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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, I've seen a number of posts related to single dosing and camera hood attachments, etc., but I don't understand why the camera hood is necessary. If I dose say 20g of beans they comfortably fit in the SJ's throat/neck - so why the camera hood?
  2. Finally got round to refurbish my 01 mazzer SJ that I purchased along with the BREWTUS from top man 'yes row'. Refurb was much easier than I thought after a little help from the very kind people on here now all up and running sweet as a nut. Didn't bother with pics along the way as it was much the same as other threads on the sj. Anyone wanting to know anything let me know if I can help I will. Thanks to all those who helped me with it including Timmy whose grind setting ring looks great.
  3. Anyone know where I can get the pin for the adjustment collar on the Mazzer SJ? Only found American sites.
  4. Selling my Mazzer Super Jolly Timer. Selling it due to not drinking much filter coffee anymore, originally bought it as a secondary grinder. Mazzer Super Jolly Timer. Lens Hood hopper. Recently Stripped and cleaned. Burrs have done under 10kg of coffee. Paint work is in good condition, there a couple of small marks but nothing major. £190. Located in Aberdeenshire. Would prefer not to ship but could be arranged. I am going to be in Edinburgh for a couple of days at the end of May so this could also be an option for delivery/collection.
  5. I've just happened to stumble upon a bit of a good deal for myself of 2 Mazzer Super Jollys, one working and one not... Unfortunately the seller wasn't able to tell me what the fault was on the non running machine but I'm in high hopes it's serviceable. Is there a guide somewhere with a general overhaul directions, I'm quite mechanically minded but I'd rather know exactly what to look out for on this particular grinder. Thanks
  6. OK, so it's nearly sanded back completely (if I could just figure out how to get the knob off!). I'm torn on what colour to go with. My original thought was a dark, gunmetal, silver/grey colour. However I've since seen the following two and am tempted to go with something slightly more unusual... BMW Sepang Bronze Metallic: BMW Amythest Grey: Sorry for the ridiculous sized images. SWMBO has actually greenlighted any colour of my choosing. However I'm not looking to go for something bright. Thoughts?
  7. I've got the opportunity of buying a Mazzer Super Jolly that's only been used to test it works OK. It's a guy who works for a coffee distribution company and he won it in a barista competition. He's never used it as it's too big for his kitchen. So it's basically brand new after having half a bag of beans run through it. We've agreed on €250 ($270, £185) which I reckon is a good price for one of these grinders. I was all set to buy a Eureka Mignon or similar, but this looks a far better buy. So, should I go for it? If so, is there anything I need to look out for, even though it's new? Thanks. Btw, I'll delete this post tomorrow as I'm posting the same on other forums to get as many responses as possible.
  8. Hi All, Got my Mazzer Super Joly a few days ago, there's no local roasters close to me that I know of so until I can order some online I got some Costa Coffee beans just to trial the grinder. At first the grinder at its finest would produce beans to course even at its finest setting, i took the top burr off, cleaned it and zeroed the burrs. This time it worked unbelievably well, so well my course grinds are now like fairy dust and once compact the Gaggia Classic cant pass water through.. so is there anything i can do with the fairy dust other than bin it?
  9. I just got a used Mazzer Super Jolly that I bought to renovate (mostly aesthetically I hope). I have done an initial cleaning (without removing the lower burr carrier, that will come later on). However, I am unsure if the bearings are in good shape. They don't seem to be bad as when comparing with videos where the bearings are faulty the sound is different and more of a metal scratching. I am just a neewbie in this so I was thinking of reaching out to more experienced people on this forum to give me an opinion on the sound of my SJ, and if I should/need to change the bearings. I've linked a video of my SJ in action without any beans to be able to percieve the noise (hope this is the normal noise of it!). Thank you!
  10. Hi guys, The hopper is the bigger sized one (11.5" tall, 8.5" width) and has a couple of marks on it but no cracks or anything serious. I've never used it but it came with a used Super Jolly I purchased around 6 months ago. Looking for £20 ONO + Postage. Item can be collected from Plymouth (Devon) if need be. Cheers!
  11. Ok so I had planned to save up and take the plunge on a Eureka Atom €650-700. I like that it's quiet, easy to adjust and clean. However an opportunity arose to buy a used Super Jolly Electronic that has only 90 shots through it for €450 so I thought that this would be money better spent. I'll only really use the machine at weekends so the extra saving can go towards a new Rocket/Profitec in time. Just wondering if people agree?
  12. Hello Chaps, I'm looking for some advice from people who have renovated their Mazzers, or any other equip for that matter. I bought an old mazzer jolly on the weekend for a really good price. It looks 10yrs old and has never been cleaned. I've stripped the machine, cleaned all the oils and smelly gunk etc.... given it a good clean and I'm ready to move onto the paint job. There are some great examples of where people have done their own sanding/painting online, but I am torn whether to go down this route or whether to get it professionally done. I've had a quote for £120 from the nearest car body shop, which seems expensive! I'm not worried too much about the later levels of painting, its more the sanding down the current unit and initial prep that looks onerous. My possible questions are: 1) Has anyone used a chemical paint stripper with success on these units? 2) Does £120 for a strip, primer and paint sound expensive if paying? 3) People who have sanded and painted, do you wish you'd paid now, and is it worth £120 to do? 4) Has anyone removed the motor? I read about having to bake in the over at 200 degrees F/100 degrees C to get the motor out? (I don't fancy doing this)
  13. I think I'm about done with my coffee journey, might just go back to the drip filter that served me well for 5 years (I never drank coffee before that) i seem to be pouring more away than what I drink... One day it goes ok, then for a few days it goes bad... At the mo it would be cheaper to drive to a local coffee shop and buy a shot...
  14. Hi all. Seen this equipment online and I know you can buy a box for the timer to sit in. However I'm aware on the majors the relay can fit within the casing. Does anyone know if this is possible on the super jolly? May attempt this modification if this is doable. Cheers. JP
  15. Hi On another thread I mentioned I picked up a Supper Jolly for £70. Here’s the journey for anyone who is interested.
  16. Hi I picked up a Jolly the other day and I’m going through the process of stripping, painting , cleaning etc etc. I am having issues with getting the anti static screen back in place. It was a real pig to remove, rolling pin and screw driver, once out it was cleaned. Now I can’t get it back in, its so tight. I just want to slide it in, any tips?
  17. So I think I must have some kind of record for upgraditis... This expobar Brewtus has been an absolute beast and I love it. I bought it only a month ago from Lord Fluff but some kind of insanity has taken hold of me and I just bought an Olympia Cremina so unfortunately this beauty needs a new great home. It is a fantastic machine and has only been run on brita/ ash beck water and has been regularly back flushed. It's great if you're looking for a good value double boiler PID machine. I won't go into detail about how good it steams or how rock solid the temp stability is as I'm sure anyone looking here is aware of this already and there are lots of posts on this. This was given the once over by bella barista where Lord fluff bought it just before he sold it and they gave it a full bill of health. It also has an upgraded IMS shower screen. Asking what I paid to Lord Fluff: £800 Only a week after buying this Super Jolly from Lord Fluff I found a deal for a mazzer royal so it was very swiftly superseded! It is an absolute pristine model, not sure what year but maybe @Lord Fluff can shed some light on that. It has none of the usual knocks and chips you get on most ex commercial Mazzers. Lord fluff upgraded the burrs to titanium ones 3 months before he sold it to me he tells me so it goes without saying they are razor sharp for a lifetime. The brand new mini hopper comes with it also (not the lens hood I still need). I'm using the grounds tray for my royal but if anyone's particularly interested in that I could add that for a little extra. Given its an excellent example and titanium burrs I'm asking £250 Lastly up for grabs is the knock drawer (also from Lord Fluff, god he's a good salesman!). It's rock solid and supports the grinder well. Looking for £45 for this. Obviously happy to split the items and willing only to post the knock box because I don't want the others broken in transit. Happy to have people over to give them a whirl (and show off the Cremina!).
  18. So it's here, it's lovely. I'd cunningly heaped junk around the kitchen, which I'm now tidying so hubby doesn't notice how big it is! I've put a 500g yoghurt pot lid on top of the lens hood. That's kind of the limit of my budget and technical expertise..... So please limit suggestions to totally idiot proof! Bear in mind I'm a totally artless, limited handy type! I've looked through the forums and found one stuff but not others. 1) removing the doser to clean, how? 2) setting grind, while its going? While its off? Idea for a good starting point? 3) is it necessary to mod the doser other than the spazooole thing to stop it spraying everywhere? (Off to poundland to hunt a corkscrew shortly!) 4) longer term repainting, people seem to favour "getting it done professionally" spray, or powder coat?
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