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Found 5 results

  1. I feel like I should start off by saying this is not a review. Rather just my thoughts on the machine and what I think the pros and cons are. And a little bit about my journey to this point. **I realised after writing this that I do go on quite a bit, apologies in advance A little background. I started off with a Morphy Richards machine which I found on sale for £50 brand new. It served me really well for a couple of years and when the group head gasket needed replacing I figured it would probably be best to replace the machine. From there I moved on to a gaggia classic and a bodum bistro grinder. I know the bodum grinder isnt great, but for another 2 years I was quite happy and getting some tasty cups of coffee. Results were however quite inconsistent. I stumbled across this forum a few months ago looking for some tips on how to service the gaggia and from there things escalated, quickly! It took me all of a week or two after joining that I had to upgrade my set up. I needed to. I was losing sleep over the lack of excellent coffe - see what I did there? I ordered the Niche as it seemed to fit me best all round, especially considering the price point. Next it was time to find a suitable machine. Thoughts flowed and changed daily. Budgets increased over night. What seemed ridiculous one day, was reasonable the next. Regardless after many many hours trawling through this forum and the rest of the internet I convinced myself I wouldn't be happy unless I had a Londinium. @The Systemic Kid was extremely generous and offered me the opportunity to come to his house with my grinder and some beans to try out his LR then to try his sons L1. This was something I couldn't pass up and it really helped me make my mind up. And so it arrived. My first thoughts were damn this thing is heavy. After several hours of removing all the protective film on the panels and getting it set up, I got my first taste of Londiniums excellent customer service. The pump sounded like it was continuously pulling air after several hours of turning it on for a few seconds then off for 30 minutes(as per instructions), nothing seemed to be happening. So I emailed Reiss asking when would be a good time to call. Within a couple of minutes we were on a WhatsApp video call with him talking me through how to go about diagnose and fix the issue. Which turned out to be just some air trapped in one of the pipes and it was sorted in a few minutes with Reiss giving me instructions. Being 10pm at this point, caffeine was not a great idea but I just couldn't resist. Ground up some beans pulled the lever and the coffee came gushing out. This happened on the next shot too. Third shot came out near enough perfect! A beautiful pour from the bottomless portafilter and steaming milk was far far easier than on the gaggia. I shared the flat white with my wife and she enjoyed it too. Always a bonus when the boss approves It's been a month since that first shot. Since then about two flat whites a day have been made on it. It's been and still is and absolute pleasure to use every day. That feeling of specialness hasn't gone away and I don't think it ever will. The panels so beautifully made and the wooden accents just ooze luxury. To me there is nothing quite like the sound of the coffee dripping into the cup during a pull with no noisy pump. The pump does come on during pre-infusion, but it's quick and quiet. A great improvement over the pump used in the L1. I am far from capable of describing how the coffee tastes. It's not my strong point. What I will say though is that I've had 5 different types of beans in the last month and with the niche and Londinium 4 of them were really easy to dial in and get excellent tasting coffee after 2-3 shots. Even the first few shots from each batch of beans were far from sink shots with the grind being quite off on some of them. The 5th one I did get right eventually, but I blame my lack of experience rather than the equipment. Build quality is what you'd expect - sturdy and strong. Nothing feels cheap or like corners have been cut. The inside of the machine is put together well, even for someone who is not very technical, I don't forsee any problems that people will face if they have to replace parts during the machines life. Along with having Reiss ever ready to help, repairs should be dead easy. Two points I'll make here is the welds on the inside of the drip tray are visible - not a big deal at all as you only see this when cleaning the drip tray. And secondly the water tank lid comprises of two parts, a metal plate on top and a black plastic cover underneath. These are held together by glue strips, mine has come apart I suspect due to heat. I haven't bothered contacting Reiss as I don't see this as an issue, a smal strip of double sided will fix the problem. Ease of use - with a lever once you know the do's and don'ts ie when pulling the lever down don't let go till it's locked into place, it's dead easy to use. Leave it to warm up for an hour before using(smart plug is highly recommend) and off you go. No need for cooling flushes between shots, temps are rock solid. This results in consistency which is what we all strive for. Something that was close to impossible on my gaggia. The LR is surprisingly forgiving too, so the grind does not always need to be absolutely perfect to get a great shot. Channelling has also been minimal and I don't consider myself to be a great barista. The only downside to a lever like the LR is you can't stop the shot at your desired weight and there is a max that you can get out of it.I knew this going in though and it's a bit of a faff for me due to my sink being quite far away from the machine, I've since become quite good at pulling my cup away and sliding another cup in its place with minimal mess. If you've read through all of this to hear my thoughts on the digital pre-infusion, I'm sorry to disappoint but I haven't played around with it yet. I wanted to get a feel for the machine and the grinder(which was only a couple weeks old when I got the LR) before adding in another variable. Currently I'm working my way through a KG of Rocko mountain from foundry, which as of yesterday I nailed the recipe so I may start tweaking the pre-infusion pressure this week now that I have more than 250grams to play with. I'll update this thread in the future. Hope my thoughts help someone out there, if not and I've told you everything you already know at least I killed some time on a quite day in the office. The bottom line is that if you're considering the LR but are unsure just do it. I had doubts. I questioned whether it would be worth it. I sat trawling through pages and pages of forums and watching tons of reviews on most of the machines upto that price point. And if I could do it all again would I change anything? Yes I would. I would've ordered the LR months earlier and saved a lot of time debating with myself!
  2. Just thought I’d share some info here. We can add the bumph about the piston here too @Snakehips I am about to get my piston out and will take some pics on the way
  3. MildredM

    Londinium R

    Londinium R bought new mid June 2017 from Foundry Coffee Roasters, Sheffield, a Londinium official dealer. Comes complete with everything shown in the photos - a brand new bottomless p/f, a shiny new funnel, a Londinium stirrer tool, a water filter (obviously unused, the machine has only ever known Volvic/Lockhills), an L-R towel, the original basket and screen. Having carefully examined the machine I am unable to see any defects. The drip tray grate is new and the top has always been protected with a custom made glass panel. It is hard to tell apart from my new L-R. I cleaned the piston yesterday and noted the seals are just like new. It is fitted with the reliable Mater switch. I have the original packaging. £1850 Collection preferred from North Lincolnshire. I could offer insured delivery at cost but be prepared for to be appalled at the price. I am happy to drive to meet up with the buyer up to a maximum of 100 miles at 20p per mile for the round trip.
  4. Just sharing this vid again. It shows how I 'cut' the shot using my trusty spoon and shot glass (from the 2 minute mark.) [video=youtube_share;W5GB3KgjV1w]
  5. A little earlier in the year I realised a longstanding ambition to own something shiny and leverish, relieving @coffeechap of the burden of looking after a beautiful londinium-r. I've left it far too long to tell the forums how it went, but better late than never. It was awesome from the start and remains superb. You may or may not know that I'd had a significant upgrade in the grinding department at the beginning of the year, but I think its fair to say that up until the l-r arrived, I hadn't made the most of the potential from the monolith. From a practical perspective, shot preparation is an absolute breeze and very reliable / repeatable. From the coffee perspective, the big difference is the ability to just grind finer and finer and get more and more from the bean. The LSOLs in particular have been fantastic. A real step up. I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise the coffee is good with the setup there. It was never my intention to be following the rabbit hole this deep, but that's what a CFUK raffle can do for you. Even now though there is a lot still to learn. The number of shot prep variables now has expanded to include grind speed (which I have never varied...) as well as adjusting to a slightly different way of thinking about things with a lever. The real ambition though is to develop the old coffee palate beyond the stage of 'goodness that tastes good' and then reading the tasting notes. And maybe use the refractometer that I bought a share of for the first time :eyeroll: For the londinium, its time to start thinking about maintenance routines. I think it needs some lubrication on the piston seals. If anyone has links to good resources, please do let me know.
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