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Found 15 results

  1. Good evening Folks, Looking to a purchase a water filter jug for my espresso machine was thinking a Zerowater pitcher (as it comes with TDS meter) can anyone offer any suggestions or advice? Thanks, Mike
  2. Hello All, Before I go to the usual places to buy both of these, maybe there is someone in a need to free up some space and we will both end up happy I'm interested in a smallish jug, normally for 2 flat whites, occasionally for 2 cappuccinos. I think I've mastered my foaming but the jug I have has almost no spout whatsoever so any latte like are ends up rather poor. Knock box - fairly small... I'm already struggling for worktop space Cheers!
  3. ok so i've decided on my machine - i've settled on the Ascaso Pablo (Basic) after seeing a demo in selfridges last night. even with the laclustre shop assistant it pulled a really good looking shot so i'm happy i know i need a decent burr grinder but as this machine is a birthday present the grinder will have to follow. i do how ever want to get some accesories. i've been looking at milk jugs online - is there an optimum size? i'd be looking at doing two cappucinos at most at a time and we prefer them on the smaller size so they're nice and strong. i've got a thermometer on the list too (although i'm yet to research the optimum temperatures!) other thing is cups - is there a good make and size for getting a decent strong flat white - the ones in costa at the moment are perfect but i have no frame of reference when it comes to measuring them in ounces! the other question i have which is related to the machine is that the steam wand seems to have a slit at the top from which the steam escapes rather than some i have seen with just a tiny hole. does this affect the microfoam performance of the steamer and should it affect my technique when frothing the milk? i can feel myself becoming obsessed with this new hobby already i don't even have the machine yet!
  4. need some help with purchasing a jug, what size what shape help! I'm looking for a small jug that i can try (really try) to do some latte art with.
  5. Lots of bits I’ve accumulated and don’t use. BB Tamping station - good condition £16 posted Motta knockbox. - good condition £22 posted Concept Art Calibrated Tamper 58mm (£87 on BB) - perfect £70 posted Barista & co milk pitcher 300ml - well used £12 posted Collection of 6 espresso mugs with matching saucers - excellent £20 posted 2 sets of Atkinson’s INKER Espresso cups and Saucers £22 posted Any questions just ask. Pics to follow.
  6. Is there any sort of jug designed to be used with the aeropress? I really don't like pressing into my hario decanter in case it cracks under the pressure, and I'm wondering if there's anything similar purpose built to deal with it?
  7. Hi can anyone tell me the best place to purchase one of these most of the usual places to buy from have no stock. thanks in advance
  8. Looking to swap this for the same make but another 360ml one, also Teflon coated. Not fussed about colour particularly but as I have a green one already maybe a blue one this time if you have it! Hardly been used so in very good condition and I think I still have the original box. Would consider selling too - was £15.95 new so maybe £10 delivered via cheapest method? Also open to selling the stock Sage milk jug which is stainless steel and very good quality. I only stopped using it as I prefer the convenience of the Teflon. That one is let's say £6 delivered including original box. Pictures on request...
  9. Having a bit of a clearout and got the following available: 600ml Toroid jug - bought from dfk41 last March and just too big for my purposes so gathering dust. Has the little bobble thing in the base to aid steaming, which I think is better for single hole wands but there's loads of stuff on their website. Shows signs of use inside (I couldn't get the pictures to show anything) - there's a ring where the usual milk line is but nothing that would impair flavour or kill you. You could probably clean it off with some vinegar if you put in the effort. £10 forum donation. 15g ridgeless VST. Not much to say, it's a VST basket. I bought an 18g one so this is surplus to requirements. Also £10 forum donation. I'll pay postage to mainland UK. I also don't mind if you want to donate more Cheers Anton [ATTACH=CONFIG]19434[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]19435[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]19436[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]19437[/ATTACH]
  10. Having just got hold a Gaggia classic (thanks Dave!!) - I'm now after a 58mm tamper (~ £20), a 60z milk jug or equivalent, set of scales, set of shot glasses and a milk thermometer.. Can anyone help?
  11. OK Well things are going pretty good (bearing in mind i'm a novice) I've set up the Iberital MC2 (thanks for the guide Glenn) and the Gaggia Baby is turning out some nice espresso with a a nice thick crema. Looks like a minature pint of guinness so pretty happy with that for now.... The wife likes Capuccino and Cafe Latte's, I have a straight sided aluminium jug and getting froth seems fine but i'm struggling to get the milk hot enough without burning it.......I seem to get it too cool and the drink isn't piping hot. Would you guys recommend using a thermometer? or any other tips Latte seems trickier than Capuccino
  12. Barely used this motta europa. Comes boxed for £20 including postage.
  13. With my milk! About twice I've got milk perfect, but then I can never do it again, even if I do exactly the same thing. Ive got temp tags, a thermometer and a 20 oz jug and I've just also bought an espro toroid 20 oz jug to see if that helped but I still can't get it right. The main problem is I don't get any proper microfoam until the very last few ml of milk at the end of the jug, by which time the cup is full and there isn't enough milk foam to even attempt latte art, I just end up with a dribble of white foam on top. With the toroid, I tried just sticking the wand in the middle about half way down.. That didn't work, so I tried the usual way with the tip just above the surface for a while and then in the centre, that didn't work.. I tried the usual tip above the surface for the whole process and that didn't work... I'm using whole milk and the rancilio wand, and I know I can do it, as I have before, just why can't I do it consistently?
  14. Hello everyone! I am moving from UK, and I won’t have any space to use all of my coffee equipment in my next apartment, therefore I am selling my beloved and well maintained items. (Sadly…) Please have a look, and let me know if you like to see in person, or buy anything. Pick up is available from Shoreditch, London. Everything can be posted at buyer’s responsibility. For espresso machine and grinder, I would like someone who can see the machine/grinder, agree and pickup in person, but can be posted. Please note, these items are all sold separately and not bundled. I can advise postage when you request. (I will post together if you are buying multiple items.) Also multi buy discount considered too. All items listed are bought new, and have only been used by me in a domestic environment. Picture to come. Looking froward to hear from you. Thank you! ITEMS FOR SALE Pics will be uploaded in the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/frbmvsxlsut89l4/AAC5nV3fe2CNmOICEgZD4BwEa?dl=0 1. Rocket Espresso Cellini Premium Plus v3 PID - £950 - SOLD (£1,150 for Rocket + Mazzer) Comes with all items included in the box + Puly Cuff (half used) + Competition E61 Shower Screen by IMS (fitted) + Tyler Thermomiter on Group Head (fitted) High Res Pictures https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1l61rfi36omtabd/AAAjaFZXaEOngZ2lBjxrhq8la?dl=0 Bought in April 2014 from Bella Barista. Has been used everyday in the mornings, and little more on weekends. Has been using Brita filter (changed every 2 weeks). All in good working order. Has a customised drip tray and it drains via hose, so you don’t have to empty the tray after every 5 shots. 2. Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter + original basket - £20 - SOLD 3. Rocket Espresso Cellini Stainless Steel Cup Rail - £20 - SOLD 4. Motta Knock Box - £15 - SOLD 5. VST 18g Ridgeless Precision Porta Filter Basket E61 - £10 - SOLD 6. Motta 58mm Flat Base Tamper (Black) - £10 - SOLD 7. Mazzer Super Jolly Timer with Doser (Matt Black) - £350 - SOLD (£1,150 for Rocket + Mazzer) Doser has been customised for single dose use, but can be easily put back to original. Not in pictures, but comes with metal grind tray (to go under the doser) and a original hopper (unused). This was bought NEW and never been used in retail environment, so in very good condition. You can see dust on back body on pictures and they are not scratches. Body is in a very nice matt black, and in good condition. High Res Pictures https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kc5q6962zmgv4bb/AAAoQ40ldMyEO0G8RN6s1yZQa?dl=0 8. Motta Milk Jug Stainless Steel (Polished Silver) 0.25ml - £7 - SOLD No visible dents or big scratches. In good but used condition. 9. Motta Milk Jug (Matt Black) 0.35ml - £7 - SOLD No visible dents or big scratches. In good but used condition. 10. Motta Milk Jug Stainless Steel (Polished Silver) 0.5ml - £10 - SOLD No visible dents or big scratches. In good but used condition. 11. ACME Espresso Cup & Saucer Set (Grey) (I have 3 sets and price is for each) - £10 each set (1 cup and 1 saucer) - SOLD 12. Gorilla Tamper (Tall) for E61 (Very precise, tight fit for E61 baskets) - £65 - AVAILABLE! Very good, precision tamper. Fits tight to VST baskets. Bought from Square Mile Coffee Roasters. 13. Tiamo Tamper Matt - £5 - SOLD 14. ACME Cappuccino Cup and matching saucer set (Black). - £10 - SOLD 15. Inker cappuccino cup with matching saucer set. (Green) - £10 - AVAILABLE!
  15. Hello need to sell quite a few items due to upgrading and need space for new gear Hario gooseneck kettle - £30 Chemex 6 cup with papers - £30 Rattleware latte art jug £15 Motta tulip yellow £5 Motta 500ml £10 Ims comp basket £7 handmade dirossi tamper 58.45 £45 (slight dint, cosmetic)
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