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  1. https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/brewista-smartpour-switch-kettle-with-temperature-gauge.html
  2. How less effective it would be? Can I get a good cup of coffee? Which pour-over method will be the most efficient with this type of kettle? Will it create too much problem for V60?
  3. Just wondered if anyone has any experience, and thoughts on the Kalita kettle? I've heard mixed reviews, with some commenting on a poor build quality, bits falling off etc. Can anyone here shed some light?
  4. Dear all, Looking to pick up a Fellow Stagg Kettle, all colours considered, and both electric and stove top considered. Cheers
  5. Hi, ive been doing a lot of pour over recently. But the one thing that ive been thinking about is when people talk about the ideal water temperature being 93, 94 degrees or whatever. how is this kept constant over a 3/4min brew in the kettle? I’ve got a hario pourover kettle and it’s just thin single walled aluminium, which is going to lose heat pretty fast. So if I start my bloom at 93 degrees then it’s not going to stay at that temperature for the whole 3 min brew. So I was just wondering how people get around this? Are there insulated kettles that keep the temperature better? Or
  6. I've been thinking about getting a goose-neck kettle, however I'm not too sure whether a electric one or a stove-top one is better, any opinions on the matter and recommendations? Also how important is the in-built thermometer?
  7. Light use with only volvic in there. Boxed with everything it arrived with and receipt for warranty cover (I think its 2 year cover, but if not there's a minimum 11 months remaining should it be 1 year). I've added the blurb about the kettle below. £82.50 inc P&P Brewista Smart Pour Digital Kettle 1.2l The all new Brewista Smart Brew Kettle is the next generation kettle you have been waiting for. If you brew coffee or tea then is the must have kettle. Its list of features is impressive: Features: Auto start function Displays kettle temperatu
  8. Good afternoon, (my first post but as things are changing I'm going to leave introduction entry a couple of weeks) I'm trying to figure out best way to have boiling water available for serving tea (along with coffee of course). The aim is to deliver boiling water that has not been boiled before into a teapot in a reasonably efficient way that doesn't cost too much to put in place. I've ruled out Burco type water boilers, drawing water from coffee machine and using a kettle. We had a Quooker tap in our last house which could work but expensive to install and I'm aware of but no
  9. I'm looking for a hario 1.2L pourover kettle. Just wondered if anyone had one on here for sale before I buy one from hario? James
  10. Long time no post. Hope you all are well. I am still an avid coffee lover just not online as much as i used to be! I have been looking for temp controlled kettle for a while but both the Brewista and Bonavita are still selling at nearly a £100. I remember they had a brief time where they were sold a little cheaper but it seems they have not come down in price since release. Aesthetically I also found them a bit bland, not much different than a normal kettle. Whereas things like the Hario Buono are quite striking and iconic. So in steps Diguo! Yes that famous brand you've never hear
  11. Click here to view the product on Amazon Lowest price this has ever been on Amazon according to camelcamelcamel. I have some Amazon vouchers from Christmas that would make this incredibly cheap and am about to pull the trigger. It's £25-£35 cheaper than the Bonavita version which has very poor reviews on Amazon (all related to incredibly poor reliability). Has anyone on here got one? I know loads of us have the Bonavita. Something intersting I noticed on the Brewista website: "The Brewista Smart Brew Digital kettle is the Next Generation brewing kettle from the guys be
  12. Does anyone have a gooseneck they're looking to move on? I'm open to electric/non-electric at the moment, but probably looking towards the lower end of the budget scale as I'll likely hold out the big bucks for the Stagg EKG when they bring it over here. Cheers
  13. Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Electric-Gooseneck-Variable-Stainless-Controller/dp/B075GJJWCN/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1517314193&sr=1-2&keywords=Doctor+Hetzner Price: £50 For a long time I've planned on purchasing the Stagg EKG. However I had to accept that this won't be available in the UK for a while. This kettle is my temporary fill-in whilst I wait for that. Likes: Overall size. With the controls on the handle, this allows the footprint/base to be smaller than the Bonavita and Brewista variable kettles. This does not sacrifice ergon
  14. bronc

    Pouring kettle

    Anyone has one they don't need? Non-electric as I don't have any free space on my counter.
  15. Bonavita 1.7L Digital Variable Temperature V Spout Kettle Used twice before deciding I'd stick with the one I've got. Has remaining Coffee Hit warranty (11 left months I believe). £40 inc delivery (£35 collected from Sheffield).
  16. Hi all, I'm after getting a small brewed setup together and could do with some advice on a gooseneck kettle. I spotted this one on Amazon which looks quite neat. https://www.amazon.co.uk/TAMUME-Gooseneck-Kettle-Coating-Stainless/dp/B01M0GXP7L/ Obviously I'd heat the water in a kettle before transferring to this for the pour. Ideally I'd want something small like this to get out as and when I need it. What do you think? Does that one look any good? Any better ones out there?
  17. Selling 1.2 ltr non-electric pouring kettle. Used in good condition. Haven't got original box, in case that's important to you. Bought 28 April, replaced with an electric temp controlled one (significantly more expensive). They're going for £29-ish delivered new, I'm looking for £20 inc. delivery.
  18. I've only just found out these existed.A kettle that allows you to dial in the temperature from 60º to 95º (and of course 100º). And it will keep it at that temperature. Seems perfect for cafétière, Aeropress and other filter methods. £55 from Amazon. Mine arrived this morning. A bit plasticky but it seems to work fine. I haven't had a chance to check its accuracy yet.
  19. We're getting some building work done and a new kitchen so started to pack away my coffee gear I could put the machine and grinder in our living room but space is a bit tight. I think I'll just run with brewed for the next 8 weeks or so and mainly use my hausgrind when it arrives. Don't really want anything glass sitting out so have the aeropress and v60 at the ready. What would be you're slimmed down set up if you didn't have the room?
  20. Good morning all, I have a unused Osmio Zero RO water filter/kettle system in Black available (UK plug) I purchased this for my roast space after getting a white one for my house and getting on well with it. I tend to take a jug of water down to the roast space if i need it and have never actually used this black one, it still has the original set of filters with it that have not seen any water so are as new. The unit has been out the box and sat out of sunlight. The box is there with packing, i don't remember seeing a set of instructions in the box when i unpacked it but they
  21. Hey guys, in case anyone was after a kettle for pour-over but didn't want to spend heaps - I have a Buono kettle in great condition, always been very well looked after. I'm moving it on as it no longer receives use since I have another. If interested I am based in South London,with a possibility to deliver locally. Ta!
  22. This is pretty much as new. £95 on coffeehit and Has Bean who don't even have stock. £65 posted. Advertised elsewhere.
  23. Bonavita has 1ltr capacity and rated at 1000 watts. Costs £85.00 at CoffeeHit Brewista has 1.2ltr capacity and rated at 1500 watts. Costs £85.00 at CoffeeHit but currently on offer at £60.00 delivered at CoffeeHit Both have several pre-set temps plus manual set. Both have auto temp lock which has to be re-set if kettle is removed from base and then replaced. Bonavita is supplied with a plastic cover to place over base and front dial giving a degree of protection from accidental water spillage. Lid on the Brewista can't be removed unlike the Bonavita which I don't like.
  24. Did anybody get a chance to look at the brewista kettle at LCF? Looks like they'll be cheaper on CoffeeHit and wondered whether to go for that or a bonavita?!
  25. Hi guys, thank you for all the help in the past year. As I am leaving the country for at least a year, I am selling almost all my coffee stuff. I have a set of electric gooseneck kettle (Hario) and 6 cup Chemex with an almost full box of filters. They are gifts from my coffee supplier and have been rarely used as I usually brew from my Gaggia. Listing for the gooseneck will be up shortly but I prefer collection for the Chemex (glassware). Update on chemex, picture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5WLjdguPcK7emFPUjFZM0YzTDA/view 30 quid self collect at CB3 0DG. open to suggestions
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