circuit. ( never used! ) - 2 portafilters ( one single and one double ) - 1 portafilter LM naked ( after market ) - also has wood handle as the originals - water hardness test - original - not opened - puly caff 570g - new - you will get this from me, in order to clean the machine regularly also in the future.. - original LM tamper - filter baskets: a. standard IMS competition 12/18g b. nanotech - B702TFH26NT - 18/20g c. VST - 22g d. blind for backflush e. the originals * single and double LM - gasket for MA made from food grade silicone Bonus: Motta knock box and tamping station. The machine is my gem, so i will sell only if the buyer "worth it". Images: https://i.imgur.com/jGc8Mqs.jpg https://i.imgur.com/BUCY9dd.jpg https://i.imgur.com/TtXWvNb.jpg
  12. I know there was a thread and poll recently asking if we wanted a designated La Marzocco sub-forum but I can’t find that thread now and I still don’t see a LM sub-forum? What was the conclusion? I’ve always been surprised that there isn’t one here tbf. Tony
  13. We at Horsham Coffee Roaster are selling our 3 year old Linea Mini. Mainly been used for training once every one to two weeks but now isn't needed as we've replaced it with a 2 group Strada. It's in good mechanical condition with just a few paint chips that would be less noticeable with some black touch up paint. Selling for £2595 inc VAT which is just over £1000 less than the RRP price. Collection from our roastery in West Sussex and I'll include some free coffee too. Here are some pictures:
  14. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/allpressespressouk/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= More will be uploaded soon, just getting rid of old stock that's never been used and never will! We have a 3G La Marzocco Strada MP for sale too. 2012 model. Not used for a long time and recently fully de scaled and serviced by our mates at Clockwork Coffee who did a great job at fixing her up. Rather sell on here than ebay to avoid fees. We also have sprare touch pads and gear pumps available, either with the machine, or separately. The machine and all parts are in our work shop at Allpress Espresso, Dalson, London Sensible offers!
  15. GNL

    Used La Marzocco GS3 AV

    For sale: £3,500. In perfect working order. It was bought by me brand new 3 years ago and it has been used at home making, on average, 10 drinks per week. My home water is run through a softener. It comes with three official La Marzocco portafilters (one naked, one single spout and one double spout) together with an assortment of original baskets that were included when I bought it. It also comes with the original manual. I have used it plumbed in for the past few months but it also comes with the original water tank (note there is a small crack on the top of the water tank but this does not impair performance and is completely hidden from view during use). It comes with the original water hose (the input for plumbing it in) but you will need to source your own plastic drainage pipe. Collection only near Brentwood in Essex. Thanks for looking.
  16. Hi All, I've been looking at getting a GS3 during my searching i've come across this site selling Standard and customised LM machines. They have got a Strada EP single group listed on there as well for £7500. I was wondering if anyone on here has ordered anything from the site or has any input as to whether this is legit or not as its a lot of money to lay out if not. Thanks in advance. https://alphazero.coffee/shop/la-marzocco-strada-ep/
  17. Hi - I am thinking of selling my 3 year old LM GS3 AV. Any idea what it would be worth second hand? It is in very good condition, having been used for home use only. They appear to sell for £5,300 these days when brand new in the UK. Thanks.
  18. Hi all I'm going back and forth between leaving levers behind and getting a GS3, and staying in the club and upgrading the Strega to the current Londinium 1. Would any of you London-based Londinium owners be interested in offering me a quick look/play with your machine? I'll supply the coffee, obvs. Promise I'm well behaved and reasonably house trained.... Likewise, if you're reading this and have a GS3, I'd be very keen to have a play on that too! Thanks all LF ps away with work for a couple of weeks, but pretty much free thereafter for a bit
  19. Linea 2 GRPs are often for sale at reasonable prices second hand; I'm guessing the electric / space requirements make them a no go for home operation?
  20. If anyone sees one for sale and they're not after it themselves please feel free to drop me a message. Thanks.
  21. ...just look at how beautiful it is!! https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/ads/1237018326?EDID=XBJEZQG-0GJGUJ-LI5TR9-MGJEFQ-9WN9S6-v1&CELLID=10978654&utm_source=savedsearches&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Daily&utm_content=GpB_month
  22. Hello, I would like to post a couple of pictures from the latte art training I attended lately..no pics of actual latte art as they were a work in progress this is the leader of the training I worked with my favourite Profitec P800 at the training centre, they have various machines..this is the XLVI from Italy GS3 of course 2 group E61 from ECM in the background, servicemen were installing this monster while the happy owner was going through the manual
  23. Hey, I have a LM with external pump and the relevant wires and was just looking for what I need to plug into where... So the machine plugs into the mains, and from the machine there's a cable that runs out from it that I assumes powers the pump. I also have two metal wrapped hoses, that I assume at least one goes into the pump (not sure if the other also goes into the pump or into the main water plumbing?). Also somewhere in this setup must be the filter (currently do not own, but will). I was obviously planning on having the machine professionally installed, but I'm getting itchy fingers and wouldn't mind running it at home for a little bit to play around on and just can't quite get to grips on the 'circuit' of what goes into what. Any explanation or diagrams would be awesome. Thanks
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