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Found 8 results

  1. For years I've been happy with ready-ground Illy red in a moka pot. Now I'm exploring other things and have a new Rhino grinder, a Handpresso, some scales and a Has Bean espresso starter pack. Just made a cup of Jailbreak and it is effing revolting, with or without milk. Horrible sour taste and a smell of something like cellulose. I am seriously cheesed off. I bet I will hate all 5 beans in the starter pack. What a waste of time and money. Even McDonalds coffee is far nicer.
  2. This place opened a couple of days ago so I thought I'd visit after work today being as it's 5 miles from my house. Walking in I was impressed with the fixtures and fittings being of a very high standard (the lighting was impressive). This place is what I'd expect a coffee shop to look like. The shop was a little empty but that's because the locals are still sussing it out but time that will change that. The owners, Husband and Wife team Alex and Isabella were very friendly and was eager to answer any questions I asked them. most if not all the food is sourced from local produce and prepared by Isabella. The beans supplied are from Hasbean/Jailbreak and their espresso was very nice to the pallet. the cappuccino wasn't bad either.
  3. Having tried Jailbreak for 750g (technically i didn't actually drink any of the first 250g as i dialled in my grinder with it), I thought i'd broaden my horizons. I bought the Smokey Barn Selection Pack #1, and i thought i'd tell you how i get on with the tastes. The only previous coffee experience is the Jailbreak. Before that and my inspiration for buying a espresso machine I buy from this place http://www.prufrockcoffee.com/. My equipment (which i need to put in my sig) is a Gaggia classic with the OVP mod to 10bar and a double shot basket with a MC2 grinder. I grind 14-15g and tamp at 30lbs with a small twist. I add 27secs to my timer to get 2oz from my double shot basket. First 250g I put in there are the Brazil Fazenda Tanque. "Delicate and versitile, the Fazenda won't overpower you with complex acidities, instead offering a sweet base with a caramel finish. A simplistic and forgiving cup at a great price." Opening the packet the smell was not as powerful as the Jailbreak, not at all. I dialled in about 3-4 full turns finer from the Jailbreak that was in there previously. After grinding the smell of the grinds was lovely. I found the coffee has about 3-4mm of crema, it's definitely lighter than the Jailbreak. Not bitter, though delicate isnt a word i'd use to describe it. I didnt get sweet and i didnt get caramel. It wasn't bad to drink but i prefered the Jailbreak. I appreciate that they are two different coffees but i don't have a lot to go on yet. I'm worried that I might not be doing it right. UPDATE1: Removing the 5/10 and reserving judgement until I've been through all the packets. Any tips on making this taste better? UPDATE2: After leaving the beans to rest, not getting too anal about my inconsistent grind (fine, coarseness and the speed of the pull) of my MC2, I have decided that I'm enjoying the Brazil Fazenda Tanque a bit more now. I still don't get the flavours and the caramel finish but that might also be down to my under-developed pallet for coffee. Also I have two shot glasses, which i warm up, fill to their respective 1oz line, stop the machine and taste. The first one is invariably too hot and the second always tastes better than the first because its had time to cool down. The beans are growing on me. Just opened my El Salvador Finca El Carmen. "Clean, bright and juicy, with a medium body, brown sugar sweetness and some notes of citrus" Lovely, lovely lovely. This is better. Brown sugar i'm not sure, but citrus, yes. I measured out 15g on the scales, ground it (rather than the whole packet in the hopper ) and pulled 44g for a double (i only drink doubles). My grinder was pretty much dialled in this time which was a relief as I've wasted a lot of beans doing that to date. It started coming through about 8secs after switching on the machine. Crema wasn't all that great, it was a covering but some big(ish) bubbles in it. The taste was good though. Medium as the description said, i was hunting for the brown sugar taste but not really finding it, but as i said, I got the citrus notes. Looking forward to the next one.
  4. Hi Setup: Gaggia Classic - silvia & OPV mod Porlex Grinder I've been making coffee for the last couple of months...with varying success. I predominately drink milk based drinks as the espresso I produce tastes extremely bitter/sour (probably due to the fact I'm using Lavazza espresso beans), but I also think another contributing factor is the temperature issue of the Classic (I've ordered a digital thermometer to test the brewing temp). Back to the original question. I've been looking at Hasbean - Jailbreak Espresso Blend Mk3 / El Salvador Finca La Fany Bourbon / Bolivia Cooperative San Ignacio & Happy Donkey - Classic italian roast. Bearing in mind I produce milk based drinks - would I be advised to purchase the Itailian roast as the HB beans are properly suited to espresso? Be interested to see what you think...
  5. For anyone who's seen my other thread on what grinder to get, you will know come Dec 25th I will be the proud owner of a shiny new grinder of some shape or description (Still undecided, lol!) Anyway, I've discovered my wife has already purchased me some beans to go with it. I saw a tin of Illy and a very large packet of Starbucks that I think she bought from Costco (bless her!) obviously I will use these to practice with but I really want to try some freshly roasted stuff so nearer the time I'm planning on ordering some beans. I've already seen the thread on suppliers but as I am a complete novice I wanted to increase my chances of getting something I liked. What I wanted to know is this... Are there any beans that are popular with most if not everyone on here? Something you'd serve up to friends that's not an acquired taste. As usual thanks for any help you can offer.
  6. Afternoon all.I've been playing with my machine for a while now, and have a couple of points I'd like some advice on... Since I started I have always ground to slightly overfill the basket, stir with a paperclip and then level off with the back of a knife before tamping. This makes a bit of a mess as the grounds go everywhere when you level them off. I tried dosing using the timer on the MC2, but found that it is very uneven as grounds get stuck in the chute, so unless you go in there and dig it all out after every push I can't see it being accurate enough. That and digging around/tipping the grinder over and slapping it isn't very practical for each shot. Is there a different method I could try? I haven't bothered weighing as I figured levelling is going to be the same every time. Secondly, my shots are nowhere near good enough to drink as shots - I've had a couple of good ones but I'm still trying different beans, so I always add milk. My question is are there guidelines to how much milk makes a certain drink? I always use the full double in a 8oz mug, but it seems much stronger than what I would be served if I ordered a latte while out. I have read that some people discard half so they get a single. I also end up with bitter foam on top, when the drink itself isn't too bad. I think some pointers from you guys would help me out quite a bit.
  7. Eyedee

    No beans.

    We finished our usable bean stock yesterday so until the Jailbreak is ready we have to use ready ground Lavazza. The first cups were made this morning, the comments were "this is like motorway coffee" and "shop bought". While it wasn't dreadful it is only after grinding fresh beans for a while that the marked differences actually smack you in the face.
  8. gazbea

    Hasbean Blake

    Just opened my first bag of fresh beans. Yes I know I've been on the forum a while but its taken forever to get through a kilo of Italian roast from happy donkey! The bag was... yes you guessed it. Hasbean Blake. Very surprised at the difference. Tasted so much better and fresher. Excellent description on the bag of dried fruit and spice. Got everything. Took a couple of trial runs to get it dialled in. Even though the first two shots were 7 seconds and 4 seconds fast (respectively) they were still tasting well and better than the usual suspect coffee shops! Very forgiving bean I must say. Getting a bit of channelling in the Puck as the bottomless portafilter had random sprites of water. Need to get a new tamper! It is on the Xmas list but no doubt I'll have to buy one for myself after Xmas after people decide "that isn't a Christmas present!". All in all a very nice bean to work with and lovely aftertaste clinging to the tongue
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