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  1. Hi guys I'm interested on a new coffee machine, what would you recommend between profitec pro 700, Izzo Alex duetto IV QuickMill QM67 or Rocket Appartamento ? I'm just checking around but I'm still not able to decide which model is the right buy ! The Alex Duetto looks very nice but I'm not sure if is going to be durable or not Please let me know what you think ! thank you !
  2. Does anyone know if DavecUK is going to do one of his usual in-depth reviews for the latest Alex Duetto?
  3. For sale my beloved Izzo Alex Duetto MkII. This dual boiler machine is a beauty and in fact a beast. Bought second hand and in immaculate condition in 2016 and had previously been bought new from Bella Barista (2010 production model). Selling as I'm not allowed more machines than kids, and I have broken that rule already. I've used it daily set to turn on the morning for 1 espresso and 1 flat white, so looking at a total heat up time of 2hr per day. The machine has operated flawlessly. Strictly only bottle water fed (Volvic and Stretton Hills) and have descaled once every 6 months and ba
  4. For sale is my Bezzera Strega lever espresso machine. Excellent condition with the odd very faint scuff mark to the chrome if you look hard, perfect working order. Bought new from Bella Barista in August 2015. I have only ever used Everpure filtration system treated water with the machine. Supplied with Bezzera naked and double portafilters, and associated baskets (not pictured). I think I also have all the paperwork (somewhere) that came with the machine. This is the reservoir version For those who might not realise, the Strega isn’t like any other lever machine. The
  5. nigeljh

    Izzo Alex Mark II

    I'm selling my Izzo Alex Mk II. It's been a great machine but upgraditis and the desire for a lever machine got the better of me! I have today sent it off to Bella Barista, where I bought it, for a service and I suspect a new pressurestat so it should be running perfectly. Bella Barista have kindly said the machine can stay there until it's sold to save shipping back to me, then on to someone else. It should be possible to view it there (Wellingborough) once the work is complete. The machine is the single boiler HX version with the water tank, it cannot be plumbed-in. Details he
  6. I have finally decided to part ways with my Alex This machine has served me very well over the years. Purchased new from Bella Barista and serviced a few times. Machine was purchased in Oct 2011 (last service was Mar 2014). I am selling this machine with: IMS shower screen A water filter BWT Bestmax (This was my older water filtration system) 2 naked porta filters 1 double spout porta filter 1 single spout porta filter 6 filter baskets, a shower screen and a blind basket 3 Replacement group main gaskets Since the last service this machine was r
  7. Evening folks (morning here in Sydney). I picked up what could best be described as an as new condition, Pompei 1 on the weekend. Photos attached. Would be keen to hear from fellow Pompei owners- are there any good videos out there showing their operation, or photos of the internals? Have googled of course and found a few Youtube vids, but nothing of much help. A couple of photos I have attached show the internals- can anyone shed any light on what the green coil is- it seems to have insulation only at both ends. I think it might be a temperature sensor- one end goes into the h
  8. Hi Having read Dave C informative maintenance guide on his wiki site 'coffee time' I plan to replace my six-year-old pump. However it looks like I may need to carefully remove the boiler to get to it, has anyone done this before and what steps are involved? The pump still is able to make a good coffee but don't want it failing on me. My other concern is that some of the joints on the boiler might be seized with all the moisture and age. These are the tools and consumables i think I need: Adjustable spanner, screw drivers, rag, cable ties and Molykote 111 Appreciate an
  9. Hi to All, I own an Izzo Vivi (NO PID) machine and am looking to buy some parts, especially Legs and Vacuum Breaker. Since this machine is no longer in the field, I'm having a hard time finding these parts and some others. Where should I search? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi there, I have a MyWay Izzo Pompei Dual-fuel Two Group Head Spring Lever Coffee Machine that works well on electricity, however not tried it on gas. If you've got a cafe premises it would be perfect for you, these machines go for about £4000+ brand new and make a really nice brew. Would like £2500 ono, many thanks.
  11. There is a 2 group on ebay just now so I thought I would ask if anyone has knowledge/thoughts about this lever as I know nothing It is not my intention to buy, I am mostly interested in the group etc. Might suit somebody here if they are any good I suppose
  12. Just finished disassembling, cleaning and reassembling my new grinder so thought it would be the perfect time to post my set up. So here is my Izzo Alex MK1 and Compak K10, next to my Gaggia Classic and Compak K3. The pictures don't really show how much bigger the K10 is to the K3. Really happy with my set up and shows that you can get a good one cheaply, if you are willing to scour eBay for weeks and clean for a couple days. Posting this while waiting for my machine to heat up, so I can make my first coffee with the new grinder. Does still need work, grinder is
  13. Hi Everyone Has anybody got any idea what no-burn steam wand would fit an Izzo Alex mk2? (HX machine)? It has the standard Izzo 'burn' wand on it currently and also the standard 2 hole tip, as per photo below, which is a pain to clean and has a very wide fan on it. Ideally I want to be able to have a range of tips - 4 hole, 2 hole, 1 hole etc. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone i seem to be getting a bit of a pulsing effect from my steam wand on my Alex mk2 (HX model). Any ideas? The fill level probe is pushed as far down as it can go, but I don't know if it is the original one or not for this model. I wondered if the tank level might be a bit too high possibly still?? Thanks [video=youtube_share;CwkgEr0HPZY]
  15. Hi, I recently bought an Izzo Pompei and after taking the top off - noticed that the pipe that goes into the valve for automatically topping up the boiler (controlled by Gicar) is disconnected. I took the bridging connector off but can't figure out how was it (or should be) attached to the valve housing. Is there something missing that should go between the connector that I disconnected and the valve? Would anyone be able to guide me in simple terms? I'll try to attach photos. Best, Martin
  16. Hello, up for a sale Izzo Alex Duetto MK IV July 2015 bought from Italy in original packing and with everything that came with new: It is 220V with option to power up both boilers at once (not like 110v which they heat up exchangeably) but it has a schuko plug (germany, italy, austria, swiss etc) so for UK you you just throw on a 3pin uk plug. 2 portafilter 4 steamtips Tamper + brush Cover Before I bought i was literally scouring the web probably for an year what is the best kit of equipment to get and the Duetto was the end decision, it really served me extremely good
  17. https://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/espresso-machine-/1233755023 hopefully of interest to someone close by....
  18. Hi I am selling my Izzo Alex II E61 Heat Exchanger Coffee Machine. This is a single boiler and has a rotary pump. Fully descaled just over a month ago, always run on Britta plumbed in large filtered water. Backflushed after every 5 shots. Used for 1-2 shots a day. It has an upgraded vacuum valve and also has a solid state relay fitted to take the strain off the pressure stat (but can be removed / reverted to normal if required). As you can see I have also lightly insulated the boiler on it. (can be removed easily). It can do both tank supply and also plumb in. Waste c
  19. I don't know how to describe this occasional fault accurately but hope someone might be able to point me in the right direction to a fix. Occasionally the machine acts as if it has run out of water even though there is still a slight trickle coming from the grouphead, but the reservoir is full. I have even experienced the low water alarm sounding. It's as if there is some occasional blockage and there doesn't appear to be a pattern to when it happens. Sometimes the pump keeps going for ages as if it is trying to fill an internal reservoir, yet only a trickle coming from the gro
  20. For sale is my 2006 Izzo Alex Espresso Machine. I originally bought it from HizerKite in May 2015 on these forums who had totally descaled the machine (boiler out), serviced the E61 head including all seals and replaced the group head gasket. He had also fitted a new brew control switch. Since then I have only used bottled water (Volvic or Ashbeck) to fill the reservoir, so there will be very very little/no scale build up inside. I have used the machine to make on average one coffee per day and back flushed it every few days. Included with the machine: 1 Portafilter w
  21. I am really enjoying my 2 week old Izzo Alex Duetto MkIV, getting some great results at the moment using BB's 'Milk Buster' espresso beans in my Latte & Cappuccino drinks. The only minor gripe I have with the machine is the rather short steam wand, when using my 20 oz Milk jug for steaming milk for just one drink, the wand is only just long enough, the sharp bend near the top of the wand does cause some restriction. Its far from a big problem, but does seem to be a minor design flaw to me. Just wondering if anybody else here had found the same issue?
  22. Not on Ebay Is this being sold by any members on here? http://www.gumtree.com/p/coffee-machines/izzo-myway-vivi-mk-ii-espresso-coffee-machine/1102706136
  23. Howdy gang, I think that I ground too fine and tamped too hard! When I locked the portafilter into place and pulled down the lever to preinfuse, all seemed ok, until the lever was stalled and locked pointing at about 60 degrees from horizontal. After a moment the portafilter blew off and the lever sprang back. Unfortunately one of the shower screens and an o-ring blew out, into the drip tray! From an infogram I found I think it's the bottom o-ring that's come out. What should I do? Has anybody experienced one of these "blowouts" of sorts? Can the old o-rings be popp
  24. Hi all, I'm considering buying a Alex Duetto II... The main features I'm after being: Dual boiler. Rotar pump. PID. Dual pressure gauges. Pre-infusion. Large (ish) water tank. I've done a load of comparison research against the La Spaz S1 and the Expobar Leva. I'm pretty happy that I've got the right machine in sight, but I've read a bunch of stuff online about issues people have had moving from something like the Silvia (1 hole in steam wand) which I have at present, to the AD II (4 holes in steam wand). Does anyone have any experience of this switch and
  25. I am in the market for a new machine and like the sound of the Izzo's in general, is the duetto 2 boiler version worth the extra money?
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