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  1. Hey, was wondering if there's anyone in London willing to sell their Iberital.
  2. Hi, looking at one of these second hand for £75 to pair with my Gaggia classic but wondering if it will grind fine enough for espresso? thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Selling my MC2 which is now surplus to requirements as I now have a Mignon Mk2 coming from these very forums. Price is £45 and the buyer sorts out delivery or can collect from Bexleyheath (North Kent/SE London) It has some very minor cosmetic damage to the doser and very limited bubbling to the paint. Works well and is a great starter grinder, in my mind works much better than the £100 Grief 800 I have before this. Please note I am not around next week so the courier (or if picking up in person) would not to be arranged for tomorrow or Saturday if not next Saturday (5th
  4. Ok so I've ordered mt MC2. It should be here today or tomorrow. Can anyone put me in the ball park with regards to grind setting? I dont want to spend hours and bags of coffee working from coarse to fine. many thanks.
  5. What's the best grinder for £150? I want one that will go fine enough for espresso, one that is handsome and sturdy. Is it worth seeking out a second-hand machine from a cafe?
  6. This review and setup guide is intended to be a users perspective of unpacking and setting up the Iberital MC2 Doserless Grinder. All instructions are to be used as guidelines only. Unpacking your Grinder The first thing you notice when you open the box is that there is no manual. The typical contents of the box are; Grinder Hopper Lid If you're lucky the retailer may have included a bag of beans (a welcome addition and useful for the next step) Carefully removing the grinder from the polystyrene beads (without dropping them all over the floor) place this on a sta
  7. I realise that I'm a relatively new user here (today), but I have been lurking for a long time. I have just splashed out on a Vario, so my few week old Iberital will be for sale as soon as it arrives, which will hopefully be sometime next week. It will come in the original box and has not been abused in any way. At present it is dialled in for Happy Donkey brazilian blend on my Gaggia Classic. It has probably ground a total of about a kg or two of beans. It will come with the receipt also. £100 plus postage (These are now £114 plus VAT = £136 new). Here's a pic. I'm in East London E11 if
  8. Hey guys, I am in the process of researching my first ccffee machine. Watching a few on eBay - seems to be the first port of call for any major purchase! So looking at a delonghi 4200, just wondering if maybe the gaggia classic and a grinder would be a good idea instead. Thanks, John.
  9. After a massive bout of "upgraditis" i've decided to put my new MC2 up for sale. Purchased from Happy Donkey on 14th October (it has ground approx 2kg of coffee) so is as new condition (no dings, knocks or scratches). Have purchased a new Compak K10, so will no longer be needing it. Please read any reviews about this grinder, it is a fantastic entry point (i'm just a sucker for expensive shiny stuff). Cost me £141.90 including delivery, but i'll accept £90 delivered Please PM me if interested Many Thanks Andy
  10. So I have an excessive amount of free time at the moment and I decided to mod my MC2 to allow for faster grind adjustment. I went through a couple of ideas before setting on this one, previous attempts had not felt secure enough as there is quite a lot of force to deal with. Its still in progress but it works a treat already, below is what I have done so far. this is the modified top I made, its not totally necessary for this mod, but meant I didn't have to butcher my existing top if I want to go back. (and yes it looks like a miniature toilet seat ) I then secured a metal sha
  11. Got my Iberital grinder today and very pleased with the look of the machine. Also downloaded Glenn's guide having discovered the lack of manual. This talks of winding the fineness knob back anticlockwise as far as it will go as a start point. I keep turning, the hopper turns round as well but it doesn't sem to come to an "end". Wonder if either it does take a lot of turning or maybe I'm off the end of a thread. Can anyone guide me. Despite this I ground some coffee and the texture seems good and made a good coffee except perhaps the colour went light a bit soon so perhaps I need to try a few m
  12. Hi everyone.I have just moved house and the movers have have managed to smash the dosing chamber on my Iberital MC2. The whole doser assembly is smashed.So,until i secure compensation which could take a while i am without a grinder(and a machine as they managed to destroy the switches on my classic but that will be another post!).If i can get hold of the chute from a doserless mc2 will that work?Or will i need to try and find a whole new doser assembly from somewhere?If the answer is yes to either of those questions would anyone know of where i could get a chute or doser assembly?Not had much
  13. Hi, I'm new to the forum and would really welcome some advice. It's my husband's 40th Birthday coming up and I am going to get him a coffee machine as a suprise. He really loves the kitchenaid one (we have some of their other equipment) but having read some bad reviews I'm not sure it would be the best use of the money? He loves espresso but also enjoys latte/cappucino, so a machine that can do all would be good. I have a budget of £500-600 to spend on it, so would really welcome some advice and recommendations. Many thanks, The Doc.
  14. Hi All: after a while lurking I've finally taken the plunge and joined. My name's Geoff and I'm from the North-East coast of England. I've been seriously into coffee for just over a year - prior to that I just enjoyed it! I've got a Pavoni Pro that I bought way back in 1995. Sad to say, until just over a year ago I seldom used it, as the espresso that I got from it didn't seem worth the hassle. But, of course, no-one had told me how essential it was to but fresh beans and grind them on the spot to make decent espresso - and that Illy or Lavazza pre gound just wouldn't cut the mustard. S
  15. hi all, i have recently entered the, what i previously thought of as, simple world of coffee making with the machine pictured. how wrong i was, i didnt even know what a tamper was for example, let alone its importance to the dark art, and as for making frothy milk.........??? anyhow i am making progress and i am turning out pretty decent coffee from costa pre ground but i realise i have a long way to go. i think i will invest in a coffee grinder, can you get a decent one for approx £40 ?, and try that. Chris
  16. Hi, been reading the forum posts for a couple of weeks and found a lot of good advice, thank you, so thought I'd like to join in. I recieved my Classic from Amazon today and so far have managed to make two cups of very unexciting coffee, still, I like the the machine and know from what I've read that it's a capable bit of kit. Next purchase will be, I think, a Iberital MC2 unless something better comes up second hand in the next few days, I don't want to spend much more at this stage, and it sounds like good value for money. Main thing for me now is to stop worrying about the h
  17. Anyone interested in my MC2, date of manufacture 15-03-10, bought new from Happy Donkey later of course in 2010. Used until two weeks ago when the dreaded upgraditis infected me and I had a Eureka moment. I would prefer collection from Wakefield but would post out at cost. £70 Ian
  18. GS11

    FS: Iberital MC2

    Recently upgraded to a Mignon hence putting my MC2 up for sale. The MC2 is stamped with a March 2012 build date and I purchased it at the end of December 2012 from a fellow coffee enthusiast. I have only used the machine at weekends and holidays and even then only 1 cup of cappuccino a day! (aeropress rest of the time) The MC2 is in excellent condition. Burrs are sharp and the the new owner will find it nicely dialed in for the classic. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3631[/ATTACH] £80 plus delivery Collection available from Chelmsford Essex
  19. SOLD to jmc Gaggia Classic with Silvia steam wand £125 Purchased new in july (the label on the bottom actually says 07/2013), with the steam wand mod, accessories (including the original steam wand) and original box. I'm selling because I upgraded to a different machine, condition wise it's good but the drip tray and cup warmer have scratches from cups being on them, used mostly with tap water so could probably use a descale and the wand has a mark from cleaning on the backside. SOLD to fleabay Gaggia knock box drawer £50 Pictured under a Gaggia classic, great match for th
  20. I have been trying to get a decent shot and was wondering if when timing a shot should the time include no liquid coming through the machine? When I am making the espresso there is a time where no liquid pours out of the machine then the liquid pours with a total time of about 26 seconds for a double shot. I am using a Iberital MC2 to grind my beans, a Delongi EC 152 espresso machine and I am using a Stainless steel tamper. I am also getting a lot of water sitting on the grinds after making the shot. Does this matter and does it make any difference? I have been using the ma
  21. In an almost shameless attempt to increase my post count so I can buy a coffee machine from the for sale section - I'd like to introduce myself to the rest of the coffee loving UK population. I'm Jon from Leeds! Currently using an Aeropress and a Porlex mini, which is a setup I can recommend to anyone. For portability it's amazing, which is handy because as I have no machine at home, I'm carrying it backwards and forwards with me to and from work every day! I'm looking for the usual suspects to get me started - Gaggia classic and maybe an Iberital MC2!
  22. mambro

    Iberital MC2

    Anyone selling an Iberital MC2 (possibly doserless) for 70£ delivered or pick up in Birmingham area?
  23. I was all set to begin the arduous process of replacing the bearings on my Mazzer SJ (02 model, but newer burrs), but then it occurred to me that it really is a bit large for my needs. With that in mind, I'm after a smaller, decent quality doserless grinder. I just missed out on an MC2 on ebay which looked just right. Given the SJ needs new bearings and is missing the tray and any tamper (although be honest: who uses that?) I'd be happy to swap it for a fully working replacement, or make me an offer and I'll stick the SJ in For Sale. Happy to consider other makes/models, so long
  24. Hi Coffee Nerds, I am in need of some expert help. After yet another 'meh' cup from my V60, I found myself googling Kalita Wave prices (having just missed one in the For Sale section). This is partly because I recall reading, in various places, that they are a more forgiving way to get good drip coffee, and partly because I have had some delicious cups via a Kalita Wave in Pink Lane Coffee (albeit made using an EK43). So whilst my basic question is "should I just sack off the Hario and buy a Kalita", I will present as much detail as possible, to try and draw upon your collective expe
  25. Hello all, I've purchased a little delonghi espresso machine. Mainly due to its smalll footprint; so please refrain from pointing out that this is an inferior machine! I understand that a decent grinder is going to make a huge difference to the quality of my coffee. So I intend on purchasing a decent grinder and some non pressurised filters for my machine. My question is; Is the Iberital MC2 going to be my best option for a budget grinder that will be used for espresso only? Thanks in advance for any advice guys and gals.
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